Hymn for Chemnitz

The video below is a fitting follow-up to JLH’s compilation about the fake news put out on the “manhunt” of migrants in the eastern German city of Chemnitz. It’s a sort of Teutonic rap song about resisting mass immigration and the Islamization of Europe.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation and the subtitling:

16 thoughts on “Hymn for Chemnitz

  1. German rap—boy that’s weird. I was at least able to understand it with my awful German speaking skills though. Seriously, that mob—army-of people storming germany is terrifying. Also terrifying is the army of invaders storming America’s southern border right now. Close the damned borders, period.

    • Ejb, my reaction was similar. And while listening to this German rap, I realized something that should have occurred to me long ago: Writing a rap song is easy, because you don’t need to compose a melody. Just write a poem — typically in rhyming couplets — and recite it rhythmically in an attitudinized voice. In fact, *any* rhyming poem can be made into a rap song. For a particularly long-duration rap song, try rap-reciting
      Or try Dante’s “Inferno” in classical Italian. And if you’re not too persnickety about rhyming, you can get a good classical-Arabic rap song out of Quran 9:29 or 5:33.

      • rap – or any kind of simple singing – is an excellent teaching aid. My children learned their multiplication tables effortlessly by reciting them in a sing-song kind of way. Tying them together that way just works, for some reason.

        • Yeah, I too have noticed that a sing-song rhythm helps with memory. The order of the Japanese phonetic alphabet is given by the sounds a-k-s-t-n-h-m-y-r-w. Originally I learned this sequence by a 10-word mnemonic English sentence (which fortunately I have since forgotten) beginning with these letters. But easier to memorize is the simple phrase “a ka sa ta na, ha ma ya ra wa” in which the first five syllables go up in pitch, and the last five syllables correspondingly come down in pitch.


    • German rap—most I don’t like at all: sounds to me—from NE Bavaria—similar to the accent of Turks and Arabs.

      This one I feel is better:
      Kontrakultur Halle are young people at the center of “Neue Rechte (Nouvelle Droite(“. The speaker at 2:50 is Gütz Kubitschek at a PEGUDA rally.

      You also might look for “bayrischer rap” on youtube; the sound is not bad, though text etc. are rather vulgar in all the examples I know.

    • Wow. Rap ist genau so schrecklich auf Deutsch wie auf Englisch.

      Still, I wish them luck in saving their country and culture.

  2. Ditto with gratitude for countless hours of translation for the masses!

    The tone of this video reminds me of the American version as a result of 9/11…
    “Stuck Mojo’s” music video,”Open Season”, provides a message to radical islamist jihadis:
    “My forefathers fought and died for this here.” “I’m stronger than your war of fear.” “Are we CLEAR?” “If you step in MY hood, it’s UNDERSTOOD…………it’s OPEN SEASON.”

  3. People have forgotten how to sing and compose music.
    Who can mobilize this gibberish?

    Although … If you look at military and patriotic hymns, at the revolutionary songs of 100 years ago, we can conclude that in order to send people to the slaughter and barricades, serious people worked. And now the common people are left to themselves. What happened, it happened.

  4. Do Germans really believe the fake christian Iranians! i read there are even iranian churches in Europe, the liturgy delivered in Farsi too! lmfao are they weeping now over “Miriam mother of ISSA as they call the Christ” , buffeting and slugging their chests instead of their old drama over Mohamed’s daughter Fatma and her murdered son!
    they posted some funny videos online Hallelujah the Iranians decided to convert 2000 years post Jesus and during a refugees crisis, I’m afraid some Lutherans have already called it a Miracle 😬
    i would have more respect for a Syrian who at least fled a drastically conditioned and a war torn country nd declared himself a muslim or even a devout practicing muslim other than the crocodile tears of Persians .

    the cumulative question would be is it a problem in Europe with Islam only or the different -let’s call it -culture and mentality and behavioural problems of the easterners

    • See my post on the news item of the little girl attacked at school.

      As in the West, many arabs who call themselves ‘Christian’ are not what we consider Christian. They give their children Christian names and they may attend a Chaldean or Assyrian or similar Church.

      However, judging by my neighbours and the arab ‘Christians’ my children attended Catholic school with, their are still generally aggressive, dishonest and they uphold the culture of retribution and incitement to anger and revenge. In general not to the same degree as muslims but to a far greater extent than westerners.

      I must say however, that their ministers or priests do teach Christian forgiveness as being one of the greatest differences between them and the muslims. I must admit that my Iraqi neighbours with whom I have had several terrible quarrels over the years, have remained more peaceful and willing to let these problems pass. I imagine muslims would have been possibly more prone to hold onto resentment.

  5. Rap doesn’t stir me but old Irish rebellion songs make me patriotic every time.

    The germans could use a good old song such as ‘The Rising of the Moon’ .

    Let each patriot hear the call and gather by the light of the moon.

    The Dubliners : ‘The rising of the Moon’


  6. This gives me hope, along with other videos I’ve been seeing around the net, more and more of our young people are starting to wake up. Just before coming here I was on Gateway Pundit, and there was a young man being vilified by his teacher for wearing a MAGA hat, now I come here and hear a Rap song also from young people. They are starting to stand up to be heard, so while I have little appreciation for Rap music, I do the words and I’m thrilled that lots of young German people will hear this!!!

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