A Soros Rent-a-Riot Comes to Budapest

This was the report from Fox News yesterday:

Hungary: Anti-Govt Protesters Confront Police at Parliament

BUDAPEST, Hungary — A few thousand anti-government protesters confronted police Thursday night outside Hungary’s Parliament, temporarily retreating when officers used pepper spray and tear gas to drive them back.

After marching through parts of downtown Budapest, some of the protesters returned to Kossuth Square and despite calls for the rally to remain peaceful, threw bottles and smoke bombs at officers in riot gear guarding the neo-Gothic national legislature. Police said two officers were injured.

Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends the following report to give you a fuller picture of what is happening in Hungary — how outside forces are arranging for domestic disturbances in an attempt to destabilize the Orbán government.

A Soros Rent-a-Riot Comes to Budapest

by CrossWare

As the UN rushed to vote on accepting economic or all kinds of migration as “human right”, and the EU parliament voted (again — going against its own rules) to give an automatic visa to any migrant who just asks for it, another front opened against the nationalist forces who would like to preserve their way of life and keep their culture: The Globalists launched yet another salvo against Hungary, because Viktor Orbán is the unofficial head of their nationalistic opposition in the coming EU elections.

As usual they do not attack openly, but hire George Soros’ “Rent-a-Riot” service and use the small number of opposition parties: liberals, socialists (crypto-communists) and national socialists — the Jobbik party, who have now thrown away any pretense of opposing globalism and openly joined with the rest of the lefties. Also some anarchists and Antifa joined their crowd, including some so-called “teachers” (they are really agitators) from the recently kicked-out Central European University (CEU) and some foreign NGO representatives.

Altogether there were about 2,000 people, in a city of 1.7 million and a country of 10 million.

They met in the Kossuth Square, which is in front of the Hungarian Parliament building. They tried to burn down the country’s Christmas tree, and they partly succeeded with some of the presents, which were for poor and disadvantaged kids: sleds and such. The rioters burned those down, then started throwing smoke bombs at the tree and the police cordon.

In the meantime they screamed slogans such as these:

  • “Until there’s blood, this is just a joke. We must attack!”
  • “We must kill all pensioners. They are good for nothing!”
  • “Someone should shoot a police officer and then let them shoot back. Then it will begin…”
  • “It really bothers me, that Christmas tree. It would look much better burning.”
  • “Let’s steal the tank from the House of Terror! Long live the proletariat!”
  • “I hope Orbán drowns in his mother’s blood.”
  • “We should shoot the police with a water-gun loaded with gasoline”
  • “Light up everything, burn it all! Enter, now! Forward! With torches, forward! Burn up everything!”
  • “Burn the tree!”
  • “We need gasoline!”
  • “Someone should light up a scarf and burn that f***ing tree!”
  • “The tree must burn.”
  • “Everybody get a brick (or rock) to everyone and do something!”
  • “Throw burning wood onto the police, quickly!”
  • “Time for violence!”
  • “Blood must flow!”
  • “Give them Molotov cocktails!”
  • “Go in! Grind them down!”
  • “Kill every Fidesz member, then let’s pee on their tombs!”
  • “F***ing throw Molotovs [cocktails] on them!”
  • “You must lynch them!”
  • “Burn the Parliament!”
  • “Offer them Molotov cocktails, those f***ing Zsidesz!” [wordplay: Zsidesz = “Jew Fidesz”, because of Fidesz’ support for Israel]
  • “Burn Orbán!”
  • “Use sifted fireworks, do not use a spatula.” (B. Viktor)
  • “Does anyone have a hand grenade?”
  • “Death to Orbán!”
  • “Throw some cigarette butts onto the police.”
  • “Attack, let’s go inside, people!”
  • “Throw a [Molotov] cocktail, this is nothing!”
  • “Beat the head of that cop to a pulp. He has not been protecting the people for a long time. Dirty worms.”
  • “We must throw a brick!”

(Sources: ATV, Index, Mérce live broadcasts)

Nice, isn’t it?

