Two Letters and a Morbid Prognosis

Seneca III weighs in at Britain’s future, which looks to be grim, regardless of how the House of Commons votes on the Brexit deal.

Two Letters and a Morbid Prognosis

by Seneca III

On December 11th, after five days of debate, the British Parliament will vote on the draft Brexit agreement with the European Union. This agreement has already been accepted and approved by the EU Heads of State; the European Parliament has yet to vote. If the EP and the UK Parliament also approve it then the United Kingdom will remain bound to the EU under more restraints and with fewer rights than if we had remained a full member, and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar will effectively be broken away and ceded to the direct control of Brussels and Madrid respectively.

Furthermore, rumour has it that also during December the UK (PM) will sign up to the Merkel/United Nations’ so-called ‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration’ which so many rational and patriotic governments have refused to do.

The level of treason, both extant and latent, in the Mother of Parliaments and throughout the Establishment is mind-numbing and without precedent since the reign of Elizabeth I. There is little the unarmed man in the street can do at this point except write to his MP… for all the good that will do.

A Letter sent three weeks ago to my MP and forwarded to the Minister of State for Immigration but still awaiting a reply from the Minister:


I am deeply concerned about the future physical safety of the United Kingdom, particularly our (in)ability to independently feed ourselves and sustain our essential public services even at this early stage of the occupation process. In the news today two things give me cause to write thus to you:

1.   The Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK’s population in mid-2017 was bigger than ever at an estimated 66 million people, and is projected add another seven million over the next 23 years. Effectively, the UK’s population will grow by an average of more than 300,000 a year, mostly from immigration and a high birth rate in immigrant enclaves.
2.   More and more governments are declaring their intention not to sign up to the UN Migration Pact*, a devious plan designed to move vast numbers of non-indigenous, indeed often very alien and backward non-contributing cultures, into already overstretched Western economies under a thin guise of humanitarianism.

Essentially, the UK is full, indeed bursting at the seams, and more and more green-belt and arable land is being built over to provide living accommodation; we have a population density of 420+ per square kilometer and this includes what is left of our wilderness areas in Scotland, Wales and elsewhere which are essentially unfit for development on any major scale even if we did try to destroy them; this means that population density in those areas that can and are being developed is much higher than 420+ sq/km — a formula for chaos, internecine conflict and retrogression into barbarism.

It has long been known that rats left to breed in a closed biome with finite resources will reach a point of population density where to survive they must turn and start consuming each other. We are already seeing signs of a similar human situation developing in parts of the UK.

Consequently, could you please advise me what the British Government’s position is apropos the UN Migration Pact — will we sign up to it or will we not? And if we do sign up, what justification can the Government offer and what sort of future does it foresee for the children and grandchildren of we long-heritage British?

[*Austria, the USA and Hungary have already declared they will not be signing and currently the Czech Republic and Croatia are considering likewise. There may be others waiting in the wings.]

Yours sincerely,

A Letter in waiting

An open letter to a Parliamentarian which any Brit, if of a similar mind, is free to copy and forward to his MP if we are betrayed on December 11th:


It is obvious that we the people and our democratic wishes as expressed in our referendum over two years ago have become nothing to you and your fellow travellers… the acquisitive international plutocrat and third world kleptocrat beneficiaries of your actions and inactions.

We understand now that we are but human livestock to be farmed for votes, power and personal enrichment, mere pawns to be moved around the political chessboard and sacrificed to clear the way for your advancement of and within the New World Order.

So be it. It is an appalling fact, but a fact nonetheless, that there are none amongst you fit for the offices you hold; you and yours are become unclean, bereft of any loyalty or duty of representation of the people; you have no love of country, your ambition and hubris are abomination and your presence in the Mother of Parliaments reduces it to a suppurating facsimile of the purpose for which it was brought into being.

Begone with you, the lot of you, you are an offence in the eyes of all men, a burden and a threat which we will neither shoulder nor tolerate any longer.


A Morbid Prognosis

The next fourteen days will determine the immediate and long-term future of the UK, a future from which there can be no turning back if we become a voiceless cash-cow satrapy of the imploding EU. Yet it will make no difference, really.

If we stand firm and leave the EU behind, that future of ours will be equally as perilous, for the fault lines inherent in the current socio-political structure of Europe are so deep, so convoluted and so interconnected they are beyond intractable — they cannot be solved by resort to either the ballot box or negotiation. Europe and the UK’s enemies are within the gates, deep within, they have their final objective in sight and they will pursue it to the death, theirs or ours.

Starting now and during 2019-20 France will most likely lead the descent into chaos, for it is so far gone it cannot return to even the quasi-stability of an homogenous Nation State, within or without an ephemeral Union built on shifting foundations of ideological sand by a collection of predators and parasites.

