Achille Demagbo: “No More Social Romanticism or Handouts!”

Achille Demagbo (born 1980 or 1981 in Benin) is a German politician (AfD) and interpreter of origin. He is a long-time immigrant to Germany from West Africa, and is at pains to emphasize that he entered the country legal, on a visa, to continue his university education.

Mr. Demagbo is also a founding member and chairman of the Kiel district association for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), and was a member of the state board of AfD Schleswig-Holstein. He now works for the AfD parliamentary group in Berlin. As a politician of African origin with dark skin in the AfD, he receives nationwide media attention.

One presumes that the Left deals with this fact the same way they deal with the political philosophy of Clarence Thomas: by labeling the offending “right-wing extremist” as a “traitor to his race”.

This video is from a recent the AfD party conference on the European elections in Magdeburg on November 19, 2018. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Not in a racist sense, but these components have great meaning for a community cohesion.
00:14   Dear friends, although I am proud to be African and still love my home country
00:23   and whilst justly proud of Africa, I have come to warn you. Firstly, I have to say
00:30   I am just as proud to be German now. This is a privilege for me. I see it
00:38   as a privilege to be permitted to live here in Germany. However, despite
00:45   my pride in Africa, I must warn you again. We must not flood Germany with Africans.
00:54   No, we shouldn’t do this. We can’t do this. And we will stop this. Solely based on
01:03   the massive cultural differences, because there are just too many. By the year 2050,
01:15   there will be two billion Africans on earth and by 2080 probably three billion.
01:25   Ladies and Gentlemen, when we unconditionally open the flood gates, the sheer
01:32   numbers paint the picture already. It will be the assured demise of this great people,
01:37   and this outstanding country, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s some information about my
01:54   background. When I was 23, and after completing my Socio-cultural Anthropology degree in Africa,
02:07   I applied for a visa to continue my education in Germany. Yes! A visa, they really exist!
02:14   As a matter of fact! You know, one can ask politely and request permission to enter a country.
02:27   It was normal back then. So now you’ll probably want to ask me what is normal today?
02:34   And my answer would be: “Sadly, not much!” So, just briefly to my present occupation
02:54   and my political goals. I am very fortunate to be able to work for our parliamentary group (AfD).
03:01   I am part of the working committee for Economic Co-operation and Development,
03:11   and I specialise in African policy. That makes sense, right? But my dear friends, joking aside.
03:26   Joking aside. These subject areas are where I will continue to work in Brussels.
03:36   All joking aside. On the topic of aid to developing countries, our party
03:43   has set the following goals: No more foreign aid handouts which only the corrupt
03:50   ruling class benefit from. NO! If we give money, it should be in a secured form.
04:04   And there should be a guarantee for German companies that want to invest in Africa
04:08   or in other developing countries to generate profits together with the partners. Yes!
04:16   And this principle should also be made valid for the EU. The EU commission has
04:23   already planned 40 billion more in development funds for the next budget period.
04:28   We don’t want that! And we’re going to stop it! No more social romanticism
04:35   or handouts through development policy! No! No more ideological development policies! No!
04:43   The Africans aren’t interested. —Please come to your conclusion. —It is the law of the savannah.
04:49   A hunter is and remains a hunter and never becomes the hunted. That’s what the
04:54   foreign aid dreamers must understand. I know with my African… —Thank you, your time is up.
05:13   The German… —So, thank you. Are there any questions? We have one question from
05:29   Mr. Pascal Pfannes at the red microphone. Please proceed. —Well, Mr. Demagbo, we might
05:38   find it very amusing, what we just witnessed, but there is something that is not so funny in
05:42   my opinion. A year ago you campaigned for the national parliament and supported the proposal
05:46   for distribution of refugees throughout Europe. Do you believe that makes us a good partner
05:54   to Victor Orbán or to our Italian partners from The Lega? — Of course, I am a good partner
06:02   for Victor Orbán. At that time, I did not support a distribution of refugees in Europe.
06:11   Quite the opposite, I support a systematic and immediate return of all those who live here
06:25   illegally. I have stressed that many times.
06:32   Thank you, no further questions have been submitted.

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  1. To my ear, this speaker’s pronunciation of German is no better than Melania Trump’s pronunciation of English.

    • I do admire the work of Miss Piggy, translating such a heavy accent, HOWEVER, his German is very educated….nearly exquisit and a breath of fresh air (if I may use a cliché) in this age where “triggered grunters” make up much of what we get to hear.

    • well, he has an astonishingly strong accent for someone living here for decades, but his syntax and vocabulary are formal german.

  2. He sounds like he’d be a perfectly fine Minister of Immigration.

    He’d also be better suited to the job of Chancellor than the current occupant is.

    • Well, let’s trace everyone’s ancestry and repatriate those who aren’t “native”, shall we manatthe pub?

      That would include most Americans, Canadians, Australians… and that’s just going through recent history.

      • I am NOT returning to Ireland, now that it’s a leftist hell, no way Jose. They went from Jansenist Catholicism to aggressive atheism to militant multiculturalism in a few decades…the Irish whiskey isn’t worth it.

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