Off With Their Heads!

I first became aware of the Muslim fad for beheading infidels when Daniel Pearl was executed in Pakistan back in 2002. Over the years I saw a few more beheading videos, especially after the practice really began trending during the heyday of the Islamic State in 2014. I hated watching them, but it seemed a sort of duty, to be aware of what Islam is based on what it does. Eventually I realized that I’d had enough, and I quit watching them. I’ve seen what a beheading looks like now, many times over. I’m old, and my limbic system can’t take that much horror anymore.

Videos of beheadings and other gruesome types of execution constitute a form of Islamic porn. Devout Muslims get off on that sort of thing the same way a voyeur gets off on peeking through a lady’s bedroom window.

Muslims aren’t the only ones who like beheadings, of course. People with a taste for sadistic violence — most of them probably psychopaths — are drawn to such videos. I wouldn’t be surprised if jihad porn were the stimulus behind a lot of Western conversions to Islam. Just think — I’ll get to do all that cool stuff, and God approves of it!

The German news report below discusses the most recent Islamic beheading to gain notoriety: the slaughter of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco.

NOTE: The Moroccan government spokesman’s words might be more accurately rephrased: “We frown upon the murder of infidels on Moroccan soil, because it interferes with the tourist industry, which is how we extract money from the infidel. Mujahideen are required travel abroad if they wish to kill infidels.”

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Maren Ueland, a 28-year-old from Norway, and her Danish friend Louisa Vesterager Jespersen,
00:06   24 years old, wanted to trek through the Moroccan High Atlas mountain range
00:11   for a month. Unfortunately the two students did not get very far.
00:14   Their trip ended quickly, and fatally.
00:17   At the foot of a favourite trekking destination, Mount Toubkal, their bodies were found. Both of
00:25   them were obviously murdered. By Tuesday one of the suspects had been arrested in
00:31   Marrakesh. Since then the police have arrested all four suspect accused of the crime.
00:37   A spokesperson for the Moroccan government stated that the Moroccan head of government
00:42   severely condemns this criminal and terrorist crime. —Such an act has nothing to do with
00:48   Moroccan values or traditions of this government. We reject such acts and severely
00:56   condemn them. The Prime Minister would like to express his deepest sympathies for the families
01:02   of both victims and their countries. He also stressed that this kind of criminal act of terrorism
01:08   is a stab in the back to the nation of Morocco. At this moment all four suspects are being
01:12   presented to the court, under supervision of the state prosecutor, in order to learn the facts of
01:18   this case. —According to information from the investigation, AFP writes that one of the girls
01:23   was beheaded. The blogger Jürgen Fritz also reported that a gruesome video exists of
01:30   the beheading, which supposedly shows one of the two Scandinavian tourist girls. He writes:
01:36   “I would advise you not to watch the video, because it is too horrible.” He continues,
01:42   “Although the technical analysis is not yet complete, the investigators in Oslo
01:48   on Friday December 12 2018 said there is no indication “that the video is not authentic.”
01:56   Verification in cooperation with the Danish authorities is still ongoing.

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  1. Sad … that such naivety exists in so many young people today even when it stares them right in the eyes!
    Sadly … coming to communities like yours and mine in the not-too-distant future!

  2. For the first time in my life I watched a video of someone being butchered. I didn’t think it would affect me but it did. I was quite shocked by the way the murderer kept hacking away as if he were simply cutting up a goat for his halal dinner.
    – Consider that these young women were very likely to be sympathetic to these very people moving to their own countries.

    • A lot of these young people have been raised in a lovely playground full of rainbows an unicorns where all people are nice and islam means peace.
      They never learned the rest of the world is full of predators.
      So those do-goody-good do-gooders happily put themselves in harms way.
      Paul Joseph Watson did a vid recently of a number of those numbskulled SJW’s who fell by the wayside.
      As for me I’m past the point of caring no matter how they are being carved up.
      In the end Darwin will sort them all out.

  3. Are people just willfully ignorant anymore? Why-in the name of heaven-would 2 young, beautiful, and WHITE women take off for a place that is remote and filled with savages? It’s not like any of us are unaware of the brutality that Muslims gleefully inflict on others. I remember the photos of the Yazidi woman that they captured and then bled like a Halal cow to show their superiority. If some Danish and Norweign girls need to traverse mountains, at least come to the Appalachias or the Sierras. It is still dangerous but at least you would stand a chance at finding civilization. I heard that one girls’ mother actually posted “understanding” phrases on her Facebook page. Unbelieveable. Parents have lost the sense to protect their young.

