Germany is a Joke

I don’t know who the jokester is in this clip, but I have a strong suspicion he’s not Teutonic.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:06   An African asylum seeker, a black guy, is walking around the city of Nuremberg.
0:11   He talks to the first person he sees and says, “Thank you for taking me in, that
0:16   I may live here, for giving me health insurance, a place to live, food to eat
0:21   and everything else.” The person says, “I’m not German, I’m Albanian.”
0:25   The African says, “Oh, excuse me.” He continues walking and
0:28   speaks to the next person. He says, “Thank you
0:31   that I may live in Germany, thank you for everything you do for me.” The person
0:35   says, “I’m not German, I’m Turkish” The African says, “Oh, excuse me.”
0:39   He continues walking and speaks to the next person. He says, “Thank you
0:43   for allowing me to live in Germany, that you took me in as refugee.” The person
0:47   says, “I’m not German, I’m Arab.” The African asks, “Where are all the
0:51   Germans?” The Arab looks at his watch and says, “Probably working.”

10 thoughts on “Germany is a Joke

  1. Working for this leeches , unbelievable, thanks traitor Merkel, wait when they sign this UN pact , this gonna be BIG joke , wach out Germans

  2. They are stealing also jokes now ?
    This joke I know for 30 years…it was about a visit of Ceausescu in Germany…
    During a walk with Kohl in Berlin, Ceausescu sees few black people fighting and asks:
    why are those germans fighting ?
    Kohl: oh…but they are not germans…they are africans
    after 5 min Ceausescu sees some brown people stealing from a shop and ask Kohl:
    why are those germans stealing ?
    Kohl: oh…but they are not germans…they are turks
    after 10 min Ceausescu see some other people cutting a goat in a park and he asks agains Kohl:
    why are those germans doing to the goat ?
    Kohl: they are not germans…they are arabs…
    then Ceausescu….
    Helmut…are we in Germany?
    Kohl: Yes, we are
    Ceausescu: Helmut, are we in Berlin ?
    Kohl: yes, we are
    Ceausescu: then what happend to germans ? I saw only arabs, turks, africans..
    Kohl: ohh.. germans are working now…

  3. I too remember this joke from about 30 years ago, only it was about Birmingham, UK. Look what has happened there.

  4. The joke is to a large extent true. It can be seen in the “black” neighborhoods in Sweden, 7-9AM there is a traffic of people going to work, all of them Swedish or European, and after that a siesta of sorts, and then around 1PM all the Africans slowly walk out of their apartments and start talking and singing on the streets. We’ve also received a couple of laughs after we told them that we are working, “we are not” they’d say with a friendly smile.

    • There’s an inversion of attitudes towards work in many non-Western cultures. Social status is determined by how much work a person does. Slaves have to work all day, every day. Rich people don’t have to work at all. Everyone aspires to ‘not work’. In the Middle East, they call it ‘living in dignity’. This cultural attitude means that many of them would rather live adequately on welfare than work to get rich. For them, working to get rich is an oxymoron. These are the “workers” that we have imported to save our welfare systems – workers that won’t work if they can just live off of welfare.

      • Yes indeed! As it was in european antiquity. The latin word ” negotium”, trade, bargain, litterally means ” no leisure” , being busy all the time, and reflects an attitude of disdain towards work.
        Still so today. That is, as a minor observation, why many oriental restaurants are not doing well or often change management: a European or American who runs a restaurant works his gluteus maximus off and often leads in the kitchen.
        The Oriental sits behind his cash register. To him it is just a business,not a vocation.

  5. Multiculturalism does not work. It’s time to stop importing people who cannot and will not assimilate. It’s time to reevaluate economic models and move away from the “endless growth” model. All populations will swell, contract, then stabilize over time. It’s happening right now in Japan, with the population contracting. But the greedy and myopic “elite” can’t comprehend this, so they try to import third-world trash who will breed like cockroaches and feed the “endless growth” model.

    It isn’t going to work. The “elite” are using child-like logic to try to force their outdated model to keep working. It’s time to stop now. It’s time to send those lazy, primitive losers back home where they belong.

  6. Let us send them All back where thry came from ! I would , gladly , give ten
    Euros ….. and if , all of us did this perhaps we would get rid of them !

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