Punching Left and Punching Right

Matt Bracken sends this report on a new social media platform that offers an alternative to Progressive behemoths such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Punching Left and Punching Right: Left-wing social media, Gab, and FreeZoxee

by Matt Bracken

There is a saying in the so-called progressive movement that “There are no enemies on the left.” Sometimes this is expressed as “Don’t punch left.” What this means is that in the furtherance of the progressive agenda, liberals will form common cause with declared Communists, despite Communism’s demonstrated record of tyranny and mass murder.

On the right, some openly-declared neo-Nazis opine that they should similarly be given the same consideration, and that we should not “punch right,” but I absolutely reject this plea. First, in no way do I consider neo-Nazis to be on the right. Nazism is short for National Socialism, and all forms of socialism are anathema to freedom.

Second, I will never form common cause with the evil genocidal freaks who even today adore Adolf Hitler and celebrate his mass murder of the European Jews and other groups. I spit on them and their figurehead Führer, may he continue to burn in hell. Undeniable German military prowess during the Second World War gives no dispensation for the crimes against humanity committed by Hitler’s Nazis. For writing the above I will now be called a Jew-loving kike and so on, but the misspelled insults of Hitler-worshipping drooling inbred retards concerns me not one whit.

Now, on to social media, and the issue of punching right. Like millions of conservatives, I am strongly dissatisfied with the liberal slant of today’s social media, which is demonstrated daily by Google, YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook and Twitter. (I am currently on my sixth 30-day Facebook ban in the past year.) So two years ago, I joined a small but growing Twitter replica forum called Gab.ai, despite its policy of welcoming the most disgusting neo-Nazi Hitler worshippers. Over that time on Gab I have blocked and muted dozens of Hitler cultists, who almost daily create new accounts to post anti-Semitic Nazi-era cartoons and so on. Like I said, drooling retards.

While I have opposed Gab’s open-door policy toward open Nazis, it’s not my platform to reform. I have held my nose and pressed on, blocking new Nazis almost daily. But I have also felt strongly that Gab could never break through to respectability if the first thing that newcomers notice are glowing portraits of Hitler and caricatures of cringing hooked-nose Jews copied from old Nazi-era propaganda. I just blocked them and moved on, but many normal people must have immediately backed away from Gab, never to return.

I have even supported Gab by becoming a paid subscriber or “Gab Pro,” with a name-verified account. And not only that, but I have created or modified memes supporting Gab and posted them dozens of times on Twitter and Facebook (when I’m not on a 30-day ban). I didn’t like Gab’s policy of tolerating the open promotion of Nazism, but at least there was none of the anti-conservative censorship rampant on liberal-run social media. For the time being, Gab was the only alternative.

But in the last few weeks, I have been contacted by a coder who has been working for the past year to create an entire new suite of social media platforms called FreeZoxee.com. This suite of platforms combines the best attributes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasting, Patreon-like funding, and not only text but voice messaging among users and groups. All of these platforms are integrated under one roof, held in our own friendly conservative and libertarian hands.

But FreeZoxee, unlike Gab, does not roll out the red carpet for those who openly promote ideologies with a track record of destroying freedom when they rise to power. “Free Speech Uber Alles” becomes a suicide plan when, for example, in its name thousands of radical mosques are allowed to spread across Europe. In time, this tolerance for the intolerant will lead to an unimaginably bloody religious civil war, or the forced imposition of Sharia Law, and then the absolute death of free speech.

So FreeZoxee.com has an anti-totalitarian core principle. It will not be used as a base for empowering groups which destroy freedom when they rise to rule. While brutally honest discussion about topics which are taboo on liberal social media are welcome, those who openly and proudly carry the flags of Mohammed, Lenin, Hitler or Soros are not. If your highest calling is to fetishize the one-testicled corporal with the tiny mustache, or the insane pedophile prophet, you may post elsewhere.

None of us can see with certainty what the future will bring, but I know for sure that conservatives need better weapons to successfully fight the ongoing information war. I believe that the FreeZoxee.com suite of social media platforms can provide a major boost to our effectiveness on the internet. And if you are a videographer or content creator, you will be welcomed with open arms, and you are encouraged to explore FreeZoxee’s monetization methods. There are no deep pockets behind FreeZoxee.com, only a small but growing community of freedom fighters.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com. For his previous essays, see the Matthew Bracken Archives.

98 thoughts on “Punching Left and Punching Right

  1. “It will not be used as a base for empowering groups which destroy freedom when they rise to rule. ”

    Is that a rule? And, if so, could it not be hijacked by SJWs claiming that those who seek to curtail immigration “destroy freedom” ?