Before someone asks why the Hungarian government allowed a small group (1,500-2,000) people and a much smaller hard-core to do what they felt like…

Well, some of the vandals were arrested, but I doubt they will receive any serious sentences — at the maximum, misdemeanor charges. The Hungarian government still is skittish — their judicial branch is loaded with activist liberal and communist judges (just like in the USA), so they are nervous when it comes to handing out a couple of well-deserved slaps in the face to the rioting liberals.

Why? Because if any Fidesz politician just sneezes or looks at the wrong way at one liberal, the next day the Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC bringing on their front page: “THE FASCIST ORBAN DICTATORSHIP WANTS TO KILL PEACE-LOVING DEMOCRATS”

Presently the liberal, left-wing MSM publications in Hungary, including Internet portals and television channels, outweigh the nationalist right-wing media by 70% to 30%. If we include their Western allies — Uncle George Soros’ NGOs and all of the above-mentioned MSM fake news media — that percentage is 98% to 2%.

It is also very clear that the NGOs are trying the same recipe they successfully cooked up in the Ukraine and Macedonia, the Arab Spring countries (with the generous help of the CIA and US State Department). They try to provoke the police and the citizens, hoping someone will hit back, and then they can artificially generate outrage. So far they have not succeeded, but I can tell you: the majority of the population now have an itchy trigger finger when they see these animals.

What was the reason for all this?

As you know, the liberals are desperately trying to find anything that they can hold against Fidesz and Viktor Orbán. It seems they were finally able to find a rubber bone. I also have to tell you that Fidesz and Hungarian government communication dropped the ball on this one.

The Hungarian Employers’ Association asked the government — due the fact the economy is experiencing a shortage of workers, while nicely humming along; growth was 5% in this year — to remove an older regulation which limited how much overtime an employee can work in a year (200 and something hours was the limit) and increase it to a larger number. The EU regulation allows 417 hours a year, and the new Hungarian regulation now allows 400 hours per year, still below the EU limit. Of course the law specified that the employer needs to ask the employee’s consent each and every time, and all overtime must be paid out at the end of each month. However the government “forgot” (screwed up) to release these details.

The Bolshevik propaganda machine (possibly the only successful product of socialism) leapt at the chance. They started a propaganda campaign, cleverly naming the new law: “slave worker-law” and telling the people the new law makes overtime MANDATORY, with a 12-16 hour workday, “it will be 6-day work week”, where income will not paid out until three years later, and even then, maybe some free days given by the workers, etc… They spread these rumors through all of their Hungarian media, newspapers, television outlets and online.

The Fidesz-government response froze completely. Not until days later did one stammering bureaucrat try to explain the truth, but that just increased confusion. Finally, of course, all the details came out, but the damage was done, and by that time the Left had successfully engineered the riots. Because they could not mobilize larger crowds, they try direct provocations, hoping for a nervous government reaction. In the meantime the Fidesz-led Hungarian government plays possum, which frustrates their supporters, so this will be damaging both ways.

Of course in the meantime the MSM already envisions a full-on population revolt against Orbán, but nothing could be further from the truth. The people are busy with shopping and getting ready for Christmas. The Hungarian Christmas is a bit different from the American/Canadian versions. Its like Thanksgiving and Christmas together. The Hungarian Christmas is strictly family-oriented (just like Thanksgiving in the USA) ,and nobody would take to the streets at that time of year. This shows the incompetence of the Hungarian Left: they picked the coldest month just before a major holiday. They are truly morons; thank God George Soros has no better material to pick from here…

— CrossWare

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14 thoughts on “A Soros Rent-a-Riot Comes to Budapest

  1. Thanks very much for the update details and the commentary CrossWare. One can see from your report that the nationalists like Orban, even in charge of the government of Hungary, are on a knife edge. The EU dictators would obviously love to use troops to enforce their diktats, and they unabashedly use the financial power of the globalist bankers, financiers, and money-manipulators like Soros.

    Fortunately, the election of Trump pretty much took out the use of NATO forces from the equation, which may help to explain the gut hatred of the elites for Trump. They were looking forward to having complete power over the European theater, and didn’t take kindly to having their plans delayed.

    You can see the mindset in the super-insane push to get into a war with Russia. It’s significant that with all the saber-rattling, there is absolutely no focus on civil defense in the US. This means that hundreds of millions of people will die in the US in any nuclear conflict…and putting missile emplacements around Russia and shipping offensive arms to the Ukraine is about the most provocative move I can think of to put Russia on a hair-trigger status.