    • Just out of curiosity, I wonder what that mother will say if she gets her daughter back in two pieces.

    • Re: “Are people just willfully ignorant anymore? Why-in the name of heaven-would 2 young, beautiful, and WHITE women take off for a place that is remote and filled with savages? It’s not like any of us are unaware of the brutality that Muslims gleefully inflict on others.”

      The two unfortunate young victims came from Scandinavia, one from Denmark and one from Norway – places in which the brainwashing of political-correctness is particularly pervasive and strong.

      The young – in particular those from a privileged, protected background as were the two victims – are often naïve and ignorant of the nature of evil in the world. The deaths of these two victims are no-less-tragic because of this, but they are not the first naïve, innocent young women to come to an untimely and violent end for having trusted the wrong people.

      What astonishes me, however, is that their parents were apparently equally-brainwashed, perhaps even more so than their daughters!

      Compassion – sympathy for the poor and downtrodden, etc. – can be a wonderful attribute, but like any characteristic, compassion can be taken too far and become dangerous and even harmful.

      The very sort of high-trust/high IQ societies created by northern Europeans – such as the Scandinavians, Germans, etc. – have within them a weakness which is now being exploited – a sort of pathological altruism in which all sense of real-world caution and prudence are thrown by the wayside in service of compassion at all costs.

      The status quo in places like Scandinavia is the end-state of a feminized and deracinated Europe in which the people are no longer able to distinguish self from other, friend from foe, or good from evil – and thus offer up themselves, little different than sheep to the wolves.

      • Yours is one of the best insights I’ve read on this sight. Europe better face Islamic reality before Islamic reality beheads Europe.

  4. Brainwashed by government, schools, universities so naive, they paid the price, this beheaded Norwegian girl was pro Muslim, pro-immigrants beyond tragedy, this video is authentic, proved by Norwegian officials, this a warning for young Christian Europeans: don’t visit Muslim countries especially backpacking, it’s very dangerous, this world of savages is beyond my imagination…

      • I do not undersand why anyone would actually want to see photos or watch a vid of something so horrendous. It is bad enough knowing it has happened and imagining those poor girls pain and terror.

        • For myself, after watching a few of these beheadings, I find that I have gained a much greater motivation to help fight islamisation and to help teach others of the danger on our doorstep. I now have a deep feeling of urgency – the time to fight is now.

          However, I have seen enough now that I don’t need any more of those videos.

        • Someone ought to bear witness to their suffering, if for no other reason than to reaffirm the fact that pure evil still exists in this world.

        • That is often so because some wish to fix indelibly, permanently, ‘branded’ into the brain, the depth
          of depravity of the witness of such images, of the hatred and commanded vapid destruction expected of a branch of “supposed humans”, specifically “muslims”, the chief of evil on earth, which is created by deceitful brainwashing from the written koran. Such witnessing individuals, understand that for them, the best way to understand reality, and be more deeply moved, motivated, to do more about it, is to witness, if only to motivate to speak, defiantly against the truth of this fundamental evil!!! We who look, see, consciously, choose to not be fowls, (of the “avoidance ostrich” species), with heads out of sight and underground avoiding the witness of atrocious painful destruction, those individuals who avoid intimate understanding, who sometimes even spend an indefinite length of time in a state of cognitive dissonance, and intentional avoidance of learnable reality.

          I’ve, we’ve, seen some of the horrors, a small portion of those which military service sees on the front lines of conflict, (often younger, inexperienced and poorly prepared to experience the many facets of gore, up close, personally!!!), in civilian life, in person, and on occasion in images. One does not do difficult tasks, see hard to take situations, and yet try to save one or more lives of humanity, fellow mankind, by shirking the seeing or experiencing of those hard experiences, preparatorily.

          If such were so, if everyone was weak or feint, there would be no military, no policing power, no emergency services picking up pieces of bodies, like fingers, arms, whatever, or bloodied and horrid looking remains, some of which are saved, despite degree of gore. No, such matters must be firmly fixed in mind, to fight better against such evils, and also handle such horrid accidents and tragedies, readied and in firm control of one’s own mind, faculties. One is the better a person to handle as an adult, and fully understand, the faces of evil.

