Marine Le Pen on the Marrakesh Pact

The video below contains the opening remarks made by Marine Le Pen on November 27 at a press conference about “The Marrakesh Pact, the Pandora’s Box of Migratory Submersion”.

The UN pact will be signed next week in Marrakesh by an ever-decreasing number of countries. At this point it is essentially an agreement by Britain, France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, and a few other European countries to take in any and all third-world migrants who want to enter. Since the Schengen Agreement will allow those migrants to disperse to non-signatory European countries, the pact will have an effect on all of Western Europe. Mind you, the signatory countries are also the preferred destinations for migrants, generally speaking, so most of them will tend to stay in the Big Five.

This is a significant event for those unfortunate enough to live in the signatory states. Ms. Le Pen provides an invaluable summary of the major features of the pact, and describes the pernicious effect it will have on France and the rest of Europe.

Many thanks to Alain Wagner for the French transcript, to Nathalie for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For those who read French, the (untimed) French-language transcript is below the English transcript.

Video transcript (English):

0:00   On the 10th and 11th of December, in Marrakesh, Mr Macron will get ready to sign the
0:05   United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
0:10   All this will take place in quasi-absolute silence, a silence you, the media, are maintaining
0:16   with the exception of a disinformation campaign organised by the Quai D’Orsay (French Foreign Office),
0:20   who are peddling the so-called “harmlessness” of the pact.
0:23   This new silent betrayal of our nation signals the new step that our leaders have
0:27   taken in the orchestrated submersion of our country.
0:31   Those who promote it, driven as they are by a globalist ideology, have a pointless ambition
0:36   to make migration a boon for all.
0:40   Just as international law gives protective status to 25 million “refugees”,
0:45   pro-immigration advocates intend to give a legal status to 225 million migrants
0:50   whose journeys are now promoted, organised and protected by international law.
0:57   So, what are the Compact’s principles? The text puts in place the first stepping-stone of a
1:01   “Right to Migrate”, a right that would be recognised as a human right and
1:04   which would be enforced by international law.
1:07   The text includes an introductory statement, which makes no bones about its globalist beliefs
1:13   and its full-on pro-immigration stance.
1:16   In it migrations are presented as natural, as in, and I quote: “Migrations have been part
1:20   of human experience since the beginning of human history and we acknowledge that,
1:24   in the context of a global world, they bring prosperity,
1:28   innovation and sustainable development.”
1:32   There follow 23 objectives and the corresponding 137 concrete measures
1:35   that the signatory countries must abide by.
1:38   Four main ideas come to light in the 41-page document:
1:42   1) The active orchestration of global migrations by the signatories
1:47   2) The enforced pillaging of the host countries.
1:50   3) The institutionalisation of “parallel communities” via the institutionalisation of diasporas.
1:55   4) Pro-migrant propaganda and the criminalisation of those who would oppose immigration.
2:01   First, it aims to encourage and organise global migrations,
2:06   set up a global information network on possible migrations,
2:11   develop legal immigration pathways, thus turning consulates into
2:14   actual agencies for the management of migration routes and the settlement of migrants in our countries.
2:19   It aims to provide assistance at all stages of their migration routes and facilitate
2:25   their settlement into host countries by providing legal advice, customised financial aid
2:29   and protection, especially within their own ethnic diaspora. It aims to
2:34   facilitate access to rights and advice, and, it goes without saying, in their own language.
2:38   It aims to facilitate family reunification, to balance the influx of immigrants
2:42   against the demands of pro-migration business owners. To put in place the absolute right
2:46   for minors — and may I remind everyone that France will refuse to verify their minority —
2:51   to be given the right to settle in the name of the higher interest of the child.
2:55   To ban all measures of administrative detention. To facilitate the regularisation
2:59   of illegal immigrants. The second objective
3:03   is to put into place the pillaging of the host countries,
3:07   to implement the portability of social security benefits
3:10   for those migrants who choose to leave the host countries.
3:14   To support massive transfers of funds to the countries of origin
3:18   To encourage salaried migrants to transfer the technologies they acquired
3:22   in industrialised countries to businesses in their own countries of origin.
3:27   To institutionalise the existence of parallel societies.
3:31   It notably proposes to acknowledge the work of diasporas
3:34   in the support of migrants and in defining
3:37   and implementing immigration policies. What it comes down to, in violation of all the principles
3:41   the French Republic stands for, is delivering the country into the hands of
3:44   parallel societies of alien origin by granting diasporas, i.e. the communities of origin,
3:48   full legal recognition, and then give them the means of public action
3:52   and their own financial capacity such as the creation of investment funds for those diasporas.
3:59   The third objective is to implement, in all signatory countries
4:04   the criminalisation of all opponents of immigration.
4:07   Their aim is, for instance, to promote the benefits of immigration via “sensitisation”
4:12   and “education” of the news media… It is you who will get “reeducated”, so to speak…
4:19   and via a reformatting of public opinion, starting in schools;
4:22   a presentation document does not shy away from stating:
4:25   “We must reframe the discourse on migration so that it no longer conveys misleading or
4:30   skewed ideas and gives an exact picture of the importance of migration
4:35   and the positive role it can have in the contemporary world.”
4:39   The coarsest of all propaganda will be rolled out.
4:43   And all the more, since they mean to implement the criminalisation of those who oppose immigration,
4:48   especially during electoral campaigns.
4:51   Fourthly, by signing the compact the country commits to an irreversible future.
4:57   This pact was conceived as an important step towards a generalised global nomadism.
5:03   Contrary to what the powers that be insist, those powers who would conceal its true significance,
5:08   the pact has legal value and is legally binding on the signatories.
5:13   Each and every paragraph begins with a statement which leaves no room for ambiguity:
5:17   “We commit to…”. The signatory states agree to be summoned
5:22   at different stages in the process to report on the measures they explicitly agreed to carry out.
5:28   But, above all, the pact contains a binding commitment to the effect that the conditions
5:33   of entry into the host countries cannot ever be altered. What this means is that
5:36   the signatory countries put themselves under a binding interdiction never to redefine,
5:39   and thus harden, their immigration policies.
5:42   Not only is this compact legally binding, it allows no room to reverse those
5:46   Policies, and blocks the signatory countries from ever restricting
5:50   the conditions of entry into their lands.
5:54   We now understand better why more and more countries have refused to sign
5:57   this insane document. To date, they are Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland,
6:02   Croatia, the USA, Israel and more recently Italy under Matteo Salvini…
6:07   There are more, but off-hand I cannot remember them all.
6:10   The French president, fossilised as he is in his obsolete ideological dogma,
6:16   had nothing better to say than this: “It seems to me that the proposed solutions are
6:20   in agreement with both European values and European interests.”
6:25   The Rassemblement National [formerly FN] asks of the president of the Republic, who is on the verge
6:29   of signing the Marrakesh compact with a glorious disregard for consequences,
6:33   to renounce this act of betrayal. If this text were to be signed,
6:36   let me make it clear that the Rassemblement National would fight each measure therein
6:40   every inch of the way. And once the two main parties are no longer in power, we will
6:45   view this document as a worthless piece of paper.
6:49   Ladies and gentlemen, the objective of this press conference was to draw attention
6:57   to a document which, once more, was totally ignored and was not commented upon,
7:02   contrary to what happened in neighbouring countries, which saw a very lively and
7:10   well-represented national debate. This was obviously the case in Belgium,
7:16   and in the Netherlands, and of course in Italy.
7:22   Do feel free to ask me any follow-up questions.

