Eradicating Crimethink in Canada

The following video has sinister implications for all Canadian citizens whose opinions may deviate from the goodthink approved by the Party and General Secretary Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau. Dissidents are advised to have a “go bag” packed and waiting by the door at all times.

In the first video below you’ll hear Mr. Trudeau explain that opponents of his mass immigration policies will be put under surveillance in the future.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video features a commentator in Quebec named Richard Martineau, who discusses Mr. Trudeau’s Orwellian remarks.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   We have observed the yellow vests in France since yesterday.
00:03   This weekend in Canada people demonstrated in four cities,
00:07   also wearing yellow vests and protesting against
00:10   the recently-introduced “carbon tax” as well as against immigration.
00:13   Are you worried to see this movement flare up in various Canadian cities?
00:18   I find that conservative politicians really have contributed to
00:23   Nurturing a specific narrative
00:27   which particularly aims to disengage from protecting the environment.
00:30   Here in Quebec there is a consensus when it comes to climate change.
00:34   But those eleven conservative representatives should really be asked:
00:39   what is their plan? —Do you think they are behind the yellow vests movement?
00:42   I think conservatives are playing dangerous games when they nurture this
00:48   controversy, just as they did when opposing the global compact on migration,
00:54   such as Andrew Scheer, who claims that we would lose our sovereignty.
00:58   Listen, this is just ridiculous, he is just aggressively misinforming the people.
01:03   It is dangerous in a society when you start
01:07   to play on emotions, and choose to ignore the facts.
01:10   So you don’t think this movement will spread to other Canadian cities?
01:13   I know that the vast majority of Canadians
01:17   know that we have to act when it comes to climate change, and they know that immigration
01:20   is a factor in economic growth for our country,
01:23   and not a weakness as they pretend. Those positions are shared by a majority of Canadians.
01:27   Yet there is a small minority who are becoming increasingly louder,
01:31   and which we will have to monitor… Eavesdrop as well?
01:34   Yes… monitor. A few minutes left to talk about the relations between
01:38   you and Donald Trump, and between Canada and the United States
01:43   during this tough past year. We will now show you a picture which will remind you of better times
01:46   On this one, we are far away from your encounter with Barack Obama
01:49   during which a similar situation would have been unthinkable
01:52   (those were good times). With Mister Trump…

Video transcript #2:

0:04   Justin Trudeau wants to monitor anti-immigrants.
0:08   In fact, it goes further than that. Justin Trudeau gave an interview to Salut Bonjour.
0:12   Our Salut Bonjour friends, Gino Chouinard, and he said,
0:16   “We must monitor”. If it were limited to anti-immigrants, yes.
0:20   But the Far-Right, the Far-Left and Religious Extremists should also
0:24   be monitored, all these people. But here, he said to monitor groups
0:28   that question Canada’s immigration policy.
0:32   And Gino Chouinard, who thinks fast, said, “But Mr. Trudeau, you should also listen to them.”
0:36   It’s a great reply. Excellent question.
0:40   But they should be particularly monitored. Watch them,
0:44   those who doubt, those who ask questions, those who say perhaps we don’t have
0:48   the best immigration policy. It’s as if it is a one-way street to
0:52   discuss immigration to Canada, and it’s Justin Trudeau’s way.
0:56   That’s it. If you’re cautious, you ask questions, critical thinking.
1:00   In the end, we’ll be watching you. I thought we were allowed to.
1:04   Yesterday, I was watching French television.
1:08   There is a team of journalists from France who went to interview
1:12   the parents of the Strasbourg massacre attacker.
1:16   The mother, veiled from head to foot, doesn’t speak one word of French.
1:20   They’ve been living in France for many years. (He was born in Strasbourg.) Not a word of French.
1:24   And his father said, “Hah, had I known my son… I’m so disappointed,
1:28   if I had known, I would really, I would have called the police.”
1:32   His father is registered as a Security Risk (S-file).
1:36   His father has links with terrorists. Can we ask ourselves,
1:40   ‘These people, perhaps it is not the brightest idea to invite them’?
1:44   We might have questions about immigration? NO.
1:48   According to Justin Trudeau and the UN, we must keep in mind the new Migration Pact.
1:52   We must be politically correct when talking about immigration,
1:56   and all those who have questions should be monitored.
2:00   Is there is a difference between full open borders and we allow anyone in, and,
2:04   at the other end of the Far-Right, being against immigration.
2:08   Let’s look at Justin Trudeau, the email — the TWEET he sent:
2:12   “Come on in, we’re open, we’ll take you in.”
2:16   Can it be questioned? Maybe we take in more than we can integrate.
2:20   He says NO. We’ll monitor these people (those who question).
2:24   I find it quite disturbing.

40 thoughts on “Eradicating Crimethink in Canada

  1. Trudeau is proof that even an Epsilon minus semi moron can come to rule a modern western country if one is photogenic enough.