          Yes, even the emergency services, and as we see in the military, likewise, each individual has his limits of what he can withstand, in sounds, smells, sights. It varies, over individuals, time and type. That must be recognized, and individuals going beyond might pay a variable price for going too far beyond. And as I know, some sights are too much. Sometimes one is forced to confront such tragic events, unprepared, and deal with, no matter how poorly prepared, to rise above it, and so it is with life. Some rise to hero, prepared or not, others not ready to handle the emergent tragedies some are confronted with.

          But no one should shirk, if they think they are prepared to handle at least some of the difficult knowledge of experience. And if one is not prepared to handle the difficult, on the field of reality, then fine, know thyself, and don’t attempt to project unto others, your own situation, experience or lack of it, onto whom others you have no idea of the readiness, preparedness, or willingness to deal with images on the field of often bitter, or grotesque, reality.

          Another fundamental purpose for seeing or experiencing, often overlooked by a portion of people, is that by seeing horrid images, sounds, or smells, let alone preparing animals as a food source, or observing or participating in medical procedures, or any other forms of exposure practice, to avoiding uncontrolled emotional responses in difficult demanding behaviors, mental training and preparedness, which can kill or injure if one’s mind is not self-controlled, a highly important reality, in life, as any professional pilot, doctor, or SCUBA diver, or many a Marine or other military knows. Ask the pilot, Sully!!! Merely preparing meats, (trimming, cutting, cooking) in a home kitchen can be to some, a step to preparing to endure worse, such as preparing the whole animal, instead of the kitchen “cut”, or to some others preparing a “cut” of meat at home can be a grotesque exercise. Pious muslims of the cult gang, know this practice crassly, primitively, and crudely, and use it to their advantage, grotesquely, for their purely evil practices (There is nothing “good”, nor any “peace” in islam, ever, even lying (taqiyya) is required to support the advancement of the gang cult – (“by alla, the best of deceivers” - )). We use practice, witness, preparedness for the opposite reason than evil ones do, we use it for goodness and love for fellow mankind. It is the Christ vs. the anti-Christ reality, 100%.

          Younger people in this, our life on earth, particularly those graduated non-science degrees after 1970, are nearly all, poorly trained, or prepared, by schools, at all levels, and are led to assume everyone else has the same experiences, needs, talents and abilities, and that each of them know all that these needs are, at all times. They do not, in spades….

          Truth, reality, logic, reasoning, thinking, practical skills, morals, and virtues, including how to recognize evil and what to do about it, are nearly never in the curriculum, anymore. The young’s best shot at preparedness is home schooling, or charter schooling, or private schooling, if home schooling is no option, which generally is considered the best option of all present schooling, usually. Homework at a reasonable level, which is designed to teach individuals to learn how to perfect researching techniques on the web, and “fake” from true, and in books, too, but mostly to lead individuals to how to think in so many critical ways. Meaningful exposure to the highest classics of history, and to symphony classics, how to appreciate them, and some classic art, and the differences, should have some exposure. Typically, the most successful people listen to classical music of the great composers, likewise read books, also of the greatest classic’s authors, writers. Witness the recent spate of Volvo commercials with the opera soprano, singing an Italian opera or symphony composition. There was very much a purpose in this commercial, not by accident. They knew the successful market of Volvo’s typically enjoyed classical music, or should, if they caught some market portion who knew they should wake up and smell the richness of classical music…..

          A great many in the public eye look or sound like buffoons, unable to know or speak with good grammar, let alone spelling. Remember hussein and his inexperience with the simple word, “corpsman”, which he pronounced “corpse man” as example of his intelligence and preparedness, like the little millennial young girl of a local news channel covering a story on “crepes” which she naively pronounced “creeps”, setting her TV set mates to giggling, young and immature as they all were. Yes, she had gone to college, recently, even worse, ha.

          When one leaves school, one has been presented with a permit to learn, that which you hadn’t yet learned, (nowadays, very little of public or career use, above all enrolment in any “studies” curricula-mere surveys or audits!!), not to go fishing the rest of your life, (unless you received your masters license on a fishing craft! Or receive a large trust dole…), but how many graduation day speakers, (i.e. convocation speakers) say this and illustrate it in spades. E.G. “Congratulations, you are a grad., now go out and continue to learn, one day after another”. When one gets a driver’s license, pilot’s license, etc. one receives acknowledgement of one’s bare basic technical ability to not quickly crash, but permission to continue to learn way out in the future, finesse and judgement, among wisdoms, to avoid hurting anyone, while operating a mass casualty device.

