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  1. This is not a Russian view. This is the view of Russian propaganda. At the sight of this disgusting lead, many begin to have a toothache. He became a memes hero.
    His surname is Kiselev, and now all false TV is called “Kissel-TV”
    My friends have stopped watching the central channels.

    • Do you mean to say that the information on the plight of white people in post-apartheid South Africa is false? Should we believe the view of non-Russian propaganda, according to which South Africa is a happy rainbow democracy where everyone is treated equally irrespective of his skin colour, ethnicity or tribal affiliation?

      • In fact there are multiple accounts, by multiple different news gatherers, of the horrific conditions in South Africa. The horror includes blacks, who live in poverty, crime, and disease.

        One poignant report of the war against the white farmers is Lauren Southern’s “Farmlands” which you can see on YouTube (for now).

      • South Africa, this is probably a special case. I’m talking about the fact that the central Russian channels are completely false. And filled with disgusting sound. I remember the Soviet TV – they even surpassed it.

        Why Russian TV brings up the topic of South Africa is an interesting question. Yes, they sometimes tell the truth, but for what purpose do they do it?
        Probably in opposition to the West.
        Are they interested in Boers? I doubt it.

        They constantly talk about the migrant crisis in Europe, and not a word about Islamization and repression inside the country.

        There is Ms. Simonyan from Russia Today. You can not imagine how different the English and Russian content. For an English-speaking audience – an interview with Wilders and Robbins. For the Russian-speaking – the signing of a cooperation agreement with the TV Palestinian Autonomy
        Of all whom I know, only my mother-in-law to watch the central channels. She does not want to connect cable TV and she is 82 years old.

        Watching television, and then drinks a sedative and loves Putin very much.

        • As far as I’m aware, Russia has already taken in some Boer families, so the report might just serve the purpose of making the public understand why it’s happening before they bring in more – none of that is a bad thing. I understand why you’re upset about propaganda, but please hold your horses when it’s used for a good thing, especially if it’s something as true and important as this.

        • Central Russian channels are no worse than BBC or CNN or France 24, which are all full of “pensée unique”, i.e. politically correct progressive liberal totalitarian propaganda, without the slightest attempt at impartiality or respectful debate with ideological opponents. Mainstream media in the West is as monolithic and as far removed from reality as the Soviet media was.

    • This sounds like something straight from the politburo. It just reeks of soviet era lies and they can’t even get something simple like Boer meaning farmer right.

  2. This is painful for me to watch, I’m from Germany but lived in South Africa for years in the 90s after I married my husband who is a white south african of dutch descent. I left in 1999 when the farms of my parents in law was attacked and burned by a horde of black people, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. South Africa is a living hell of poverty, crime and destitution, sometimes I look back and think how could I lived there for so many years with 4 little girls? was I mad? I feel fortunate to be in Germany despite all the horrible things we are seeing here lately, we are still far from reaching the south african hell.

  3. Educate yourselves ABOUT the TRUE history of South Africa. Dare to read this book:

    Bulala: A True Story Of South Africa Paperback – 2009
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313168935217/


    “We need to know all of this”

    “Well written and detailed. A lesson in history.”

    “This book tells the actual story of the Boer people of SA, which is hard to find elsewhere. It si nice to hear the other side of the story.”

    “`Bulala’ by Cuan Elgin is a book I would not have missed for anything. Imagine a novel about the dawn of European settlement in South Africa – not written about exceptionally talented `heroes,’ but about ordinary people; those real people one can relate to who have weaknesses as well as strength. The book brings to vibrant life the struggles of the Trek Boer despite the chasm of time that has elapsed since that first crack of a stock-whip heralded their departure on the journey north and away from British rule.

    It is a magnificent piece of work and in my mind, it should be essential reading for anyone studying South African history – not because it is a book on history but because it takes you down to the minutiae in the very lives of the early settlers and straightens out the deliberate lies that have become entrenched as truths in order to vilify the Afrikaners, the white tribe of Africa. It mentions the big events too, of course; but is written from the grass roots and not from or by the people who made the policies of the time. This is instead the story of the consumers of the politics and racial prejudices of the time. It floodlights the lies perpetrated by the British in their handling of the colonists – and the native people, and presents reasons, not excuses for the rise of apartheid. It makes the reader aware of how the Afrikaner was made the whipping boy to suffer for the errors and mistakes the British made; and even more, it exposes the hidden agendas of the British and their consummate duplicity; a duplicity that exists to the present day and which should be remembered by all in dealing with them.