    In Huxley’s book, such mental midgets had the appearance to match their intelligence, and had to dress in colors of their caste. In our day and age, it seems the entire function of the compliant media is to disguise from the voters that our leaders are in fact nothing more than a rabble of Epsilons.

    • No, Trudeau and equivalents in other Western capitals can be called “morons” only if that term is stripped of its IQ content and restricted to meaning merely:” I object to those people”.

      Because these people are not mental midgets. Short-term, they need brown and black catch-up immigrant consumers willing to enter lifetime debt peonage to the banks, retailers and property developers in whose interests they exercise political power. (don’t forget: Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon provide the means of destroying the source countries of the new debt peons: each new Mortgagee his own Patriot missile, as it were)

      The “colorfully diverse” damage to the mainly white social fabric done by pre-industrial, migrant, “kith and kin”-based honour families trusting (at best) only their blood relatives, whether Afghan or Honduran, is another investment opportunity: USA, Canada, UK etc. now need to commercialise and sell IT-based public surveillance and public security (jobs for male Somalis as Minnesota policemen).

      Private schooling, private medicine, private armed convoy protection for commuter runs from expensive private gated communities for affluent whites: all promising start-ups to be listed on stock exchanges.

      Not moronic at all from their standpoint.

      NB: senior economic policy makers e.g. Peter Sutherland had been making statements on inward migration for years; it behoves us to read the business press now and again.

      • Thanks for this Recon.

        I never thought of all those business opportunities created by immigration.
        It makes sense.

      • Agreed – not moronic at all; just the depth of this betrayal of their own “kin” is shocking. All this ain’t gonna end well for ANYBODY involved – and that is what may be called “moronic” in their behavior and actions.

  2. Pray he and the Liberals lose power in the 2019 election next October.

    Right now the Canadians hate him. At 58% disapproval and only 35% approval, Trump looks wildly popular by comparison. Every time this boy idiot opens his dumb mouth he digs himself deeper. He is so totally in love with himself just like Obama.

  3. Well it’s not like they didn’t tell us their intentions with this “compact” to begin with. It was all wrapped in shiny wrapping paper and sooo “non obligatory “ and so wonderful. Unfortunately we live in society where very few of us knew and was actually interested in this communist manifesto. Rest of the populous will slowly realize what all this non binding text actually means. In Canada they are already figuring it out. It didn’t take long, didn’t it?

  4. The UN Migration Pact outlined steps each government must take to create, enforce and protect the false narratives.

    Sock puppet Trudeau is only following the directives written in crayon on the back of a UN napkin.

    He is not nearly intelligent enough to create such a highly organised thing.

    Come and get me thought police.

  5. A Canadian author friend whom I shall not name told me how incredibly sinister and evil the Canadian government had become. I thought at the time several years ago he was just a bit dramatic. Not now. In fact were I Canadian I would be preparing for some type of revolt. Any government that cannot allow differences of opinion being expressed openly must be voted out or destroyed.

  6. Hope he loses in the October 2019 national election badly or Canada is just about finished.

  7. We Canadians are a very anti-American group, to our detriment.

    Our cultural roots are much more British than America’s since we never had a deliberate attempt to create our own culture and destiny apart from Britain’s to the same degree as America’s.

    Candian identity is basically based on how we believe we are different than Americans. That is, we don’t really have a specific sense of a unique identity apart from how we define American culture and identity.

    So, with social and political matters, we look at average Americans and say that they are too politically active and noisy. Too many political protests.
    We look at American conservative mistrust of the media and mistrust of big government and think it foolish and childish.

    This arrogant attitude I understand well as I was quite active in forming a local conservative youth group which was quite anti-American. I later realised as I married, had kids and began paying taxes and facing the horrible realities of unvetted immigration, that I had been misguided and foolish in my anti-Americanism. It was simply something I was raised with. It was a strong aspect of my national, city and family culture.

    The result of our anti-Americanism and our constant striving to appear ‘better’ than America is that, in our schools especially, we are taught to whole-heartedly push for social issues which we feel make us less American and more ‘Canadian’. Our supposedly far more compassionate stance on immigration is one of these items which we have taken great pride in. We believed that borders which are more open than America’s is something to be proud of.
    Our leaders, including Baby Trudeau, would state that we must follow the lead of such ‘great’ states as Germany and Sweden with regards to human rights and immigration. We enjoy the anti-American, esp. the anti-Trump, rhetoric of Western Europe. This reinforces our own feelings.

