More on the Firebomb Attack at McDonald’s in Cologne

The Cologne police acknowledged that the McDonald’s attacker might have caused significant carnage if his firebomb attack had gone as planned. The alleged perpetrator is a Syrian “refugee” who is said to admire the Islamic State. Yet the last I heard, the authorities deny any connection with “terrorism”.

Presumably that’s because they failed to find an ISIS membership card in the guy’s apartment.

Oh, by the way — he also has “mental problems”.

Miss Piggy, who translated the video and text, sends this snip from an eyewitness account on the news site

“I was standing in front of the main train station in the square and talking on my phone and suddenly I heard screams. Several screams, very hysterical screams, “ she said. As she turned around and she saw that McDonald’s behind her was very dark and flames were blazing out. At that moment, two women had run out. They were running for their lives.

“One hat their foot burning and the flames were already high up to the hips. Then a passerby came and tried to help the girl, trying to take off her shoe, take off her socks, because everything was already on fire. At some point he did it. And then someone came out of the nearby pharmacy and provided first aid.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The hostage-taker apparently wanted to do a great deal of damage.
00:05   He had prepared suitcases with gasoline, several gas cartridges and steel balls.
00:13   “Of course, if the cartridges had ignited, the explosive effect would have been
00:18   tremendous, and the damage the steel balls could have done would have been quite considerable.”
00:26   Police have so far found no evidence of the Islamic State in his apartment.

7 thoughts on “More on the Firebomb Attack at McDonald’s in Cologne

  1. One can give thanks to their preferred deity for islamic scientific and technological illiteracy. If the Syrian savage had studied a little more explosive and electrical theory and a little less Mohammed, the results would have undoubtedly been far deadlier.

    • That is what I often think: thank God they are so bloody dumb and leave us a head start almost everywhere but in bloodthirst. Old white and dead Albert Camus had that topic in L’ Hôte , a story located in Algeria.

  2. “… Yet the last I heard, the authorities deny any connection with ‘terrorism’….”

    Yesterday’s edition of our local fish wrapper, probably repeating material from [I was jet-lagged and forgot to check], now states the attack could be terrorism. This same paper was one of the last in Germany to finally write about the New Years attacks in Cologne – six days after the fact– so I consider that progress!

    • OT Wow, ” fishwrapper”. This throws me back in time to the early sixties. I had fish & chips in a paper soaked by vinegar, sure enough.Do the Brits still do this? How many casualties through permeating print colour?

      • Fishwrapper is a good usage; I will occassionally fish a copy of the NY Times out of the trash to use as paper for budgie cages. I do wish they would print on softer paper; the editorial content makes it otherwise ideal for wiping one’s self after defecation.

        • throws me back again to the forties and early fifties! The above mentioned use left no good memories and was widespread, and luckily, there is three-layer paper available everywhere today in the best of all worlds.

      • No herb, it’s long gone; I daresay it wasn’t that hygienic.

        I’ve gone all nostalgic; when Dad was away, Mum would give me cash to buy fish and chips on the way back from Wolf Cubs.

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