Vera Lengsfeld and Henryk Broder: Declaration 2018

The following video shows excerpts from a presentation in the German Bundestag by Vera Lengsfeld and Henryk Broder. The debate concerns a petition known as “Declaration 2018” for restoring the legality of German borders.

Miss Piggy, who translated the video along with the accompanying texts, sends this summary of Declaration 2018:

Vera Lengsfeld said: “We demand, with our petition, the immediate cessation of illegal migration to Germany. Since 5 September 2015, Germany has been in a state of emergency. The decision by Chancellor Merkel to open the border for a few thousand refugees who with the help of left-wing activists had set out from Hungary to Germany triggered a veritable migrant flow.” The border has not been closed again only because “the federal government feared unattractive images.” And the former CDU deputy criticized in all sharpness: “To date, anyone who is able to pronounce the word ‘asylum’ can pass through the German border without papers.” As a result, “since 2015, well over one million migrants immigrated, mainly young men, including numerous criminals and terrorists. To this day, we do not know who they are because we only have the information of the migrants, who either have no documentation or fake documents.”

They are submitting a petition to the petition committee to end the emergency directive issued by Thomas de Maizière to open the borders for endless massive uncontrolled immigration and return Germany to the state it was in before 2015. They also want a real humanitarian refugee policy. The goal is to have the petition “Declaration 2018” presented in the Bundestag.

165,316 signatures were collected.

Vera Lengsfeld is a former politician and author. Henryk Broder is a popular columnist and commentator.

The petition process, like many things in Germany, is complicated. After the initial signatures were collected and recognised, the process required an additional 50,000 signatures within a month. In an interview she said — I paraphrase — the government was manipulating the second step. They had a difficult time getting signatures registered, even by registered mail. (just mysteriously never arrived — multiple cases).

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Translation of the Wikipedia article on the Joint Declaration (Gemeinsame Erklärung 2018):

The Joint Statement 2018 (a.k.a. Declaration 2018) is a call made on March 15, 2018 by German authors, publicists, artists and scientists, who stand against the “damaging of Germany” through “illegal mass immigration” since the ongoing refugee crisis in Germany that began in 2015.

The declaration is worded as follows:

“With growing bewilderment we observe how Germany is damaged by the illegal mass immigration. We identify ourselves with those who peacefully demonstrate that the rule of law is restored at the borders of our country.”

— Website of the declaration 2018

The initiator Vera Lengsfeld said in Tagesspiegel that the aim of the statement was to “return the migration policy from being on its head, back onto its feet.”


The statement was first signed by 34 people, quickly reached several thousand signatories and was handed over on May 16, 2018 with 165,290 signatures to the committee chairman of the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag.

First signers were among others:

Herbert Ammon
Jörg Bernig
Frank Böckelmann
Egon Flaig
Jörg Friedrich
Ulrich Fröschle
Frank W. Haubold
Sebastian Hennig
Eva Herman
Thorsten Hinz
Klaus Kelle
Till Kinzel
Michael Klonovsky
Vera Lengsfeld
Andreas Lombard
Matthias Matussek
Max Otte
Thilo Sarrazin
Ulrich Schacht
Heimo Schwilk
Dieter Stein
Uwe Steimle
Cora Stephan (could be deleted again)
Uwe Tellkamp
Karlheinz Weissmann
Alexander Wendt

Those who signed later — the political scientist Bassam Tibi, the author Alexander Gray and the psychologist Hans-Joachim Maaz . In addition, there were actors of the New Right, such as Martin Lichtmesz and Caroline Sommerfeld-Lethen.

Video transcript:

