Geert Wilders: Grant Asia Bibi Asylum in the Netherlands!

December 1, 2018

Parliamentary Questions from Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) to the Prime Minister of The Netherlands regarding granting asylum to Asia Bibi

1.   Are you willing to grant asylum in The Netherlands to Asia Bibi, the brave Christian girl from Pakistan who is threatened to be killed by radical Muslims?
2.   If yes, can you let your positive decision be known to her, her representatives and the Pakistani government?
3.   If no, why not, and isn’t it a bloody shame that while you allowed hundreds of thousands non-western immigrants and asylum seekers — many of whom Muslim — into the Netherlands and have often granted them asylum (among which are many fortune seekers, terrorists and Salafists), there is no room for a brave Christian girl who did nothing wrong, but fears death for so-called blasphemy against the fake prophet Mumammad?
4.   Shouldn’t you send all those fortune seekers — which you should not have allowed into our country — out of country as soon as possible and grant a true refugee such as Asia Bibi asylum in The Netherlands?
5.   Can you answer these question before Tuesday December 6, 11 am?

8 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Grant Asia Bibi Asylum in the Netherlands!

  1. I’m afraid that because of the “hundreds of thousands” of barbarian Muslims that have been allowed into the Netherlands, Asia Bibi will be no more safe there than she is in Pakistan.

    Still, the leaders of every wester country who continue deny entry to people who are horribly persecuted by Muslims, while allowing the Muslim perpetrators to enter, should be voted out of office and the put in prison (better yet exiled to a Muslim country). Every western nation should have offered Asia Bibi asylum.

    • You have shown in your first paragraph just why every western nation should not have offered Asia Bibi asylum, because she would be no safer in Rotterdam or Malmo or London than she would be in Pakistan. Those western nations without a sizeable community of Muslims would be a different matter but there aren’t many left now, are there?

      On the wider question, suppose (for example) Britain gave Asia Bibi asylum. Firstly the British taxpayer would have to pay for her and her family’s protection indefinitely, and it’s not just a matter of money since the security services are stretched beyond their capacity anyway keeping up with the devout Muslims already among us. Secondly, if Asia why not all the other Christians, Sikhs (are there any left?) and Ahmadis still hanging on in the slow genocide taking place in the Pure Land? It would set a principle.

      It was mad enough importing the “ravening hordes” in the first place. To now also import their prey so that interfaith relations can continue as per normal in Britain would compound the problem.

  2. The time for “voting ” these oiks out of power is well over! The Yellow Vests in France are the start of something in the wind. There will be no “Brexit”. Communism always ends in violence. The EU is a Soviet system.

    I do not think the British will rise up though! 70 years of Marxism and self-hatred have done their work well. They can soak in their self-assured snobbery. Farage is a typical example….

    The UK is over-finished. The voter has not realised this yet. But they will when Brexit is erased. The British have no fight left in them. Too frightened of causing offence. I have no such scruples whatsoever. I will fight until my last breath but I am alone.

    My philosophy is simple and old fashioned like the Centurion I once portrayed in a Roman re-enactment group.

    Modern people or rather “Soypersons” do not understand such principles as they are devoid of anything approaching moral responsibility. I have been mocked but those that do -do not know me. Even the so called Right are incapable of being true patriots and what moral duty that means,

    To continue to live under these conditions, especially under a vulgar cult like Wahabism, let alone Marxism is shameful. I have no weapons except the Cross of Christ but by that sign I will perish if needs be.

    • My heart goes out to you. While I hesitate to acquiesce with your conclusion, just know that the glories of British civilization will be preserved by Americans and other countries in the anglosphere. Although we have also been saturated with Marxism, a whole generation grew up under “the red scare” and somehow imbibed its message. Thus, while I often say that civilization will be preserved by rednecks, I know that it’s not true. Many, many people in America from all classes seem to be naturally resistant to socialist ideas, even after enduring four years of grueling indoctrination in Universities.

      What I don’t understand, and never will, is why your “toffs” don’t repudiate this barbaric culture. I mean, how do they think they’re going to live when these idiots control the culture?

  3. I agree that Asia Bibi should be offered asylum in Europe but it is not a good idea. As Gene has stated, there are so many islamic savages in Europe that Ms Bibi would not be safe. The only two places I can think of where she would be safe are China and New Zealand. The problem is islam and cowardly politicians.

  4. Asia Bibi would also be safe in Texas. And needed. A lot of good Christian people there who have the courage to protect her and the courage to leave the union if necessary. Texas is the place to be for sure.

    Formerly a Texan

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