Tijuana: Lessons on Breaking Into the USA

In the following video you’ll see an instructor explaining the ins and outs of the asylum scam to members of the migrant “caravan” in Tijuana. It’s worth noting that a member of the European Parliament seems to have come to Mexico to help the migrants get into the USA. Which country? Which party? I have no information other than what’s in the video.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Note: This clip was excerpted from a longer video. The times in the transcript below reflect the times in the original video.

Video transcript:

04:40   We can enter through the port, or we can enter illegally.
05:18   There are two ways of asking the US for political asylum.
05:24   The first is to request asylum at a US port of entry — at the border
05:33   with a number…This could last one, two, three, four, five or six months to be called…
05:51   …and the second is to present a request for asylum when you — listen —
06:07   …and the second is when you are physically in the US,
06:14   without importance whether you entered the US with permission or illegally.
19:24   Let’s try to listen to what the deputy of the European Parliament brings us
19:30   If he brings us news that is good for us, that we don’t have to leave for there
19:36   [unintelligible] the (deputy). If he doesn’t bring us good news, we make the decision to leave.

7 thoughts on “Tijuana: Lessons on Breaking Into the USA

  1. These people are opening the gates of a city under siege, and should be dealt with as such.

  2. If you’ve seen Lauren Southern’s latest work, the European NGOs are doing something similar on the isle of Lesbos.

  3. Why are these traitors not apprehended? We need teams of patriots to go after them, and stop them, citizens arrests for treason, for smuggling,it cant go on,we have to stop these leftist ngos, stop soros money, cut them off, this us genocide of white european people, taking place in frontnof your eyes without fear of doing it.

    [intemperate recommendations redacted]

    Its time to get ready

  4. “deputy of the European Parliament”

    Well, is this a surprise to anyone really ? No border ideology is well represented at the europarl. As it should not be a surprise that communism has never been outlawed in many european countries.

    • I can’t think of anything more counter-productive than trying to outlaw communism. Communism previously was associated with the USSR, a coherent country or empire in direct competition with the US. The Communist Party USA was a feeder for propaganda and spies. So, there was some coherent reason for legal constraints on organized communists.

      But today, most globalists are philosophically communists, whatever you call it. Leftist professors will abuse their position of trust and authority to propagandize the students entrusted to them. So, the effect of outlawing communism would be to legitimize the already rampant suppression of free speech and opposition to migration in European countries. It would have absolutely no effect on the leftist perpetration of propaganda and systematic co-option of government bureaucracies.

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