Open Season on the Only German Kid in a First-Grade Class

The following video tells the disturbing story of a little girl who was the only native German-speaker in her first-grade class.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It is 6 A.M. Good morning, dear viewers. For little Yara, starting school was a nightmare.
00:06   She is the only one in her classroom that speaks German at home.
00:10   In the beginning, that wasn’t such a problem. Unfortunately, she became an outcast and even
00:15   worse — she was injured with sharp objects and other things.
00:19   We met with the 8-year-old and her father and spoke with them about their experience.
00:25   Attacks occurred, and I’m not talking about the usual schoolyard scuffles, that I could
00:29   have perhaps tolerated. It was daily attacks.
00:33   When something bad happened, then I would start to cry and wish my parents were with me.
00:41   She was just pushed down by an Arab child that she didn’t even know. This child slit her
00:44   abdomen with a sharp object. —When Yara stands in front of her former school, all the bad
00:51   memories begin to return. Memories of being excluded and physical abuse. —I was really sad.
00:59   Sometimes I had a stomach-aches. If I told my teacher I didn’t feel good, the teacher
01:07   would say, “There is always something wrong with you.” —Over time, Yara’s father began
01:11   noticing a change in his little daughter’s behavior.
01:15   Your child doesn’t have to say much and I simply felt there was something wrong.
01:19   My child was always sociable, cheerful and happy. She began to be more withdrawn, and
01:24   it was clear she didn’t enjoy going to school anymore. —Perhaps it was just communication
01:29   problems, thought her concerned father in the beginning. After all, she was the only
01:33   German-speaking child in the classroom. The other children spoke broken German
01:37   or none at all. —Right after the first parent-teacher meeting, at the start of the school year, is
01:42   when it began. They needed to employ an interpreter to translate from German to Turkish or Arabic
01:46   in order for the Turkish, Arabic people to even understand what was going on.
01:50   I felt a bit lost and that’s when I realized how it must feel for my daughter.
01:55   What the first-grader actually had to endure on a daily basis at school became shockingly clear
02:00   when he discovered injuries to his daughter. The girl tells her father that she was pushed.
02:07   She collected her courage to stand up and in that moment the other child slices across her
02:11   abdomen with a sharp object. It was the first layer of skin and there was a lot of blood.
02:15   Naturally, she went to the teacher and showed her what happened. She was in pain and bleeding.
02:21   The teacher totally downplayed the incident and actually made my daughter stay
02:25   at school the rest of the day. —Injuries from dangerous objects at an elementary school,
02:30   and not informing the parents? Mike F. tries to approach the teacher about the incident,
02:36   but is rebuffed, he tells us. —I made the mistake of saying that it was Arab children;
02:41   that was too much. That’s when the deflecting started, the teacher said, “Oh, that happens
02:46   in every schoolyard. It has nothing to do with where they come from.” That’s when I said,
02:52   “Hold on a second, I think there is a difference between a regular school scuffle with
02:56   a couple of scrapes, which I remember from my school days, and the use of weapons.
03:02   That makes a huge difference.” —Only after the school board was informed did things begin to
03:07   change and the possibility to change schools became real. Since then, Yara has
03:11   re-blossomed. She is happy, high-spirited and has finally found some friends. —Since I have
03:22   been at my new school, I had my birthday and invited 13 children to my Ariel party. There were
03:32   12 who came, only 1 missing and we had a really nice time. —Yara’s father told us that even at her
03:42   new school there are children with a migration background, but there aren’t any problems there.
03:47   He also said, since starting at her new school, she is finally able to enjoy going to school.

10 thoughts on “Open Season on the Only German Kid in a First-Grade Class

  1. I can understand all this.

    I had neighbours from Iraq, ‘Christian’ and not muslim.

    The middle eastern culture was very obvious in how they raised their children.
    The girl was made to be a second class citizen although with more freedoms than a muslim girl.
    The boys were given great freedoms and allowed to be very hostile and aggressive with the mother, daughter and all the young children in the area.

