The Fetid Swamp Swirling around Judge Kavanaugh

In the interim between Justice Clarence Thomas’ appearance before the Judicial Committee in 1991 for his nomination to the Supreme Court and now, the Democrat Party have become even more power hungry. Before they were mendacious and conniving; now they are in some black hole devoid of any shred of decency. Perhaps Obama’s eight-year reign convinced them they’d never have to endure another level playing field.

Here is Judge Kavanaugh’s statement to the Judicial Committee. Bear in mind that he is standing in for slings and arrows they would otherwise hurl at Donald Trump. Had Kavanaugh been nominated first – instead of Justice Gorsuch – then Gorsuch would now be playing Job. The Dems don’t care about Kavanaugh; it’s all about power and preventing any more conservatives rising to the Supreme Court no matter what the cost.

They hope to skewer this man and defeat him before the mid-term elections, and further hope they can gain an edge in the Senate in November so they can continue to thwart and defy Trump.

It’s all about power: who has it, and who gets to keep it. If that means destroying a man’s character, ho-hum. Better that than a conservative on the Court.

The Dems let go a depth charge in the midst of these proceedings. They knew about this allegation of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh the whole time he was doing separate interviews with senators prior to his hearings, but they never said a word. It wasn’t until after he’d gone through the public hearings and the Republicans were pushing for a vote that Senator Feinstein from California suddenly came forward with a letter from a woman in California who claimed to have ‘recovered’ memories of being sexually assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh…thirty-six years ago, though she couldn’t remember exactly where or when it happened. At the time, he was seventeen, she was fifteen.

You can bet that delayed the confirmation. Nothing would do but that we had to have this Fellini circus in front of the whole country. There was lots of pushing and shoving and even more lurid allegations from other women until finally, the Committee met to hear the assertions of Christine Ford and then listened to Justice Kavanaugh’s rebuttal.

Now he has spoken and was questioned by the Committee. At least one of the Democrats’ inquiries demanded that he ask the White House to open another FBI investigation…in other words, anything to slow down the vote. And if he demurred, it would prove his guilt somehow. Feinstein refused to acknowledge a reality of which she was well aware: that only the Judicial Committee may ask the FBI for anything since it is they who are in charge. His refusal to do as she asked – because he couldn’t do so – was designed to show him as uncooperative or ignorant of the procedural process. “Heads we win, tails you lose”.

Will all this posturing by the Dems delay the actual vote until after the elections? That’s their hope. But they’ve stepped on similar rakes before and been hit in the nose. They pontificate about long-term consequences, but all they can see is what they think is happening now. And even after the 2016 election, they still believe in polls.

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  1. What hasn’t surfaced, and should by all means, is that Ms. Ford is an employee of a pharmaceutical company that makes the ‘morning after’ pills that induce abortion (Godfather Report). In a nutshell, Ms. Ford must succeed because if the Kavanaugh nomination comes up for a vote and he is confirmed, she loses her job. Ms. Feinstein is also involved due to her liaisons with the company and their funding of her campaigns. Never mind draining the swamp, throw a 55 gallon drum of chlorine bleach in it.

    • Here’s a puff piece on Dr. Ford in the LA Times:

      a snip:

      Ford earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from USC and a master’s degree in epidemiology, specializing in biostatistics, from Stanford’s School of Medicine. Outside of academia, she does consulting for pharmaceutical firms, helping design clinical trials. According to her faculty biography in a course catalog, she worked as director of biostatistics for Corcept Therapeutics in Menlo Park.

      So who is Corcept Therapeutics? Well, there’s an app for that:

      Via their wiki —

      In 2012, Corcept launched the prescription medicine Korlym, a cortisol receptor blocker to control hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) in adult patients with endogenous Cushing’s syndrome who have type 2 diabetes or glucose intolerance and have failed surgery or are not candidates for surgery.[4] Korlym was the first FDA-approved oral therapy for the treatment of such patients.[5] Since Korlym was an orphan drug—i.e., one developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition—Corcept received seven years of exclusive marketing rights, as well as tax credits for clinical trial costs, marketing application filing fee waivers, and assistance from the FDA in the drug development process.[6] In 2013, Corcept reported $19.7 million in federal tax credits.[7] Corcept’s marketing exclusivity for Korlym will end on February 17, 2019, at which time competitors could attempt to introduce generic equivalents.[6] As of 2018, Korlym is Corcept’s only product and treats about 1,000 patients annually in the U.S.[7]