    This attitude of ours helps to create a complacent people who are willing to allow our leaders to have too much political and economic power in matters of national security and social issues. We prefer a ‘light’ socialism as it makes us feel less American and more Western European and we strongly believe we are far more compassionate. Political debating among friends is considered almost childish and more fitting for childish men and certainly not for women who are viewed as too smart and composed for such conversation, especially anti-immigration discussions.
    I have had teachers as I was growing up tell us that ‘You are better than Americans’ so we should know better than to be anti-immigrant or racist in any form. This is a phrase I still hear among regular Canadians and our leaders. When our leaders take strong views or stands against America, especially Republican presidents, most Canadians feel a very smug feeling of solidarity with such Canadian leaders. This is one of the main reasons for Baby Trudeau’s election; he was the quintessential Canadian with his ‘ we’re better and more compassionate than America’ attitude. We Canadians love this and erupt in cheers when we see such arrogance from a politician or media personality such as a comedian. The one and only stand-up comedy show I attended was headlined by a comedian making jokes of how poor is American understanding of Canadian geography and culture.

    Interestingly, most Canadians find Canadian culture, if such exists, to be too bland to indulge in. Our media has become far more dominated by American media and culture over the past century and certainly in the past 50 years. We love it yet we do not see the hypocracy of indulging in a culture we also believe we have risen above. But let’s face it, American pop culture is definetely Left wing and anti-Republican. We love this and cannot get enough of it. Our classrooms are full of Anti-Trump and anti-Americanism in the constant pretentious speeches of teachers, even at the primary school level. It is how we enjoy ourselves and how we define our identity.

    It is also what motivates many of our political, economic and social agendas and choices as individual citizens and as political leaders. One of the reasons Ontario Premiere Doug Ford is so disliked among Ontario Liberal and NDP (socialists) voters is that he is viewed as having a personality far too much like that of Trump and having policies that are too Republican in nature. See, once again, we Canadians are defining a Canadian and a Canadian political, economic and social path as how ‘American’ Ford appears and how ‘American’ his party policies are. This is one of the great litmus tests for Canadian politics; Trudeau passed it with great success.

    I still hear jokes about how Trump called South American ruffian immigrants ‘bad hombres’. We believe this to be a childish view of poor, suffering people.

    We still cling to the old identity we gained as a strong, united fearless country of fighting men in WWI and WWII. Yes, we did well and even the German army feared us and yes, we became well known as a compassionate country of military peace makers and keepers. However, that was then and this is now. Most Canadians either don’t know or don’t care that we made a spineless mess of our mission to Rwanda. Our military and politicians may have caused the death of more innocents than we protected. We became nothing more than a politicised puppet and arm of the UN without our so-called unique abilties to bring peace. We are not so supposedly un-American after all. At least according to our image of what we believe Americanism represents. Taking Vimy Ridge is one thing, allowing un-fettered immigration is another. They do not represent the same ideal or even the same nation of Canadian people. That generation was very conservative, hard-working, self-sufficient and honourable. These ideals were embedded in every part of our culture. In high school each morning we heard the national anthem and the Lord’s prayer (even in public school). When my kids were in high school, these things had since been removed and replaced with ‘words of wisdom’ from Buddha and the Koran. The anti-american rhetoric from the teachers is now far greater than I had been subjected to. The immigrant students from the Mid-East, Africa and Pakistan are particularly fond of this. The Chinese students feel quite at home with Canada’s form of soft socialism and increasing government control of the media and of our own personal conversations; they tell me so.

    So, in summary, to better understand Canadian politics you must understand how entrenched is anti-Americanism in Canadian culture and identity, particularly how we revile anti-American conservatism.

    • I was very amused by an exchange between an American and a Canadian on a TV talk show. It was years ago, so I don’t remember which show it was.

      The Canadian said: “The difference between Americans and Canadians is…”

      The American interrupted him: “The difference between Americans and Canadians is that Americans don’t give a s*** about what the difference between Americans and Canadians is.”

      That says it all.

      • That’s it. Case closed.

        We Canadians are quite insecure in our sense of identity so we worry greatly about what Americans think of us.

        I just realised how long-winded my post was.

        An American would have said as much in half the words….

        That’s Americans for ya.

      • Well, Baron … that was rude of him 😉 ! Accurate, but rude. Telling a wimp who was getting set to lecture you that he’s inconsequential? Oh, my!

        Actually, he spared the Canadian embarrassment. If he hadn’t been interrupted, he would probably have said something insulting like “Canadians are politer, more considerate of others … blah, blah, blah.”

        I agree with much that leCanadien wrote … but I wonder if his roots might be in Quebec? Not ALL Canadians have this anti-American attitude. Far from it. (Certainly the ‘elites’ and the media, and academia do.) Out West in Alberta, and environs, they despise the Establishment Easterners in Ontario, and their cabal with the Quebec political class, but are very well-disposed to Americans. And so are many of us in the Atlantic Provinces.

        I’ll have to compose my own, separate and longer response directly to leCanadien … but not right now, here. In the meantime, I’ll just say that, had it not been for the 2-year long anti-Harper campaign mounted by the CBC, Justin would never have been elected, and we’d still have Prime Minister Stephen Harper … from Alberta.

