Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament: The EU is Blackmailing Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke at the European Parliament on Tuesday prior to the vote on whether Hungary would be sanctioned for refusing to agree to accept its share of “refugees”. The vote went against Hungary, needless to say.

Below is a video of Mr. Orbán’s remarks. The translation is in simultaneous voice-over, so that the Hungarian original can’t be heard. However, our Hungarian translator CrossWare says: “The English translation must be correct, otherwise the Hungarian government would complain.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

And here’s a response by Nigel Farage, who vigorously supports Mr. Orbán:

After the vote Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced Italy’s “absolute solidarity” with Hungarians. And Poland pledged to veto any sanctions against Hungary.

28 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament: The EU is Blackmailing Hungary

  1. Actually since I listened to the original Hungarian version, the English translation is correct albeit sometimes a bit jarring. (for me anyway)

  2. The European Soviet believes it can threaten Hungary. What it is actually doing is driving them to leave the Union. Good.

  3. This is so absurd (but nothing new for who has paid some attention to the bureaucratic scam of the European Union and electoral system). Orban actually won the last European election in 2014 at the EU parliament; its party Fidesz is a member of the EPP, which is the biggest party at the EU parliament (and has always been since the first election) and is now in the majority coalition at the EU parliament.

    Orban is starting a campaign for the next EU election in 2019, where he will probably win again. So what is it going to change? Should he switch from EPP to ENF (where Lega Nord for example is)? Maybe if a lot of populist movements get elected this time something could change? I am not very confident… At this point the only country I think is safe from the monster of EU is the UK. Changing the beast from the inside, as Salvini and Orban sometimes speak about, for me is not viable, or hardly impossible if any chance really exists. Of course, it is better to have many more populist people there than the globalists.

    • I think when Orbán talks of reform from the inside, he really playing for time. If Hungary would want to leave before the EU collapse, they woul just stick us with a huge bill, like they did with the British. Hungary has a smaller economy, we could not pay so much money.

      • This sounds simplistic but why not pull out of the EU, ignore the bureaucratic decrees, toss the bill in the garbage and declare all EU officials to be persona non grata in Hungarian borders?

        My calculation is that Hungary could negotiate diplomatic and travel arrangements with the Visagrad 4 countries. I doubt if the US would join in any sanctions. Britain probably would join, but what can you do?

        • In the USA; we tend to freeze assets and banking accounts when countries do that type of thing. Probably a concern of the Hungarians… that the EU will do that to them.

          • Agreed: much of the punishment will be in financial terms in an attempt to bring Hungary to its knees. A stiff trade barrier, for instance.

  4. Hungary must simoly leave eu!!! And bring down this marxist commie tyranny,

    Then italy, then eu house of cards is finnished, domino run, so what is hungary hanging around for??

  5. Classic Farage that had the Euro commissars squirming. I don’t think they even see the irony of unelected officials lecturing a democratically elected national leader on democracy.

  6. To be a simultaneous translator has got to be one of the most demanding jobs out there. In fact I believe I hear two different translators.

    The Prime Minister pulled no punches. I think the best observation was this: Hungary has fought for its freedom while those who are now accusing Hungary “inherited” democracy and ‘did not have to take personal risks in order to obtain liberty’.
    This is what is happening in many ‘first world’ countries. People have grown up within the cocoon of democracy and have little respect for the sacrifices made to give them this privilege.
    I am tired of the lecturing and posturing and hypocrisy of the EU. Diversity: but only ‘our’ kind; freedom of speech: but only what we approve. They tout European values but they should say European Union values.
    I am glad Farage brought up Brexit. Although I don’t believe Hungary would try to escape the EU plantation at this time. But what if. the V4 and Austria and Italy all began to make exit noises. What would Brussels do?

  7. “What would Brussels do?”

    Probably would depend on who is the US President.

    The EU totalitarian apparatchiks are perfectly capable of ginning up a false flag “rebellion” and using the “disproportionate” response of the national government, send in NATO troops. The NATO attack on Serbia and the Serbian militias is a perfect example.

    Trump as President would probably veto such a move, which is why the EU would not consider it at this time. Hillary Clinton would obviously be open to such a move, especially if a bit of sweetener was applied to the Clinton Foundation fund raising effort. The current crop of blindingly incompetent Democratic Presidential contenders seems to have no concept of national loyalty, and would have no opposition in principle to such a NATO opposition.

    Which is perhaps to say that some of the commentators on this thread are correct and Hungary should pull out of the EU while the getting is good. And NATO as well. This would cause any military action against Hungary in the future to be an external invasion, rather than an internal policing matter.

