Viktor Orbán Gives Chuck Norris a Tour of Budapest

You all know who Chuck Norris is (well, if you don’t, here’s his Wikipedia entry — he’s famous for his martial arts movies, and is also a Deplorable). Mr. Norris recently visited Budapest, and was chauffeured around the city by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán himself. Not surprisingly, Mr. Orbán’s tour of the city included training demonstrations by Hungarian special forces (TEK).

Our Hungarian correspondent László, who sent the tip for the video, remarked: “This footage helps you recover from seeing Macron dancing with black criminals.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

16 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán Gives Chuck Norris a Tour of Budapest

  1. As an admirer of Orbán (and from now on also of mr and mrs Norris) I feel ashamed for the fact that my wife is convinced that the leader of Hungary is a ‘dangerous fascist’. She pretends to be uninfluenced by the mass-media, but I know for sure that it is the contrary of what she says. With leaders like Orbán, Salvini, Farage and of course Trump, there remains hope for our society. But it’s already late, very late…

    • It’s important to separate your political life from your personal life. John Derbyshire once remarked he always votes conservative, his wife always votes liberal, so when they drive to the polls together, he always thinks since they cancel each other out, so they might as well stay home.

      • The Man who lets his wife vote contrary to his wishes, is a coward. The Wife is to submit to her Lord and Master, in all things.
        ‘…love, honor, and OBEY.’

        • The man so insecure in his masculinity that he feels impelled to demand “obedience” from his wife is a tyrant.

          So what pastoral advice do you give women married to alcoholic narcissists whose poor decisions impoverish the family?

          Sheesh. A time traveler here on GoV.

  2. Orban is great, a patriotic, individual true leader, showing the way.

    Ive been hungary many times, budapest has developed enormously, great looking city, roads and buildings.


  3. He looks good for 78..great guy but not quite immortal…i seem to remember a certain Bruce Lee……

  4. When 2 absolute legends meet… I remember the scene from Delta Force, when Chuck fly-kicks the terrorist leader before launching a rocket at him. One of my all-time favourites.

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