Get Back to Where You Once Belonged!

The German government has apparently become disenchanted with the two million culture-enrichers it has welcomed into the country since 2015. Now it’s offering to pay them to leave — and support them for a year after they get back home.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation from the German-language service of RT, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   A poster from the Federal Ministry of the Interior is causing a stir.
00:08   “Your country, Your future. Now!” The ministry wants asylum seekers to voluntarily return to
00:14   their countries of origin. Until the 31st of December, volunteer returnees can have their
00:19   living expenses paid for the first 12 months after returning.
00:24   In return, the refugees have to withdraw their asylum application and refrain from taking any
00:30   legal action. If they return to Germany, they are required to reimburse the amounts in full.
00:35   If you decide for a voluntary return and lack the means, your return counselling center submits
00:43   with you an application for a voluntary return at IOM and explains the necessary steps to you.
00:49   Especially in Berlin this poster, which can be read in seven languages,
00:54   is a popular target for paint bag attacks.
00:58   Well, if they want to go back, and if everything in their home country is OK, then maybe
01:02   it is an opportunity. Most of them come from war-torn countries, so maybe it’s not
01:06   back to normal yet. —And you, what do you think? —For me, I can’t say so much about it.
01:13   Just another thing from German politics, you know. They make it very easy for themselves;
01:18   sending the people back, I mean. It’s absurd. I simply think the people who are already here
01:24   should stay. The Syrians and the other people, y’know? That’s just how it is, so yes, I see the
01:28   whole thing critically, definitely. —I think it’s good to offer this to these people, because if
01:32   they stay here it will cost even more money. For that reason, I think it’s good. —On the one hand,
01:36   it is understandable, but on the other it seems somehow wrong. —OK, if the country of origin
01:43   is safe and you are able to go back. On the other hand, it has a slight negative undertone.
01:50   I mean, it sounds like these people aren’t wanted here. That’s how it seems anyway.
01:53   Generally, providing support for returnees isn’t something new. Last year, the “Start-up Plus”
01:59   program was started. However, this year from the 15th of September until the 31st of December,
02:04   Interior Minister Seehofer will additionally even pay the returnees rent in their homeland.
02:09   More information can be found at

9 thoughts on “Get Back to Where You Once Belonged!

  1. It will be easy to cheat this system.

    After the year spent at your home country, supported with German workers’ money, simply return to Germany without ID and the fun begins again.

  2. I suspect this may be one of the end results the elite wanted from the beginning.

    1. Create a problem in Germany (and most of Western Europe) with too many invaders
    2. the citizens will complain and begin to rebel politically
    3. Offer a solution: send the invaders back and don’t accept as many new invaders into the country
    4. Convince the tax paying citizens that it will be cheaper and better to send their tax money to the troubled countries.
    5. Most western Europeans will accept this new system and feel like compassionate do-good people who are helping the world with less money.
    6. The majority of citizens again vote for the same parties and politicians who originally created the problem.

    All are now happy.

  3. Is this for real, or a parody? How come I have never seen anything about this in the English-language press? When did this return program begin? Only on September 15 of this year, and it only last until December 31 of this year, says 2:00. That’s not much time to make a life-transforming decision. If this is a hoax, it is a pretty elaborate one, because someone has paid to set up a real webpage .
    This program applies only to people whose homeland is outside the EU, like Africa or, soon hopefully, the UK. It also applies to the United States; at 0:55 we see a Green Bay Packers “cheesehead” fan contemplating a return to Wisconsin.

    • “… at 0:55 we see a Green Bay Packers “cheesehead” fan contemplating a return to Wisconsin….” I think (s)he is balancing a third shopping bag on their head.

      Note that the program will not pay the initial living expenses of returning to the U.S. Does the BAMF expect an enterprising Wisconsinite to live off the land?

  4. And with regard to the last interviewee’s comment, we wouldn’t want it to carry “a slight negative undertone” or to “make it sound like “these people aren’t wanted here”, would we now? Better to perish than to commit “the ultimate sin”, to be “racist”. (We are in Germany, let’s not forget.)

    It seems to me, as I sit here on this beautiful morning, thankful to be alive and with my mug of tea to hand, that the outlines of the future are already writ large, just the “details of the journey there” are yet to be filled in.

    I am reminded of an English joke from the time of Enoch Powell. A black man is sitting dejectedly on a sidewalk in London, begging from passers-by. “Please, please help me. Give me sixpence to help me go back to my country.” A middle-aged white man with rolled umbrella, briefcase and bowler hat (you know, one of those evil racists with a swastika where his heart should be) stops and puts his hand in his pocket. “Here you are, my man; here’s a shilling (2 x sixpence). Take one of your mates with you.”

    • ‘the outlines of the future are already writ large, just the “details of the journey there” are yet to be filled in.’

      That’s stellar.

  5. Why would they settle for leaving the life time welfare bonanza in exchange for one year of monetary support? Plus. what about the their “job” to transform Germany into an Islamic state? These are missionaries. How dare German government suggest such a program? I think it is an insult to Islam and is islamophobic. Perhaps the U.N. needs to look into this in a prosecutorial manner.

  6. Just a couple of many points in my head….

    1. This is just a ploy by the traitor class to sedate the proles for little while longer while they get on with their “agenda”.

    2. It’s too late.

  7. This cannot be real, can it? The Willkommen culture paying unprocessed migrants to go home? This was the flagship policy–voluntary repatriation–of the supposedly Nazi, evil, fascist British National Party. It was the policy that made them political outcasts. All European political parties that touch this third rail become pariahs. And now Mutti is espousing it? Something awry here.
    If it is true, though, I’m having a triple Schnaps tomorrow.

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