      Korlym’s active ingredient is mifepristone, also known as RU-486, which is a medication typically used in combination with misoprostol to bring about an abortion.[8] Developed in France in 1980,[9] mifepristone was approved by the FDA in 2000 for abortion in the U.S.[10] Since then,[7] mifepristone has been marketed by Danco Laboratories, a private pharmaceutical distributor, under the brand name Mifeprex, and is Danco’s only product.[11]

      In 2018, Kaiser Health News reported that the difference in price between Danco’s Mifeprex and Corcept’s Korlym “is striking, even though the ingredients are the same: One 200-milligram pill to prompt an abortion costs about $80. In contrast, a 300-milligram pill prescribed for Cushing’s runs about $550 before discounts. Patients wanting an abortion take only one pill. People with Cushing’s often take up to three pills a day for months or years.”[7] While the price of Mifeprex has remained stable, the price for Korlym has increased nearly 150 percent over the past six years, rising to an average yearly cost per patient of $180,000.[7] “We have an expensive drug,” said Joseph K. Belanoff, MD, Corcept’s cofounder, chief executive officer, president and director.[12] “There’s no getting around that.”[7]

      It would be more accurate to say that Corcepts Therapeutics employed RU-486 to create an off-label use of an old drug in order to treat a relatively rare disease. For this they jack up the price unconscionably and can escape – for a while – any competition. They also get lucrative tax breaks.

      Dr. Ford’s association with this company is certainly interesting since the providers of “morning-after” pills are thoroughly paranoid about anyone getting in their way…as are all Big Pharma folks. It’s a bit of a paranoid jump to say she’ll lose her job over this. She MAY lose a lucrative contract with her outside gig, but she will keep her day job. Who knows, she may get some good stock for standing up to take a bullet for Corcepts…but no one will ever know that for sure.

      Please, acuara, cite your sources in the future. It took some work to track down your assertions. Next time, into the circular file wit’ youse.

      • Thank you very much for ALL your hard work. I was afraid to put up the source because it was a bit gossipy. You are to be commended and yes, I will have sources and their citations next time.

        • If your source is “gossipy” – and I did see some of those as I searched – then change your search terms till your results improve.

          Not that I think the LA Times is a paragon of journalistic virtue. They can be every bit as awful as the Old Grey Doxy in NYC. But from MSM sources you can pick up tidbits – like the gig she has at that drug company. My own paranoia leads me to believe she played the fainting virgin of 36 years ago at the suggestion of her Pharma pals, who said they’d reward her well. Being a PhD in clinical psychology, she knows well the drill about “recovered” “memories”.**

          The Pharma industry are terrified some big ol’ conservatives will climb on the Supremes’ bench and bring them to order. Big Pharma in this country is the ruin of many a fine person. The only reason meds are so much cheaper in Europe is that we underwrite the costs. I hope Trump tackles that mess in his second term. He’s not strong enough to take them on right now, but maybe before he leaves office. And I hope his conservative successor gets all his crib sheets. What a trove that will be.

          **I know well how awful recovered memories can be. And I know generally how to tell the real from the fake. Sexual abuse is the most often suppressed material – Freud was on to something there before he chickened out and made it a ‘fantasy’.

          For a riveting book on the subject of childhood memories, see Lenore Terr’s Too Scared To Cry: Psychic Trauma In Childhood

          Dr Terr is a forensic psychiatrist who began studying childhood trauma in 1976:

          … twenty–six California children were kidnapped from their school bus and buried alive for motives never explained. All the children survived. This bizarre event signaled the beginning of Lenore Terr’s landmark study on the effect of trauma on children. In this book Terr shows how trauma has affected not only the children she’s treated but all of us.

          If you’re a Stephen King fan, she explains his attempt to resolve his own horrific childhood trauma through his writing.