French transcript:

[Original video]

Conférence de presse de Marine Le Pen

Le pacte de Marrakech, la boîte de Pandore de la submersion migratoire.

Le 10 et le 11 décembre, M. Macron s’apprête à signer à Marrakech le pacte mondial pour les migrations sûres ordonnées et régulières.

Tout cela se fera dans un silence quasi absolu, et vous en êtes la démonstration, si ce n’est un campagne de désinformation organisée par le Quai d’Orsay (ministère des Affaires Etrangères) sur le caractère prétendument anodin de ce texte.

Avec cette nouvelle trahison silencieuse de la Nation, nos dirigeants franchissent une nouvelle étape dans la submersion organisée de notre pays.

Ses promoteurs, mus par l’idéologie mondialiste se fixent pour vaine ambition de rendre les migrations bénéfiques à tous.

Au même titre que le droit international reconnaît le statut protecteur aux 25 millions de “ réfugiés ”, les immigrationnistes entendent désormais offrir un statut aux 225 millions de migrants dont les parcours seront désormais promus, organisés et protégés par le droit international.

Au plan des principes, ce texte pose la première pierre d’un droit à la migration, un droit reconnu comme un droit de l’Homme et mis en œuvre par le droit international.

Le texte comprend un exposé des motifs qui ne cache rien de sa philosophie mondialiste, et donc immigrationniste.

