Belgium: A Surge of Asylum Seekers From Gaza

FouseSquawk is reporting on news about a significant recent increase in the number of asylum seekers entering Belgium from Gaza. He has translated two articles from Joods Actuelle, a Belgian (Flemish) Jewish site. His summary:

The former Belgian minister for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, has complained publicly that his successor has increased the number of asylum seekers admitted into the country from 50-60 a day to 191 a day, the largest group coming from Gaza. He has made a video in Flemish in which he says he understands the fear of the Jewish community about this migration.

Read the two complete translations from the Dutch at FouseSquawk.

In addition, I sent a French-language article on the topic to our French translator Nathalie and asked her to evaluate it. We decided that it was too technical to warrant a complete translation, although Francophones may find it useful.

Nathalie sent this summary, plus some additional observations:

It’s a technical analysis of the number of asylum seekers’ requests in Belgium. A threshold of 60 or even 50 registered requests per day would be put into place by the State Secretary for Asylum and Migration. The article analyses the countries the asylum seekers say they come from (Palestine, Gaza, Syria)

There are lots of numbers and statistics. The Belgians already know what happened to their countries [Flanders and Wallonia], and the English-speaking world would probably benefit from more “real life” stories.

What Americans must know is that life in Europe has fallen from smiling faces, carefree days on the beach, and pretty girls dressed like Brigitte Bardot from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s to a life under siege.

Less than an hour ago, the neighbours got their recycling bin knocked over and the contents strewn all over the road. The perpetrators were males from the Dark Continent.

I saw someone on an English popular forum/online pub (they do post links to GoV sometimes) call them ‘woodpilers’. I guess the British are trying to circumvent the new censorship laws…

Note: The photo at the top of this post is from a “Palestinian” demonstration in Austria in 2014. It is used generically, and is not intended to represent actual events in Belgium.

19 thoughts on “Belgium: A Surge of Asylum Seekers From Gaza

  1. The former head of immigration is such a clear headed visionary! Only after he pointed it out was it obvious that 191 Hamas terrorists per day is dangerous to the lives of Belgian Jews. Not the other Belgians mind you, just the Jews. But His limit of 50 to 60 was perfectly safe. Even desirable in a diversity sort of way.

  2. I am sure someone has pointed it out before now but I never made the connection. The rise in anti-semitism in Europe with the increase Muslim population would indicate that it does not matter if there is an Israel or not. They should celebrate the Jews who don’t live there but don’t.

    • Indeed. The Qu’ran contains more references to Jews than to Allah, and they’re mostly not complimentary.

      Last words (almost) of Jesus on the cross: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”.

      Last words of Mohammed: calling down Allah’s curses on the Jews and Christians. Admittedly he’d been poisoned by a Jewish woman, but then he’d just had her male relatives killed.

  3. I note that we are now past the ‘refugee’ stage and and we are now into open free uncontrolled migration, complete with handouts, and thus “apres moi, le deluge” must apply once more.

    I pity the future victims, if you let wolves into the fold, you must expect the sheep to die.

  4. These are good news for us, Israelis. It’s a win-win situation. You Euros continue in your preferred path of cultural suicide and we get rid of the Fakestinians!

    • Perhaps you might inform “Israaid” observed operating in the Greek Aegean Islands helping the Moslem invaders fake refugees ashore? I am an Israel supporter by the way but hypocrisy is something that I will not tolerate. We get enough from the incomers after free benefits.

      I know Israel has its own scroungers and corrupt politicians and it grieves me to see brave Israelis having to suffer from these same vermin and looters. Israel cannot afford to take in immigrants that demand everything and give nothing-nor can we in the West.

      Europe has swapped civilised European Jews for a 7th Century regressive invasion and primitive low IQ’s. Those “Jews” are as European as any other indigenous inhabitant. Europe will be a poor place without Jewish intellectuals.

      • Actually, I believe the report you refer to is Lauren Southern reporting an undercover expose of Advocates Abroad, whose Jewish director admitted coaching refugees to lie about their actual status and experience.

