Eric Zemmour: Ghettoes are Islamized and Ruled by Islamic Law

The following video features more remarks by the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour about the Islamization of France and the establishment of sharia zones in French cities.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Do you know that today there are — and it’s public knowledge — a thousand,
00:04   THOUSAND attacks, which they call “wanton violence”,
00:08   per day. Do you realize? I discussed once… —What is a “wanton attack”?
00:12   Thuggish. —It means people who attack you like that, not even to rob you,
00:15   not even for anything, just like that! Because they don’t like your face! 1,000 a day in France!
00:20   I had a friend, who was Hollande’s counsellor, and who told me:
00:24   You know, when you — since the buck stops at the Elysée — he said: “you’re under the impression
00:28   of being in a country at war.” I promise you that I’m quoting this sentence in quotation marks.
00:31   I promise you that it’s in quotation marks, I’m not inventing it. —From Hollande’s inner circle?
00:34   It was someone from François Hollande’s inner circle, I promise you. Incidentally,
00:37   Hollande, at Davet and Lhomme [investigative journalists], he said that it will end in a partition.
00:40   There’s even a journalist from Le Monde who talks about the Islamization
00:43   of la Seine-Saint-Denis. —I was sent to court when I said that. —Precisely. And second,
00:48   he says “it’s pauperization”. They [enrichers] have never been this rich!
00:52   Those neighborhoods [enriched] are stuffed with money, since there’s drug dealing, which
00:56   brings in unheard of riches. That’s precisely the problem.
01:00   In Seine-Saint-Denis and elsewhere. So what isn’t the problem? Neither pauperization
01:04   nor social mixing. It’s the problem of the Islamization of the neighborhoods,
01:08   and that, simply, say, there are, in those neighborhoods,
01:12   there are only halal butchers, only halal bookstores, only halal shops,
01:16   and that with people who are dressed — veiled women and men
01:20   [dressed] like in Afghanistan or like in Saudi Arabia
01:24   in the 18th century. Why? Why are they doing it? Well, for a very simple reason:
01:28   because all that determines norms. And that way
01:32   you normalize and “normatize” — if I can say that — the neighborhoods
01:36   that are Islamized. And which are ruled
01:40   by Islamic Law. It’s the Shariah, in fact. And this is France today.
01:44   In innumerable neighborhoods. So once again,
01:48   it’s our discussion from before about the Republic. What are you going to be told? You’ll be told
01:52   what even Martine Aubry [socialist politician] is now telling you
01:57   “We are no longer in the Republic.” But I would like to tell her: “Martine, try harder!”
02:01   It’s not that we are no longer under the Republic, it’s that we are no longer in France.
02:05   And that’s why we are no longer under the Republic. But, you see, it’s the previous discussion.
02:10   Sorry, let me finish. It’s the previous discussion. We say, “We are no longer under the Republic”
02:13   in order to avoid saying: “We are no longer in France” Because the Republic had replaced France.