A Modern Multicultural Christmas in Berlin

The city of Berlin has come up with a way to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks: Put native Germans in compounds surrounded by barbed wire.

OK, so I’m exaggerating — they don’t really use barbed wire. But still, based on the photo above, it’s pretty darned close to it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this report from NTV:

Christmas market is sealed off — Berlin is building “unique” terror protection

November 20, 2018

Two years ago the Islamist Anis Amri raced with a truck into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Twelve people were killed in the attack. Now the Christmas market opens again — and becomes a high security zone.

Two years after the Islamist terrorist attack that caused twelve deaths, Berlin’s Christmas market at the Gedächtniskirche is reopening with an extensive security perimeter. Since Monday workers have been building more than a hundred square metal baskets along the perimeter the Breitscheidplatz and screwing them into a long row. The baskets come with plastic bags filled with sand. Extra bollards block the length of the perimeter and near pedestrian accesses.

In addition, the Tauentzinstraße in the direction of Charlottenburg and the Budapester Straße direction Schöneberg have been turned into one-way streets. Only buses, bicycles and delivery traffic may use the lane that travels against oncoming traffic.

According to the Senate, this combination of different barriers is supposed to offer a “unique access protection” in Germany to prevent terrorist attacks using trucks weighing up to forty tons.

The Berliner Kurier called it the “Mulled Wine Fortress”. The barrier elements and their construction and dismantling cost the country more than €2.5 million. The metal bollards and concrete bases are to be reused in the future.

The city’s security officers developed new protection concepts specifically for the Breitscheidplatz after the attack. Other Christmas markets in Berlin have to pay for the security of their markets themselves.

On December 19, the second anniversary of the Islamist terrorist attack with a truck on Breitscheidplatz, a memorial service with a wreath-laying ceremony is planned. In addition there will be a minute of silence for the twelve killed and more than 70 victims injured by the terrorist attack.

22 thoughts on “A Modern Multicultural Christmas in Berlin

  1. It will be better don’t let this terrorist in to the country???, this stupidity of politicians are speechless, Merkel is protecting UN immigration plan , Good luck Germany, You country is finished, she will destroy everything before she goes like she promised, …

    • Very well said (in a way), just that Merkel and her cronies are neither stupid nor mad. On the contrary they’re highly intelligent and know exactly what they’re doing and why. A kind of evil genius, if you like.

      Meanwhile, we the people are “collateral damage”.

  2. Hmm,hmm,hmm… this doesn’t look as a very multi-culti inviting Holliday environment . Should be more inclusive, or am I getting this wrong? What kind of message Germany sends with all these barriers? Who is this super humanitarian super power trying to keep out of festivities? Also wonder if they have a handy a designated team of psychologysts to help victims of assault cope like the funny ones they have for New Years Eve in “new and improved “ Germany with a “so very special cages(pardon me “safe zones”) for native women . It sure wouldn’t feel like Christmas without all those amenities

  3. Why not just “fence” the no-go zones instead? Most of those inhabitants would desire to live with their countrymen instead. So… cancel any outside services and deliver the necessities?
    Or… do the Germans prefer to live in the “ghettoes” that they used previously against the Jews and other undesirables, and not that long ago?

    Constantly waiting for awakening in the USA….

  4. The Germans have made themselves prisoners in their own country. Merkel has succeeded far beyond her East German trainers’ wildest dreams.

  5. It’s only normal and entirely good practice to put specimens of an endangered species behind bars in a zoo-like display …
    Homo Germanicus will soon get used to this existence and, once we can get him to breed a little bit in captivity he will come to understand that this kind of life suits him really well.

  6. The barriers seem like a typical bureaucratic solution: spend more money, cause yourself as little discomfort as possible, and never, ever get into a political dispute.

    So, the bureaucrats hit up the treasury for more money and hire some contractors to put barriers addressing last year’s (but not this year’s) attacks. Twelve people were killed last time. A gang of 5 Somalis with knives, walking inconspicuously together in a crowd, can equal or surpass that with relative ease.

    • A fenced in area with few exit points and few access points for emergency services filled with highly combustible Christmas trinkets and you got all the ingredients for a German Christmas roast you’ve never seen before.
      A mini Nuremberg.

      You don’t need 5 Somalis, just one with a beer bottle filled with gas and a Zippo.

  7. Excellent protection against trucks.

    Maybe not so good against AK-47s or grenades. Not only will the pen provide an inescapable killing ground but the resulting stampede will multiply the death toll by who knows how many times.

    At a guess I’d say suspicious AfD types will likely give the event a miss, leaving it predominantly to those who still believe “Refugees are not dangerous but in danger”.

