The Salvini Decree: Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is making good on his campaign promises. His latest decree has made real changes to the way Italy handles immigration and deals with security.

Even before the new decree, Mr. Salvini’s policies were already having an effect. As reported in last night’s news feed, there were 20,500 fewer asylum requests in the second quarter of 2018.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from La Repubblica:

Salvini Decree, the points on immigration and security

Restrictive measures on reception. Close to the anti-terrorism legislation, more powers to the municipalities

ROME — The two original decrees (security and immigration) wanted by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini have merged into a single decree that provides for a tightening on the immigration front and on the security front. According to the officials of the Viminale, the text “is not armoured”. From the abrogation of the residence permit for humanitarian reasons to the “crackdown” on the rental of vans, there are many innovations contained in the Salvini decree.

Immigration. On the immigration front, the decree provides for the doubling of retention times in the centers of detention for repatriation: from 90 to 180 days; the repeal of residence permits for humanitarian reasons, replaced with permits for civil merit or for medical treatment or if the country of origin is experiencing a natural disaster. “Humanitarian protection is regulated by six specific cases; there will no longer be the free interpretation of the single,” explained Salvini. “For asylum seekers, the suspension of the asylum application is foreseen in case of social danger or in the event of a conviction in the first degree,” Salvini explained. As for the Sprar (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees), it will continue to exist but “limited to applicants for humanitarian protection and unaccompanied minors.”

The Salvini Decree also provides for the extension of the offenses that cause the revocation of the refugee’s permission (sexual violence, drug dealing, violence to a public official); the revocation of humanitarian protection to so-called “vacation refugees”; the exclusion of legal aid in cases where the appeal is declared impractical or inadmissible: the court costs will no longer be borne by the State.

Safety. Regarding the provisions on public security, prevention and combating of terrorism and mafia crime, the decree provides for a tightening on the rental of vans that could be used for terrorist attacks; the extension of the ‘daspo’ ( Ban on Access to Sporting Events) for those suspected of involvement with international terrorism; while for foreigners considered a threat to national security the withdrawal of citizenship will start.

Furthermore, the decree contemplates the upgrading of the National Agency for assets seized and confiscated from the mafia; the possibility for local police personnel to access the police force inter-force database; the extension of the urban daspo to additional areas such as markets and fairs.

Moreover, the experimentation with electric impulse weapons (taser) by operators of the municipal police of municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants; the exacerbation of sanctions against those who promote or organize the invasion of land or buildings and the expansion of the possibility of using the investigative instrument of wiretaps for those who commit this type of crime.

8 thoughts on “The Salvini Decree: Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

  1. Salvini is implementing these much-needed security measures in the form of a decree. I’m certain Italy has its share of leftist judges who will be more than happy to try to block the decree from being followed. I’m not familiar with the Italian system of government, but hopefully the judges will be either ignored or turned out of office…or both, preferably.

    In divided societies, the legislative branch becomes the first to experience deadlock and impotence. Any effective government measures have to come from the administrators or executive, essentially a limited dictatorship.

    A dictatorship eliminates the entire system of individual rights and checks and balances which is so central to American liberties and freedom. On the other hand, it could be argued that the system was well on the way to being demolished at the time the US opened its borders to peoples indiscriminately, who reliably and overwhelmingly supported leftist, socialist government.

    If you’re going to have a dictatorship, might as well go whole-hog, and eliminate bureaucracies wholesale. I nominate eliminating the FBI, the CIA (downloading any real intelligence functions to the different military intelligence services), the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. I would also eliminate civil service tenure: all government employees serve at the pleasure of the elected executive.

    • The CIA and FBI and the rest of the surveillance state constitute a very real and existential threat to government as the Founders intended. They represent a real Praetorian Guard that has the goods on every elected official and individual that even thinks of running for public office. Who among us has not at some point in our lives done something at the least of which we would be ashamed if it became public knowledge, or worst, something which could land us in prison under the myriad of laws and regulations smothering the country? I highly doubt that there is not widespread blackmail or threats made by the Deep State to politicians who dare to stray from the reservation. Supposedly J. Edgar Hoover was able to stay as director of the FBI long past the point he should have been retired precisely because he had the dirt on anyone who had the power to remove him from office.