          If you wonder about children’s testimony re sexual abuse – or wonder if your own really happened – she describes how the truth differs from what kids make up, or are “encouraged” to say. Her work never discusses Attachment Theory per se, but she offers a practicum on the subject.

          • What may have happened here is this;
            Looking at the yearbook material available it appears that Ford and the other girls in her highschool were living in a haze of alcohol, drugs and riding the carousel. How she can have accurate memories after more then 30 years is beyond me.

            From the onset her feminine instinct must have told her that this Kavanaugh guy was a guy to look out for. He came from a good solid family, he was smart, typically a guy who would go places.
            He was a winner and she wanted him.
            But he was not interested in her, he barely knew she existed.
            At this point we do well to remember Shakespeare who said “hell hath no fury but a woman scorned”
            And scorned she was. Resentment began to set in.
            This resentment began to fester and over the years her wish and desire began to transform itself into a newly created memory, a new reality.

  2. It is regrettable that the Democrats have resorted to this questionable delaying tactic. It is a tragic result of a gridlocked Congress in which comity, compromise, and collegiality have been discarded mostly by the Republicans under Newt Gingrich and Mitch McConnell. The last Obama Supreme Court nominee, moderate liberal Merrick Garland, was denied the courtesy of interviews and confirmation hearings by the Republicans. I smell some anti-semitism there. Republican scorched Earth politics have resulted in Democratic scorched Earth politics.

    • In fairness, there was the principle, not originated by Mitch McConnel, that Supreme Court nominees will not be confirmed in a Presidential election year.

    • For heaven’s sakes – the Dems are infamous for their dirty in-fighting and have been since FDR. Low tactics were carried to their logical conclusions by Obama for eight long years. Now Dems are angry because the usual voter flip was such a total surprise. They still haven’t gotten over losing 2016. Riding high for eight years made them out of shape.

      As for “anti-semitism”, go peddle that somewhere else. It isn’t credible.

    • B[alderdash]! The last time a SCOTUS nominee was voted on during a Presidential election year was during the Eisenhower administration. The dhimms wanted to make sure they had a 5-4 anti-constitutionalist majority after zero left office.

    • I’m not sure my comment won’t be censored again, but it was former Democratic Leader Dinghy Harry Reid who unilaterally changed the Senate rules which now foster these horrid scenes to play out.

  3. Watching the hearings, I remember that Feinstein claimed she didn’t release the letter until Ford’s name was already published.

    How did the news organizations get Ford’s name? Innocent Feinstein turned around to her assistant, whispered to her, then announced “My staff had nothing to do with the leak. They told me themselves.” And Feinstein’s reason for sitting on the letter was that Ford asked for confidentiality.

    Ford testified that she submitted an anonymous communication to her senator and to the Washington Post when Trump’s short list of Supreme Court nominees was announced. Ford simply wanted them to be warned, so as to pick someone else.

    But, for a brilliant person like a PhD and biostatistician, Ford didn’t think it through. An uncorroborated anonymous assertion is not going to derail anyone. In any case, Feinstein sat on it through the real investigations, until it looked like their side would lose. Then, somehow, the name was leaked. My own theory is that Feinstein had a “Henry II”moment in the presence of her staffers: “Oh, that someone will leak this troublesome anonymous name.” So, a certain barely plausible deniability can be maintained.

    It’s hard to get a handle on Ford herself. My take is that she has Asperger’s, does not connect with social interactions, and uses her intellect to reconstruct what she thinks her feelings should be. I don’t think she was in it to preserve her income. But, I think she’s a lot more susceptible to selective or constructed memories than she lets on or even thinks herself. I think she’s totally at sea when she engages in normal social interactions. For example, the generally-useless Republican hired gun established that Ford’s claim to not be able to fly was totally bogus, but Ford seemed to not realize that.

    But, in any case, she was shamelessly used and manipulated by the leftists…who, by the way, did exactly the same thing to Anita Hill. When Hill showed some hesitancy in being the public jackhammer to smash Clarence Thomas, they simply leaked her name and forced her hand.

