Faith Goldy and Laura Loomer vs. ICNA and Sharia in Toronto

Laura Loomer is an investigative reporter, and Faith Goldy is a former reporter for Rebel Media who is now running for mayor of Toronto.

In the following video (which was recorded yesterday) we see Ms. Loomer and Ms. Goldy having a close encounter with the luminaries of ICNA, the Islamic Circle of North America. ICNA had announced an event for October 7 called the “Carry the Light Convention” featuring Linda Sarsour. The event was billed as free and open to the public — specifically to “anyone seeking the knowledge”.

It turns out that “the public” in this particular case meant “the Muslim public” — i.e. it was using sharia terminology.

Here’s what happened when the two infidel ladies tried to get in:

As it happens, ICNA is included in the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 Explanatory Memorandum [pdf] as one of the groups in the “list of our organizations and the organizations of our friends”. In other words, ICNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial in 2008.

These are the beloved friends of Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau. Since all of this is happening in Canada, I presume these earnest folks receive funding from the federal government.

12 thoughts on “Faith Goldy and Laura Loomer vs. ICNA and Sharia in Toronto

  1. Is that advertisement with the broken English the real thing? It’s as bad as the instructions I get with items made in China.

  2. Why didn’t the Toronto policewoman allow two citizens to attend a free, open to the public event? This is discrimination! Hopefully the Christian and Jewish women sue the venue and Muslim organization hosting it! Unbelievable! Another vivid example how Western societies are allowing two different sets of laws and restrictions!!!

    • That was my spontanous reaction: why not sue the organizers, and be it through all courts possible.And why not sue the two police officers for unlawful restriction of a fundamental right? That might teach them! One lady displayed a bord ” right of admission reserved” and I wonder if this can be applied in a public venue, not a private room like bars or such.Is there a canadian lawyer among the readers here?
      This video is more shocking to me than many others I saw.

    • My own view is, I support the right of freedom-of-association, including the right to restrict private gatherings to people of your choice. For example, a presentation designed for in-depth experience of a particular view, for instance, evangelical Christianity, Lubavich Chasidism, Menonitism, Reform Judaism, ought to be restricted to those participating in such a world view.

      In other words, privately-sponsored groups should not be required to admit anyone they wish to exclude.

      The biggest problem is the ad “free to the public”, which is obviously a lie. Fortunately for politicians and gender and identity-studies professors, it’s not illegal to lie. There might be a case for damages if someone shows they incurred an unnecessary expense because of the false advertisement. But, it doesn’t rise to the level of a broken contract, since no contract was made.

      I’m not super-thrilled with the idea of trying to inject yourself into a private gathering which doesn’t want you, whatever I think of the gathering itself. In Garland Texas, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and some other protesters, including myself, gathered around a “Stand with the Prophet” Muslim conference, but there was never the slightest effort to intrude on, interfere with, or physically enter, the conference itself.

      • Thanks, your honour! Your point is right, no damage done to fund a claim for lack of contract.
        I always like your comments here and take recess for farther consideration.

  3. I find it interesting that it seems to be mainly women (aside from Tommy Robinson) who are tackling this head on. I became aware of the phenomenon starting with Based Amy, known as “The Bacon Lady”. Some months ago, she challenged the Met Police in Hyde Park over the illegal gatherings of Muslim prayer there, and the video ‘went viral’ as they say. Park rules explicitly state that religious gatherings are forbidden in a Royal Park. Unfortunately, the original video has been removed but there are lots of others that detail Amy’s brave doings in the UK.

    Could this have something to do with a maternal instinct to protect what is held dear? Don’t know if I’m reading this right but that’s how it seems to me.

    • And thank goodness for women like Faith Goldy, Pamela Geller, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, Anne Marie Waters, etc: they deserve respect and admiration for their courage and clear thinking. However, it is a fact that women in general tend to vote for socialism significantly more than men do and (arguably) by extension for totalitarian ideologies such as Marxism and Islam. And they tend to favor such great ideas as mass muslim immigration to a greater extent than do their male counterparts (even though they will probably be more harmed, and are being more harmed, by this policy, than men are).

  4. I wish we had those two gals down here running for office. They are terrific. So refreshingly courageous.

  5. Sarsour is [unintelligent epithet]. Why in the heck does Canada allow an American radical leftist/Muslim agitator to cross the border? If she’s Canadian, I pose the same question to DHS.

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