    • Good point, ECAW. These metal “baskets” appear to be linked together so that exit points would be few. They are screwed into a long row, according to the article. Yes, heavy vehicles would be kept out, but people would be kept in. Have Berlin authorities unwittingly provided would-be jihadis with a new opportunity?

    • I presume, ECAW, that “suspicious AfD-types” is meant by you ironically. Otherwise I should feel offended, as a member from the first hour (130619, AfD section Lower-Saxony) of that realistic political party in Germanistan.

      • Not ironically. I meant “suspicious” not in the passive sense of being suspected of things by other people but in the active sense of suspecting danger from others.

        For instance, when a policeman stops someone lurking near a warehouse at 2.00 in the morning, the person stopped is suspicious in one sense and the policeman is suspicious in the other sense.

  8. This is exactly what the Islamists want. They are winning.

    All this security actually segregates the Christians and their culture.
    The Infidels are now forced to pay for their security when they want to have their own festivals and gatherings. They must now only gather in specific areas and they will be open to violence and all forms of abuse outside of these areas as the government cannot and will not guarantee the safety of the Infidels beyond these barriers.

    Cairo and many other muslim areas have very similar situations for their Infidel people.

  9. What about stabbing inside this Christmas market , they don’t know by now , this savages have big knives? , idiotic, just idiotic useless fences, knives are will working..

  10. As with most reports of the German Lügenpresse, the report of the Berlin Xmas market attack is misleading. Because the German Federal government connived under pressure at a US (CIA) surveillance plan to leave the bomber at large until they had gathered enough names and places from their surveillance to bomb an IS camp in N Africa, which they then did.But Anis Amri had killed the Xmas mareket shoppers by then.

    The German ex-cop Stefan Schubert describes in part 7 pages 297-321 of his book of August 2018 “Die Destabilisierung Deutschlands/The Destabilisation of Germany” (no English translation): “Anis Amri was part of a CIA intelligence operation.” Schubert cites his contacts in the police who were ordered by their German political superiors at US behest to stop (in effect) trying to protect German citizens from Amri in the preceding months and names names high up in the German Federal govt.

    But you would be wrong to think that German anti-Merkel/anti-globalist forces incl. AfD parliament deputies have seized on this book; as far as I can see, it has been utterly blanked. Why?

    NB: also in view of J Michael Springmann’s (US State Dept.) book on his issue of US visas to Islamic terrorists at Jeddah Consulate so as to train in the USA, the cosmetic bombing of IS now and again by the USA is immaterial; what is material is the comment by a senior Iranian military mean a couple of years ago: “the US does not want to defeat IS; it just wants to keep it under control”

    After all, the long game is the Muslims inside China and Russia who are so useful as subversives in attacking Beijing and Moscow from inside. From Sanders to Pelosi and then on to McCain and Trump: “same, same” as they say in the Gulf while rubbing their index fingers alongside each other

  11. Memorial services and wreath layings. Vigils and candle lit marches. We are indeed striking terror into the heart of the terrorists.

  12. Building Allahu -ak- barriers everywhere will not stop the jihadi attacks. Only deporting the followers of the “prophet” will do that.

  13. What better way to show the benefits of multiculturalism (diversity, inclusion, and all that) than by combining aspects of different cultures into one seasonal event? Here we see that those celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace are afforded city-provided services that take into account the religious practices of fervid followers of the Religion of Peace. Berlin has given equal consideration to the cultural practices of both groups and has decided that metal cages and concrete bollards should serve as a demarcation line (oops … that should read, symbols of diversity), thereby responding appropriately to each group’s unique culture. Diversity was taken into account and the needs of both groups were considered in the planning—a good example of a multicultural solution.

  14. Protect the monuments, museums and markets but not the citizenry. Modern open borders Germany invites one and all.

  15. Bring back the death penalty for people who commit terrorist acts such stabbings ,running pedestrians down with cars ,bombs and rape.

    Those who go to fight for I.S.I.S should have their passports cancelled and be put to death if they have managed to slip through the border and return.

    Deport all those Muslims suspected of support for terrorist groups to either their own country of origin ,that of their parents or that of their grandparents .

    Cancel their citizenship of their Western host country with immediate effect.

    Accept no more migrants from Muslim countries with the exception of Asia Bibi and family ,whose persecution on death row for 8 years( for the crime of being Christian in Pakistan) is well documented.

    Close all mosques ,ban the Koran ,ban all Islamic schools and institutions.

    Give all Muslims the choice of internment in mental hospital camps a.la.a the Chinese or deportation.

    Deport the families of all terrorists and known terrorist sympathizers and confiscate their assets to fund the work of police and homeland security organizations.

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