    Personally, I’d be more in favour of a more clear-cut set of guidelines: promotion of tolitarian or genocidal ideologies, followed by nations or groups who the US government has been at war with, are banned from the site. So bye bye pro-Hitler/anti-Jew memes by teens in basements, as well as pro-Isis stuff. Any communist and/or Soros stuff I think we can deal with (and it can sometimes cause a chuckle)

    • Absolutely. And it will! The solution, so obvious, is to limit not the ideology, but the speech that rises to slander and or exhortation to crime. That’s what Gab neglected to do, which drew the platform into trouble. And that always happens in such cases because SJWs will post such things in order to bring on the penalty.

    • I think you just about nailed it here. The only censorship should come from the users, by blocking out what they don’t think is helpful. The second you do more than this, you give the totalitarians a foothold.

      • In Google, most users are left & moslems & anti Christians. Your rules of leaving it to the users have made Google as it is now. Your advise is wrong.

    • The big problem with the commenting like that of the Nazis is not simply that they have a presence on the discussion threads, but they positively flood it, crowding out all real discussion. It’s easy for a Nazi or other fanatic to generate text because they operate from boilerplate minds, and have no trouble generating mindless rants and exhortations.

      There’s a law of complexity somewhere that the more complex a system becomes, the more rules it generates and the more difficult it is to stay within the rules. Better to have some broad principles, and don’t mind some inconsistencies in interpreting them. For instance, Dymphna and Baron say they don’t allow antiSemitic comments, but occasionally leave a few in. The inconsistencies actually add to the informative nature of the thread, as long as they keep some type of lid on. Once all constraints are taken off, the mindless cattle fanatics flood the channels with pap.

      I look forward to the day when Facebook is openly only leftist and there is a smaller alternative available. You have the worst of worlds now: censorship, and its sneaky, underhanded, passive-aggressive censorship.

      • Just cos a rule is in place, doesnt mean it needs to be enforced – any more than a car breaking the speed limit needs to face a fine… the offence might not be spotted, for instance, or the moderator might be in a lenient mood. The presence of the rule only gives a reason for it to be enforced, if the enforcer wshes to do so.

        • Not sure if the demand crashed it or what, but never received e-mail confirmation, and today the link is a 404 error.. oh well.

  2. The idea of running off those who promote totalitarian ideologies, while laudable, can still be hijacked and used to ban those on the right or with viewpoints outside of the mainstream. I think it is probably better to allow all speech but have some kind of upvote/downvote rating system available to posters in forum comments. For example of 8 of 10 votes are negative on a particular comment, then the comment is hidden unless the viewer wishes to show hidden comments. This gets rid of troll and Nazi comments from forum threads, while still allowing lively debate. The chances of legitimate views being hidden is minimized because of the ratio of likes to dislikes, and it is still accessible to those who do want to see trolling comments. And no one is banned, because they are free to comment but they will be judged in a public forum and if posts are disruptive then they are hidden and no longer interfere in legitimate debates.

    • For now, you will simply have to trust the judgement of the creator, yours truly, and other admins that we nominate. Isn’t that better than what Facebook, Youtube and Twitter offer?

      • I agree, but my concern is that in the long run, mission creep by the site administrators will lead to the same mess that Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are imposing on conservative and nationalist groups/individuals.

        Btw, I love your books; is it possible to purchase signed copies?

        • How about we give it a try before we write it off as hopeless? Would you not like to see the folks who run places like Gates of Vienna helping to steer a new family of social media platforms, are you happy to ride in the back of the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube bus, self-censoring to avoid being thrown off?

      • I do trust Mathew Bracken. I also think any thread without moderation has the chance to degenerate into a sea of junk. The reason is that the fanatics, Nazis and others, easily generate posts by taking boilerplate templates in their heads. They don’t listen to rebuttals, and any reasonable person is put off by the sheer number of mindless chaff they have to go through to find any reasonable comment.

          • I never had much trouble with the trolls and skinheads. I just give it back. They are real thinned skinned and it doesn’t take much to get them wee wee’d up when you call them out. They particularly do not like being questioned as to their veracity and being asked to provide truth off their contentions. Ignoring them works best sometimes.
            Maybe I’m not among the mainstream, but I find it refreshing to be able to give them [effluvia] for their idiotic theories and ideology. I’ve even had a couple of them ban me. Now that’s hilarious. Calling out the trolls and agent provocateurs is particularly satisfying. You can tell who’s who, they use all sorts of avatars, but after 12 years watching them on places like WRSA you recognize them, especially when they gang up and tag team the vulnerable commenters or try to disrupt a comment thread. They have certain characteristic tells.