        (Oh, and besides the CBC, there was the little matter of Obama’s back-room boys coming up to Canada to ‘advise’ the Trudeau campaign … as they did in Israel, trying to defeat Netanyahu.) Globalists … send ’em all toAntarctica!)

        • Frank,

          Yes, it is as you say; less anti-Americanism on the prairies but then rises again on the western side of the Rockies.

          My roots are Ontario Quebecois and Ontario English (a very British form).
          My French ancestors moved to Southern Ont. in the 1850’s after having fled to Upper State New York during the ‘Patriotes War’ of 1837-38. My Great-great grandfather smuggled guns and supplies across the New York border into Quebec during that rebellion.
          I was raised far more Ontario english however and in my teens I began giving myself a very British education in British literature and culture.
          Most Ont. Francophones think nothing of the Quebec separatist movement and indeed most think little of their Quebec and French roots.

          Anyways, anti-americanism is rampant in Ont. and Quebec as you suggest and through the media and culture it infects the prairies. East Coast humour in the media such as ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ is quite anti-American.


        • I must emphasise that the anti-Americanism is quite soundly anti-Conservative Americanism.

          It has grown quite a bit in the past 20 years or so among the youth as it is taught very vehemently in the schools; far more than I and probably you had experienced.

          Amercian Democrats, esp. Obama and all liberal Democratic media personalities, are highly regarded; much more so than they had been when I was young.

    • ** Correction to last sentence:

      I wrote: ” particularly how we revile anti-American conservatism.”

      It should be: “how we revile American conservatism”.

      Big difference.

      Let me offer a famous form of Canadian culture:

      an apology.

      • Actually, you have a point. The comment is well over a thousand words, far too long for courtesy’s sake.

        But you always have the option to glide on by – that’s what people often do when comments are too long.

    • Canada is where the British Loyalists went during the American Revolution…and they were allowed to leave by the colonists. Once a culture formed around that kind of Obedience to Momma (they were sure the Americans would lose), it stands to reason their descendants would carry on in the same fashion.

      A comparison here would be the ways in which Minnesotans resemble their genetic origins in Scandinavia. They have large settlements of Somalis, just like Sweden and have had no end of trouble from those immigrant ingrates. We used to post about their depredations until those malignant acts simply became commonplace.

    • As an American living in Ontario, I would say that your analysis is spot on, eh?
      Causes me no end of grief, but I strive to put my 2 cents in where I can.

      • Since you are an American in Ontario, your unique view of Canadian culture and politics can be very useful to us here.

    • Love your post despite its very long trace on my iPhones’s screen 🙂 … interesting ideas, comparisons, food for thought.

      And Chances are you are spot on in your views!

      • iPhones and long posts:

        I did not think of that.

        I use only a desktop connected to my wide screen TV.
        I’m old school and not happy to be forced to own even this level of technology.

        A deep and grovelling Canadian style apology to you.

        • Oh, you needn’t apologize, sir. I am old school too, just getting modernized as legions of millennials around me use the new stuff.

    • Speak for yourself. I have the greatest respect for those American’s I lived and worked with two decades ago. Educated, smart, confident, trusting and generous to a fault. We still keep in touch.

      The Canadians you are running on about are the exception, probably vote Liberal and are more than lacking a little in the qualities listed above.

      • Not to get into a heated debate about this, but you do understand I was speaking general terms and I described the overall, general attitude, particularly politically.

        Yes, most Canadians, at the end of the day, feel a kinship and friendship with Americans in general. We will talk happily about them if pressed and we enjoy visiting the US. This goes without saying. That’s why I didn’t bother to use up more space to say that.

        However, we also have an overall culture which enjoys attacking them. It is a strange phenomenon.

        If I were to have listed every single exception, reason and nuance to this whole issue my original post would have been enormous and folks here would not have reached a better understanding of why Canadians are the way we are.

        Without freedom to divulge too much I am able to say that some of the work I do involves dealing with Canada-US relations in a certain manner. I am able to study this issue from angles the ordinary person is unable to.

        It’s good that you were bothered by some of my words as it helps to show just how deeply many Canadians do feel an affection for Amercicans.

  8. “The crises of history have much longer roots than is commonly believed,” Whittaker Chambers.

    The more I study communist history the more I see Lenin’s ‘strategic minority’ striving to overcome the ‘disoriented majority.’

    It is a grievous thing to watch tyranny rise because we know it brings unspeakable suffering.

    Trudeau – he reminds me of Merkel: soulless beings drunk with power.

    • I, too, had a lot of difficulty creating an account at I was quite keen to support it, especially after Matt Bracken gave it such a strong plug, but I had no success getting the account creation acknowledged and operational.

      Time for Matt to give us an update on where things stand ?

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