The chaos thus generated will spread rapidly; Paris will burn and fall to alien mobs as will many other lawless urban conglomerations now invasively occupied and beyond the control of any central authority. In the countryside small local areas will be seized by long-indigenous armed gangs who will take control and then evolve into various forms of mini-states, each defending and protecting its own resources and territory from attacks by bandits and hungry ferals from what is left of the cities.

This chaos and pattern will then spread to adjacent states…Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark (Sweden has already fallen) and then across the Channel to us; the British Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist alliance is well established, well-funded and supported and protected by the treasonous apparatchiks of our infiltrated and suborned Legislative, Executive and Fourth Estate, and their sole objective is the seizure of absolute power.

All of this is coming soon to street near you and me, and there’s not a damn thing we can do to stop it. By the time it is over and finally settled one way or the other in the decades to follow, it is probable that the population of Europe and the UK will — through violent death, disease and starvation — be reduced to 50%-60% of its current levels. So be it; the weak, the fearful and the treacherous shall reap what they sow. Unfortunately, so will many others who were none of those things.

— Seneca III, in the dying days of a once free and bucolic Middle England, this darkening 27th day of November 2018.

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9 thoughts on “Two Letters and a Morbid Prognosis

  1. Seneca,
    Everything you have said is true and correct, and your prognosis is sound and credible. The anarchy and chaos will be such that people will beg for a Fuhrer to take total and unquestioned charge of the dystopia that they wrought with their “I know what is good for you” political policies. Estimates of the carnage run from 50% to 75% of the world’s present population. There are those, especially among the Elite, who wish the population to be reduced by 90% of what it presently is, with those who are allowed to survive chosen for their worth to the Elite.
    In my line of work as an analyst I have seen this coming. In fact, it is knocking on my back door about 130 miles south of where I live. The line is holding for now, but if the Blue Helmets from the UN step in, it is all over, as the UN will order our troops to stand down, and they may be in a position to enforce their will upon us. If that occurs, SoCal will make France look like a Sunday School picnic.
    One thing that I have learned during my past 20 (really) odd years of market analysis is that the Lord God holds the times and the seasons in His hands. No one else is allowed to tell Him what time it is, even though many have tried to. As we see things from our vantage point, all that is left for us is to carry on day by day while we wait for the Lord Jesus Christ to come for His Church (including myself and those of my household). We ,who were once the majority, have become the minority and are shrinking in size when set against the present majority which appears to be engrossed in the worship of itself. To hear some of the reports that I receive through my sources, we can’t be gone soon enough to suit them as what we represent is complete anathema.
    Well, they will get their wish soon enough as we will receive what we have been waiting patiently for, nevertheless, I would not wish the future that portends upon anyone, even those who may hate me for what I believe. I have studied the texts and the future at some length and it is chillingly frightening, the stuff of nightmares.
    But still, we wish one and all a very enjoyable and blessed holiday season.

  2. May really raises my blood pressure.I can’t imagine how the Tory party could have chosen her , they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel there .

  3. Many years ago, I read a book about a military takeover of the UK called “The Man who held the Queen to ransom and sent Parliament packing.” It was written by a man called Peter Van Greenaway and I thought it was long out of print but it is still “live.” I have ordered it again from Amazon and will read it again when it arrives.

    The book was written in 1972 and is out of date historically – Rhodesia was still in a state of white minority rule and basking in unilateral independence.. In spite of that, It still provides food for thought and I urge everyone to read it.

  4. Yes the future looks bleak indeed! But we must never ever give up hope! Never give in! I think we are upon the cusp of something huge. The cards are upon the table now in May’s terrible deal. Nobody will buy it.

    I think violence will ensue if she succeeds in this obscenity. I talk not about a year or two away but in the Now! We have already been pushed too far and they must be even more dense than Seneca describes above.

    The British Army is demoralised and seriously undermanned. The forces are already a hotbed of resentment and Tommy proved this by the support he got. The news of our military suborned into an EU Army will horrify many. May is naive and arrogant on one side but also in respect of the military.

    The military will fight among itself too, especially as Common Purpose has sowed their vile evil, with many officers brainwashed like our vile Police.

    No the fighting and destruction will ensue in days if not weeks. I am ready. Do not ever give up hope!

  5. To your parliament:

    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

    — Oliver Cromwell

  6. >>Essentially, the UK is full, indeed bursting at the seams, and more and more green-belt and arable land is being built over to provide living accommodation; we have a population density of 420+ per square kilometer and this includes what is left of our wilderness areas in Scotland, Wales and elsewhere which are essentially unfit for development on any major scale even if we did try to destroy them….

    And where are the “greens”, Sierra Club, environmentalists? They have to understand what is going on, but their commitment to cultural Marxism overrides their stated environmentalism. Worse than useless.

    • cultural Marxism overrides their stated environmentalism…

      Call it statist ‘environmentalism’. In other words, having the correct opinions trumps reality. Thus the raging California fires because of their recieved wisdom.

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