00:00   We are NOT concerned about the people who come here and are recognised as
00:05   refugees or as politically persecuted. It is about the others. About the illegal ones,
00:09   who are neither, and who have no documents, or carry forged documents to cross our border.
00:16   We want the restoration of the conditions from before September of 2015 and the
00:22   withdrawal of this Minister’s directive which the federal government has not
00:26   responded to or explained what is happening with that. — When one considers
00:30   the self-confidence with which the petitioners appear here today, I think its a little meager
00:34   to say, “We don’t like the way things are, we don’t like it.”
00:38   I’m not sure what you think about the fact that you have two citizens appearing here
00:42   with self-confidence. Isn’t that what you actually want? The self-confident citizen
00:46   that keeps an eye on what you are doing? So yes, after reviewing
00:50   the so-called 2018 declaration, in our opinion it does
00:53   not qualify as a petition, because it contains no verifiable subject matter.
00:58   And for that reason my party has decided not to pose any questions.
01:03   To conclude, a remark to the colleague from the Left Party, from which their delegate
01:07   is absent… —NO REMARKS PLEASE! No more, the time is nearly up. Your
01:12   two minutes are almost over. —Good, then I’ll just say that I will not participate in any
01:16   debates with the delegates from the SED (East German Marxist—Leninist party).
01:20   I would like to emphasis that we do not engage in political debates with petitioners.
01:24   We are clarifying the facts, and if you… —It belongs to the facts —No.
01:29   An open debate based on facts would require, in my opinion, that you distance
01:33   yourselves from claims which are false. How does it help to constantly assume
01:37   illegal migration, despite the fact many of these people, after crossing the border,
01:42   have been recognized as asylum seekers? How would it be possible to have an open
01:46   factual debate based on that? —The petitioner, please.
01:52   The best foundation for an open factual debate would be that one has the facts from
01:56   the government, and we are unfortunately dependent on what is published.
02:04   And unfortunately, one has to say that the actual numbers aren’t accessible.
02:11   That’s the first part. Secondly, we clearly reject your insinuation that we are
02:19   concerned with migration in general. We are NOT concerned with the people
02:23   who come here and are recognized as refugees or as politically persecuted. We
02:27   are concerned about those who are illegal. Those who are neither refugees nor asylum
02:31   seekers. They come without papers or with forged documents to cross our border.
02:39   And there are no reliable numbers on how many we currently have. We just heard
02:49   from the Secretary of State that it is all very vague. What we understand from
02:53   the euphoric welcoming culture is, for example, explained by a CEO claiming how
03:01   great immigration it is for our economy. But as it turns out… —Ladies and gentlemen,
03:11   only the petitioner is permitted to speak. —…in most cases, this was an illusion.
03:17   Thank you. With that, time is concluded. —I’m not allowed to speak again?
03:22   One minute and 26 seconds. You need to work that out between you. —OK. Now we know
03:26   for next time. —Two questions, one minute. —So, yes, after reviewing the so-called
03:32   2018 declaration, in our opinion it does not qualify as a petition because it contains no
03:36   verifiable subject matter. And for that reason my party has decided not to pose any
03:45   questions. Further, we will not participate in the discussion of the declaration.
03:51   —That is a very democratic procedure. —Mr. Broder, Mr. Broder, I decide who
03:56   speaks, not you. I may advise you that you are the assistant of the petitioner and not
04:01   a petitioner yourself. You are permitted to advise… —I just wanted to —
04:05   And now we come to the Left party, which declared they would not participate.
04:09   Nevertheless, I ask out of formality. Exactly. So then, now we come to the Green party.
04:15   I haven’t understood exactly what you want. And besides that, I haven’t heard any
04:19   concrete solutions suggested. I really do not understand you want, and when
04:23   one considers the self-confidence with which the petitioners appear here today,
04:30   I think its a little meager to say, “We don’t like the way things are, we don’t like it.”
04:34   Have you considered what happens when you make such loose claims? Just before that
04:38   we heard loose claims. To what extent do these claims contribute to the social
04:42   discontent that we now have? Just yesterday in Apolda, we had 800 right-wing
04:51   extremists attacking the police. And also what happened in Chemnitz. Do you see
04:58   a connection between your generalised claims and what happens there?
05:04   Thank you. And the petitioners are recognised to speak. —I’m not sure what
05:10   you think about the fact that you have two citizens appearing here with self-confidence.
05:14   Isn’t that what you actually want? The self-confident citizen that keeps an eye on
05:18   what you are doing? —Please answer the question. —Your assertiveness is unique.
05:22   And about the society… —Please… —Is it my turn or that of the lady from Green Party?
05:28   —We ask you the questions, you are to answer. Enough about assertiveness.
05:32   There has been so much written about it, that you actually could have informed
05:36   yourselves. Regrettably, we can sum it up for you in two sentences, without the whole
05:40   philosophy, to disprove the nonsense that you spread daily. —Mr. Broder,
05:44   no reproaches, and I ask you to respond factually to the questions. Insulting deputies
05:48   of the petition committee is not permitted. —A petition deputy just tried to insult me
05:52   by saying… —No, no one did. —Good, this is wasting my speaking time.
05:57   What you refer to as social discontent, Madame deputy, is normally called
06:01   democracy. Disputes belong to democracy. That you determine unilaterally the rules for
06:05   social discontent is absolutely a polemic and utterly shameful, when you connect what we
06:10   do here with what was going on in Apolda or anywhere else. Neo-Nazis, post-Nazis
06:16   and after-Nazis have always existed, even before you were ever aware of them.
06:21   Secondly, Mr. Schäuble has already indicated this and said himself that we
06:25   aren’t capable of deporting all the people who have come to us. Even Mrs. Merkel
06:30   admitted a few months ago that she wanted to turn the illegal immigration
06:35   into a legal one. What exactly do you find fault with, when this is exactly what we
06:39   want? Even when we did not go around promoting it. To conclude, a remark to the
06:46   colleague from the Left party, from which their delegate is absent… —NO REMARKS
06:53   PLEASE! No more, the time is nearly over. Your two minutes are almost over.
06:57   —Good, then I’ll just say that I will not participate in any debates with the
07:01   delegates from the SED [East German Marxist-Leninist party] —I would like to
07:05   emphasise that we do not engage in political debates with petitioners.
07:09   We are clarifying the facts and if you… —It belongs to the facts —No. Mr. Broder,
07:13   we do not lead political discussions with petitioners, but analyse without emotion.
07:17   The Left Party, no questions. The Green Party, please, Dr. Rottmann. — I will repeat
07:22   my question: what exactly do you mean by a “real humanitarian assistance”? How do
07:28   you imagine that? And have you addressed what is discussed about that here in
07:34   parliament? —Thank you. Since there are no further questions from my colleagues,
07:42   the petitioner, Mrs. Lengsfeld, is recognised to answer. —Yes, very briefly, once again
07:49   we want the federal police to be permitted to do their job, as they did before
07:54   the minister’s emergency directive. The same job they perform during a G20 summit
08:00   or other events, as in Elmar; there they protected the borders. So, we want the
08:06   restoration of the state before September 2015, and the withdrawal of this minister’s
08:13   emergency directive from the federal government that is treated like a hot
08:19   potato and has not responded to or explained what is happening with that.
08:22   And to address the “real humanitarian assistance”, as I have said, for one migrant;
08:30   the expenses for one migrant here in Germany would help 139 people in Jordan.
08:34   95 percent of the refugees in camps in countries neighbouring Syria are given no
08:44   attention. And we believe a humanitarian refugee policy concentrates on the
08:51   95 percent and NOT the five percent lucky enough to make it here to Europe,
08:59   and by the way are counted among the wealthiest of the refugees.
09:03   You asked us about solutions. With all due respect, it is not our job to offer the
09:10   solutions — that’s your job. That you even ask us for solutions just shows, please
09:15   excuse me, that you are incapable of doing your job. You know, there is a wonderful
09:20   phrase from Karl Kraus, someone I probably worship as god, and the only one
09:25   I pray to. He said, “I’m no chicken, but I know when an egg is foul.” And that is the
09:32   task Mrs. Lengsfeld and I have on different levels. We say when the egg stinks.
09:38   To address you question about being a self-declared expert, well of course I am
09:44   a self-declared expert. What else would I be? Do you know a place where you can go to
09:48   apply for recognition as an expert on Europe? It is probably not your party. Yes, where?
09:53   I can tell you. —OK. Well, then it is all extremely confidential, then.
09:59   So, what is occurring here in Germany and in parts of Europe; I would like to touch on
10:03   what Mrs. Lengsfeld alluded to. We are playing “survival of the fittest”. These people
10:10   must go through extreme hardships. They have to flee their countries, be exploited
10:15   by human traffickers; some are raped and under certain conditions murdered trying
10:19   to reach Germany to receive asylum. To get a bed in dorm room with others in a
10:24   reception center which we have renamed “anchor centers”. —The time. —This is not
10:28   humane. It is inhumane. This only serves one purpose, and that is to declare
10:32   ourselves morally superior. It does not serve to help these poor people. —Thank you.
10:37   The Secretary of State has the closing word.