          These children, so called grads, of high school, or colleges, are these days more clueless than ever, and need learning of truth, or they will be always suckered by such evil, as is the satanic islam. And then there is this aspect of a complicate world of non-Christian behavior of a whole other world of barely lesser devils. These have no conscience as atheists often, well noted in research done at this site:
          This site could by opponents be describe as a conspiracy site, but is it? Do the research, check out the claims, for yourself. There is a ton of knowledge involved behind this site, and researching individuals.

          • Well said. I agree with all 100%

            I particularly like your statement that a school degree is really a license to continue learning.

            “….. morals, and virtues, including how to recognize evil and what to do about it, are nearly never in the curriculum, anymore.”

            Yes absolutely.

            Our public schools here in North America were until perhaps 20 years ago quite friendly towards Protestant Christian ethics and morals. “Public” merely referred to non-Catholic, and did not imply non-Christian. Without a Christian influenced moral code, and without any sort of religious understanding of the existence of evil, the schools now are unable to define evil or teach how to respond to it.

      • I disagree.

        People need to be aware of what they are confronting.

        Sometimes words are insufficient, because the degree of brainwashing is so complete. If it takes a video and some pictures to penetrate their delusions so that they can confront the truth then so be it. I am not in favor of spreading terror (part of the Islamic mode of war), but an uninformed public are merely sheep being led to the slaughter.

        • The people you want to convince will never go to such a site. They stay in their own echo chamber. When the MSM starts jihad porn as a regular feature, *that* might change hearts and minds.

          “The public” has always been misinformed, and always will be. It is the nature of the crowd. It doesn’t make people bad, just not interested.

  5. The key word most commentators agree on is “naive”. After all the terror incidents, the ISIS beheadings, the bombings and truck attacks on infidels… where have these young Scandinavian women been? Don’t they watch TV or read the News? Or were they the liberal types who just had to prove there was no risk traveling to a Muslim country? Even the parents of one girl warned them not to go. But they went anyway, and paid a horrible price to try and prove Islam is a religion of peace. I would hope potential Western tourists would learn something from their avoidable deaths.

    • Propaganda is often stronger than truth.

      It is to be expected. People can have only very limited personal experience. To get knowledge or at least an opinion of most things on the world we must rely on what others tell us. Different people may tell us different things, so we have to choose. Most people choose the opinions of the majority of their environment. And the majority draws its opinions from the most popular media. Some people stick to the opinions they were taught in their family, school or church.

      In Norway, all the mainstream media peddles the same preposterous politically correct propaganda. Norwegian schools and the official church do the same. In their family, these poor girls were most probably fed the same intellectual and spiritual food. And, most probably, they grew up among kindly, sweet and naive people. They had no personal experience of fanatical cruelty.

      Now, we see the horrible result. Death by propaganda.

      • There are many clips of ex-KGB Russian agent Yuri Bezmenov on You Tube. He spoke in great detail about the Ideological Subversion of USA by Communism. There are many of these clips – ‘Useful Idiots’ ‘Demoralization’ and others.
        One of the things he stresses in these talks is that no matter how much evidence is shown to the ‘useful idiots’ or the ideologically convinced, they will not listen or believe what you say.
        I think in one of them he says if they have been brainwashed to think that water doesn’t exist, and you show them the sea they’d still look you in the eye and say water doesn’t’ exist. This is the ideological problem we’re up against. and it is both huge and terrifying as it tells us something very scary about human nature.

        Useful Idiots
        KGB Bezmenov 1985 – Four Steps to Subversion of a Nationhttps:

  6. Baron, so accurately and well written were your comments, on an extremely difficult subject. muslim “snuff” porn, my thought on it. I likewise began to get my mind permanently stacatoed, beginning with the Danny Pearl view, and Nick and the rest. And worse, which they have partaken of, one of which can’t watch again, only the one time. Coming face to face with the essence of their evil, the snuffs, and other snuffs of theirs, puts massive exclamation marks on the reality, of what they are. It is difficult to put into words that which is so unimaginable a reality, of thousands of years, and not exclusive to islam, of course, just continuously and massively practiced by the assassins of islam.

    Seeing those two still baby-like girls playing at and in, life, facing the ultimate, with audio included, in the video of Louisa, is the reminder of the supreme depth and truth, of how islam is a gang, never a religion, no god but the evil satanic devil is alla, never anything of peace, never in history, ever.

