A Muslim Immigrant to Germany Talks About the Migration Crisis

In the following interview, a young immigrant to Germany named Feroz Khan expresses his opinions on the Great Migration Crisis, and the street demonstrations in Chemnitz that were a result of it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Would you like to explain why you have joined the demonstrations here?
00:04   I’m not here to join the demonstrations. I just want to have a look and see for myself.
00:08   I was already at the leftists’ demonstration. Then at the Pro-Chemnitz event for a while, and went by the AfD/Pegida group.
00:12   I just wanted to have a look around and see for myself. And also to reverberate a little.
00:16   Because the media outlets have created the impression the last few days that anyone dark-skinned couldn’t walk through here.
00:22   That you would be stalked. I got warnings from my family living in western Germany to be on guard, don’t go outside .
00:27   Chemnitz is a neo-Nazi nest (brown swamp) with extreme right mobs. —So what’s your impression now?
00:33   My impression is and I want to be very clear, I walked right through the Pro-Chemnitz demonstrators
00:37   No one did anything to me, they are very restrained. I’m not going to deny that I got some dirty looks.
00:44   In total, it was done in a legally acceptable way. I can’t complain.
00:53   So… what do you think about everything that has happened since the death of the German man last weekend?
01:04   Yes, well, I am actually surprised that it took so long. That it took so long until this many people took to the streets.
01:12   It is absolutely predictable and a logical consequence that the people use the means available to them
01:24   against a government that ignores them or worse, works against them.
01:28   Have you experienced any hostility toward you while you were here?
01:32   I have been living in Dresden three years now and I’ve heard these fairy tales since the beginning, even before
01:36   I arrived here. I was told, “You gotta watch out there.” All this can be lead back to the media’s instigating incitement against
01:44   its own population. When referring to refugees everyone has to be extremely sensitive. With them, everything is differentiated.
01:50   And don’t you dare try to throw them in a pot or generalize. But it is OK to do that to people living in Saxony. People on the right?
01:54   They’re all the same. That’s not considered “hate speech” or discrimination. Generalities are no problem.
01:58   This double standard… personally, it really concerns me, but that’s irrelevant. It creates significant sociological damage,
02:08   and we are witnessing that today. So, there something that bothers me, for example, is when
02:14   people on the train look around suspiciously, and everyone protectively gripping their bags because of the increase in theft.
02:18   Do you think some of that is prejudice? That would be prejudice that I understand, because I catch myself doing it too.
02:32   I’d like to throw in one component here and that’s the Law of Attraction — you get what you expect. This is not
02:41   completely transferable to this situation, but the dynamic exists. Overall, I’m not bothered by dirty looks — what bothers me more
02:48   are murders, rapes, sexual assaults, manslaughter and robberies. Which occur here on a daily basis here
02:55   in Germany. Just take any local newspaper and have a read. There are incidents every day — that’s what upsets me.
03:01   I’m partial to setting priorities. Foreigners getting dirty looks and being screamed at is NOT the problem in this country.
03:10   The problems are far more tangible and are in a completely different milieu and I just mentioned it.
03:18   Umm… What’s your opinion about refugee policies? —It is grossly negligent, what occurred three years ago.
03:25   What happened is a result of the laissez-faire strategy. It was an absolutely irresponsible act by the politicians. Well, actually,
03:32   they didn’t act at all. It is not true that Merkel “opened the borders”. That’s the top argument of the leftists.
03:37   There was no border opening. Instead of protecting the border, as suggested by the police; instead of
03:42   regulating or intervening — nothing was done — in order to prevent having those unsightly images at the border.
03:54   And the politicians still don’t want to take responsibility for it all. That’s also a symptom of the mental state of this country in 2018.
04:03   The elite politicians and journalists refuse to take responsibility. There are endless murders, but I don’t see anyone stepping down.
04:12   Not one has resigned from office as a result. —Do you find it, for example justifiable to lump everyone together for
04:27   the few acting unacceptably? It’s just unfair. It is unfair. They are hitting the wrong target. We have to get to the root of it.
04:37   I know that young, I don’t say all, it is an interesting theory, in public places, groups of young Arab men are the most dangerous
04:45   Group, according to the police. It’s my theory. And I know many of the people here will say I’m right. And the criminal statistic too.
04:54   That it’s young men, there’s not a fight about that. No, the “racism” claims start when we say it is young ARAB men. I know it.
05:04   I just know that it is. I know how my compatriots act. I even know how the people in neighboring countries act.
05:08   I know that and I can say it out loud. That is the reality that we have to deal with. That’s the root in this matter.
05:16   Because of that, a woman will change the side of the road when I come in her direction. I can’t make
05:20   any reproach of these people. They are, as I’ve said already on public television, conducting themselves out of fear.
05:27   Fear is an emotion. For an emotion a person doesn’t need to justify themselves. I cannot reproach anyone for that.
05:34   Any reproach is for those responsible for this, as I’ve said, the politicians at the state level, national level — just pick one.

