A Cornucopia of European Cultural Enrichment, Advent Edition

1. A hot time at the asylum center in Bamberg

Eight culture-enriching “youths” were arrested after causing a bit of a rumpus in an asylum facility in Bamberg. In their boyish high spirits the mischievous lads set the building on fire, and then threw rocks and other implements of destruction at the police. All eight suspects are from Eritrea.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

2. Three stabbings in Nuremberg

There’s no indication in this news story that the attacker who stabbed three women in Nuremberg is a culture-enricher. But would anybody want to bet against it?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

3. The father of the Strasbourg terrorist speaks to the press

The elder Mr. Chekatt sports a full Salafist beard dyed red with henna. He may also have a biscuit-sized zebiba on his forehead, but we can’t tell, because he’s wearing (of all things) a Che Guevara retard-hat.

What’s the likelihood that he shares his late son’s religio-political opinions?

Many thanks to FreeZoxee for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Refugee “Anchor” Center in Bamberg, Germany: Attack on Police and Fire
00:05   At about 12:45am a disturbance of the peace occurred in one of the buildings located
00:09   at the Anchor Center. At that time the security services were alerted. After arriving at the scene
00:16   they were immediately attacked by male residents living in the building. This resulted
00:23   in the police being notified. As soon as the police arrived they were also immediately attacked
00:30   with large objects, including cobblestones, resulting an officer
00:38   being slightly injured. An additional large number of emergency responders were called in
00:43   because of the fire that broke out in the apartment during that time. Residents who had barricaded
00:52   themselves in the apartment left as a result of the fire. Those residents were taken into custody.
00:58   There are eight suspects, consisting exclusively of citizens of Eritrea. One of the suspects who
01:07   had barricaded himself in the apartment escaped from police and was hiding on the property
01:13   of the Anchor Center. He was located by a special task force in another apartment
01:18   and then arrested. This suspect was also slightly injured and was treated by the
01:25   emergency services. A total of ten people were slightly injured, including minor smoke inhalation,
01:34   which can be treated through outpatient treatment services. A police officer who was
01:42   physically attacked suffered minor injuries and was also able to receive outpatient treatment.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   In Nuremberg specially equipped police units are tracking down the knife wielding culprit(s).
00:05   Some of them were carrying long wooden poles in order to search in bushes or under foliage
00:09   for evidence. The police have issued an urgent appeal on the public to come forward with any
00:14   information about the man or men who stabbed three women within three hours last night.
00:19   One apartment has been searched, but with no success. All the crime scenes are within
00:23   a mile from each other, in the St. Johannis district, right behind the famous Nuremberg castle
00:29   and near the Christmas market. Around 7:20pm on the Kirchenweg a 56-year-old woman
00:34   was stabbed directly in the upper torso. Then at 10:45pm, a man stabbed a 26-year-old
00:41   on the Arndtstraße. The woman was on her way home. Following that, at around 11pm,
00:47   a man attacked a 34 year-old, also stabbing her in the upper torso. Two of the three wounded
00:52   women are in critical condition. Were the women specifically targeted, or random victims?
00:57   The eyewitness descriptions of the perpetrator are conflicting. What is certain is that
01:00   the culprit is between 25 and 30 years of age and about 5ft 7in to 5ft 10in tall.
01:07   Many residents in Nuremberg will leave their homes now with a feeling of unease.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   At this time the father of the terrorist of Strasbourg is released from interrogation
00:04   and makes a public statement for the first time.
00:07   The man turned himself in on Tuesday
00:10   when he began to grasp that his own son
00:12   was the terrorist chased by all police forces.
00:15   I wasn’t sure it was my son,
00:18   therefore I had doubts at first.
00:22   I came here to the police station
00:28   to tell the police that if they should locate Cherif,
00:34   they should tell me;
00:36   I’d contact him and tell him to,
00:40   convince him to turn himself in.
00:43   I’d go to him and tell him not to shoot as I am his father.
00:47   And I would persuade him to give up.
00:50   Have you been in contact with your son during his time at large?
00:55   No, I tried it, but his answering machine was on.
01:01   When did you interact with your son Cherif for the last time?
01:05   Well, before this whole thing started, three days before
01:11   Did he tell you about his venture?
01:13   No. Listen, if he had mentioned such a plan
01:17   to me, I would have informed the police about it,
01:23   so he doesn’t kill anyone and doesn’t get killed himself.
01:27   Abdelkrim Chekatt, a retired Franco-Algerian delivery guy,
01:31   describes his son as someone who stood with
01:33   the philosophy of the Islamic State.
01:35   He said the Islamic State fights for
01:41   just causes and so on and so forth.
01:45   I told him: don’t listen to what the Islamic State says.
01:50   I’d tell him: don’t you see all the atrocities they perpetrate?
01:55   Decapitating and burning people alive.
02:01   And what did he answer?
02:03   He said: that’s not true, they don’t do this, others do this.
02:07   What did your son say about the Islamic State?
02:12   He said: they are not murderers, that’s it.
02:16   Did he adhere to those ideas? —Yes…
02:21   I didn’t think that…
02:24   I always told him that they are criminals.
02:27   The father of Cherif Chekatt takes us to his home.
02:31   The mother of the terrorist of Strasbourg.
02:34   Madam, what was your reaction…
02:38   …when you understood that your son was the perpetrator of attack?
02:42   (mother speaking Arabic)
02:47   She said she was shocked and was gonna die.
02:51   For my son and for the people who died too.
02:55   It’s not only for my son,
02:59   for the victims also.
03:03   And I…
03:05   …understood that my son had done this
03:08   I was told that he’d done it.
03:11   The parents of Cherif Chekatt, long divorced,
03:14   pretend not to share in any way the ideas of their son.
03:17   The father is already being watched for his fundamentalist ideas.
03:21   This evening they both insist on apologizing for the actions of their son.

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