    `Bulala’ makes me angry and ashamed of the small British component in my makeup. Read it. Nothing in you life relating to Southern Africa will ever be the same again; not now that Britain and the rest of the world have had their way and allowed a new and deeper darkness to descend upon that already writhing, pitiful thing; the thing they have proudly created and call the `New Africa.'”

    I’ve finally finished this amazing book “Bulala”. It opens one’s eyes to what our American media refuses to reveal. This book did everything a book should do. I’ve chuckled over “Rock Spiders”, learned about the True Pioneers of South Africa, was left shocked over atrocities, and felt the adventurous Spirit along the way.

    “When the eyes are enlightened, the words of truth are sweet to its soul. This book brings out the Anglo Saxon “Boer” inside each of us. I definitely will be singing it’s praises to friends along the way. One hell of a good read and I wish to thank the author Cuan Elgin for his tremendous work on this subject.”

    The following are the points which stood out for me a week after reading the book “Bulala” (which means “Kill” in Zulu) by Cuan Elgin (subtitled – A True Story of South Africa) – note, these points are NOT necessarily all in the book or explicitly made in the book – this is my interpretation of key points arising from reading the book in the context of questions I have been asking about the Afrikaner and Apartheid over the last couple of years.

    1. Afrikaners avoided blacks

    Throughout the Trek the Afrikaners went out of their way to avoid blacks and to settle in uninhabited territory. Apartheid – meaning separation – was simply a continuation of their attempts to live life without getting involved with blacks – the BIG issue with Apartheid relates to the aggression of the blacks and their insistence on moving into Afrikaner areas.

    2. Afrikaner experience of blacks was primitive and savage

    The Afrikaner experience of blacks, right through to today with the farm murders, has been of primitive, barbaric, brutal, illiterate, treacherous savages responsible for unprovoked rapes, murders and assaults. Piet Retief’s 70 men were impaled onto sharpened stakes thrust through their anuses while Retief was forced to watch and he was then beaten to death (skull smashed) with knobkerries AFTER signing a peace treaty. For them, the conduct of the ANC today is NO different.

    3. Afrikaners have consistently sought to avoid conflict

    The Afrikaners have consistently sought to avoid conflict and during the trek they repeatedly moved away when there was conflict and only killed in self-defence rather than the much larger scale killings that they COULD have perpetrated given their access to guns.

    4. Afrikaners have repeatedly been extremely harshly treated by the English

    The Afrikaners have repeatedly been extremely badly treated by the English, from the events that led to them leaving the Cape to the imprisonment and death of tens of thousands of their women and children in concentration camps during the Second Anglo Boer War.

    5. The Afrikaners fell into the trap of using the Bible to defend their position

    The Afrikaners fell into the trap of using the Bible to defend their position with regard to their views on blacks only to have liberal English Theologians apparently over-turn their arguments. They used skin colour arguments where spiritual arguments should have been used.

    They also failed to simply say “we do NOT like blacks, we do not trust them, they have brutally murdered our people and betrayed their agreements and we would prefer NOT to have them live around us” or words to that effect – there is much more that can be written about this aspect but which is outside the scope of this document.

    The Afrikaners as a people are exceptionally bad in marketing themselves and defending themselves in public forums.

    6. The liberal English view does NOT accord with reality

    BEFORE reading this book I was rapidly concluding that the liberal English view of blacks that I grew up with was invalid. Reading the book confirmed this. The wholesale conduct of the ANC and their Cadre Deployment and other massively economically destructive actions, not to mention the lack of any evidence to suggest that they regard the perverse, sadistic and atrocious farm murders with any concern leads me to conclude that the picture painted in the book (Bulala) is largely accurate.

    President Jacob Zuma, the leadership of the ANC and thousands of delegates singing “the Cabinet will kill the Boer with machine guns” at the ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein on Sunday 8th January forever removes any thought I might have that Cuan Elgin is mistaken. The level of treachery by the President of this country inherent in this song finally laid to rest any willingness on my part to believe the best of him and the organization he leads.

    7. The Afrikaners as a whole are closer to the Almighty

    I see distinctly from the book that the Afrikaner people, in the form of the Trekkers / Boers, were close to the Almighty.

    It has been my personal experience in the last few years that there are more Afrikaners than English who are close to the Almighty. The Almighty has said to me that there is a greater percentage of Afrikaners who are close to Him than any other people group in the world and for this reason the forces of darkness ARE constantly looking for opportunities to persecute them and steal from them – this is WHY the Afrikaners have suffered such extreme losses in the last few years.

    • I didn’t see your posting until I had submitted by own post, which kind of mirrored a lot of the points you made, minus the revelations from god.

      For a briefer, but poignant accounting of the same history you covered, see this very excellent YouTube video of Stefan Molyneux and Simon Roche, one of the leaders of the Sudlander Movement. The Sudlanders are organizing to protect white people in case of a large-scale genocide or civil war in South Africa.


