Braids Will Tell

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation functions in Germany as a rough equivalent to the Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA. It was founded by Anetta Kahane, a former Stasi agent who now acts as Angela Merkel’s chief ideological whip. Her foundation provides purportedly objective data to back up the political positions taken by the German government on immigration, globalism, gender roles, and other hot-button issues in the culture wars.

One of the services provided by Anetta Kahane is advice on how to identify and root out “right-wing extremists” from among the general population. The video below features testimony by a young woman who ran afoul of the cultural profiling supplied by Amadeu.

MissPiggy, who translated the video for subtitles, sends this excerpt from the guidelines about provided by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (emphasis added):

Children from ethnic national families: In a daycare center, two siblings stand out who are particularly reserved and have little to share, e.g. from the weekend. So in the morning circle at the beginning of the week, they behave in a silent and passive way. At the same time, there are no so-called discipline problems; these children seem to be especially good. In addition, traditional gender roles in the educational styles are recognizable: The girl wears dresses and braids; they are taught at home how to do household chores; the boys are challenged to be strong physically and disciplined. Both often come to the facility in the morning after having already completed a 1.5km run.

Now the girl invites several other children from the kindergarten to the children’s birthday party. Some parents whose children are invited are aware of the parents’ belonging in extreme right-wing camaraderie and are worried about what might happen at the birthday party. At the same time they do not want to forbid their children to participate and thus to have the opportunity to be friends with the girl. They ask the educators for advice.

Now see what happened to this unfortunate (and not at all right-wing) young lady because of her braids. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Hello, my dear people.
00:03   I’m here at the main train station in Chemnitz and it is 11:45pm.
00:07   We just visited the Christmas market.
00:10   As you can see I have braids and a beanie.
00:13   I am wearing braids because wearing a bun under my beanie looked stupid.
00:19   Besides that, I wanted to wear braids.
00:22   So we are here at the main train station in Chemnitz,
00:26   and we were actually just stopped by the police,
00:29   and I was really just asked what my political opinions were.
00:32   They asked if I had right-wing political views because of my braids.
00:38   I am totally shocked. I am neither a left— nor right-radical.
00:43   I am actually totally unbiased when it comes to
00:48   recent events happening in Germany. I have friends from India and…
00:58   I have no idea what going on, but I am totally shocked that
01:04   I have just been profiled as a right-wing radical for wearing braids.
01:08   I like braids because they can be practical, and wearing a bun
01:17   under a beanie just looks dumb. And I told the officer that.
01:22   I’m clueless and shocked because I could never have imagined
01:27   something like that happening. Honestly, I have no idea what I should say.
01:32   So, yeah, we drank a couple cups of mulled wine, we were laughing and having fun.
01:41   I think that’s why the police stopped us. My cousin is visiting us from
01:45   the island of Usedom [in the Baltic]. He’s from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
01:51   the “brownest” state in Germany, according to the media. He was stopped
01:56   immediately, had to undress and do a breathalyzer test. Unbelievable;
02:04   I have never posted anything like this before, because I never thought
02:09   I would need to and nothing like this has ever happened to me.
02:15   I am totally shocked, being profiled — I read about the whole braid story, and now
02:25   I am being asked if I am a right-wing radical because I am wearing braids.

17 thoughts on “Braids Will Tell

  1. I am a great conspiracy theorist myself, but sometimes I wonder whether someone somewhere might be more schisofrenic than I. Suspicious braides, secret clothing codes, evil symbols that give meaning to those “in the know”…

  2. I don’t know about braids but someoe should shoot that critter on Anetta Kahane’s head and make a pair of gloves or a muff out of it before it bites her. I mean please tell me that is not a deliberate hairdo.

      • I believe she is virtue signaling she is a RED, or to keep it simple, a filthy communist control freak. Since she is pals with Frau Merkel, a former communist youth leader, this seems plausible. I also see the backdrop is a lineup of communist luminaries. What the heck is wrong with these people?

  3. Kahane? A former Stasi agent? Acting as Mutti’s chief ideological whip?

    OK, guys: I’m reporting youse to the Metropolitan Police for anti-semitic dog-whistling. Forget the epidemic of knife-murders among the vulnerable-youths-of-colour community in London: y’all have just committed a very serious crime.

  4. I doubt the video is fake. Her report on the examination by police officers is remarkably undetailed. Living here a few hundred kilometers from Chemnitz I can’t imagine police would behave like this; AFAIK such behavior would just be illegal.