            Your Alt-Tech Platform is really what is needed. It is most excellent. If you can work out the bugs, you will draw huge numbers. Most people see it for what it is once they have a contrasting alternative. Platforms, the Fabian SJW’s can not converge because they are unable to insinuate themselves into the system. Vox Day has proven the viability of Alt-Tech through Castalia House Publishing, Infogalactic, Arkhaven Comics: Alt-Hero, hugely popular and successful and its only in its beta start-up stage. Dark Legion, Voxversity, and Darkstream, Daily Meme Wars, Darkstream, and last but not least, DevGame Alt-Gaming platform. All these are excellent examples of Alt-Tech. Vox has claimed for years the only way is the way of alternate tech platforms. His own efforts and the efforts of his followers drive the SJWs insane. It’s wonderful to watch them wigging out and trying to defend against being exposed when an Alt-? platform is created. Maintaining convergence proof alternates are by themselves fertile resistance. The human extinction movement need not apply their convergence here on our Alt-Platforms. Take your convergence and [rude suggestion redacted]. And don’t let the gammas in either, they are as destructive as the SJWs, in some ways worse. Sneaky little passive aggressive pricks they are. They get a wedge in the door by making an issue into something about the creators or moderators. Creepy cunning crap. Ban them instantly on the spot, don’t mess around giving them a 1st chance.

            I’m going right over and joining today, Matt.
            Appreciate you for everything.

          • This is for mtnforge:

            I have very little idea what you just said. You used a lot of jargon (not a critique of shortcut language, but it’s accessible only to those who know) and recounted a lot of instances I have no knowledge of.

            Why not give a few links to description of what you term as alt-tech, and also links to some instances you described, with a more complete description for those not familiar.

      • I’m curious if pro-White sentiments will be equated with Nazism and therefore prohibited, or is the term Nazism to apply only to Hitler fetishists?

        Will those of us who want white countries to remain white, and to retain their white characteristics be banned? Is that a position that is beyond the pale to you?

        • May I comment on my experience of antiSemites on comment threads?

          Generally, the defining characteristics are an intense hatred, and very broad generalizations. This includes racists, in the sense that they not only think non-white races are lower in intelligence or higher in criminality, but actually intensely hate all members of any other group.

          Many, if not most, white nationalists make the point they have nothing against other races, and are perfectly fine if people of other races or religion create regions where their race or religion predominate. In any case, the discussion is rational, whether one agrees or not.

          So, as a thread forbids personal diatribes against individual commenters, it might forbid open expressions of hatred towards races or religions, which is not the same as making generalizations, even unflattering generalizations.

        • Anything “pro-white” is already equated to Nazism by someone. I just ignore them and let them believe they’ve won some sort of debate. I really don’t care what, how or if they feel anything. At this point I just try to explain (to those who are receptive) how I feel. Libs can go pound sand.

      • Well, no. That is PRECISELY what Facebook, Youtube and Twitter offer. The sociopaths worked their way to the top of the hierarchy there, as they inevitably will, and that’s how you got what you have now.

      • I joined Gab, and never use it because of all the intolerant Naziesque crap there. How do I join FreeZoxee? I went to the site, but didn’t see instructions for signing up.

    • Upvote-downvote systems can and will be hijacked by leftist SJWs using the technique of “brigading.” For the time being, trusted admins till judge the trolls and delete their accounts.

    • Upvote/downvote did not save Gab from becoming the train wreck it is. The vilest Jew-hating filth regularly attracts 1oo+ upvotes and very few downvotes on Gab. For two reasons mainly: Twitter began purging right-wingers bigtime just after the 2o16 election and has continued doing so. Many of them, including the Daily Stormer crowd, ended up on Gab. Conservatives mainly drifted back to Twitter, Nazis mainly stayed on Gab.

      Andrew Torba, the proprietor — who has not contributed a line of code and in fact, Gab is a ripoff (“fork”) of an opensource project with only minor alterations, some arguably for the worse — went out of his way on many occasions to roll out a red carpet for Nazi posters. Its all about the traffic figures and his (vain) hope of finding a fool to sell the business to, while in the meantime extracting as much $$ as possible from gullibles (donors/ “pro users” / investors [haha]).