    My depth of emotion is great, partly because I lost a similar blond female friend of similar extraction, of moderate moneys parents, off alone!!, on her summer before college, tour “de Europe”, in summer of about the summer of 1958, which as only child, broke her two parents into bits, and pieces, during their successful quest of a decade, to find her remains, and the perp.

    No matter how naive these girls parents, I feel their silent screams, figuratively hear them, as shown in the artist Munch’s piece, “The Scream”, . It feels like eternal, and has been similarly put in image on the big screen, the image of which I can always recall, if not the name of the movie. A scream that is stuck in the throat, for the world, but just can’t quite reach sounded expression, forever!!! Madness…..

    Such evil existence, demands the utmost awareness, direction, and discipline to eliminate this mother of all evils……..may yet demand, in the end, the pike poles of VladIII, the Impaler, as in . It is not to me to decide, but for others later, perhaps.

    Look at what happened to Christ, Jesus, the brutal cruxifiction as punishment for teaching of real true God, examples of goodness, with pain, asphixiation death, before the gang’s existence, which Christ’s example and ressurection, and existance we today remember, celebrate, the life of.

    Life is indeed difficult, this time on our earthly plain, so too is the straight and narrow, seen by sooooo many.

    • Amen.

      I think of satan seducing Eve with the words “Surely you will not be harmed…” “Ignore the warnings; try it for yourself and you will see that it is not harmful and you will become wise…”

      The same words are now spoken inside the minds of our young women.

  7. I read the article by Jürgen Fritz a few days ago. The details he gives are truly awful. What I do not understand is, what the poor girls were thinking, travelling alone in Morocco.

    Although it sounds a bit strange in this context: Merry Christmas to all of you!

    • True.

      Although Russia at the time of the Chechen wars was officially in a fighting spirit with islam, I was shocked to see that many Russians, particularly in Moscow, simply did not know or did not care of the great danger of islam on their doorstep.

      The brutality of the Chechens, even of the children, was frightening for many of the young Russian soldiers most of whom were conscripted into the war. I suspect most of these young men would not have chosen to fight the islamic criminals if they were given a choice. Chechnya and islamic brutality, for many of these boys, was another world and someone else’s problem.

      • Perhaps the Russians no longer teach their own history, which has significant chapters of centuries of persecution and violence inflicted upon the Slavic peoples at the hands of Muslims. For those interested in learning that history, consider reading the tremendous new book “Sword and Scimitar” by Raymond Ibrahim. It is truly a superb work of the history.

        • I think this is part of a conspiracy. Russia has no independent domestic and foreign policy. Britain has always supported the Muslim separatist factor in Russia. They stood for the Turks in the Russian-Turkish wars, for the Basmachis, Lord Judd took care of the Chechen separatists.
          I cried from tenderness reading this part of the article:

          The world jihad declined in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Spencer explains that 1856 was a major turning point when the British and French governments agreed to help the Ottoman empire against Russia only if it abolished the dhimma, the so-called contract of protection for Jews and Christians. But they were still not equal citizens; even today there is no Muslim-majority country in which all faiths have equal rights.

          If the “European Union” had not supported the Ottomans against Russia in the 19th century, we would live in a completely different world now.

  8. Which is most evil- the poisonous viper, or the system of schools, of politicians, of the media, which teaches innocents that the viper is not only safe, but just like you? These poor girls were taught to be foolish, to disregard the evidence all around, to believe the lies and propoganda of the lying liars, all in the name of “diversity”.
    But at least they aren’t racists.
    Because that is now the only important thing.

  9. It really tells a bit about the superiority of Western culture when you think that the European countries that used beheading as a form of executing someone convicted to the death penalty used a quick method (guillotine, an ax).

    In islam, the slower and painful, the better.

    • Terrible.

      How did this knowledge affect you when you were young?

      Does this event help to motivate you today?

      • It seemed to me a strange tale. My grandfather did not remember him – he was too small when he was left without a father. I never thought that in 100 years it would become a reality and be so close.

  10. It makes one think whether such young naive girls should be allowed to go abroad without a wise grown-up chaperone? Perhaps, young naive boys too, though boys, of course, face fewer dangers.

  11. “Muslims aren’t the only ones who like beheadings, of course.”

    WHY is that dhimmi equivocation in the article?!

    • Because it’s true. Mexican drug cartels, for example, are fond of beheading people en masse.

      However, I would guess that the vast majority of beheadings are carried out by Muslims. Especially when you factor in “legal” beheadings, such as those in Saudi Arabia.

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