Mommy, I Want to Wear a Niqab

The video below serves as an appropriate follow-up to the report on German high school girls who took part in an “experiment” where they wore the Islamic veil in public.

As I understand it, the woman in this video is a German who lives in Egypt. Whether she is a convert to Islam or has simply gone native for the sake of expedience is not clear. However, she is clearly preparing her daughter for her future life under sharia.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And why do like it? —Because it is…so, so… —You must speak louder.
00:06   When I wear it, it makes me feel grown-up and it feels good. I like it.
00:15   Do you want to wear a niqab later? —Maybe. I don’t know.
00:22   But I want, I want to wear a niqab. I think it is so great, but sometimes here it is too hot.
00:30   I think that is because you have it too tight here. Let’s put the other one on.
00:34   Take that one off. I want to show people how to tie a niqab.
00:40   Mausi, wait. Wait, wait. We’re just going to pull it. So.
00:50   So. I think it looks so beautiful from behind. So, this is the niqab.

7 thoughts on “Mommy, I Want to Wear a Niqab

  1. I don’t think I can stand another “Jolly Niqab” video. This one is especially repulsive in that it shows a European mother actively trying to convince her young daughter that this horrendous shroud is actually beautiful—she’s attempting to normalize an Islamic symbol of female submission.

  2. A mother defacing her daughter.

    Since more than 90% of Egyptian women are FGM’ed, I wonder if that has been done to the mite as well? Or is still in store for her?

  3. Its never about having Egypt arabised and I wouldn’t blame the 7th century’s invasion because surprisingly I found that my Copt ancestors embraced it over Catholicism, I mentioned in an earlier comment about other affairs that are happening here and changing the face of the 20s-70s very liberal Egypt, the islamization has gone very wild in the middle east, PS I dont know why Egypt falls in GatesofVienna’s north African category considering it a country with good ties to its neighbours Syria Lebanon and Jordan and actual 20% of its territory is in Asia bordering Israel and Gaza and well known in both the bible and Qur’an what’s even more flabbagasting that both Iran and turkey are put in the ME one. anyhow, if an “Almagnia muslim Frau” resides in Egypt while a bunch of Muslim brotherhood terrorists live back in Germany and run businesses or parasit-ing on German tax payers money that later fund the harmonious bombs found or detonated or exploded near Copts houses and churches , what the heck do you expect her to be! Ugh
    I going to slap those would say the crusades in the east 900 years ago were wrong

    • It is interesting to note that Obama was one of the very first leaders to congratulate Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi after his election. Conversely it was Al-Sisi who was reportedly the first leader to congratulate Donald Trump.

      Love the link! Nasser had a great sense of humor! His audience also seems to find it hilarious that the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to make wearing the hijab mandatory and to make every woman walking in the street wear a scarf. Fast forward 52 years to Europe. Instead of laughing at the absurdity as the Egyptians did, the West is taking them seriously… Go figure!

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