Les migrations y sont présentées comme naturelles, je cite : ”les migrations ont toujours fait partie de l’expérience humaine depuis le début de l’Histoire, et nous reconnaissons qu’à l’heure de la mondialisation, elles sont facteur de prospérité, d’innovation et de développement durable ”.

Il s’ensuit 23 objectifs auxquels correspondent 187 engagements concrets pour les pays signataires.

Quatre idées se dégagent de ce document de 41 pages :

L’organisation active des migrations mondiales par les états signataires.

Le pillage imposé des pays d’accueil.

L’institutionnalisation du communautarisme par l’institutionnalisation des diasporas.

La propagande pro-migrants et la persécution des opposants à l’immigration.

Premièrement, il veut encourager et organiser les migrations mondiales.

Organiser un réseau d’information mondial sur les possibilités de migration, développer les filières légales d’immigration transformant les consulats en véritables agences de gestion des déplacements et d’installation des migrants dans nos pays.

Organiser tout au long de leur voyage un encadrement des migrants et faciliter leur installation par une assistance juridique, un accompagnement financier personnalisé, leur protection, en particulier au sein de leur diaspora d’origine.

Faciliter l’accès à leurs droits et aux conseils, dans leur langue d’origine bien sûr. Favoriser le regroupement familial.

Caler les besoins de l’immigration sur les demandes des patrons immigrationnistes. Mettre en place un droit absolu, pour les mineurs dont je rappelle qu’en France on se refuse de vérifier la réalité de leur minorité, à s’installer au nom de l’intérêt supérieur de l’enfant.

Bannir les mesures de rétention administratives.

Faciliter la régularisation des immigrants en situation irrégulière.

Le deuxième objectif, c’est de mettre en œuvre le pillage des pays d’accueil.

Mettre en place la portabilité de la sécurité sociale et des droits sociaux pour les migrants qui quittent le pays d’accueil.

Favoriser les transferts d’argent massifs vers les pays d’origine.

Encourager les migrants salariés à transférer les technologies acquises dans les pays industrialisés au profit d’entreprises de leur pays d’origine.

Institutionnaliser le communautarisme. Il propose notamment de reconnaître l’action des diasporas

dans le processus de prise en charge des migrants et dans la définition et la mise en place des politiques d’immigration.

Il s’agit, en violation de tous les principes républicains, de livrer le pays au communautarisme en donnant aux diasporas, c’est à dire aux communautés d’origine, une reconnaissance juridique puis de les doter de moyens d’action publique et de capacités financières propres comme des créations de fonds d’investissement pour les diasporas.

Il s’agit en troisième lieu, d’organiser dans les pays signataires la persécution des opposants à l’immigration.

Ils veulent, par exemple, promouvoir les bienfaits de l’immigration par une sensibilisation et une éducation (sic) des médias… c’est vous qui allez être éduqués en quelque sorte, un reformatage de l’opinion, dès l’école ; un document de présentation n’hésite pas à écrire : “ il s’agit de recadrer le discours sur la migration pour qu’il cesse de véhiculer des idées trompeuses ou faussées et donne une image exacte de l’importance que revêt la migration et du rôle positif qu’elle peut jouer dans le monde actuel ”.

La propagande la plus grossière va donc se mettre en marche. Ceci d’autant plus qu’il s’agit d’organiser la répression des opposants à l’immigration, tout particulièrement les campagnes électorales.

Quatrièmement, signer le pacte revient à engager le pays de manière irréversible.

Le pacte est conçu comme une étape importante vers l’organisation d’un nomadisme généralisé à l’échelle mondiale.

Contrairement aux affirmations d’un pouvoir qui voudrait en dissimuler la portée, ce pacte a une valeur juridique et engage juridiquement les états signataires.

Tous les paragraphes commencent par une formule sans ambiguïté : “ Nous nous engageons à … ”.

Les états acceptent d’ailleurs à être convoqués à des points d’étapes pour rendre compte des mesures

pour lesquelles ils se sont explicitement engagés.

Mais surtout, le texte contient un engagement à l’invariabilité des conditions d’accès dans les pays d’immigration.

C’est à dire que les pays signataires s’infligent une auto-interdiction de redéfinir, et donc de durcir, leur politique migratoire.

Non seulement le pacte est juridiquement contraignant, mais ce clapet de non-retour interdit tout retour en arrière, toute restriction des conditions d’accès dans les pays signataires.

