3 thoughts on “George, You’re Losing Your Grip…

  1. It would be nice if we start saying “soros loser” instead of sorry loser, while Satan is still alive.

  2. Let’s not be too optimistic. Soros kicked out of Hungary? Naturally. Victor Orban has got his number. Soros kicked out of Turkey? Obviously. Erdogan will not tolerate anyone he deems dangerous to his plans of a new caliphate. Soros kicked out of Russia? Absolutely! Putin is much too smart to allow a troublemaker to operate in his country. So, what about other countries? Masked yellow jackets infusion in France, anyone? Masked Chemnitz infusion of “additional protesters” in Germany? How about Soros’ super pac donations to Democrats right here? Bottom line is, this guy has a huge amount of money. He’s obviously a destroyer. So what is he going to do with his money? He’s hideous and repulsive, so he can’t spend it on women. What’s left? Use it to cause misery and destruction in the world. At least he’ll have that. Like serial killers who get off on extinguishing life.

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