        I looked for information on Israaid illegitimately assisting refugees, but the only thing on that was a claim by Red Ice TV that they posted evidence of Israaid assisting the people smuggling operation by guiding refugee ships, but the videos were deleted. Alert: Red Ice is quite anti-Semitic.

        But, this is only in the interests of accuracy. Your point is well taken.

        The Israel blockade of Gaza might be worth investigating. The existence of a blockade is completely understandable: rockets from Gaza periodically attack Israel border towns, and the Gazans are always trying to dig tunnels. In spite of the blockade, they seem to be able to obtain rockets, although bricks for houses, canned goods, wheelchairs, and nappies have been blockaded.

        The Gaza administration refused to renounce violence in dealing with Israel, and calls for the abolition of Israel in its charter. So, they provide every excuse for Israel maintaining a blockade, however unreasonable and vindictive its actual details might be.

        I personally would like to see a situation where Gaza is able to import unlimited civilian materials, develop businesses, and engage in commerce with its neighbors. Although, they are actually so dangerous, both Egypt and the Palestinian Authority support and encourage the Israel blockade.

        • I am aware of the “Blockade”. The UN is using everything, anything and anyone to destroy nations. It will end civilisation.

          Like any other People, Jews have their own bad apples. Despite ongoing problems I would rather have Jews than anybody else sharing our lives in Europe. The basic problem is Atheist Marxism.

          Churchill well understood the struggle in the soul of Judaism between faith and Bolshevism. Indeed this struggle is central to our Era. It is quite wrong to castigate entire peoples for the bad behaviour of others within that race.

          The true story of the Holocaust in eye opening and worthy of research. Most of the six millions exterminated in the “Holocaust” were fully assimilated European Jews that fled from the self-imposed ghettos of Eastern Europe, where the Rabbis ran a secret Police, to ensure compliance and “Jewishness”.

          Did you know that the Rothschilds supported the rise of the Nazis? They too were involved with the extermination of these assimilated Jewish Europeans. As is often said “Civilisation died in Auschwitz!”

          Several Jews of high repute and patriotic too for the countries they share with the rest of us have said much the same as I have. They do not support the “Zionist” warmongering and they are a credit to our countries they have served so well.

          We too have our bad apples like those that seek to inflict Islam upon us. Compare that hideous creed to the intelligence and warmth of the Talmud and Torah and one sees the massive differences.

          • “… the struggle in the soul of Judaism between faith and Bolshevism.”

            This is of paramount importance to better understand the Jewish mind and culture.

          • Why do you believe the “Jewish mind and culture” is monolithic?

            Is there a monolithic Canadian mind and culture? Can outsiders understand it?

          • “the Rothschilds were involved in the extermination of these assimilated Jewish Europeans”

            I’m disappointed Dymphna and the Baron allow such preposterous and vile comment to pass unmoderated.

          • Wish I had seen it. Would have cast it into the outer darkness where such things usually go. All I can say is, I’m sorry it got through. We loathe and detest “Jew fights” as they are pointless and ugly. Sometimes such things do get through, as do obsessions about masons running the world.

            OTOH, since you’ve responded to it the B will no doubt leave the comment stand.

    • Really? Because once muslims get hands on French, Belgian and other weaponry, and simultaneously remove anyone protecting Israel, your country will be no more within a few days, not even a week. Don’t forget your country exists only because a few other countries decided to keep it that way.

    • listen all responders below. I was sarcastic, as an Israeli and (one of the sane) Jews, I grieve for the suicide of the West. But let’s face the facts (and in no way I.m cynical here) – about 8-9 out of 10 turkeys vote for Christmas on the doomed continent. What is the share of nationalist parties? that is the sad reality.

  5. I wonder how many of these new refugees really are from Gaza, and how many have simply been told that identifying as Gazan increases your chances of receiving asylum. For a time everyone from Mali to Somalia was identifying as Syrian – those who process their requests don’t seem to be able to tell them apart. For all we know, this new statistical artifact is the result of a documentary airing on the state broadcaster a few weeks ago about the plight of the poor Gazans.

