Marine Le Pen on the “Yellow Vests”

Below are brief excerpts from a press conference in which Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National) responds to the recent protests by the “Yellow Vest” movement.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “Yellow Vests”: Le Pen reacts from Brussels.
00:04   I once more call on the President of the Republic to take into consideration
00:08   the suffering that is expressed, to respond to it,
00:12   to get out of the Elysée [presidential palace], to stop cloistering himself,
00:16   shutting himself away in the Elysée, it is action that
00:20   the Yellow Vests are waiting for. I think that he must
00:24   become aware of the social suffering and provide very strong
00:28   and immediate answers. I have the feeling
00:32   more than ever that the answer of
00:36   the President of the Republic cannot just be security.

5 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on the “Yellow Vests”

  1. Hmmm…she’s asking for real leadership from Macron. Fat chance. But, on the other hand, his cowardly ineptitude is sure to increase Le Pen’s chances.

  2. Le Pen is very circumspect in what she says: I am sure she has many meaningful and substantive ideas laden with import that she could have said but cannot due to the nature of the dictatorship that’s glossed with a false election veneer to appear as a democratic system.

    A sword is constantly hanging over her head: Her numerous enemies are waiting, praying to Satan to catch her when her tougue slips even unintentionally. They are watching her more than they are worried about any attacks on innocents. How could humans be so enemies of noble people and indirectly enemies of themselves. She has been accused of spearheading the Yellow Vests. While the noble woman has not opened her mouth to declare anything explicitly or implicitly.

    It’s disastrous that a worthwhile logical person like her, or Wilders, or Farage, Or Tommy Robinson, or Alternative For Deutschland are not at the helm to steer things in the correct direction.

    All so-called leaders of “elected elite” have no policies or vision of themselves about how the future or Europe should look. Their vision is dictated by UNESCO and UN islamists. Just think about Marrakesh Pact: Western countries, or what is left of them have paved all the paths to facilitate the surrender.

    Inch by inch, mosque areas expanding, then districts, then whole cities. Then they will refuse to pay taxes to the infidels. Then infidels will get poor. Then they will be whipped without mercy.
    Invaded countries are puzzled at Israel for resisting her existential enemies. Their advice to Israel is similar to the Swedish one: There won’t be war if you do not resist. Such infantile advices and childish ideas dominate the mindset of infidels.


  3. The yellow vest protests are very well-organised and look very much like the colour-coded revolutions sponsored by Soros. The same pattern, the same emblem (raised fist). Of course, the idea of Soros trying to oust Macron seems absurd, but might it be some over-complicated combination, the end result would be worse than Macron’s presidency (though at the moment Macron seems the worst of the worst)?

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