The Coffee Bus Will Deter Culture-Enriching Criminals in Gothenburg

Nobody is loopier than the Swedes, not even Californians. But I shouldn’t badmouth the good ladies of Gothenburg — maybe coffee and sandwiches really will turn these criminal “youths” into law-abiding Swedish citizens.

I’m looking forward to a follow-up report from Gothenburg in four months when the trial period is over.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from the Swedish outlet Samhällsnytt:

Criminal gangs in Gothenburg to be stopped with coffee and sandwiches

Nordstan has for a long time been a gathering place for what Göteborgs Posten describes as “people with social problems and youth at risk,” but which residents of the city more legitimately call criminal immigrant gangs. Now, however, they want to put a stop to this. Social and law enforcement agencies and organizations have agreed to buy a coffee bus where anti-social and criminal youth are offered the option of drinking a cup of coffee instead of robbing, stealing and selling narcotics.

The hope now is that the coffee bus, also known as the “Security Bus”, will “contribute to peace outside the shopping center on rough weekend nights.” The bus costs the better part of a million Swedish Crowns (out of a total of five) from the resources of the Social Resource Board that the non-profit organizations Fryshuset and Skyddsvärnet have received to launch a new ventures for “safety-creating activities”.

In addition to serving coffee, the bus will also provide a basis for “building relationships” with the antisocial and criminal immigrant gangs. It is hoped that this relationship-building will pilot young people will towards a more advisory and motivated dialogue.

The intention is that the coffee bus will primarily be in operation in the evenings and nights during weekends, and drive between various “messy places” in Gothenburg. An initial drive was made this past weekend.

Emma Forseth, a business developer at Skyddsvärnet, says that there should also be sandwiches available from the bus. The philosophy behind the initiative is “full people are calmer people.” With a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich in the stomach, it is believed that the inclination to commit crimes should decrease among the individuals within the target group.

Some of the gangs are so-called Moroccan street children who are in the country illegally. After the coffee and sandwich they would then be encouraged to go to a church for the homeless.

For “youth on a slippery slope (towards crime)”, one hopes that a conversation over a cup of coffee will serve as a “disarming beginning” for the criminals to leave crime and start a decent life.

“It may be banal,” said Emma Forseth, assuming that the project may face criticism from those who believe crime should be solved with police, and illegal immigration with deportation.

Emma Forseth defends the initiative with “But sometimes the simple is also effective.”

Lotta Rosander, who is responsible for the coordination of the security work in Nordstan for Social Resource Management, shares Emma Forseth’s confidence. The fact that the “Security Bus” is present also means that there are more (visible) adults in Nordstan, which she believes will lead to a safer environment.

She is at the same time forced to acknowledge that the reason that the area is a bit calmer and more peaceful may be attributed to the fact that the police have made great efforts to clean up, among other places, Brunnsparken. But there is still a lot of crime and drug-dealing going on. Therefore, the coffee bus is needed, says Lotta Rosander.

The trial period will last for four months and then be re-evaluated for a possible extension.

21 thoughts on “The Coffee Bus Will Deter Culture-Enriching Criminals in Gothenburg

  1. Yeah, I can see it now. Some Cultural-enricher gets a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich which takes, what, maybe a half-an-hour to devour. Then full and satisfied with the food and drink he proceeds on his way to another rape or whatever – confident in the knowledge that if he goes back there tomorrow and day after then will be happy to see him and it will provide “cover” as the nice folks at the coffee bus will tell the police how nice he is and how he is a regular there. So what is the purpose of all of this? Probably to make the Swedes feel good about themselves. Except it doesn’t work for the victims or their families. Ah, well – maybe they can find another way to help these folks. Hey I know – when they come to rob me I won’t tell the police on them. That should make us and them feel good

    • Further the Bus volunteer servers will be able to provide strong character witness when the “coffee drinkers” next appear in Court charged will the usual crimes, drug dealing, assault, robbing, rape, etc. I can see long sentences of probation being handed out, at least 6 months.

  2. Nordstan? You mean that the Swedes have always expected this day to come, so they called a suburb a name with ‘stan’ on the end of it?

    • Salome I know your question was “tongue in cheek” but in the interest of full clarity, the Swedish suffice “stan” is a contraction of “staden” which means “town” (or strictly grammatically correct “the town”) So Nordstan is “Northern Town” 🙂

    • Yes, they can. Swedes have been ‘peace damaged’ i.e. they have not been involved in any armed conflict for over 200 years, in other words not within living memory. “Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create bad times, bad times create strong men” In Sweden’s case I fear the latter day “strong men” will not be genetic Swedes … and that the “good times” will be good only if you are a radical Muslim.

