Who Doesn’t Love a Tommy Rant?

This one is, among other things, a plea for the unaffiliated in Britain to join UKIP.

Tommy calls UKIP a great chance “to form a proper resistance”.

For us Americans, this is somewhat insider baseball, but for our British readers, it sounds like things could turn a corner – an unbloody, legal corner. If his ideas bear fruition, there is hope.

I look to our British readers to give us more information on this in the comments.

[Yeah, I know. Tommy’s language wouldn’t make it if he were a commenter or essayist on Gates of Vienna. But this is a live-streamed video…I’ll take it as is.]

10 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love a Tommy Rant?

  1. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for liking this guy as much as he deserves.

    You know what the greatest irony is? This populist movement, the so-called “people’s movement” that “toffs” decry, will be the thing to save British civilization. Not the elites. The saviors of English culture in all its resplendence will be working class folk who don’t even speak properly. The irony blows my mind.

  2. From the way TR (and Lord Pearson) talk you would think that UKIP are the only political party speaking out about Islam. This is not so. For my money Anne Marie Waters’ For Britain is the better bet. UKIP are only anti-Islamisation at the moment because Gerard Batten happens to be. He only reluctantly became leader after all the other candidates fell (or in some cases were pushed) by the wayside.

    When he retires, as I believe he intends to do in the near future, or is brought down by Farage and co, it will most likely revert to type. For Britain was set up specifically with Islamisation their first priority with Brexit only as a necessary condition for tackling that.


    • We’ll have to see which faction gains the most popularity following the Dec 9th demo. If Tommy is able to rally the disaffected, his choice might be the best bet…

      At least that’s how it appears to an outsider. There is a tipping point in political affairs.

    • I agree Vern.I think Britain’s only hope is to get behind Anne Marie Water’s For Britain Party.
      Anne Marie also has plans to reform the NHS ,which is vastly overdue.

    • Anne Marie Waters left UKIP and set up for Britain after she went for leadership of UKIP and Farage called her a racist. She has spoken alongside Batten at marches for Tommy Robinson. Batten’s leadership ends, I believe in March, hopefully, he will be voted back in as leader and if not I would like him and Anne Marie to join forces together with Tommy.

  3. Tommy makes a lot of sense. I particularly like his point that any organization with big donors becomes beholden to them. I think people are entranced with the free services and goodies they get with Google, YouTube, and Twitter. They want to drink the Kool aid of government regulation of content, thinking that will keep their free services and allow them free speech as well.

    If you want an organization, or news channel, or social messaging service worth having, you’re going to have to pay for it. The establishment Republicans love their luxurious convention sites and well-funded PACs very much. I think their main objective is to have a large enough presence that the funding continues. Whether they actually win is pretty much immaterial to them.

  4. Those who make peaceful revolution imppossible make violent revolution inevitable. (JFK)

    Sunday December 9th may be our last chance to accomplish the former. It really is worth a try.

    • Thank your checking in. I was wondering what you thought of this endeavor. To my way of counting time, the demo occurs on the second Sunday of Advent. One of my favorite seasons…

  5. He is desperately appealing for a political solution, a democratic solution – while the Left works to make violence inevitable. And they call HIM the radical.

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