    Part of being on a knife edge is having to deal with the fact that even without Hungary being diluted by massive third-world migration, and even with their recent experience of totalitarianism, there is still a significant part of the population, especially the elites, who support globalism and the EU dictatorship.

  2. I walked past it last night as I was walking down Andrássy uit where they had blocked part of it. I suspected they were a bunch of rabble rousers, good to know this is exactly what they were.

  3. Two riots for the enlightened two different attitudes: Macon , Victor Orban

    Do people of Hungary know what happened in 1956 in Hungary? Do they know Orban paid a price for the love of his country? Blind Soros-bought mobs riot against Orban who loves his country, his people and Europe. He does not want anyone get hurt. His policies are enlightened based on realities on the ground.
    This is scary when mindless mobs whether paid or not want a change but have no idea about the vision of that change and how it should look like.
    It is scary because they are blind and cannot differentiate between naive Macron and the wise Orban .

    Here we hope the mindless rabbles get punished severely for not knowing what’s in their benefit or against them. Orban decides independently what is the best for Hungary and Europe. He does not get tossed around by UN OIC Pakistan, Turkey or Saudis, or indeed by powerful muslim organizations (insider enemy) as elsewhere.

    Macron was elected for being a handsome boy. No experience no imagination.
    Therefore he ruined his country and Europe. We hope that the riots here will continue until they straighten things out. Or he comes to realize his horrible faults and decisions, which are dictated to him by UN Saudis, Turkey and by the powerful muslim nation inside the so called The Republic.

    Yes Maacron create an army and a mass distraction in the form of a war with Russia and forget about the real problem under your youthful naive nose.

  4. Thank-you Crossware for your in depth reporting. I have ordered a Viktor Orban defender of Europe mug and tee shirt for my son ,from Vladtepe’s site .

    So I hope you can take some comfort from the fact that conservatives in the West wholeheartedly support your great leader.

  5. Incidents such as those described in the article should be dealt with as you would insurrection as that is what it is. Not dealing with it harshly only invites more.

  6. A comment from a Hungarian site:

    I live here in Budapest, not far from the Parliament, so I experience first hand all of this. (the rent-a-riot)
    In the Kossuth square, there are drunk, high (on drugs) raging screaming anti-Hungarian and anti-Christian slogans. They are destroying the Country’s Christmas Tree and stealing the presents from poor kids. I actually saw them selling on the Oktogon square the stolen sleds for booze. These are not protesters but gangsters, haters out of their minds like animals.

    Link to the original article (and comment) by Janos Sarvari


  7. You are right about the leftist globalists but wrong to put your trust in incompetent Orban who barely has a clue what is going on around him beyond illegal migrants.

    Take for the example how Orban gave amnesty to former PM Gruevsk and recognized him as ” ethnic Macedonian”. This would be like recognized an African or Russian as “ethnic Budapestian”. Bizarre and dangerous ethnic engineering just like the leftists that Orban claims to stand against.

    By calling Slavs “ethnic” Macedonians the so-called human rights groups are attempting to dismantle the distinction between geography and ethnicity. Rather than defend Greeks on this issue, unprincipled Orban is effectively supporting a mentality that will one day lead to blacks and Chinese being recognize as “ethnic” if names of countries are always just geographic symbols.

  8. Blaming Fidez for dropping the ball for not explaining the new law is unfair. It’s impossible for them to make changes without being criticized, yet massive changes are necessary.

    Really, it’s better strategy to have their opponents spend their energy on attacking a big nothing that no real Hungarian cares about.

  9. Seeing that this is being called a ‘slave law’ in the foreign press and reading some of the attendant comments which are based on what is printed by the source (Financial Times or NBC, for example) AND since these sheeple are being controlled/paid by some very astute border collies, why doesn’t the government fight back?

    Since the kormány has the resources and the know-how to run frequent full-page ads for the Nemzeti Konzultáció in the daily papers, how hard would it be for them to publish a simple, clear explanation of how this new law works and refute point by point the lies?

    It would take the wind out of the protesters’ sails and it would show up the foreign press as purveyors of fake and inflammatory fake news.

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