Off With His Head!

The beheading of infidels by Islamic mujahideen (most recent example: the two murdered Scandinavian women in Morocco) isn’t condoned by the European elite, but it is denied, downplayed, avoided, glossed over, obfuscated, and swept under the rug.

However, the beheading IN EFFIGY of French President Emmanuel Macron is considered a great crime, possibly the most heinous act the Fifth Republic has ever seen. Even the videographer who recorded the event is likely to be subject to severe legal penalties.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Whoever sows misery will harvest anger
They came to support three Yellow Vests who were interviewed as a part of an investigation
00:04   into outrage and incitement to crime, punishable by
00:08   six months to five years of prison. The investigation was ordered by the
00:12   Prosecutor of the Republic for [the town of] Angoulême, after a gruesome performance
00:16   organized last Friday, where a puppet representing Emmanuel Macron was decapitated.
00:24   This morning none of them wished to talk.
00:28   Yesterday three journalists from La Charente Libre
00:32   were interviewed by the police. Not as witnesses, but
00:36   as suspects in a “provocation not followed by events or a crime
00:40   or an offense”. In short, they are being accused of publishing
00:44   a live video of the events. —There was a journalist who was covering the event,
00:45   Execution of Macron: Three CL journalists questioned
00:48   the photographer, and me, because I ordered them to cover it.
00:52   I honestly thought that we were summoned as witnesses,
00:56   and at the beginning of the hearing I discovered that it was as people interrogated for
01:00   “provocation not followed by the facts, a crime or an offense”… I forget the rest of it.
01:01   Yellow Vests: A gruesome performance for Macron’s 41st birthday
01:04   You can potentially also be wanted for,
01:09   yes, for provoking, participating in the provocation by [the act of]
01:13   filming this event. We were definitely extremely surprised. I think that there is,
01:17   in that story, something definitively irrational, under the excuse that it shocked [people]
01:21   up to the Prime Minister. In any case, our state of mind was that
01:25   if this happens again we will continue covering this type of event,
01:29   like we have always done. At the beginning of the week the Prime Minister
01:30   A parody of the decapitation of the Head of State… Unheard-of violent attacks against police officers… Anti-Semitic gestures in the middle of Paris… It’s out of question to make such gestures commonplace; they should [instead] be unanimously condemned and legally sanctioned.
01:33   Reacted, asking for unanimous condemnation
01:37   and legal sanctions.

5 thoughts on “Off With His Head!

  1. This reminds me of a (fairly) well known phrase from the English sit com Dad’s Army used by one of cast, Corporal Jones, in situations where, for instance, a bully gets his comeuppance, “They don’t like it up ’em”.

  2. They the journalist did not do the “beheaded” of the ‘ puppet ” Marcon they did not condone it ,yet they face charges for reporting it and filming it at a public park ? If it is a crime to behead a mock up dummy of a head of state in France , all they did was film a crime in a public area where they were witnesses. People film crime everyday on their phones ,businesses have surveillance cameras in their stores, the government has cameras in public areas are crimes committed and film on these cameras bring charges to the people filming the crimes? I would guess the real crime was reporting the story of what happen in the park that day.

    • Knowing France’s history with the ‘heads’ of State, I’d be nervous too if I was Macron.

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