    • Dictatorships are nothing but forms of Oligarchical Collectives. Just as Monarchies are as well. Both use massive bureaucracies in order to operate their tyrannical micro-management over their populations. Whether that leader listens to his or her oligarchs is less relevant then whether the massive governing structure is capable of enforcing the decisions of their centralized oligarchy.

      The smaller and less intrusive the governing oligarchs the freer the population is to live as they see fit. Decentralized governing bodies are more representative of localized regions of people then one single body on the other side of the planet. The intentional balkanization of formerly homogeneous societies is an artificial construct created and maintained by those oligarchs wishing to grow their own power and control over every population on the planet. This is exactly what we see happening in every Western Civilized country in Europe, the UK and America. Maybe eventually they’ll even produce a single figure head sock puppet to represent their body of bureaucrats and I believe that eventually they will.

      • Yeah. I pretty much agree with you.

        My thinking is that the mechanisms of government control are already present. As diversity increases, so does legislative gridlock, until the only way to govern is through the decrees of the executive. The path to dictatorship is through downgrading the power of the legislative and judicial branches. Right now, the judicial branch seems to be preeminent, ruling basically as the ultimate authority. A single federal judge can block a perfectly legitimate exercise of executive responsibility. So far, the Supreme Court has kind of upheld the ability of the executive to carry out its mandates, but it’s kind of a close call. When happens if the Supreme Court decides to rule on its own?

        We saw an example of the with Roe vs Wade. The legality of abortions properly lies with state legislatures, but the Supreme Court decided to create a law of the land out of whole cloth.

  2. It isn’t “immigration” if it’s done illegally. A Foreign National entering into a country illegally is either a thief, a spy, or a Foreign enemy intent on overthrowing a nation’s culture and beliefs, murdering its Native Citizenry, raping and enslaving its children. Yet this enemy isn’t doing it alone. This enemy is being aided and abetted by the traitors indigenous to the country they are intent to invade and overthrow.

    Until you as a people begin to go after such treasonous cowards with a vengeance a parent has for those who murder their children and make them their sexual slaves this army of Foreign Nationals will continue to infiltrate through your sovereign national borders. Until you adopt this exact perspective and worldview you will continue to lose your country, your family members to include your young children and your your preferred way of life.

    Because the rest of the world is looking at your shame of servile docility to those traitors you call your leaders in wonder. And I don’t mean to be disrespectful either since you can see this everywhere. But what we are watching is so unbelievable. Many of us had said goodbye to Europa and its Western Civilization and are deeply grateful that our ancestors had escaped from the Nation-States of Europe to have better lives if for only a little while longer. But we too have a plethora of traitors here who would also wish to destroy us.

  3. And the campaign promise to deport 700,000 migrants/illegals or whatever? Forcing myself to be optimistic about the Italians but we shall see if that campaign promise ever amounts to anything. Most have not. For every setback the globalists have on immigration or other agendas, there are two other moves that have already been put into action to move their agenda forward. That’s how they always do things. So being optimistic is good, but with caution.

    According to a PEW report in 2016, muslims made up 4,8 percent of the population in Italy, that is, 2.870,000 million muslims among total population. It doesn’t take long for them to breed or bring in family, and now 2018 is on its way to 2019, so there are probably a lot more to add to the 2016 number. Those nearly 3 million already there will not go gently.

    • Mr Salvini at least seems to be genuine when it comes to having the desire to keep savages out of Italy, and remove the ones who commit crimes there. That, in my opinion, is a very good start. He has quite a task ahead of him cleaning out the Augean Stables of entrenched bureaucracy, corrupt and obstructive judges, and globalist/socialist Eurocrats who are doing their hardest to thwart the will of the Italians who put Mr Salvini into government. If anyone has a good chance of succeeding it is Mr Salvini.

      I think the globalists will fall short well before they are able to make all europeans minorities in their own countries. Just look at the pushback when muslims make up only 5% of the country. There would be open warfare were that percentage to ever reach an outright majority in any European country. There are already electoral consequences for the elites in many european countries, and those setbacks would turn into crushing electoral majorities for populist parties should the percentages of invaders increase much more.

  4. I imagine that Italy is next in line for the threat of an Article 7.

    I can’t imagine the dire consequences for the EU should they be foolish enough.

    I believe that it really is starting to unravel now.

    Grab the popcorn … or the suitcase … depending upon one’s perspective.

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