Murdered His Ex and His Daughter Because He Couldn’t Get a Residence Permit

The video below describes the trial of a young culture-enricher in Hamburg, who is accused of killing his “partner” and their child. The motive for the murder? Because he was denied joint custody of his daughter, he would not be automatically eligible for a residence permit in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Vlad sends the following comment, which (I think) was posted on YouTube. I can’t vouch for its accuracy:

The woman states that he made cutting marks across the baby’s throat, and that’s a lie. That sick muslim [epithet] beheaded the baby. The guy who had it on video, his house was raided to confiscate the film. The government was afraid it would come out into the public domain.

Video transcript:

00:00   What went through the mind of Mourtala M. the morning of April 12th of this year?
00:05   This is what everyone is asking themselves in the Hamburg regional courtroom today.
00:09   On the morning of April 12th, the 34-year-old stabbed his ex-partner and his nearly
00:13   21-month-old daughter in public, at the subway stop Jungfernstieg.
00:17   The defendant is alleged to have killed his former companion after a fight, and out of
00:21   rage and revenge. He pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed his daughter in the stomach,
00:28   who was sitting in a stroller. He then injured the girl with severe cut wounds
00:33   to the neck, which resulted in her immediate death.
00:36   Following that, Mourtala M. began stabbing his former companion.
00:41   The paramedics called to the scene brought the 34-year-old immediately to the hospital,
00:45   but one hour later Sandra P. died from her severe injuries. Mourtala M. left the crime
00:50   scene and disposed of the murder weapon in a garbage can.
00:54   A few minutes later the suspect from Niger called the police himself.
00:58   Before the murder, a custody battle was being waged over the daughter of Sandra P. and Mourtala M.
01:06   The motive is linked to the fact that the day before the crime, the defendant was told during
01:15   a court hearing that he would not be granted custody, which he did not accept. In response,
01:22   it appears to have resulted in this act.
01:26   If he had been granted joint custody for his daughter, then Mourtala’s residence permit in
01:30   Germany would have been secured.

6 thoughts on “Murdered His Ex and His Daughter Because He Couldn’t Get a Residence Permit

  1. It would seem that it is possible to take the savage out of Africa, but impossible to take the Africa out of the savage…

    • Massacre… and this parasites coming to Europe, to live with normal civilized people, God have mercy for that poor child..

  2. The motive for the murder? Because he was denied joint custody of his daughter, he would not be automatically eligible for a residence permit in Germany.

    I think this is misleading, even grossly misleading.

    The motive for the murder was that his wife humiliated him by demanding a divorce, humiliated him by getting a divorce, and humiliated him by arranging for him to be expelled from Germany.

    He comes from a culture in which such humiliations can only be avenged by bloodshed, and must be avenged or he loses all honor. The question of joint custody is merely incidental – if she had gotten him kicked out for a parking ticket (ha) the result would have been the same. Similarly, if she had humiliated him in an unrelated way – say, by announcing that her daughter was sired by his neighbor – the effect would also have been the same.

    So he inflicts a greater humiliation upon her, and in the zero-sum logic of his culture, this cancels out his humiliation. He stabs the daughter in front of the mother’s eyes, cutting off her head for good measure, and then murders the mother. Now he can hold his head up high when he walks in the street, because no-one in his honor-group will mock him behind his back.

    But hey, all cultures are equally valid.

    • I think your reply is very sensible.

      There is another factor and that is, these refugees are like fish out of water in the German environment. The surroundings are different, the means of survival are different, the government interactions are different, and they do not have the tribal constraints, customs and surroundings they are used to. I think these people are totally unhinged by the change, and feel they have nothing to lose.

      I’m not justifying the act, and I do not feel sorry in the least for them. But, I think it’s a fact you’ll have people acting out there even more violently that they would have at home.

  3. Smart move on his part. Now he won’t be deported. German jails are not bad at all and in a very few short years he will be back out.

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