      Gab is not pro free speech, they have banned many contributors, sometimes with no explanation at all. The latest victim was @Onewaydotcom, for producing a video that was critical of Gab and Torba.

      • There are some who claim that Torba’s partners are located in Turkey, and this is a big part of the reason they are sympathetic to Jew-hating Nazis.

        • AFAIK the only minority shareholder apart from Torba & family was Ekrem B., a Turk who is Gab’s PHP/JavaScript guy. No one knows how skilled he is nor his politics (which he’s never mentioned). Of course, a number of shares by now belongs to outside marks, sorry, “investors”. For more background on gab, follow @iskandrian and @judgedread there while you still can.

    • I did. Got nowhere.
      All I got was a login option. But you can’t login without registering first and a registering option is nowhere to be found.
      Looks like a dud.

      • I’ll look into your registration problem and get the proper link to post here.

        • Thanks. I ran into the same issue. Right now I can only get to the site for those who already have an account to log in. I’ll keep checking back.

          • I had to try multiple times before I finally had a single email arrive in my gmail spam folder.

      • To register, click on “contact us.” We moved it because of trolling attacks from Gab Nazis. Once this all settles down we can make it more clearly open again. It’s not easy getting this airplane off the ground with a lot of lowlifes trying to shoot at it on the runway.

      • To register, click on “contact us.” We moved it because of trolling attacks from Gab Nazis. Once this all settles down we can make it more clearly open under “registration” again.

      • Slightly new information.

        I clicked the “contact us” link on the bottom on the introductory screen and got a sign-in page. I signed up and clicked. It said I would get an email to confirm my address, but email never arrived and the registration timed out.

        • Same here … but it wasn’t the registration that timed out. I saw a ‘registration successful,’ and the notice of the impending email, but then noticed small red print IN the ‘robot’ check-box, saying THAT timed-out. When I clicked the robot box again, it verified, but I was now told (in red lettering, at the TOP) ‘This email is already in use.’ 10 minutes later the double opt-in verification email still hasn’t arrived.

          (I was a bit slow completing the required information, while I worked out and wrote down a decent password.)

          I go into such detail only because it might help the programmer, zoxee, track the glitch (if that is what it is).

        • Click on “contact us” to see the registration form. You may have to click on the “guest” drop down. It may have changed from when I did it, yesterday.

          Right now, the website appears to be down.

          I’ll stick with it though. It has always been my thought that the conservatives, identity, any type of alt people will have to have their own network. The “free” services are not free, and we’ll end up paying for what we need, one way or another. Like, I send contributions to GoV, because it is a website of real journalism, not entertainment.

          The first principle of conservatism “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”: TANSTAFL.

          Those people who look to Facebook and Twitter to be regulated so they can get a free ride are simply socialists on the inside. That does not extend to the tech services such as PayPal or YouTube pulling the rug out from customers by suddenly stopping their services on very short notice and demolishing their customer lists. That’s monopolistic restraint-of-trade, not free market enterprise.

          Large tech giants who treat their customers like this should be subject to multi-billion dollar damage penalties.

    • To register, click on “contact us.” We moved it because of trolling attacks from Gab Nazis. Once this all settles down we can make it more clearly open again. It’s not easy getting this airplane off the ground with a lot of lowlifes trying to shoot at it on the runway.

  3. Its a fantastic platform! It will be the death of facist book, goolag, twit, youtube,
    Great design, and works seamlessly,


    Must have be some serious money behind this site, its going to be huge success.

    • I wish that there was “serious money” behind FreeZoxee. Actually, there is one incredibly dedicated coder who is our philosophical brother. He worked on it day and night for a year for no pay, going nearly broke, even selling his car to keep it going. When it was ready, he tried to reach out to “famous names” who face banning and censorship on the usual liberal social media, and was unable to get through to them. However, he and his mom were fans of my writing, and Zoxee (his nickname, it rhymes with Foxy) was able to contact me.

      After several hours of Skype conferencing while he went through his platforms, I was totally sold. I’ve reached out to other like-minded bloggers, and now we are starting to take off. But there is zero money behind it, just one magnificent and dedicated coder.

      To keep it running, it will need to get subscriptions or donations. Not to use the basic “Friends” social media, that’s free. But to upload videos and so on, that will require a subscription. However, the combined subscription pot will be paid back to content creators based on their video views. If a video producer gets a few thousand views per month, the sharing policy will pay for his subscription.

      There is really nothing “free” about “free” social media such as Facebook. What they do is data-mine your privacy, collecting and analyzing your social networks, spending habits, web viewing habits, and so on, and then they sell that product on to corporate advertisers.