On comprend mieux que les pays soient de plus en plus nombreux à se retirer de ce texte insensé : l’Autriche, la Bulgarie, la Hongrie, la République Tchèque, la Suisse, la Croatie, les USA, Israël et récemment l’Italie de Matteo Salvini… J’en oublie d’ailleurs car la liste est plus longue.

Le président de la République Française, fossilisé dans sa vision idéologique obsolète, n’a rien trouvé de mieux à dire que : “ Il me semble que les solutions qu’il propose vont exactement dans le sens, à la fois des valeurs de l’Europe et des intérêts de l’Europe ”.

Le rassemblement National exige du président de la République qui s’apprête à signer avec une glorieuse inconséquence le pacte de Marrakech de renoncer à cet acte de trahison.

Si ce texte devait être signé, le Rassemblement National indique qu’il combattra pied à pied toutes les mesures qu’il contient.

Il tient également à préciser qu’après l’alternance, il considérera ce texte comme sans valeur.

Voilà, Mesdames et Messieurs, cette conférence de Presse pour attirer l’attention sur un texte qui, une fois de plus, est passé totalement inaperçu, n’a fait l’objet d’aucune information à la différence de nos pays voisins qui, eux, ont suscités un débat national très vif et très fourni sur ce sujet.

Ça a été le cas bien entendu en Belgique, ça a été le cas également aux Pays-Bas, ça été évidemment le cas en Italie.

Je suis à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions.

14 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on the Marrakesh Pact

  1. Posted this some time ago (21. November) and don’t remember if I have posted the link here. If I have, my apologies:

    Language warning to the Baron: In my post I used a “naughty” word for the derrière of Merkel.

    In the German Bundestag, thanks to the alerts by the “free media” ie counterjihad, identitaires (especially Martin Sellner) etc, the AfD as only political party in Germany finally succeeded in tabling it and a “discussion” and “vote” ensued. All but 5 or 6 members of the Merkel Mafia voted FOR the signing of this genocidal suicide pact.

  2. It is a wonder to hear the French language spoken eloquently, to its full effect, rather than to hear the dreary global-speak of Monsieur Macaroon.

  3. Schengen can be suspended. It happened during 2015.

    All other countries can suspend Schengen with the countries that sign the pact. They can say that those countries do not control their borders effectively.

  4. The “compact” drives a bull-dozer through each nation’s law and constitution.

  5. Meanwhile the irrevocably stupid Sharia Mayhem, or more
    Commonly known as Theresa May, will merrily sign up
    The UK whilst simultaneously claiming that we are taking
    Back control of our borders.
    Years ago such treason would have led to a nice little
    Boat trip along the Thames to Traitors Gate and the Tower!

  6. Thank you! for including the French transcript. This is an excellent chance to brush up on my listening skills, such as they are.

  7. Shaking my head as I read this garbage. Traitors to their ancestors, heritage and land.
    from the land of o

  8. Migration is how Islam conquers and colonizes target countries (the EU in this case). Note that the Muslim calendar begins with the migration from Mecca to Medina and not with Mohammad’s birth.

    The Marrakech Pact lays out exactly how Islam would love to see the migration proceed.
    Their boast that the global jihad will be completed with the very hands of the target nations.

  9. The globalists are going for broke with this one. They realize time is against them, that people are getting wise to their program, so they are pushing this through now while they still have a few corrupt European governments in their pockets. However this will just accelerate their removal from power, and once that is done the treaty will be torn up. That piece of paper does nothing to bind people who do not want to be bound.

  10. Now 23 countries that will not sign
    Chile has just said NO.
    Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, United States.

    Belgium’s government now being a minority government over this signing issue.

    As soon as “Non-binding” convention is adopted, the NGOs and liberal law professors will be urging the courts to hold that it constitutes binding customary international law.

  11. How to bind free speech

    17 c) “promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants,
    in full respect for the freedom of the media.” on page 24

    — “in full respect for the freedom of the media” — the soft sell words, as if the entire paragraph preceding it didn’t just negate the notion of press freedom.

  12. d) Establish mechanisms to prevent, detect and respond to racial, ethnic and religious profiling of migrants by public authorities, as well as systematic instances of intolerance, xenophobia, racism and all other multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination in partnership with National Human Rights Institutions, including by tracking and publishing trends analyses, and ensuring access to effective complaint and redress mechanisms

    — then to add and strengthen other institutions such as Human Rights Commissions, tribunals, courts, with powers to fine, pay compensation etc..

    This will all be called for by NGO’s, liberal professors, taught in universities and colleges.

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