17 thoughts on “A Muslim Immigrant to Germany Talks About the Migration Crisis

  1. Honesty, an exceedingly rare quality, which this guy articulates with aplomb, intelligence and insight. His brief assessment of Merkel’s 2015 decision to open the borders being all about the “optics” is spot on. Any sensible government would appoint him to some advisory role, but the German government will ignore him as a dismissible crank for strayed so far from the expected narrative.

    • Not only the German government, but also the mainstream media and “all the right-thinking people”. For GoV readers who understand German, here’s a list of alternative media:

      http://www.achgut.com — Achse des Guten, “Axis of Good”: huge stable of columnists, most of whom are good writers, perceptive and sharp


      — Tichys Einblick, “Tichys Insight”: online edition of print mag started by former Editor of major German business publication; some overlap with achgut.com, but distinctive editorial “voice”

      — Alexander Wendt’s weblog. Features devastating takedowns of Merkel and her shills/confederates. Brilliant prose.


      — Straddles “conservative” and “far-right” sections of political spectrum. Worth reading for Ellen Kositza’s deceptively simple housewife/mother diary entries, but also for frequent highbrow articles. Some in the commentariat are weirdos.


      — Until recently, newsroom chief of Focus mag, Germany’s second-largest newsmag. Worked as media consultant for two AfD pols for a while, until they stiffed him out of his salary. Sometimes a little too much in love with his own writing.

      — Unbelievably productive blogger who churns out four, five, six, or more articles every evening after an eight-hour workday as an IT professional. Brings a unique hardheaded, practical perspective; always gets straight to the point. This will be least amenable to machine translation: too many typos, he doesn’t have the time to proofread.

      — Akif Pirincci came from Turkey with his parents as a child, quickly learned German well enough to become a bestselling author of noirish crime novels featuring a cat as the investigator. Unpersoned — blackballed, delisted retrospectively, nazified, convicted of criminal “hate speech” — when he began to speak out against the willful flooding of Germany with hostile Muslim immigrants.

      — Ms. Lengsfeld was a pro-freedom dissident in communist East Germany. When she says that today’s Germany is rapidly turning into GDR 2.0, you had better listen.

      Among German mainstream media, the only (partial) exception to the smothering groupthink is welt.de, which is about equal parts pro-government propaganda and “polite dissent”. Reader comments critical of immivasion have a fifty percent chance of not being censored, much better than in any other mainstream media in Germany.

        • I fully agree with all of them.Most of them are highbrow, not so Akif: many of his comments are triple x through his vocabulary.Even fans of his sometimes complain. Over all full of sinister humor and always a laugh.

      • The real journalists of today are the dissident media, operating on a shoestring: Gates of Vienna, Vdare, refugeewatch and the like. These people sacrifice income, and often safety, to pursue and publish real news.

        The highly-paid talking heads of the mainstream press and broadcast news are simply entertainers. Faith Goldy, currently the candidate for mayor of Toronto, shunned by the highly-paid, establishment media, hung out for days by herself on the US Canadian border so she could document the massive migration of third-world refugees into Canada from US territory. Lauren Southern traveled to South Africa to document personally the systematic and government-sanctioned persecution and murder of white, South African farmers.

        Broadcast “journalists” are not fit to bend down and kiss the feet of these real modern-day journalists.

      • That’s great, thank you. Is Pirincci that very level headed Turkish guy (married to an ethnic German woman) who fell in love with Germany and German ways at 11? And who excoriates his fellow Turkish immigrants? If he is, I just love the point he made about a decade ago that the reason Turks behave so anti-socially in Germany is that the German police have negligible powers to deal with criminality compared with what the Turkish police would do “extra-judicially” to a perpetrator of the same act, so the Turks and Arabs in Germany just behave badly, treat German police with contempt and habitually engage in mass, clan/gang based criminal activity because the material rewards and sense of personal power are so high yet there are no real sanctions imposed upon them for doing so. If ever there was a clarion call to give the German police more powers that was it. So the next time a gang of Muslim delinquents spit at and verbally abuse a pair of German police officers, truncheons are used liberally and, if things escalate, firearms to inflict non-lethal wounds. At first.

  2. An excellent video for the commemoration of Germany’s unity! This is the kind of integration nobody would have any problems with. This is the kind of person that only real neonazis would be against and that needs to be protected by the natives, no matter what country we are talking about. This is the difference between controlled immigration and what Merkel did, the difference between a person pursuing a better and peaceful life abroad and comming in for welfare, between a conservative (orderly) and a liberal (anarchist) world view. No sane person can freely choose the latter by their own free will!