      FreeZoxee is entirely user-funded, but unlike Gab, the income and bonuses paid back out will be transparent. I hope that anyone reading this will give it a try. If there are any registration glitches this morning, they will be swiftly ironed out.

      Since opening with its “no totalitarians” policy, FreeZoxee has been under unrelenting attack from the Nazis on Gab, including false registrations and some innocent-appearing correspondence with Zoxee that was used to exploit a vulnerability. Registration glitches will be fixed in a few hours if you are encountering them.

      Please read this thread and comments by the Nazis to see what FreeZoxee is up against.

      PS: I created this montage of Gab-approved Nazis in just a few minutes from the folks who attacked me on the thread.


      • I think it’s likely that the smartest and most productive of the “Nazis” on a lot of social platforms are actually agents of state intelligence services. The general strategy is to plant agents on sites where rational, thoughtful conservatives and nationalists gather, and turn those places into foul sumps that all decent people will want to avoid.

        I admit I base my hypothesis on a very limited range of actual information — if the intelligence agencies are any good at their job, word of what they’re doing doesn’t leak out until a couple of generations later, when publishing historical accounts can no longer harm operations.

        However, there have been a few cases on both sides of the Atlantic where an interested observer can get a peek behind the scrim. One of them was the trial after the debacle at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Against the objections of federal prosecutors, the judge forced the FBI to reveal the agents that were planted in the Bundy group. It was just what I had expected — a number of agents, with at least one at a leadership level, who participated in planning decisions.

        In other words, planted agents are placed in strategically useful positions where they can steer the group into making foolish, self-destructive decisions that can later be exploited by the state.

        I see no reason why the same techniques would not be employed in cyberspace, with the purpose of strangling any meaningful, coherent dissent in its virtual cradle.

        • I will get back to you with details, but in German AFD acquired the police handbook (on PDF) which in black and white terms authorizes false-flag agent-provocateur “discrediting” missions by undercover agents, including to throw bricks at innocent people and even the police to permit using tear gas and riot controls. I will see if the PDF is available, but it aligns 100% with what you posted above. So yes, I assume that many of the “Nazis” on Gab are false flag operators on a discrediting mission.

        • I seem to recall the FBI doing exactly the same thing – planting agents provocateurs – into the SDS in the ’60s, to provoke them into doing stupid and violent things that would discredit them. The Bureau is still stonewalling Robert Spencer about the involvement of one of their agents in the attack on the Garland, Texas Mohammed Cartoon contest. Plus ca change. Tactics that work are never abandoned.

        • A rule of thumb for groups surveilled by the state is “100/10/0 or 1”. Meaning, there will be 100 genuine members/activists found for every ten “snitches” (paid informers) and zero or one actual undercover agent. “Donnie Brasco” is the exception, not the rule.

          I can confirm that German authorities have given a green light to their stoolies to commit “minor” infractions, e.g., raising the arm in a Hitler salute. There is also much that we do not know yet.

        • Yes, my thoughts exactly… could the Gab “Nazis” actually be Antifa types trying to derail the discourse and make the brand toxic?

  4. A step in the right direction. Of course there may be issues, but nevertheless a step in the right direction and is welcomed.

  5. Both some on the right and on the left are antisemites , pro Palestinian Corbynites to old fashioned Nazis , both represent the same politics of hate .

  6. I couldn’t get to the site using Google Chrome. I had to use Safari to access the web page.

  7. I do wonder. On various sites, I’ve been called any number of names. Why? For the most part, simply for asking questions? Q: “Is it possible that …?” R: “What, are you stupid?!”
    Q: “If I were to attempt to explain the major differences between these political systems of …?” A: “Take your silly question elsewhere, commie troll!!!” And, this is just a sample taken not from off-the-wall site, but from some of the better ones.

    So, how is Freezoxee.com going to be different? If a question sounds as though it is anti-Semitic, or pushing communism or Naziism, sexism, etc, is it going to be bounced or is the site going to be one wherein true discussion is advanced? Where instead of a triggered-keyboard, persons are encouraged to enter into genuine dialogue by, for example, asking clarifying questions. This would flush out those bearing ill-will vs. those who are sincere in their questioning.

    As I like to say, “I don’t have all the answers. Heck, all too often, I’m not certain what question it is that we’re attempting to address.”

    • Our goal is to permit free-wheeling discussion that are taboo on Twitter, Facebook etc, such as the connection between national IQ average and national outcomes, to give an example.