  6. Bringing in Gaza Migrants to Belgium is to be blessed for the following reasons.

    In 2001, the United Nations Secretariat proposed its forward plan, ST/ESA/SER.A/206, Replacement Migration: Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations (Sales No. E.01.XIII.19, ISBN: 92-1-151362-6).

    According to that plan the European Union should import, over a period of 50 years, 674 million immigrants. This migration is required to maintain the “potential support ration”, PSR, a yardstick calculated in order to maintain an optimal level as estimated by the UN.

    Since the mid-1970s and up until the end of the 20th century, EC and later EU institutions have reconfirmed on a continuous annual basis their intent to form an alliance between the societies bordering on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. These declarations were issued in the framework of the EU funded Euro Arab Dialogue institutions and their objective is to bring in Muslim and Arab migrants. Chinese or Latin American migrants are not provided for in this framework.

    The EU instructed its members’ state owned media companies to commence programming in special channels in Arabic and Turkish, they formed institutes for Middle Eastern Studies at European Universities favoring Muslim culture, they issued unrestricted work permits with liberal family reunification allowances for North Africans and immigrants from the Arab world, and the EU adopted harsh anti-Israel policies, in departure from US policies.

    In 2010, the European Commission’s “Study on the Feasibility of Establishing a Mechanism for the Relocation of Beneficiaries of International Protection” (final report: JLS /2009/ERFX/PR/1005 – 70092056) found that the EU-27 nations should expand their population with an additional 3,833,794,735 migrants.

    These findings were reinforced by numerous follow up study results, declarations and actions of the EU member nation states, EU institutions, World Economic Forum bodies, and numerous UN institutions.

    The EU is hell bent on implementing these policies anyhow and this has been going on in any event for at least 45 years, and it is culminating in the global compact for migration adopted just this month early December 2018.

    Therefore, absorbing the 1’750’000 inhabitants of Gaza will hardly make a dent in the massive surge of migrants planned, coming and still expected to come to Europe.

    And bringing in the Gazans will change nothing for European demographics, because in many areas, Muslims already today make up 35% of the populace in the age bracket of 1 -5 years old.

    As Europeans procreate at about 1.1 – 1.4 children per childbearing female, the continent is destined to become a reflection of the Levant and North-Africa.

    Belgium, according to the EU report on Feasibility of Relocation, has 10,584,534 inhabitants today and therefore based on the “Density Distribution” of population the EU calculated Belgium has “positive capacities” to grow towards 19,943,466 residents. In other words, Belgium has the capacity to double its population.

    Bringing in 100 Gazans a day thus is a ‘non valeur’ in the big picture of things. But on the other hand, it would be a major alleviation of a headache for Israel.

    I fear though that at 100 Gazans per day, or 365’000 Gazans per year, it will take 49 years to empty the Gaza strip. Only then will the resourceful Israelis turn that area back again into the veritable Garden of Eden they had created when they had settled the Gush Katif environs in Gaza during the 1970s.

    I therefore put it to you that Belgium should increase its daily intake of Gazans to meaningful levels. At least some good will come of it. The world will benefit of having one powder keg less to contend with.

    The EU is doomed one way or another anyhow, they will bring in these numbers from Gaza or from elsewhere.

    Israel has been doing its best to preserve Western civilization and civility, they protect their Christian residents, the only growing Christian diaspora in the entire Middle East.

    Israel deserves some peace. At least at their South Western border. I say, relocate Gazans to Belgium.

    • May I say that the Israeli retreat in Gaza, like all Western retreats, reflected a failure of will? The Israelis already had control of that portion of Gaza, plus flourishing farms, villages, and schools. It was the Israeli government that decided to pull out the settlers, with foreseeable results.

      So, as it was an Israeli decision, why should any country in Europe inconvenience itself to correct the mistake? “You made the mistake; you deal with it.” is a good principle for foreign relations in general.

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