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  1. Prefer Jim or JS as a reference:

    Germans Lengsfeld and Broder (I give them a loud two-handed clap) apparently represent the REMNANT of Western Civilization in Germany. REMNANTS remain in other European countries as well.


    In the US, the 63 million voters who elected Pres. Trump are 1 out of 5 of the US population of about 330 million and they spit out Trump, as REMNANTS, onto the world stage as if their REMNANT had been swallowed by a whale back in 2008 and found a way to be regurgitated as a deplorable meal from the very whale that had swallowed them (this political regurgitation occurred after an 8 year presidency of an Islamophilic President.


    The Socialist Spectrum can be conceived as being composed of Communism on its left, Nazism on its right with the hybrids of corporatism, progressivism, statism as spinoffs also associated with a massive conglomeration of non-governmental oligarchical multi-billionaire interests working with the socialist spectrum for power and wealth with the massive, historically long-lived Islam religiously prosecuted political cult seeking supremacy of Sharia Mohammedan Law worldwide.

    In the US and Canada (North America), the Islamo/Socialist spectrum operates as it does in Europe. Islam is using the entire socialist spectrum of political, demographic and cultural endeavor and institutions as Trojan Horses for the accomplishment of Islamic supremacy worldwide. This appears to be a self-evident fait accompli at the present in most of Europe, having been predicted by Bernard Lewis in Paris during a question and answer session in 1998, and promptly ignored. Islamo/Socialism in that order of supremacy, mainly of the Islamo/Marxist type with overtones of the other spectrum contributors heavily influences the UN.