    • Your characterisation of the modern Afrikaner is what I also have discovered in those I have met over the years outside of SA.

      Decent, hard working and mostly openly Christian.

      Surprisingly, they do not usually talk easily about conflict with the blacks. Generally, they seem shy about any anger or resentments they may have.

      I don’t know how many white ex-military men are left in SA but I do know that the blacks should fear them.
      SA had one of the most difficult training regimens in the world and produced some of the most capable and lethal soldiers I have ever met, especially those of the paratroop special forces.

  4. As the current soon-to-be-failed country of South Africa illustrates, you cannot have a one-man, one-vote democracy in a country or society where a considerable segment is very low IQ. It simply can’t be done. Even the US founding fathers said that the Constitutional government would only work with an educated, moral people.

    Apartheid was actually quite a functional system. It kept the criminal black element boxed in their own areas, kept them from flooding the government with violent communists and murderous, psychopathic thugs, and shifted massive resources created by the whites into education, medical care, and public works for the blacks. The police, by necessity, had to be tough and occasionally brutal, given the population they were dealing with, but because of the effectiveness of their public safety work, life was far safer for blacks under apartheid than under the current regime.


    It’s not well emphasized in our Anglophilic culture, but, as mentioned in this video, the Boer countries, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, were invaded by the British, who wanted to grab the diamond and gold deposits. The British were only able to win the war through one of the first modern, intentional employments of genocide, herding Boer civilians into concentration camps and causing many thousands to starve to death.

    It’s also not well known, but the first codification of apartheid was actually enacted into law once South Africa had been consolidated under British rule. Prior to the conquest by the British, apartheid was actually informal and considerably more flexible than it was subsequent to being encoded into legislation.

    As this “Kill the Boer” video shows, practically the only institution allowing white farmers to have a semblance of safety is the voluntary armed patrols protecting isolated, white-owned farms. Needless to say, the South African government is attempting to outlaw these patrols.

    Orania, you recall, is the all-white town in present-day South Africa that has succeeded in recapturing a bit of the old prosperity and safety that South African natives (black and white) had prior to the surrender of South Africa.

    Looking ahead, I have no doubt if the Boers in Orania wanted to secede from the South African government, they would be able to do so. The black armies are simply not that effective against organized resistance. My real fear is that the globalists would send enforcement troops, NATO, UN, even the EU, to suppress any white attempts to set up their own region. Simon Roche, in the video I linked to, said that despite the international boycott, the white South African government could have held out. In the end, they simply surrendered, giving in to the meme that South Africa under apartheid was evil. In point of fact, the real evil came after the government was toppled, and the South African National Congress took power.

    Also looking to the future, I would say that, like the Visograd countries, if they’re going to secede, the time is now while Trump is still President. If a Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Stacey Abrams or Elizabeth Warren becomes President, I have no doubt US forces would be commanded to suppress any attempt to maintain a region of civilization.

    For a list of the carnival performers most likely to be the Democratic nominee, see

    • I suspect the Chinese may have enough influence in SA that, if they felt it was necessary to create greater social and economic stability, they may help to politically protect a separate white state.

      • leCanadien :No they wont , they have only their own interests at heart and through unaffordable debt they claim strategic places from those countries , like coal mines in South Africa , Mombasa Harbour in Kenya as well as in Sri Lanka , the latter which will be converted to a naval and military base . They are on the take only . They sell home products in Africa and send all the money back unlike the whites and Indians in S-Africa who keep it and re-invest it to grow the economy. As a result of government corruption and Chinese parasitism the economy is anaemic .

        • This is what I was attempting to say.

          Since the Chinese have their own interests in SA, they may wish to apply pressure to the SA gov’t to leave Orania and other such places alone if this will help protect Chinese interests.

  5. I would’ve thought the white SA’s would have learned to shoot, shovel and shut up at this point.

    • In fact, the Boers were extremely tough. They fought the British aggressors in the Boer War to a standstill. They lost only because the British herded a large number of Boer civilians into concentration camps and systematically starved them to death.

      When the country was invaded through Namibia with the heavy involvement of Cuban troops, the Boers handed the invaders their head. The Cuban troops suffered heavy losses. The South African government reportedly had developed atomic weapons, which they deposited with Israel prior to handing over power to the African National Congress.

      Unfortunately, at this point, the South Africans have no leverage, like the possession of atomic weapons, to keep international forces from helping to suppress any Boer insurrection or even carving out a territory for themselves. This is why I suggest they look at the benefits of acting now, while there is a Trump Republican in the White House.

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