  8. I think it’s useful to consider the internal dynamics of globalist organizations, such as the EU.

    Generally, in a democratic (republican) government, the checks on the government reside in the vote. A generally intelligent electorate will prevent the worst excesses of a wasteful, corrupt, aggressive government. It was notoriously difficult to get the US into World War I or II, even given a President who desperately wished to involve the US in the European (and Pacific) conflicts.

    A globalist organization, by definition, has a diverse electorate with diverse and conflicting interests, giving most of the power to the bureaucracy. The bureaucracies hold no national loyalties, and are generally accountable to no one. So, the bureaucracies of a globalist organization become magnets for incompetent, sociopath, intellectuals or intellectual-wanna-be’s, who can pass a written exam but are unable to accomplish anything on their own. Karl Marx is the example par excellence, except the man was too incompetent to even be a railway clerk, and would probably be unable to show up on time for even the first month.

    Anyway, with no internal or external check on their spending and power, the bureaucracy exists mainly to increase the power of its leaders. So, naturally the EU is going to promote the importation of refugees and beat up on Hungary. The more refugees, the more money spent on social services, investigation commissions, international court cases protecting immigrant “rights”, and last but not least, international police forces to prevent crimes and terrorism.

    Also, Hungary is easy to beat up on because its population and economy is so small compared to countries such as Germany and France. I doubt the EU bureaucracy would be too sorry to see Hungary leave, especially if they perceive Hungary to be an effective barrier to their expansion of power.

    The lesson to this is that’s it’s a bad, very bad, idea to invest any power or even moral authority, to an international organization. The UN, ICC, EU all wound up abusing their power. The best thing about Trump’s pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was that it had a review board to decide disputes that was apart from governments. It was supposedly voluntary, but would happen would be that it couldn’t push the US around, but could and would threaten the less powerful participants: and with a globalist US President, who knows what it could get away with.

    • The TPP was strongly opposed in New Zealand by both the left and right for different reasons. One of them was that companies could sue governments for making it difficult to do business. End of national sovereignty in other words.

  9. According to what I heard lastly in Italy the italexit has been abandoned by the most populist parties (M5S and Lega) when they started the political campaign in 2017.

    In Hungary I do not know if they ever considered an exit strategy, but recently (last month) Orban and Salvini met together in Italy to launch a new strategy/alliance (despite they are not now within the same party, Fidesz sits together with EPP and Lega Nord sits within END at the EU Parliament) or a kind of joint venture/vision, to start the electoral campaign for the next EU parliament elections in 2019, with the declared scope: to change EU from inside.

    It is strange for me that Orban did not realize that in 2014 too. In any case to me, it seems that there will be no direct speaking of any other exit strategy, after the Brexit.

  10. I think it would be better for us, as a long term outcome, if the EU were to hang together, but to convert to a anti-Islamic and pro-west immigration policy. This is because we are going to need large and powerful allies who are pro-western in order to ultimately prevail. To have 600 million western allies in a powerful functioning democratic group would be very nice.

    Therefore, if Orban and Salvini could begin to enlarge their faction and and grow their movement and finally win over the EU …this would be better than to have them exit and leave a deconstructed shambles in Europe. This may sound far fetched but we must realize how fast paradigms can shift.

    • What am I missing?
      I don’t see anything “pro-Western” about the EU.

      First it was atheistic humanism; then it was humanistic (aka democratic) socialism; now it’s “beat down the Christians and so-called nativists and xenophobes” and raise up culture enrichers of any stripe but preferably those of Muslim orientation.

      Ergo: nothing “pro” Western about any of that.

      And speaking of “democratic” socialism, our commenter above coined the perfect descriptor: European Soviet. The EU is merely the 21st Century twin of the 20th Century USSR — aided, enabled, and cheered on by the UN Soviet, er, uh, international peace talking buddies (wink, wink).

    • The dynamics of organizations, especially mega-national unions, seems to be a strong leftward trend over time. The reasons for this may or may not be complex, but it seems to be universal.

      Therefore, one can assume as a general rule that large, powerful, international organizations are a threat to national identity and individual liberty. The 9/11 attack on the US was strictly a result of internal bungling, State Department incompetence and possibly corruption, and insane Justice Department restrictions on the use of intelligence information. Put into place by Jamie Gorelick, currently lawyer to Ivanka Trump.

  11. Very strange. No one is explaining to everyone that EU was created to avoid the senseless wars that plagued Europe no matter what the reason. Europe got rid of its religion to end wars it did not help.

    They said secularism liberty and freedom from all restriction, religious or otherwise would bring utopia to everyone and every nation. It was worse trickles of blood turned into creeks. The last attempt was to create European union to make them one country and make wars impossible.

    The result WAS turning Europe into and islamic vassal. They heard that there is only one religion of peace, so they imported all and sundry, to enjoy peace. An then they blamed Israel for defending themselves against the religion of peace. How strange they thought. How could one fight peace. Must be bad.