    Have been an enthusiastic nature watcher all my life; used to spend days and nights outside in any weather — with adequate equipment/clothing. This and crew cut (or shorter) makes me look rather “military” and has caused the interest of police many times — especially in the 1970-ties, after the kidnapping of Hanns Martin Schleyer. Once they even approached me with guns drawn and searched my rucksack, but in any case things calmed down quickly after they had got my ID-card and checked for a while by phoning around; never experienced a body search (except once a short search for hidden weapons from outside of my clothing).

    I have read since many years that using Epost and Rechner instead of Email and Computer indicates being right-wing, but I guess to the part of Germans who have got some brain this is just ridiculous; same thing with braids being an indicator. In the seventies I did much of my diploma thesis in physics at the university data center and this was (and is) called Rechenzentrum and the machines there were called Rechner — as were the 100k$ Apollo Domain workstations that we had in the office at Siemens in the eighties and later.

    • I agree, Ludwig. I have witnessed many police controlls at our main station.It was always enrichers of any persuasion and the officers were always calm and polite.
      They would ridiculise themselves by stopping and interrogating a girl with braids. The video is fake. Nobody is stopped with improbable cause. Our cops are very professional and collected.

  5. “Both often come to the facility in the morning after having already completed a 1.5km run.”

    Me thinks I must say that making daycare aged children run 1.5km every morning before going to daycare center sounds a bit like child endangerment?

    But for highschool aged child me thinks that 1.5km may even be a bit short.

  6. I am shocked!!!
    It gets worse every day with this left-winged terror.
    At least three huge offenses were committed by the police, who are supposedly there to help and protect us. Instead they are terrorizing their own decent citizens.
    – Assuming political views because of someones hairstyle. Absurd and unacceptable
    – Asking about someones political orientation in public, out of a position of authority, and without any relevance to the given situation. Very unusual and offensive in Central-European culture.
    – Associating patriotism and traditionalism with radical right-winged stances. A perverted self-destructive viewpoint only exists in some Northern European countries (like f.ex. Germany).
    -Assuming bad behaviour from right-wingers. Political terror like the one that existed under communism, only even worse this time, because now we even need to deny not only our opinion, but even our mere right to existence as we are.
    And the authorities secretly know very well that the supporters of the left and of the so-called religion of peace are the ones who misbehave.
    Imagine if the police were asking, with much more reason, someone in burqa about their political views.

  7. Key Phrase: “I’m clueless.” Then spends a large portion of the remainder of the clip apologizing/denying being a “right-wing extremist. Never did it cross her mind to just say, “None of your damned business how I wear my hair.”

    The part of German culture that created the worst of their atrocities during two world wars was not their militarism as much as a knee jerk obedience to authority. They never shook it off and it will be the death of their culture. And she will probably live to see it and still be clueless.

  8. Wearing braids and a nose ring seems to me an interesting choice of style 😉 But seriously, is this supposed to be some kind of a parody or does she mean, incidents like the one she describes will happen, if Kahane and her friends get their way?

  9. It’s a 21st century witch hunt. It’s only a small step away from probing for the spot where the witch feels no pain.

  10. It’s always possible to make a false assertion, and an incident based solely on one person’s testimony is always subject to doubts.

    However, there is a theoretical framework which would be consistent with the girl’s story of police examination. The framework came from Peter Bauer, a genius scholar of third-world economics and economic assistance.

    According to Bauer, third-world authorities avoided real criminals, who were very dangerous. Instead, they focused on law-abiding citizens or visitors, who were far safer to deal with. An example comes from Jamaica which tried to dampen gang violence by passing strict laws against ammunition. They caught a visiting businessman who inadvertently had a .22 bullet stuck in his luggage, threatening him with years of imprisonment. Meanwhile, the real gangs openly carried guns blocks from the police station…but messing with them was very risky.

    So, the German police needed to justify their position, but knew that hassling Muslims and Somalis would trigger an identity-political protest and demonstration. So, there were many benefits to hassling a German girl with braids. Once the real terror incident occurred, the police would be able to show they did their due diligence by stopping and questioning suspicious characters.

  11. A Stasi agent who forms a tax payer funded foundation, all for her own benefit. Who would’ve thunk it?? Obviously, Commrade Kahane is mentally ill-she equates a traditional way of women (and some men) of getting hair out of their way as they work. The military buzz cut? Kept bugs and dirt out of a man’s hair when training for war. The dreadlocks of Moldylocks? It speaks to who they are: lazy, okay with dirt and body odor, and a willingness to offend and be offended. The stylish Mrs. Clooney who sports designer hair that teases with the wind? It proves that she is unbelieveably wealthy, can stand toe to toe with Hollywood, and still can criticize the Deplorable Peons at the UN. I think that Merkel’s greatest contribution will be in the history books. The lone woman who destroyed Germany and made every citizen believe that they are mad for wanting a normal life.

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