The Collapse of Europe’s Center-Left

Yes, it’s the Good News Bear again:

Here’s the Pew study he mentions.

And here’s a snip from that September 12th post, with my emphasis:

Sunday’s general election in Sweden extended two trends that are now prominent across Western Europe: the rise of right-wing populist parties and the decline of center-left parties.

The far-right Sweden Democrats entered parliament for the first time in 2010, winning 6% of the vote. On Sunday, they finished in third place with 18% of the vote. And while the center-left Social Democrats finished ahead of the Sweden Democrats, they registered their worst electoral performance in more than 100 years.

Sweden’s Social Democratic Party is not an anomaly. In legislative elections held over the past two years, the French Socialist Party, German Social Democratic Party and Dutch Labor Party – three other major left-of-center parties – recorded their worst-ever results in the postwar era. Once-strong center-left parties in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Spain are also near historic lows in terms of their most recent legislative election results.

Did you ever think you’d see this volte-face in your lifetime? If you did, it means you ignored what the media has been saying…repeating and repeating ad nauseam.

That Pew link has a graph worth seeing. Click on it and scroll down a bit.

9 thoughts on “The Collapse of Europe’s Center-Left

  1. As long as Gyorgy Schwartz is alive, trouble will find any nation resisting the globalists. Just like a man trying to pull a bone from a dog, these turns in the road will inevitably lead to bloodshed.

  2. It seems, all protestations of non-racism aside, that quite a few western europeans do not enjoy being forced to live with african, mid-eastern & afghani savages and their hijab’d and burqa’d invader factories. Who would have thought that falafel, goat kebabs, bearded imams spewing their barbaric yawp from the minarets at all hours, random gropings, gang rapes, and vehicle jihad/knife attacks, could not overcome european preference for their own kith and kin?

    • quite a few western europeans do not enjoy being forced to live with african, mid-eastern & afghan[s]

      The elites don’t have to live with them. Just regular Europeans. Elites never have to suffer the consequences of their own stupidities.

      • “Elites never have to suffer the consequences of their own stupidities…”

        Occasionally they do. The French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, WW1 and the collapse of monarchies, all attest that sometimes there are direct consequences to the actions of the elites. And the more smug and arrogant they are, the more personal will be the consequences when they do catch up to the current batch of globalist/socialist traitors.

  3. As Peggy Noonan said in a Wall Street Journal column months ago (she was explaining Trump), what you’re seeing is the revolt of the unprotected.

    The wealthy, the political and social elite, and those connected with them never have to pay the price of all the virtue-signalling actions. It’s only the unconnected — the powerless — who suffer from it

    It’s taken a long time, but their patience has finally run out.

    • Reading your post it is Bono of U2 that immediately springs to mind. His latest vile video is nothing short of abhorrent.

  4. Turley is a refreshing upbeat “glass half full” sort of guy, and now has hard data to back up his optimism.

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