      The problem is to avoid becoming a Hitlerite cesspool like Gab.

      If somebody wants to postulate an idea about why Jews this or that, fine. But when a guy with a Hitler avatar and a Nazi profile banner posts boilerplate Nazi screeds, including “Evil hook-nose Jew” cartoons updated from WW2 Nazi propaganda, we are going to bounce him straight back to Gab, where he is welcome to remain wallowing in his filth.

      Please see my profile (and last post) on Gab, and read the comments from the Nazis I am referring to. They are trying to trash FreeZoxee’s registration, we are fixing it, but they hate the idea of an open forum, minus Leftist censorship and shadowbanning, where they are excluded.

      The cheerful acceptance of these open and proud Hitler-worshiping Nazis is the reason Gab will never become a respectable site. Will Trump ever post on Gab, as has often been hoped for? Not in a million years. Not while it is a Hitler-lover’s haven.


  8. Matt,
    Instead of a left vs. right line, where Nazis end up on the right (which is a liberal deception anyway), it should be Totalitarianism vs. Freedom. Commies, socialists, anti-Semites, nazis, statists, liberals, islamists, democrats, and yes, even many republicans, are somewhere on the side of totalitarianism.

    My second point is that not enough people are taking the fortunes part of “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” seriously. Selling his car sounds like he is taking it seriously so credit to him for this. This is a fight to the end. If someone is providing value for content, that’s great. If someone else is just rent seeking, it isn’t going to do them any good in the gulag.

    • It might be more helpful to distinguish between fiscal liberals/conservatives and social libs/cons. It was that social divide which Trump tapped to win the presidency. People who were put off by his biography were still willing to vote for him because Supreme Court appointments – i.e., the King Cyrus Trump voters.

      That election replayed on the Senate floor these past weeks and will do so – with increasing drama – each time another Supreme Court appointment comes up for senatorial Advise and Consent. There are still several doddering question marks remaining, Ruth Bader Ginsburg being the most obvious.

      • There are 2 camps: AntiWhite and ProWhite.

        White AntiWhite Democrats are pushed out by vibrant AntiWhites. AntiWhite Republicans are pushed out by ProWhites.

        NB. NonWhites can be ProWhites since not all NonWhites want Detroitification.

        @Matt Any updates on TET2?

        • I’m sorry but I don’t understand your points. It’s too convoluted for me to follow. But then again, the B just finished our taxes (we file late – always have) and *that* process triggered my PTSD. Which grew worse when they (literally) weaponized the IRS…

    • I am willing to debate anybody with a rational argument and open mind.
      I do not want to give a platform to programmed zombies from totalitarian cults. They are just human robot retransmitters, like the idiots doing the “chant and repeat” Communist brainwashing sessions in D.C. yesterday and today. I will argue, for example, about the Jewish people. I will not engage idiots with Hitler avatars who post Nazi cartoons of Jews and suggest that the next time, the Nazis will finish the job. Ditto Mohammedans, Communists, and Soros globalists (although it’s debatable they are any different from Communists).

    • I’m going to make the point I try to make with Stefan Molyneux’s comment threads.

      You need a certain amount of authoritarianism, or government. The reason is exactly the same as why you need strict monitoring on the social media and information websites: individuals on the pure freedom end get taken over by organized authoritarians.

      Baron’s examples of the FBI informants in the wildlife reservoir conflict and Bracken’s example of the authorized police false flag operations are perfect examples. The national analogy is the country weak on defending itself or not bothering with a strong central government is taken over by predator nations. It has happened every time in history.

      The framers of the US Constitution tried to craft a strong federal government with enough internal restrictions so as to square the circle: have a federal government strong enough to protect the country and prevent internal conflict, but restricted enough to allow real local government. We see the whole concept deteriorating into a tyrannical, all-powerful federal government, supported both by Democrats and Republicans. But the alternative might have been even worse: the US as a mass of feuding states, each of which would be tempted to ally itself with a foreign power for “temporary” advantage. In reality, once a foreign power comes in as a local ally, it never leaves.

      • Good lessons / info in that older book, “The Nine Nations of North America,” (if only I hadn’t lost my copy! Years ago, now)

        • I have it on my shelf! The Nine Nations of North America by Joel Garreau, written in 1981, is timeless. You can get a “new” (used) copy on Amazon marketplace for a few bucks.