    My son was friends for a while with their oldest son and several times I saw the boy injure my son and other boys – just for pleasure.

    When a parent demanded answers from the boys’ parents all hell would break loose.

    The father would say we are racist against arabs and the mother would begin with the silly religious mysticism. She would call the child who was injured ‘evil doer’, ‘the devil’.

    I have to say that once I felt a bit satisfied:

    A very leftist neighbour who loved all forms of immigration and immigrants had her son’s toy stolen by the arab boy. She asked about it with the arab mother and was quickly yelled at and called insulting names. In an instant, this liberal lost her liberal views and gave that arab mother a wonderful verbal beating.

    I never knew about arab violence or even cared about it until I had these neighbours and muslim neighbours also. I saw for myself how violent and aggressive is their culture. ‘Christian’ in the arab sense is not always what we in the west deem to be truly Christian.

  2. You import people from a tribal culture and are surprised when they act tribal once they achieve a majority in any setting. Being a majority, and finding that acting tribal with respect to the authorities gets them results, they see no reason to change their habitual behavior.

    I have to admit some sympathy to the teacher and school administration. They know that any sign of sympathy towards the outcast girl would cause a massive and perhaps violent protest by the Arab parents. The administration would not support the teacher and the school board would not support the administration. It’s equivalent to the actions of the police in England protecting the Muslim Pakistani grooming gangs: aside from the individual ethics of the police official, the police know in case of a conflict, they would not be supported by the hierarchy of authority for making waves.

    The only way to lessen the conflict, apart from complete surrender, is to implement complete freedom of association so that private schools and housing projects are able to exclude people on the basis of origin, religion, or race. Hopefully, public education itself is ended so that parents will be able to use whatever part of their taxes are saved for a safe and quality education for their child.

    • Who cares what the Arab parents think. If the teacher doesn’t protect the child who will. She should have made an example of the bullies in the Israeli way. By massively overreacting. Appeasement is sure fire failure as Rotherham shows.

  3. This is really hard to take. I am so glad she got to a new school. That was obviously terrible for her at the other school. And they can’t home school them in Germany either. That wasn’t an option. The teacher should be exiled to Iran or Saudi Arabia. The inhumanity of the witch teacher makes me think of some very bad things to wish upon her. How many other stories are out there like that though. There must be a special place in hell for Merkel.

  4. A fine and outstanding young man I know is now in Teachers’ College here in Canada to become a teacher. He used to glow with pride and excitement as he would talk about his goal of becoming a school Principal. He said he wanted to emulate the great teachers he had growing up.

    Recently I asked him how it was going.

    He said “I don’t think I want to teach any more. It’s all [ordure] that they push on teachers now.”

    I was saddened to hear this.

    • We have a teacher shortage in NZ. They like to pretend that it’s mostly due to low wages but there is a constant undercurrent of mentioning difficulties with problem children (read violent) and the language barrier.

      It’s not a profession I’d want to get involved with given the chance of ending up in a classroom full of kids who barely speak english or who come from welfare dependent families with criminal involvement.

  5. My daughter is in University to become a teacher.
    She has another 4 years.

    I told her perhaps she could get a job teaching for a private school for Asians here in Canada.

    I imagine they wouldn’t put up with too much liberal non-sense and the kids would be much better mannered.

  6. So the school system could not protect the girl and did not want to punish her tormentors because it would go against PC first commandment that Islamic culture must be appeased even at the cost of the safety of our children. I am glad she is in a safer school now what will be done when the Islamic student numbers go up in that school? Where will the non-Moslems Germans run to live safe normal lives Poland ,Hungary ?

    • The worst part is they may run, but will be protesting that in their new refuge, that refugees again should be made welcome.

      The will try to intimidate the new hosts, in Poland, Hungary and use all the tricks of “human rights” to call out their so called new friends as racist etc..

      Will they treasure and support why those countries are so good to escape too?

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