    • Yes, Anita Hill was used, but they kept their promise to get her an appointment in academia, where she has mostly remained. Clarence Thomas has maintained his conservative point of view while Professor Hill, now at Brandeis, has moved leftward in her ideas about gender, etc.

      The two of them are contrasts in black American experience. Both can count back short generations to slavery, as can black people who elected to remain in our county here in Virginia. *They* had a long row to hoe, but they made it past the closing of the public schools to prevent integration all the way to being in the middle class economically and a potent political force, unfortunately, bought off by LBJ’s promises, a huge dishonesty which destroyed many of those who left home.

      Thomas’ conservatism probably grew out of his experience with his grandfather’s hard work ethic and his Catholic upbringing and education. Professor Hill’s turn to the Left was common back then…and a good career move for black women. But that tide may be changing. We’ll see in the next election.

  4. Kavanaugh is NOT a ‘crier’. This is what happens in the Gulag that is becoming America after ten days of filthy, vicious, personal attacks on your self and your family.

  5. Actually, it’s kind of creepy how the US lectures the whole world about Democracy, yet the processes and the institutions are not respected at home. MeThinks the first priority should be to Make America Great Again, not least American democracy.

    I’ve seen CNN’s take on this. They are very, very much part of the problem!

  6. This is what is worse, and here is the link to the article,
    The Bill of Rights has been set aside. To be accused is to be convicted. The precedent was set by the Clarence Thomas hearings and has now been affirmed by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Liberty and Justice is now only for those who are able to afford an attorney and support the globalist’s societal narrative. BTW, none of the liberal supreme court justices were subjected to the witch hunts that Kavanaugh, Thomas and Gorsuch have been, were they? Hmmm.

  7. Although on the surface these are two different situations I see a connection between the two. That connection is the malevolence of government. Those two cases are Kavanagh’s nomination and Tommy Robinson’s contempt case. Anonymous mentions this is red pilling America above. I don’t how this can happen but I would like to see the tactics that people in the government are willing to do help Tommy Robinson. How can Tommy Robinson reporting on trial of gang rapist in the UK result in his prosecution and in the US a ridiculous accusation the guy was part of a gang rape culture is just accepted. It is a demonstration of evil and malevolence. If nothing else I would like to see Kavansugh’s nomination shame the UK government into releasing Tommy Robinson – it just needs to be put out there.

  8. How can a near rape event involving minors 36 years ago even be admissible in court today? Brett was 17 years old and Christine was 15! Their fathers still play golf together. Why didn’t she come forward during Brett’s appointment as a federal judge several years ago? Christine’s own parents have remained silent and probably shocked and embarrassed over the circus show! I think she has Asperger’s or is putting on a demure, innocent school girl act! Yearbook photos revealed her to be quite the party girl at the prep school she attended. The truth seems to be somewhere in the middle as Brett was known to be a heavy drinker at Yale. However 36 years is too long even by law enforcement standards! Statute of limitations has long passed according to Maryland officials:

  9. 2 year terms ==>always running for office and fundraising==>wanting to please everyone, even outside natural base in order to stay in office==>terrified to make controversial votes (declaring war, SCOTUS hi-jinx)==>many tough laws have to be made by unelected agencies or courts==>people sense unaccountability and feel unrepresented==>default tribal associations become ascendent==>reversion of Enlightenment thinking, degradation of rationality.

  10. So, presumably, the depraved, deranged Dems lose … again.
    It really is such a shame that they are too stupid to realize how stupid they actually are.
    Sub-amoeba springs to mind!

    • The intelligent always assume others are more intelligent than they are whereas the stupid always assume others are more stupid than they are.

  11. Could it be that women are enjoying an unfair advantage in some types of trials? It appeared to me that the woman accuser was not subject to the same level of examination as the accused man.

    Is the white-knighting taking us back to a time when a woman in medieval England, as accuser in criminal cases, had the advantage of not having to present her body in trial by battle? Her testimony as an eyewitness to murder could be proved by having a man represent her to a fight with the accused and winning that fight. Clause 54 of the Magna Carta was an attempt to remove the unfair advantage.

    See Magna Carta, A Commentary On The Great Charter Of King John With An Historical Introduction by William Sharp McKechnie, Chapter 54.

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