  3. Sounds reasonable to me what he says in the video. The mainstream media and the establishment distort reality as usual. The protest have nothing to do with racism, but because of that claim, they can use legal weapons to suppress the people. They need the fight between the poors (like black against white, or less rich against more rich, or muslims against christians, etc), so that they are able to come with the troops and shoot down every dissidents. This is the Merkel plan, bring together masses of people who cannot stay together in the same cage, let the flame burst, and then “divide et impera”.

  4. This is fishy. That guy is speaking what sounds to me like native level German. New immigrants never speak this well. Nor is the lip speech coordination that great. Something not right with this.

    • I studied German for 4 years in Boarding-school in Ireland (via Irish, not English admittedly) and was considered “fluent”. I’m still able to read and write at a basic level, despite lack of practice for 40+ years. My capability is/was not even close to this man’s level. His articulation is excellent – no fumbling for words, constructs, etc. – his logic and thought construction is obviously European/Western. He says:

      01:32 I have been living in Dresden three years now and I’ve heard these fairy tales since the beginning, even before
      01:36 I arrived here

      His claim that he has “been living in Dresden three years now and I’ve heard these fairy tales since the beginning, even before I arrived here” can easily imply that he is a recent (3-year immigrant) to Germany – while in reality he arrived at a young age and moved to Dresden 3 years ago.

    • Well, he doesn’t look “native”.

      Older British readers may recall the comic writer and performer Gerard Hoffnung (1924-59), who presented spoof classical music concerts in London in the 1960s, and drew brilliant caricatures of musicians.

      He arrived here as a teenage Jewish refugee from the Nazis, speaking no English; here he is in one of his once famous monologues:https://www.google.com/search?q=www.Gerard+Hoffnung&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab. Note the perfect, “plummy” English upper middle class accent. Please God, send us more such refugees, and I hope we treat them better than the Christians and Yazidis from the ME.

    • I agree, his German is almost native level and his language is that of a well educated person, although he makes a few (very few!) mistakes and speaks with that special accent children of Muslim immigrants in Germany often have. But there is nothing fishy about him. He is not a new immigrant, but was born in Frankfurt am Main (not the same town as the one with the “Frosch” club which was covered on this site some time ago) after his parents immigrated from Pakistan. (https://www.facebook.com/afdfreundekinzigtal/posts/feroz-khan-geb%C3%BCrtiger-und-bekennender-frankfurter-und-sohn-einer-pakistanischen-/2054834914744841/)
      As far as I know he moved to Dresden to attend university.

  5. He is not a new arrival; and he is not Arab.
    Feroz Khan is Persian. So, he can be Persian, Afghan, or Pakistani. Probabily he is a Persian than run from the ayatollahs revolution -that would explain his pre-Islamic name.

  6. Articulate, intelligent, educated and what indigenous Europeans initially believed they would encounter from Syria, Afghanistan and other third world countries. To gain respect you first must show it to others which this man demonstrates most vividly when answering poignant questions during the interview.

    America has become more racially divided because the liberal left refrains from having honest dialogue. Half Black, Muslim sympathizer, Barack Obama was the first U.S. President to make public statements, and become personally involved in local crime stories! He jumped out in support of a belligerent, racist black professor in Boston, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown without knowing all the pertinent facts! Obama supported the creation and growth of Black Lives Matter while giving lip service to the U.S. military and police departments.

    Today, we have Social Justice Warriors and corporations engaged in virtue-signaling and constantly condemning those with perceived “white privilege”. Only after President Trump took office did people begin protesting about the horrific black-on-black murders and violent crimes in Chicago. Just like the gangs in London, they are primarily people (young men) of color! It’s no wonder this group is now most feared and no longer welcomed with open arms…anywhere they gather or congregate!

    Statically speaking, young males are the high risk, highly violent ones who should be avoided at all costs! No violent crimes should be tolerated. Period. Deport or imprison the violent ones. And No pass go for migrant criminals either! One rule of law for everyone!

    • “what indigenous Europeans initially believed they would encounter from Syria, Afghanistan and other third world countries.”

      There’s a slight contradiction between what you said and what the speaker said. According to the speaker, Merkel’s decision to open the borders stemmed from what she would be required to do to protect the borders: authorize all force necessary to stop the refugees. Thus, her actions stemmed not from any illusion about the virtues of the refugees, but a decision of the moment, stemming from a lack of any internal character. Her subsequent political maneuvering, including pressuring other countries, and cracking down on freedom of speech, has simply been a means of cleaning up her ongoing lack of any discernible character or principle.

  7. Feroz Khan was born in Frankfurt am Main in Germany to Pakistani immigrants. He is a student and decided to move to Dresden for his Master’s in Engineering. He voted for the AfD and is a youtuber dealing with issues of migration, racism and democracy.

  8. Something that is never mentioned is the number of people at Far-Left / Pro-Mass Migration political rallies that are non-citizens.
    Western countries are the only countries on earth that tolerate mass political protests in the streets by mobs of people who have no legal right to be in the country.

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