Sharia4Belgium — In Your Face

In the following video, members of the ISLAM Party in Belgium make no bones about their goals for the country: they want full sharia. If it weren’t for the annoying inconvenience of Belgian and European law, they’d already have polygamy and a ban on alcohol, among other progressive innovations.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   One more provocation.
00:04   A couple of minutes ago, Redouane Ahrouch also refused
00:08   to have his makeup done by a woman. He is one of two members of the party
00:12   ISLAM, already elected in Belgium. The other, Lhoucine Ait Jeddig,
00:16   sits on the municipal council of Molenbeek.
00:20   For the month of Ramadan in 2018, what is the borough foreseeing in order to assure the security
00:24   of the faithful around the mosques? Even if he is isolated and has no weight
00:28   in the council, he tends to influence it with his religious take.
00:32   He intervenes to ask for the interdiction
00:36   of consuming alcoholic beverages
00:40   in public space over the entire territory
00:44   of the borough. He is always very critical concerning
00:48   trips that are organized for Molenbeek youth,
00:52   because those are coed groups.
00:56   The members of the party ISLAM aren’t trying to hide it, they are very pious.
01:00   Every meeting starts with a prayer.
01:04   But in their official program, nothing that could contribute to a polemic
01:08   “Islam defends ethical justice”, a “reduction in the time of work”,
01:12   or “Europe close to the citizens”. Islam is an acronym: I = integrity,
01:20   S = solidarity, L = liberty, A = authenticity, M = morality.
01:25   We are a perfect middle-of-the-road party, which isn’t on the right and which isn’t on the left.
01:29   That’s what’s on paper. But the leader would also like to adopt the Sharia —
01:33   the fundamental Quran law — for [all of] Belgium. He calls for separation
01:37   of men and women in buses, and also desires polygamy.
01:44   We are, for example… to go for
01:48   polygamy, for example. There are women, who like, for example
01:52   who love men, but who [the men], unfortunately, are married
01:56   and they live in that suffering. Voilà. She cannot
02:00   approach a man, because he is married. What we would like to do is to give her
02:04   the possibility, to those women to be, to become co-spouses.
02:08   You know that’s against the Belgian Constitution. —No, not at all. There’s no law forbidding it.
02:12   There is a law, it’s true, which forbids, the… the…
02:17   polygamy, because IT’S FROWNED UPON HERE IN EUROPE.

18 thoughts on “Sharia4Belgium — In Your Face

  1. Alors, Moi, well, I believe in equality, the perfect equality. So, if a man may, according to Sharia, marry up four wives, why then may a woman not marry four men ? It follows the logique as four wives for one man ?

    Vive la Liberté !!! Diversité for everyone, Why not ?

  2. The first question that comes to my mind is, does the polygamy permission extend to non-Muslim males, sort of as a bribe, as it were? If so, the only conceivable benefit to not instituting sharia marriage is, you get to see what the bride looks like before marrying her.

  3. The fetid stench grows, under cover of “Political Correctness” and accusations of “Islamophobia,” both of which trends grew exponentially during the US presidency of Barack Hussein “King B.O.” Obama, himself a closet Islamist. Of all the long-lasting advantages that he handed the jihadists, one of the most significant, in my opinion, is that the downward-spiraling social paralysis of PC continues to hamper candid communication throughout the free world. The islamists are playing a smarter game at present than the democratic governments. I would love to be proven wrong.

  4. Women fall in love with married men and want to be co-spouses. LOL.

    In a real Islamic utopia, polygamy happens when a man aims for an 11 year old girl and buys her form a poor father. Go to Pakistan or Iran, Baluchistan area on both sides of the border, and watch how these things happen. Then kick these buffoons out of your lands if you want to stay civilised humans.

  5. Just like the rest of Europe- Belgium deserves whatever it gets from the Islamic barbarians that they have allowed to take over their countries.

    They have given away (without a fight) the culture, liberties and freedom that OUR people fought so hard for over thousands of years, to these murderous savages who would just as soon cut off your head as look at you.

    They are just waking up now?? NEWS FLASH: it’s TOO LATE.

    • No one “deserves” the fate you assign to the Belgians. One of our favorite commenters is from Belgium. He runs the website “DownEast” and is a supporter of America.

      He’s been awake for many years about this problem and the extent to which it was sicced on them by the EU in Brussels.

      Please, some discernment here?

  6. Why are we even talking to these muslim nazis?

    They are not from Europe, most them Are arab scum, who want to murder so-called infidels (us) the native white Europeans.

