When Islam Dominates France, So Will the Arabic Language

The government of France has proposed the introduction of official state Arabic-language instruction in the schools. The program is intended to discourage French Muslims from sending their children to mosque schools to learn Arabic, thereby reducing the incidence of “radicalization”.

Uh-huh. Right.

It reminds me of the rationale first put forward under the Bush 43 administration for refraining from criticizing Islam: It would only play into the hands of the “Islamists” by driving the “moderates” into the “radical” camp.

In other words, Muslims lack self-control. They’re always on a hair trigger, ready to “radicalize” the moment an infidel makes an “Islamophobic” remark.

The first of the two videos below contains a discussion of the proposed program of Arabic instruction, followed by a response from Robert Ménard, the outspoken mayor of Béziers in southern France.

The second video features remarks by Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (formerly Front National).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Note: The transcript for video #1 appears in two parts because it was composited from two separate original clips.

Video transcript #1a:

00:00   “We need to relaunch the learning of the Arabic language because the Arabic classes in the mosques
00:04   became for the Islamists the best way to attract young people to
00:08   the mosques and schools.” And school! —Of course, of course.
00:12   This diagnosis is evident. And therefore we could… — Are we going to relaunch the teaching
00:16   of the Arabic language? —Yes, in that, well, those are subjects
00:20   that are so sensitive that we cannot bring them the way
00:24   you’re doing it right now. — I understand, I understand, but… —However, what is obvious first is:
00:28   the development of the learning of languages, and Arabic is a very important language, just like
00:32   other great civilizational languages, I mean Chinese which is now developing a lot, or Russian.
00:35   Yes. —So yes, of course, we need to develop those languages: Arabic, Chinese, Russian.
00:38   They are very important. We have to give prestige to those languages, especially Arabic,
00:42   which is a huge literary language and which has to be learned not only by people who
00:49   are originally from Maghreb, or originally from countries with Arabic languages. So therefore
00:53   this entire qualitative strategy towards the Arabic language is what we’ll be introducing.
00:57   We’ll also question the way Arabic is taught nowadays in the dedicated structures with the
01:01   “communitarist drifting” [ghettoization of Muslims] that you just mentioned. And thus
01:04   that is the vision of the whole that we will have.
01:07   Learning English could be the learning of Arabic in CP [prep classes].
01:10   —Well, of course. All the languages, there is no exclusion
01:14   it’s certain that with English today, 80-90% of it
01:18   is taught in elementary school, but you also have German, but you could
01:22   of course have other languages: Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese,
01:26   Chinese, Italian. [sic, mentioned twice]

Video transcript #1b:

00:00   You can come to the neighborhoods, you will see what is going on, but
00:04   you must be joking! Today youth of the third or fourth generation
00:08   often speak a sort of “Frarabic”, which is the greatest barrier
00:12   to their integration. To go in this direction is to continue in this direction!
00:16   What they need is the FRENCH classes, Madame! Today, when I
00:20   see that the government is asking us to let them use schools, schools
00:24   in the evening, for the Arabic classes, but this is madness! That we give the means to integrate
00:28   into France to those families whose members don’t speak French well,
00:31   where there’s no French culture, and in order to integrate into France you have to speak French!
00:38   Yes, but it’s not contradictory, it could not be… —Therefore the priority is French for everybody!
00:41   Unfortunately, of course, it’s contradic… —contradictory. It could be NOT contradictory
00:45   But… of course it’s a contradiction in terms!
00:49   Today the means we have, and the limited means we have in all the fields
00:53   need to be concentrated in what’s essential. Today, allow me to tell you,
00:57   that if you want assimilate people, integrate a certain number
01:02   of immigrants, they have to — first of all — speak our language!
01:06   That’s it! You know what that measure is? It’s flattery of communitarism [Muslim ghettoization]!
01:10   This measure means playing with communitarism! This measure is playing with
01:14   fire. And those who play with the fire will be responsible for
01:18   tomorrow’s conflagration! If in my town, today, I need something,
01:22   it’s that French be taught to boys and girls
01:26   who speak it poorly.

Video transcript #2:

02:46   Another subject
02:50   Marine Le Pen: the teaching of Arabic in schools in order to avoid the mosques
02:54   having a monopoly on it, and because it’s a great language,
02:58   just as great as Chinese, said Jean-Michel Blanquer, and he’s ready to increase the teaching of it
03:02   in middle and high school, as a report on Islam suggests. Is it a common-sense solution?
03:06   No, it’s an absurd solution, and one that
03:10   doesn’t take into account problems with communitarism [ghettoization] which France is experiencing.
03:15   I would like to remind you that, incidentally, Arabic is already being taught in school
03:19   through classes in the original culture and language [of migrants]… —Decreasingly… and increasingly
03:23   in the mosques. —What is that? —We have fought a lot against
03:27   these classes on original cultures and original languages, because it seemed to us
03:31   that schools in the French Republic should be teaching French culture
03:35   and the French language. — There it’s about… it’s not about encroaching
03:39   on the teaching of French, you know it well. It’s about offering Arabic,
03:43   which is a great Oriental language, as much as — as the Prime Minister said —
03:47   I’m reminding you: Chinese or Russian. —Yes, but the reality, as you know very well, comes from
03:52   a report about fighting Islamism. So they are trying to sell us “teaching Arabic to the children
03:56   in order to fight against Islamism”. I know that argument.
04:00   It was the same one concerning the veil. Remember they told us
04:04   we have to authorize the [Islamic] scarf or the little girls would be sent to the Quranic schools.
04:08   Well, the Republic stood her ground and she was right to have stood her ground.
04:12   Therefore I believe that French schools… —The Arabic language, the scarf, is a tool
04:16   of Islamisation,… —Madame… —…which should be FORBIDDEN?
04:21   Madame, a language is the vehicle of a culture.
04:25   Do you understand? A language isn’t only a way in which we understand one another
04:29   and exchange [with one another]. It’s a vehicle of a culture. French [language]
04:33   carries French culture. — There’s a great culture… —But of course,
04:37   but allow me… —which is called Arabic culture. —But of course there’s a great culture called
04:41   Arabic culture, BUT THIS IS FRANCE. And I would like people to learn French culture.
04:45   Therefore it will be used against me, because we are the only people to whom reproaches
04:50   are made for wanting to preserve their culture. I think that French culture is extremely rich.
04:54   Our language is extremely rich, I would like it to be taught in France,
04:58   and so that it could also again radiate throughout the world.

