Wait! What!? Quebec Trumps Trudeau?

This is good news!

One commenter left some thoughts and information:

Canadian here… I can attest to the accuracy of your analyses of the political situation in Canada. I just wanted to add a couple of things…
On the Federal level, we have two main parties – Trudeau’s Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party of Canada. Of course, under normal circumstances, we would hope that the latter takes over from Trudeau’s Liberals in the next election, but increasingly, many of us Canadians have become disillusioned with the federal Conservative Party, calling them “Liberal-light” because there seems to be little difference between their platform and the Liberals.

Now a new party has been formed to challenge the two dominant parties, led by a politician from Quebec who was formerly a Conservative Party member but left. His name is Max Bernier. He is a libertarian who wants to reduce government and has made some stunning criticisms of Trudeau’s immigration policies and “extreme diversity”. He just formed a new party he is calling “The People’s Party of Canada”, and many of us are very excited about his platform. He seems to be starting out with a significant popularity measured at between 6% and 10% before the party has even been formally accredited. Keep your eyes on this!

Some commenters expressed concern over this new party as it might split the vote.

In reading the comments I learned more about Trudeau. I knew he was a teacher of some sort, but one person said he was a substitute teacher and another said he was a drama teacher. In American schools, a substitute drama teacher is a warm body.

In Navy parlance, a “warm body” was some room-temperature-IQ swabbie who could tell the difference between something that was on fire and something that wasn’t on fire. This was necessary when hulls were being stripped of old paint and the friction caused by high-speed electric metal tools used to remove the old the paint could reach high temperatures, potentially causing those metal hulls to ignite. Whether modern navies still do this is questionable, but if they do, it’s another vocation for Trudeau to consider. He’d definitely look cute in a sailor suit.

Canada’s prospects are looking up. But what will they do for laughs in the frozen north without Trudeau’s socks and outlandish ethnic costumes for amusement??

By the way, Dr. Turley says that YouTube has demonetized his channel. Quelle surprise! I think he has PayPal donations set up, in addition to his Patreon subscriptions.

3 thoughts on “Wait! What!? Quebec Trumps Trudeau?

  1. FWIW, I joined the People’s Party.

    The Dear Spouse has become a supporter, and we’re talking about someone who had serious misgivings about the religious side of the Conservative Party. I suspect that there are many more like her, who are disillusioned with the Liberals but felt that they didn’t really have an alternative

    Mad Max Bernier may well succeed where others have failed. He certainly has my support.

    Seeing how the CBC is doing their best to “trash” Maxime Bernier, I realise that he’s doing well. They wouldn’t be trying so hard otherwise!

    • Some of us have been reading between the lines as long or longer than you, copywriter ! Small-c conservatives in Canada have been subjected to a ‘state broadcaster,’ the CBC, since the 1930s. We learned long ago to seek out ‘alternative news media.’ We’re somewhat like the East Europeans under Communism, in that regard. Have been, pretty much since the time of Shiny Pony Trudeau’s daddy in the ’60s.

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