Inge Steinmetz on Immigration, Dignity, and the German People

Last month we posted a confrontation between a German woman named Inge Steinmetz and a member of the Lügenpresse — a progressive journalist, in other words.

The video below shows Ms. Steinmetz’ remarks at a rally in Chemnitz, in which she discusses the dignity of the German people — or, more accurately, the violation of that dignity by the relentless cultural enrichment.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   “Human dignity shall be inviolable”. I received the invitation to speak at
00:05   this event here rather late and got the news even later about this theme.
00:11   I had no idea where to start. I’m used to writing spontaneously,
00:18   ideas that just occur to me, intuitively from the heart.
00:23   Usually at night, when my concerns for our country rob me of sleep.
00:27   I write short texts emphasizing a particular theme. What should I do?
00:37   Turn down the invitation? I had to think about what dignity meant.
00:43   Well, at least for me. I think the word dignity is related to respect and esteem.
00:51   I had to think of aging in dignity and grace. I love old things.
00:57   And when something ages with dignity, then it become more valuable.
01:03   I like, for example, older fabrics made from natural material which age
01:12   with dignity though time. The fading colors become even more beautiful, are
01:16   pleasant to the touch, and softer with age. This came to mind, but human dignity?
01:24   I was born in 1954, the same year as Merkel. It was a time when things
01:33   weren’t going so well for us as Germans. My mother bought me a doll’s pram
01:37   for one mark from the junk handler who would come by once in a while. I still
01:43   have it, but I couldn’t tell you why. I can’t really remember my early childhood.
01:49   I know that we, we were five children at home and for Christmas we received
01:56   a paper plate with nuts and an apple dwarf. We also received a handmade
02:00   Norwegian sweater, that my mother could make so well.
02:06   And Santa made sure we received some kind of toy.
02:12   I only had one doll, but when I look at the little black and white photographs
02:20   with those jagged edges, then I see a happy child. I was born in a
02:24   good time period, when everything continued to get better and nicer.
02:29   We lost our parents too early. We were all around 20 years old and
02:36   still had to care for our youngest sister, it became clear to me we had lived
02:40   in a kind of golden cage. I had a protected childhood, could choose the career I
02:47   wanted and marry the man I chose. I can’t remember when I first saw the film
02:59   “Desert Flower” which is based on a true story. I was around 50 years old.
03:07   I remember it well. How horrified I was, that Waris, a 14-year-old Muslim girl from
03:15   Somalia was to be forcibly married to an old man who paid for her.
03:25   I remember, watching and sobbing, when as a grown woman and
03:32   famous fashion model, she explained how she was brutally circumcised as a little girl.
03:41   If I remember well, until that point in time I had never heard of child marriages,
03:48   forced marriages or female genital mutilation. The world just fell apart for me,
03:56   the idea that something like this actually exists, and I freely admit I was very happy
04:03   that this kind of world was far, far, away. It wasn’t a part of Germany.
04:10   Then 2015 came. The borders were left open for anyone who could write
04:19   the word asylum, or just said it. With these people came child marriages,
04:24   which meant forced marriages and female genital mutilation, too.
04:31   The unimaginable for me or my intact world has now arrived Germany.
04:38   Now this little woman that concentrated on her own family became politically interested.
04:47   I could not, no, I will not sit back and watch something like this becoming accepted,
04:53   tolerated or even deemed as legal from our courts.
05:02   Even ex-federal justice minister [Heiko] Maas said that there should be exceptional
05:08   cases for child marriages. Especially when children are born into such relationships.
05:17   He justifies his statement by saying that these girls would have no right to financial
05:22   support because their marriages would not be recognized as legal. What a farce!
05:29   These girls could sue for financial support from their parents, which would act as a
05:38   deterrent for parents selling their children into forced marriages.
05:44   Evil is removed by the root and shouldn’t be given any nourishment, Mr. Maas.
05:49   A court in Bamberg has now officially recognized child marriages.
05:54   With this kind of judgement, the sharia has its foot in the door in Germany.
06:01   How is it possible in Germany that pedophiles and men who marry their
06:08   first, second, third or fourth child bride aren’t charge with child abuse?
06:15   The daily abuse, the rape of a child is now recognized as legal.
06:23   And what about the dignity of these children? Where is their right to a
06:29   protected childhood? An education? The freedom to choose a partner?
06:36   In Germany, you must be 18 years old to legally get a tattoo, and 16 years old with
06:43   the expressed permission of the parents. For circumcised boys, a procedure that has
06:48   enormous effects on the body, the German court system is starting to take action.
06:57   The serious consequences caused by these procedures done on the affected children
07:05   are criticised by various associations of doctors and the Child Protection
07:09   group MOGIS. All of this is happening under the smokescreen of religious freedom.
07:16   Shouldn’t our law be protecting the weakest in our society, the children?
07:23   Our country has now been taken over by things I had no clue about.
07:30   This includes the rape of grown men, yes, now we have that too.
07:37   Sex with animals, mass rapes…all of this which was unknown to me and far,
07:46   far away —now belongs to Germany.
07:50   When I read daily about what’s happening in this country, well OK, not in the
07:54   mainstream media because you can’t find it, because that doesn’t fit the narrative.
07:58   What I see, is that the dignity of the people is being used like a doormat.
08:04   I never had anything to do with “Women’s Lib”, and now appear to be the greatest
08:11   champion of women’s rights. All those people, especially women, who just
08:15   a couple months ago were screaming “me too” everywhere and were supporting
08:19   actresses who after decades came forward with their alleged sexual assault
08:23   stories, by men they knew and could have easily reported. Those are the same people
08:38   who couldn’t care less about the dignity of these women and children.
08:43   Those forced into marriage and who are abused in these so-called marriages.
08:49   What also does not matter to them is the safety of women who are sexually
08:55   assaulted on the streets of Germany on a daily basis by foreign men,
08:59   from unknown countries and of unknown identity — or should I say identities.
09:09   Apparently the dignity of older people is also worthless. Those who have worked
09:15   hard their entire lives and still can’t live on those hard-earned pensions.
09:21   Oh, and what about the dignity of those who are still working every day and can’t
09:27   find affordable places to live anymore? The longer I think about human dignity
09:32   the greater the abyss widens. We have a wonderful constitution, from the first article
09:40   about the human dignity that is allegedly inviolable to the last article, number 146,
09:52   which says these basic laws are valid for all German people and shall cease the day
10:02   on which a constitution freely adopted by the German people takes effect.
10:11   Until that day, the only way our constitution makes sense is when it is strictly applied.
10:18   With no loopholes opened in the name of tolerance for the intolerant.
10:26   We should not let our constitution be undermined by politicians for whom the right
10:30   to a dignified life doesn’t matter, unless it is their own lives — because they
10:37   live well and gladly. Thank you for listening.

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  1. This lady tells it like it is. Sanctimonious politicians preach tolerance and ignore the real-world consequences of tolerance for the intolerant. Their hypocrisy stinks.

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