Och, the Puir Wee Bairns — I Mean: Ay, las Niñas Pobres!

I doubt there’s anyone among our readers who hasn’t seen the photo above. It’s the North American equivalent of the Dead Baby photo from the beach in Anatolia that enabled the Great European Migration Crisis of 2015.

As the migrant “caravan” approached the American border at San Ysidro, an uncountably large number of journalists, especially photographers and videographers, embedded themselves among the “refugees”. This was the moment they had all been waiting for — a chance to document the atrocities of the Norteamericanos against the poor innocent migrants who had walked all the way from Honduras (well, they may have ridden buses a li’l bit, here and there) to get to the land of peace and freedom and welfare handouts.

And then those dastardly fascists fired tear gas at the desperate, innocent migrants! Including the women and children!

The photographers watched those women and children closely, because there were so few of them. 95% or more of the members of the caravan were young men of military age. But there were a few women with kids, and when the opportune moment came along — when the tear gas canisters flew into that dry riverbed — a photographer snapped the photo that went around the world fifty times before the truth could put its pants on.

I hope he drove a hard bargain when he peddled it to the media outlets, because it appeared everywhere. A woman and her kids were tear-gassed! Oh, the humanity! We’ll show that again and again and again!

The woman was eventually tracked down and interviewed, but nobody asked her why she took her little girls into a situation that was known to be dangerous. Unless her IQ was under 70, she knew it was not a good place for children. But she took them anyway.

None of the reporters asked her that, because it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a woman with her babies was fleeing the tear gas launched by those evil Americans — and the magnificent opportunity offered by the photograph of it.

This is the Dead Baby moment of the Great Mexican Border Crisis of 2018. Except that in this case, the babies didn’t get killed; they didn’t even get hurt. That’s why I’m willing to post the photo of them.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled “Och, the Puir Wee Bairns!” about the systematic use of globalist propaganda exploiting conveniently provided images of children. This photo is the San Ysidro version of the same phenomenon, but this time we have to say, “Ay, las Niñas Pobres!”

I predicted there would be a Dead Baby moment on the Mexican border, but I expected it to happen before the midterm elections. I still haven’t figured out why the caravan’s managers waited until now to pull the trigger.

17 thoughts on “Och, the Puir Wee Bairns — I Mean: Ay, las Niñas Pobres!

  1. And to think all of it could be avoided on the global scale if you just kill the welfare state.

  2. “Ay, las Niñas Pobres”


    I don’t like to split hairs (well, I kinda do) but perhaps this should be “Las Pobres Niñas”. With the adjective last it tends to refer to material condition (such as lack of $$$); before the noun, it carries the “to be pitied” connotation. (The same sort of logic applies to other adjectives, for example “un gran hombre” = a great man in the sense of having accomplished much that is good and worthwhile; “un hombre grande” refers to a man who is big in the sense of large.

    A native speaker (perhaps another hair splitter) might care to confirm this.

    A warm thank you, by the way, for all your great work. In the context of the above, GoV could be said to be the work, in part, of “un gran hombre”.

    That’s my understanding, anyway

  3. If one casts a look at the background one will see only adults and males at that. I bet that the photographer stuck very closely to this women with the two young girls, perhaps even for days until at last he/she was able to get this picture. Presumably this is pretty standard nowadays, pick you subject and follow it until one gets the “perfect” photo.

  4. There are additional pictures of this vile individual with the children. In another photo it looks as though she is almost stepping on the diapered kid while practically yanking her arm out of its socket. This is a mother? Why are these children still in diapers? Then there is another photo where all 3 of them stare into the camera. I don’t like what I see in their eyes. And I know one thing for sure: I don’t want them here.


  5. All of these photographers are now waiting for their once- in- a-lifetime opportunity to top Frank Capra’s iconographic picture from the spanish civil war where he ( presumably) ” shot” a fighter in the moment of being hit by bullet. Maybe someone can even arrange that! Magnum agency can’t wait. And they should tell the guys to mind ( photoshop) the shadowlines according to the time of day.

  6. You have to love that Disney princesses shirt the mother wears. Signalling that she is a happy, innocent woman.

    A diaper on a child of that age ?

    This ‘mother’ really understands propaganda.
    Unless a photographer gave her these things just prior to the photograph.

  7. Did the mother and her children (or mothers and their children) try to break into the USA (and were subsequently repelled) or did those guarding the border go over into Mexico and fire tear gas at them there?

    Something here somewhere about “being in harm’s way”, more precisely, deliberately putting one’s children in harm’s way.

    Stay strong, USA.

  8. I would not be at all surprised to learn someone threw a piece of dry ice to cause the “tear gas cloud.” It also appears to be blowing away from them.
    We are being told each of these people costs the US $70,000 per year when all costs are added in. This woman has nine children so she is “demanding” that American families be reduced to poverty and have their medical facilities and schools degraded by being taxed an additional $700,000 for her benefit. This is called killing the Golden Goose. Since the average American is not making $70K per year every one of these “no skill beyond fornicating” people the Dhimmicrats are so desperate to bring in for the purpose of skewing congressional district reapportionment irreparably damages the economy, schools, hospitals, various grids and highways of the US. This is madness.

  9. Why did experienced mother of eight children- Maria Meza (age 40) have her five year old, twin daughters Saira & Cheili wearing diapers & flip-flops while attempting a border crossing? Either they have experienced sexual abuse and cannot control potty functions and/or were put in diapers as a heart tug, photo opportunity. Unbelievable how far journalists go to portray false narratives.

    • Yeah, my mom didn’t start wearing diapers again until she was in her 80’s.

      Ironic how these “iconic” photos fall apart when someone dissects the narrative. The one I really remember, other than the dead floating baby, was the naked Vietnamese girl from the 70’s running from the napalm. Years later she was found and I saw no scars. Niki Lauda had scars. It doesn’t mean that was staged or that she was not traumatized…but was it staged?

    • She was either paid and staged (for pay) or she never bothered to potty train them because they don’t have a potty.

      • *OR* it will turn out she is actually the wife of Mohammad A-Dura, who left the Gaza strip when he turned 17 and has been living in Mexico ever since.

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