    Courageous Europeans and Americans are waking up to the reality that elections and petitions matter. They still hold the gifts of using data, logic and reasoning and are still capable of discriminating perceptions and insight, and still skillful at recognizing common sense, all of which attributes are missing in the Islamo/Socialist Spectrum described. The Socialist Spectrum has no mental, intellectual means of resisting Islam, and in time will be rejected by Islam, jettisoned, as Islam needs their enabling aid. Demography alone via misuse of immigration and migration in the West will accomplish Islam’s goals. Several European countries will be Islamic countries within two generations…namely Germany in first place.


    REMNANTS are not quite swallowed whole yet, but are apparently few in number. The outlook is not good. In the US the independent voters are waking up and may add to the REMNANT population of 63 million. Recent rhetoric from the Democrat Party considers the Trump 63 million Trump voters as deplorables and now enemies of “their democracy”. Allied with Islamic Muslim Brotherhood interests in the US, it would not be surprising if the Democrat Party invented, Islamic style, the new term, “Democratphobia” and attempt to criminalize it quickly if it can regain control of the House and Senate of the US with veto capability in the case of a Republican President being in office. The current election in 28 days in the US, the mid-terms will determine what happens and to what degree Democrats and Republicans are to function in the US.

    Link from 2014 noting the establishment and purpose of the USCMO:

    The militantislammonitor site has an articles section with almost daily links to the advancement of Islam in the West chronologically arranged reaching back to 2005..a vast resource.

    My simplistic lately evolutional macro conceptual interpretation of the “Big Picture”, the Islamo/Socialist Spectrum alliance, comes from a viewpoint that had its origins decades ago in the early post-WWII period. Your website is extraordinarily informed and of great positive Western Civilizational depth and I am somewhat humbly hesitant to put my 2 cents worth up for your perusal.

    I applaud the Europeans who retain European traditional strengths that resist ill-founded socialist experiments of the worst kind when simple recorded history has all one needs to reject experiments of the worst kind in split seconds.

    Jim Strong, Kennewick, WA, USA

    [MR STRONG: A comment of 800 words is too long. You could either submit the whole as an essay for consideration, or break your ideas up into manageable comment lengths. A good rule is a two-hundred-word maximum.]

  2. Unfortunately, most of the GoV readers can not enjoy the pleasure of H.M. Broders rhetoric. He is of quick wit, in your face speech and he really destroys his opponents in the panel. Which, as usual with lefty dogmatics, they do not even notice.

  3. Henryk Broder concluded by using the words “this only serves one purpose and that is declaring ourselves morally superior”. Here we go with the “superiority” again. It seems to always surface, one way or another.

  4. I was among those who signed this declaration (with my real name of course), although I don’t expect it to change anything. Nevertheless it’s worth a try and Broder’s performance is at least entertaining 😉

  5. They just can’t see how their obstinance leads directly to situations like Chemnitz and Apolda. They decry “right wing extremists attacking the police” and their anti-democratic attitudes and actions guarantee more of the same. I’m sure that if/when this goes viral, more regular Germans will stand up against this. The CDU/CSU fracktion may be doomed.

    Oh, and I loved how Henryk Broder referred to the delegate from Die Linke: “delegates from the SED”. Beautiful. (That’s what they are). Just remember, Nazis are bad, (yes, they are), but the ideology which has brought undue suffering to large swaths of the planet is ok, and has a place in the Bundestag. SED-PDS-Die Linke, all the old KPD.

  6. Kudos to Vera Lengsfeld and Henryk Broder for telling the truth and not backing down to leftist/communist/green/socialist propaganda! Truth matters!!!

    President Trump is 100% correct in stating that more migrants can be helped in Refugee centers near their homes of origin than the 5% who are part of the human trafficking exodus to Europe and Western nations!

    Feel empathy for innocent, defenseless children? Become a sponsor at World Vision. They select children from families where everyone benefits from your monthly donations to their welfare and well-being:

    American city school districts are being innodated with demands for language translators and interpreters! One district has 21 interpreters and this extravagant cost is depleting the school budget and taking money away from other needed programs. Globalists want to destroy our customs, traditions, and borders creating a multicultural dystopia! Until the last decade, immigrants in America were required to learn the native language. Millions of dollars are/were spent making multi-language signs and numerous government forms- the hidden costs of open borders and a failure to assimilate properly and speak the native tongue. It’s all deliberately planned at the UN meetings. Those who love their nations and borders must fight the globalists at every turn. Just like these brave petitioners and senior citizens did recently in Deutschland!

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