    Who allowed them to form political parties? The leftists?

    We are at war, here.

    The leftists, and anyone who is against western civilisation, our way of life, culture, church, must simply GO!

    I advise all persons to start getting hold of guns, ammo, and prepare to fight what will soon be at your doorstep because islam has to be removed by arms.

    Same medicine must be used against British political traitors, and eussr nazis in Brussels, Juncker, verhofstadt, et al, it’s these murderers we must go after first and asap.

    Do these traitors in eussr, Germany, UK, realise yet that huge numbers of people in EU countries want them dead?

    I wonder what type of security Juncker, Verhofstadt, Schultz, have??

    History has shown, what happens to people like these, remember Mussolini? Ceausescu? Blind drunk on power…. One morning they wake up and there are 500,000 people with ropes and guns outside there sleeping place.

    I can’t wait; I assume it be on tv, or youtube :)))

    • most them are Arab scum

      Arabs don’t think so. They particularly dislike Africans and have taken them as slaves for more than a millennium. Problem is, they castrate the males, and up to 90% would die on the long hard road to the Desert Kingdom.

      But Arabs suffer from a bad case of hubris. Have you ever talked to one? It becomes apparent very early on in the “conversation”.

      As for people stocking up on guns and ammo, that is only possible in the US — and perhaps in some Scandinavian countries. In the UK, you can’t even carry a knife for protection…iow, know your audience.

      Oh wait: you’re planning to watch these wars on YouTube?? Seriously? So your bellicose ideas are for others, not for thee?
      Please, Morpheus, if you are sending comments from your phone, take the time to check for punctuation and spelling for the sake of your fellow commenters. Thanks.

    • Nice call for going Count Stauffenberg, but:

      1) Try to get a gun in Europe. Unless you are a politician your chances are Zero, zip, nada.

      2) And even if you have a gun, like in th USA, remember Waco, LaVoy Finicum, Ruby Ridge etc. ?

      If I remember the Bundy standoff correctly, yes there were 100 rifles aimed at the BLE-agents – but not one was loaded, because that would have been against the law.

      And while a lot of people are angry at the traitor Jane Fonda (for Vietnam), Lon Horiuchi (Ruby Ridge), XX (who killed LaVoy Finicum), Janet Reno (Waco), they all are living happily ever after.

        • Yes I do know zip-guns.
          But sorry to burst your bubble.
          Ammo is as regulated as guns.
          Without a Waffenschein (Germany) the only things you get in a gun shop are slingshots, bows, crossbows (but not exceeding a certain power) and “guns” that look like the real thing but can fire only blanks or tear gas.

          • I wasn’t aware of my “bubble”. I suppose there are many layers?

            Has the ability to machine one’s own ammunition been lost? I remember my uncle making his own (or rather ‘re-making’ it out of spent shells). Wish I’d paid more attention.

            As I recall zip guns were home-made affairs but I don’t remember what caliber they used. Zip guns and zoot suits, yeah.

  7. Hello Dymphna (There was no REPLY button below your comment)
    yes I know about that, but lets go through this purely hypothetical…

    You assemble all materials and then you take the metal thing you use as a barrel for your zip gun. But how do you find out/ calculate the maximum amount of black powder you may use before the “Barrel” blows up? Because that is if I recall correctly based on the thickness of the barrel and the material used for the barrel. And do not forget that you have to close off one end of this metal thing because otherwise you have a recoilless rifle. So this end close off is a weak spot.
    Because if you want to build such a gun, and I am against it, you do not want to use it and then find out that you send pieces of your hand – and a lot of your blood – flying around. – This Problem you dont have with commercially produced guns and ammo.
    And you know, that the accuracy of such a gun is a lot lower than that of a commercially gun. So sniper rifles are out of the question.
    And where do you test fire it? As soon as the bullet travels faster than the Speed of Sound it gets LOUD. So you cannot fire it in your basement.
    And if you travel to a place in nature you remember Murphy?
    The Police can just on a whim control your car, a huntsman may ask you what you do in the forest, somebody may stumble upon you etc.

    And that is just the first thoughts that get into my mind, if I of course hypothetical, try to think of how.
    But for the Secret Service, Police who read this: I have nothing in my flat that shows that I would be suicidal enough to do something like that.
    The only things in regard to firearms you find in my flat are books from roleplaying games like Twilight 2000, Shadowrun 5, Vampire-Werewolf-Mage-Hunter, Call of Ctulhu, Space 1889 and a lot of other RPGs with firearms.

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