      • That is a really interesting saying that I’ve not heard before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’ll not forget it.

  3. Sadly, this is a natural consequence of Swedish feminazism and and almost total emasculation of their males. Bad guys need tough men to set them straight or to drive them out of the territory (or eliminate them if neither of the two options work). There are very few tough men left in Sweden, or maybe they are there and secretly gearing up for a takeover (okay, wishful thinking …) You can’t “mother” hardened criminals and terrorists into submission but try telling that to the Swedish Coffee and Cake Mafia!

    How bad it has become: I watched a Swedish tv debate program about whether or not the government should fund “period friendly workplaces” (??? Free sanitary pads? Bigger bins in the toilet? Safe spaces to nurse your cramps??) The number of tame males who were on board with this was staggering … one woman had even coerced her boyfriend to wear a sanitary pad moistened with a red liquid – for a day, so he could empathise with her …. To my surprise there was a feisty woman who thought this was a waste of tax payer money but she was shouted down and shamed.

    I really don’t have any hope for Sweden. It used to be a lovely little country. RIP Sweden.

    • Relax. All is well.

      If a girl is able to convince her boyfriend to wear a sanitary pad, they both have the partner they deserve. What could be more in harmony with the universe?

      • A virile Muslim would gladly accept them both as his concubines, especially if the boy is blond and pleasantly plump.

  4. “After the coffee and sandwich they would then be encouraged to go to a church…”

    Now they’re talking. Here is something substantial – if they go about it seriously: converting the Muslim youth to Christianity would indeed help them to quit crime.

    They should do the same in all Western countries. Head-on.

    Don’t mess with the missionary man!

    • The type of ‘Christianity’ that the Lutheran ‘Church’ of Sweden peddles will hardly help. The woman who is the head of this denomination has officially recognizef that the doctrine of Mohammed is every bit as good as the Christian doctrine.

  5. “The trial period will last for four months and then be re-evaluated for a possible extension.”

    A gravy train, I presume?

  6. I wonder what would happen to the bus if a rumour got out that it was packed with surveillance cameras and was being used to collect evidence of criminality. Just saying… I mean, who would start a nasty rumour like that?

    • Hm, yes, what would be the result?
      I think it would be something with fire and the bus driving very fast to leave the neighborhood.

      But I think the only way this would lower the crime is if the Food and drink are laced with (whats the name of the stuff that makes you sleepy? Hash, sleeping pills, etc)
      BAD THINK ALERT!!! Report to local brainwashing Center.

  7. Bat times create strong men…(many thanks to Ann-Kit) Mind control is more subtle in Western Europe than it was in the East during the reign of the USSR and all the more effective for it, but the cracks are showing. Think of President Trump declaring himself a nationalist – that’s not a crack it’s a chasm! In just one word he legitimised the nationalist feelings that are germinating throughout Europe. Things are going our way and it’s important not to get despondent when they don’t ‘go’ as quickly as we’d like. Every day we grow in number, and every day they grow fewer.

  8. The argument is somewhat reminiscent of the claim that the hoards of low-IQ, mainly male, hoards of invaders in the caravan will turn around and march back home if they can look forward to a few more handouts by the US to the government bureaucrats and grifters in Honduras. After all, some of the money might flow down to the average person in the street with his hand out.

    Which brings up a few points.

    Stefan Molyneux, probably one of the most informative video personalities on the YouTube (while he still lasts), interviewed a Honduran woman living in the US. She is thoroughly against foreigners invading the US. She quotes a friend of hers from Honduras, who said that 46 employed people in Honduras that she knew, left their jobs to join the caravan.

    Approaching the question from another angle, a lot of so-called Republicans and conservatives feel fine with the assertion the US should do its charitable duty by stepping up and sending more money to Honduras to encourage prosperity. Even Tucker Carlson seems to be ensnared by this world view.

    In fact, economic experts in third world development, headed by the genius Peter Bauer, show that subsidies and foreign aid actually suppress and devastate any efforts by a third-world country to become productive and self-sustaining. The way to get more Hondurans in the US, all other things being equal, is to send increased foreign aid to the Honduran government.

  9. How long will the bus last. Looks like a nice target to me. Sort of like a mobile police station with free coffee and donuts.

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