Mexican Protester: I Support Trump — Send Them Back!

The following video features an interview with a Mexican woman who was among the demonstrators protesting the presence of the migrant “caravan” in Tijuana. Those future undocumented Americans are now camped there near the border, awaiting their chance to get into the USA.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I don’t agree that they are on the street. I believe that right now, since they
00:05   are here now already, the best solution is to have them in shelters, better to have them in some…
00:10   I don’t agree that they are in a park. How are they going to sleep on the street?
00:14   [Unintelligible] they have a house, have family in their countries.
00:17   I would prefer that they be in their countries rather than here sleeping in the street because…
00:21   [Unintelligible] that they return, they are deported…
00:24   That those who pay them, pay them to come, help them to return to their country.
00:29   [Unintelligible] get legal asylum in the other country.
00:32   That’s all. That’s all. Yes. —Good day. —Good day.
00:35   [Unintelligible] pro Donald Trump…
00:39   No. pro-Mexico. I don’t have to come [unintelligible] things.
00:44   I support my country. I live in Mexico. [unintelligible] ten years I live in here Mexico.
00:48   [Unintelligible] Trump? —Of course, What’s wrong with that? I am Mexican. I support Trump.
00:53   I am Mexican. I support Trump. For my whole life I’ll support Trump. I’ve known him for ten years.
00:58   I love that he is a nationalist. I love that he fights for his country.
01:02   I love that he fights for his people, and that’s what we as Mexicans should do here
01:06   in Mexico, and thank you for giving me all the attention you have given me, media, because,
01:10   because of this message that I have wanted to send for many years. We as Mexicans
01:14   need to fight for our country in the same way that Donald Trump
01:17   fights for his people, for his country and for his border.
01:20   As to [unintelligible]-expressions, I don’t agree. I don’t agree…
01:23   I agree that he is not a politician;
01:26   at times he doesn’t express himself in a correct manner.
01:30   I don’t believe that, that he really believes that all Mexicans,
01:35   that we are criminals. We are not rapists, criminals, murderers
01:40   He knows that Mexico has people like you, like me,
01:44   that we fight for our country. It is for that that we are here. If I really believed
01:48   that about Mexicans I wouldn’t be here. I have American citizenship. I would be there.
01:52   Here, here I am a business (person). I am… at times [unintelligible]…,
01:59   I don’t have work here — nor in the US.
02:03   [Unintelligible]… that not all Mexicans are delinquents and criminals. Isn’t it the same
02:06   in the case of the Central Americans, that not all are bad persons?
02:09   Oh, no. No. Of course not. I agree that…
02:14   Of one million, five are not delinquents, but the government
02:17   sends them to Tijuana [unintelligible].

4 thoughts on “Mexican Protester: I Support Trump — Send Them Back!

  1. About a month or so ago I wrote a piece in the Dakota Beacon in which I suggested in might be very smart of Trump to offer aid in the form of ground troops, drones and other air cover and our Navy and Coast Guard at the Mexican/Guatemalan border to keep this caravan out of Mexico. It would have been difficult for Mexico to ASK for this help as it would look like an invitation for the US to occupy Mexico. But it would have been acceptable for them to take up an offer for the US to temporarily occupy a 10 mile or so zone on the Mexican side of that tiny border. Far more easily stopped at a small border like that than at the US-Mexican border. And it would have been acceptable to the people of Mexico – they would not have this mess in their country. Why not help Mexico put up a wall on that little, tiny border? Far more cost effective than at our own. Instead of insulting Mexico with empty threats to make them “pay” for a wall on our border we could have extended an offer to help them instead. Sure, there are native Mexican criminals, but why add to that the h0rdes from Central and South America? Why not spare both the peaceful Mexican people and our own country from this invasion?

  2. Many people from the US and Europe may not be aware, but Mexico has had a long standing problem with illegal immigration across their southern border. Their view of people from Central America is worse than their racist views towards Americans.

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