Assault by Auto in Dellwig

There’s no mention of ethnicity in this story, but one has one’s suspicions.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this brief article from Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. The events referred to in the text occurred last Friday, October 11:

Several men argue loudly and shouting in the city of Essen. Initially they used words and threats. In a dispute in Essen-Dellwig, a man was injured on Friday. His assailant had deliberately hit him with a car.

In a dispute between two men one of the participants has been hit by a car. He was slightly injured, the police said on Friday afternoon. The crime scene was the Zugstraße in Dellwig. A woman called the police and said that a car driver had obviously targeted a man deliberately. There was also talk of a knife.

“With the arrival of the police, the situation calmed down,” states the law enforcement agency. A man came to the police station; the investigation is underway. The police also secured a Mercedes, which contained a shotgun and a knife. “Perhaps the gun was used in the conflict as a striking tool,” the police currently suspect. Why the dispute arose could not be clarified as yet.