          • Thanks for the tip, Matt – I’ll order my replacement copy today. Great book. (When it popped into my head last night I made a mental note to search Amazon today to see if it was still available … but now I’m committed to find out what you call “a few bucks” ! )

          • Another book along the same line is Samuel P Huntingdon’s “the Clash of Civilizations,” although he did not foresee the suicide attempt of Western Civilization

      • Your words hint at the same conclusion arrived at by Jefferson early on. the one about what is required to keep the tree of liberty alive.

      • @Ronald B:
        As has been discussed since Lysander Spooner, the single biggest problem with the Constitution is that it is not enforced by, or readily enforceable upon, the various governments in these presently united States. I submit that the Constitution is effectively at present a myth, albeit a powerful one, and that if we wish to make it more than that, a mechanism by which We The People can enforce it is essential.

        See- https://libertyhollow.weebly.com/home/using-the-myth-of-the-constitution-part-5-proposed-draft-of-the-constitutional-enforcement-amendment.

        • The mathematician logician Wittgenstein proved a theorem stating that any complex system must contain contradictions. It’s not a matter of careful construction; it’s a matter of mathematical logic.

          There is a story that when Wittgenstein was applying for US citizenship after World War II, he gave the immigration examiner a discourse in the self-contradictions of the US Constitution. Most geniuses on the level of Wittgenstein are Asperger anyway, so they have no idea of the effect of what they say on other people. Fortunately, Albert Einstein was there acting as his sponsor. Einstein had his own problems with a lack of social consciousness, but was conscious enough to realize Wittgenstein was digging himself into a hole and interceded for him.

          In other words, you’ll never be able to get a constitution which is internally consistent, and a system of government that is cleanly ruled by an overarching constitution.

          I agree that the original intent of the Constitution has been shredded, but a lot of it is in the form of amendments. I don’t believe there is an easy mechanism, like your proposed amendment, that would solve the problems. Such an amendment, if passed, would give low-level federal courts even more authority to block Presidential powers, like the power to absolutely limit immigration as he sees fit.

  9. I think that a lot of people go “full Nazi” because they find that everyone who is to the right of Marx is tarred and feathered as a Nazi anyway, so may as well own it so that the label loses its meaning. Similar to Steve Bannon speaking in France a while back and encouraging people to own the label of “racist”. The idea being that, if not wanting to submit to replacement and genocide makes me a “Nazi/racist”, then that’s what I am. So what?
    Also, people are angry, enraged to the point of insanity. It’s hard to see the reality of what is going on, and to watch over your lifetime as everything you hold dear is destroyed, everyone you love is brainwashed into suicidal self hatred. Your religion, your country is hijacked by lunatics, while you feel bound and gagged.
    Hence, the opioid addiction, despair, suicide that is plaguing the unjustly maligned White males. Indulging their anger in Nazi symbolism is a coping mechanism for desperate people who are writhing in agony.
    Delusion and denial are often a person’s last defense against madness and suicide.

    • You make some decent points, but on FreeZoxee we will NOT give a voice or platform to idiots with Hitler avatars who post leering Jew Nazi propaganda and suggest that the next time they will finish the job. Nope. They can stay on Gab.

      • Yep twitter and gab are quite adequate.

        Dr Turley is on both platforms.

        Anne Marie Waters of the For Britain party was kicked off twitter and is now on gab- she’s a very nice ,articulate and courageous lesbian ,with a lovely Irish accent.

        • Yes, AMW is on Gab, because there was no other place to go for her. Now there is. But Gab will never be respectable or used by, (your example) Turley as long as they are greeted by slime like “Adolf Hitler’s Ghost.” It’s a fatal flaw which will keep them from every breaking through. A flaw corrected on FreeZoxee. Not to mention that FZ also includes monetized video hosting, podcasting, internal text AND voice messaging, and many other features not available on Gab.

          • You know what I’ve never understood is why people want to follow a loser…I like winning to much…;)

      • I am not saying that you should. Your point about it being a fatal flaw that will derail a viable alternative platform is quite right. I just can’t help but ache for our demoralized and broken young men. I can’t call any of them, regard of the path that their pain takes them down, idiots or slime, for example. I am not saying that mentally ill rants should have a platform for public debate, but that those who have been driven to mentally ill rants are still my fathers, my brothers, my sons. I feel deeply for them, and the wretchedness and hopelessness that they experience. Don’t give them a platform, ok, but give them compassion and don’t forsake them. I see through all the posturing, to their despair, and it breaks my heart.

  10. This risks putting yourself into an echo chamber. But a new platform is just as susceptible to trolls as any other. God speed to FreeZoxee so more like minded individuals can communicate.