    Then they invented the myth of human rights. It is a myth except for muslims: because for them it works 100%. So-called Human rights is so geared as to prevent any jihadi deportations no matter what atrocities they commit or if 100 jihadis rape one 16 year old.

    Mind you those Human rights do not apply to real oppressed people like Christians and Jews of Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, chad, Turkey, Sweden, . . . or other minorities, for that matter.

    In the west everything, every law, attitude, textbooks, appointments of people, media, newspapers, are adjusted in every way to serve muslims, promote them install them in high ranking positions, and help them in every way to demolish churches and replace them with military barracks sometimes called bugging mosquitos.

    How could Europe with its tradition of books, science, Toynbees (English historian who studied the rise and fall of civilizations looking for cyclical patterns (1889-1975), microscopes, printing presses, philosophy . . .

    Why only one person, and one country defends Hungary and Mr Orban in his noble attempt to save Europe from its sleep-walking suicide?

    What has happened to the European brains not to see the intelligence and magnanimousness and grandeur of this saint who wants to save Europe and what is left of Christianity, from their own unconscionable stupidity?

    And do they realize now that man cannot live without a noble uplifting and elevational, direction and purpose-giving faith?

    Emmanuel Kant said something to this effect: if we cannot keep morality (Judaeo-Christian), we will lose this life too. He did not say how but today it’s clear how the libertarians, Traitors and muslims are whipping our backs to subjugate us.

    The master of Pirates said that people will obey you only when you use utmost cruelty and feel your harshness.

    Do you remember harshness started in the sixties when Palestinian terrorists started hijacking planes, until cowardly Europe states, one by one begged Palestinians to spare it in exchange for opening a Palestinian “embassy” in their capital?

    It never occurred to Europe that it should and must deal with Palestinian usurpers and other crises as a solid block to prevent intimidation and exploitation.

    Why has Europe suffered this paralysis of fear and abject submission just from islam?

    Will there be other Orbans to save us?

  12. Sebastian Kurz of Austria showed his true colours in this story. He defended EU so-called values and joined the attack on Hungary. He is a globalist pretending to be a populist. Such deceit is sadly typical Austrian behaviour.

    • So Sebastian Kurz is no other Orban. I was waiting for him to close a few mosques, radical or otherwise, they are all radical. He was elected on the platform that he would be different from all other western traitors: He would work for his own blood and flesh (citizens) and be harsh on their enemies.

      Why good humans never come together – – when they see and feel that a storm of death, blood and corpses is waiting to happen and the first signs are here – – to solve it until five years old recognize something is wrong.

      Those who are in power are abject slaves to muslims. The real freedom fighters are in jail or chased or prosecuted in Europe and the west.

      Ah yeah, we had our own freedom fighters: Taliban and al Qaeda in the 1990s. We lavished on them so much money and weapons to be free like us. Then what happened? Did they turn against us using the same weapon we happily offered them?

  13. re: anonymous….
    …” What would Brussels do?”…
    Brussels doesn’t and never has anything to say..
    Marching order is coming from Berlin..
    EU is noting else just a German political tool to colonize politically ,economically and subjugate CEE..known as a Mitteleuropa plan
    German liberal imperialism in progress to achieve Germany hegemonic policy..
    III World War is coming..

  14. First of all this is a proposal from the EU Parliament. Nothing more.
    From here this proposal will go to the EU Commision. They can adopt, reject or amend the proposal.

    After that the heads of all the member states would have to vote on this. And this vote would have to be unanimous to be legal binding according to the EU Constitution.
    At that point Hungary would still have it’s voting rights and is legally allowed to participate in this voting until the voting comes to conclusion. All Orban would have to do is to cast his veto and go home again.
    And the whole sorry matter will be send back to the EU Parliament for re-consideration.

  15. When push comes to shove, I hope Hungary has more support than just Poland. I would think the other V4, at least, would unhesitatingly cast their votes to veto this farce. In any case, if Poland vetoes then this issue will be dead. What would be the next step for the EU? Apparently this:

    “Mr. Orbán pointed out that the Chancellor had said that countries on the periphery of Europe, on the external border of the Schengen Area, must transfer part of their border security responsibilities to Brussels.

    According to the Prime Minister, the plan is that if Hungary cannot be forced to allow entry to migrants, then it must be stripped of its right to defend its borders. He added that this would involve the stigmatisation of Hungary and the weakening of its resistance. He observed that “Instead of Hungarian border guards and military personnel, who guard the border […] have sworn an oath and for whom their homeland is important, they would send mercenaries here from Brussels […] and would let in migrants”.”

  16. Send mercenaries from Brussels to Hungary and Hungarians will kill them as they did Russian invaders in 1956.

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