10 thoughts on “When Islam Dominates France, So Will the Arabic Language

  1. This is a valid point. Since the French wish to take in millions of Arabs as citizens with equal citizenship rights, Arabic should logically become an official language of France. And the French DO want this, or else they would have voted against it last year.

    It doesn’t stop at France. There are more speakers of Urdu than Gaelic in Scotland. Why isn’t Urdu an official language of Scotland? Just why? Why isn’t Turkish an official language of the Netherlands and Germany?

    If people are so blind, so complacent and so stupid as to invite invasive cultures into their homelands and allow them to set up parallel societies, they must live with the consequences. Officializing their languages is one of them.

    • The problem is their alien culture together with their language is NOT equal to the West, much as they tried to convince us.
      When or if their inferior culture end up dominating us, it would be a sad day for many of us who may be disadvantaged or caught unaware of their sneaky Oriental characteristics.

  2. The eagerness of the euro ‘elites’ to self-dissolve is downright frightening. There is something deeply …. disturbing about the mental mechanisms which instill in these wretched creatures a desire to have their own culture replaced by something so utterly alien as the muslim ‘sphere’ for want of a better world.

    Not wanting to pull away the crowds here, but here is a video of the Luxembourgian Foreign Minister, Jean Asselbrod, of the Luxembourgian Socialist Party (who would have thought it), and he is getting really angry, ANGRY, when Matteo Salvini suggests that Europeans start making their own babies to stop the ageing of our populations instead of importing millions and millions of young Africans. You gotta see that video. It’s mesmerizing: http://downeastblog.blogspot.com/2018/09/french-schoolbook-im-ahmed-im-from.html

  3. Here’s one for your “Enrichment” file. Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place, but I wonder if the people of France realize what they have in store from them when the Islamic Conquest is complete.

    How is it even possible that those in charge of the UK Government can get away with condoning this barbarism when these stories are published on a daily basis throughout Western media? It is no longer a secret that the Muslim invaders are now in control of what was formerly Great Britain.

    Why do the good people not rise up like they did 200 years ago when our forefathers decided they had had enough and put everything on the line to come to America and start a new country? Things were pretty bad under King George, but it was NOTHING compared to the savagery that the Brits are putting up with today. Something is very wrong.


    • You would have a better chance of a response if you were to insult the precious English football team. That gets the English really riled up.

  4. In the first clip, the French Minister of Education claims, “Arabic is a very important language, just like other civilizational languages . . .” We study foreign languages because those languages open the doors to literature and knowledge originating in those languages. Other than the Quran (which is written in “old” Arabic not taught in schools), the Arabic world has little to offer in terms of literature. In 115 years of Nobel Prize awards in Literature, only one book in Arabic (from Egypt in 1988) was given that high award. A UN study in 2002 found that the cumulative total of translated books (into Arabic) since the Caliph Maa’moun’s time (the 9th Century) is about 100,000 — almost the average that Spain translates in one year.

  5. Well, you can’t blame the bureaucratic slugs and the career politicians for trying.

    By definition, a bureaucratic slug is an unaccountable, tenured bureaucrat whose life goal is to unobtrusively increase the budget and number of subordinates he controls. Bureaucratic slugs do not respond very well to reasoning from citizens, although they can be moved quite easily by identity groups willing to cause a stink.

    Career politicians are related. Most of them look to lead their lives mouthing the platitudes of their party and to avoid actually having to campaign on an idea. Like the slugs, the career politicians are particularly susceptible to identity groups raising a stink.

    For the career politician and the slug, the idea of “teaching” Arabic in the public schools is a godsend, if they can get away with it. Ideally (for them) it gets the French nationals off their back with the rationalization that teaching Arabic will actually further acclimate the low-quality migrant children into the French culture. It gets the Muslim identity groups off their backs because it gives them exactly what they want: further resources dumped into Muslim-controlled institutions and bureaus permitting the Muslim children to be even further indoctrinated into Islam at public expense.

    In reality, the Muslim children would be indoctrinated in the Arab classes, undoubtedly taught by Arab Muslims, and would also be sent to mosque schools.

    But there is a dilemma. The more immigrants you bring in, and they always tend to vote as a bloc, especially the Muslims, the more the pressures on politicians to accommodate them. Eventually, the resisting politicians will simply be voted out of office.

    • It would be better for those Arab migrants to go back to their Arabic countries to learn Arabic in their own Arabic countries.
      If I were a French, I would be very unhappy to have another inferior culture from the East imposed on me.
      We should not be forced to coexist with another inferior culture or a culture that constantly cause us to feel extremely uncomfortable.

  6. Those immigrants from Middle East, Asia and Africa are not really interested in us knowing their languages. They are mostly interested in sneakily keeping us in the dark about their intention while they grab whatever they can from the West.

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