  11. Something to check out… Good work here, Matt. I agree with you regarding the folks that are high centered on Anti-Semetism and worshipping the twisted cross…

    Nationalists, Constitutionalists, even Republicans and the few remaining Democrats can and should have discussions and disagreements the don’t include making this country into the USSA.

  12. I’m on Gab and just signed up fro FreeVoxee because I think we need more alternatives. The more conservative sites there are, the harder it is to take them all down. That said, I think that Torba has the right intentions for Gab as a free speech platform and I don’t get bothered by the Nazi LARPERs/troll/agents-provocateur, but I agree that a lot of newbies get put off by that, which is just what the pretend Nazis intend. I’ve joined several other conservative alternatives over the years and they always get attacked by the left in coordinated strikes that can be crippling to sites with small staffs since you cannot possibly moderate everything. One in particular that I was an original member of was the Tea Party Community – a Facebook knockoff with a good group of people. It was beset by an onslaught some of the most vile pornographic images beyond what you can even imagine and the moderators just had an incredibly hard time keeping up – as soon as you remove one and block the person, others would pop up. I think the TPC is still around, but that type of sustained attack absolutely crippled their ability to grow. If you are turned off by logging into Gab and seeing Nazi propaganda, then the same was true to log into TPC only to see vile pornographic imagery. People just quit coming. The same holds for every other alternative platform I have checked out. So, I guarantee you will get attacked in ways you cannot anticipate – it is what the left does. They cannot win a rational argument, so their strategy is to shut down the discussion entirely. I wish you the best of luck and will contribute to FreeZoxee as I contribute to Gab and other alternative platforms, because I want to see them succeed. One thing we can all agree on that free social media is anything but free, so we need to be willing to step up and commit to a few shekels to participate in platforms that do not sell our personal information.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply and valuable suggestions. Yes, we are girding for the fight to come, we are not quitters. We are getting mods on board to work 24/7 to keep the troll posting down. In a week we have about 2K users, so it’s still possible to keep up. As the numbers scale up by orders of magnitude, we’ll have to overcome the challenges to come.

      • I know you are busy and I won’t be upset if you don’t answer, but what is your take on social media that don’t explicitly fall in line with the SJW agenda like Twitter and Facebook do?

        Can they be a viable alternative for conservatives?

        Thinking of Minds, MeWe, Mastodon …

  13. I am always glad to see more sites out there,even ones I would personally not agree with or participate in as feel the more alts to folks views no matter what they are the better.I feel as Zox would be a site I would enjoy and find some good info./conversation ect. and thus will join.

    I believe though you will get a lot more initial views if folks can just go to site and see what is happening say conversation wise without logging in ect.Folks decide they want to contribute something/have a ? then sign in to keep out to a degree spam/attacks on site ect.,a process say like the site we are on at moment(Gates Of Vienna)in case this article on multiple sites.

    I have no problem dropping a few bucks to sites I support and have no issue with ads at margins of sites if needed to help fund.

    Anyhow,sill sign it and give site a peruse and hope it grows.

  14. Oddly, Pat Condell posts on Gab, as insurance for when Twtter ban him (which they did, for a few hours, earler this year.

  15. I just joined. No problems at all.

    I am NOT a social media person. But I trust Matt Bracken and even though he doesn’t have full control of the site, it is worth trying based on his recommendation.

  16. I have been a Gab member for over a year but rarely go there because of the Nazi spam that keeps hitting me in the face. I followed Matt and every time I wanted to see what he was posting I had to search him on out on my follow list to get his posts to come up. It’s frustrating.

    I clicked on contact at Freezoxie and nothing happened. After several tries I gave up.

    You can find my posts on Gab if you search for MC BCsurvivor, I think is how I set it up.

    • Don’t quit, please try again. Registration should be working now, if not, try tomorrow.

      • It let me use the “contact us” link so I will wait for a reply to my email.

        My husband and I are big fans of your books, btw. I have them all on Kindle. I can’t help but think I should get hard copies. I don’t trust Amazon to not remove them.

  17. Just tried to register for freezoxee. Actually, there’s currently no path to register. I click on “Contact” and it gives me a login screen and “guest” dropdown. I click on “register” on the dropdown, and it takes me to the login screen.

    I’ll try later.

  18. Matt, I went to the website, and tried to register an account. From the “guest” in the upper right corner, I selected “register” and instead of taking me to the registration page, it kept taking me to the “login” window.

  19. Not for this kid. Diaspora is a free and open-source alternative that is better known and widely used, federated rather than centralized.

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