Terror is a Tactic but the Strategy is Jihad

As always, Bill Warner sorts the wheat from the chaff here:

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13 thoughts on “Terror is a Tactic but the Strategy is Jihad

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Will do. Jihad it is henceforth. Whether it is days put aside for swimming pool sex segregation or mass stabbings. It is JIHAD and of one piece.

  2. What’s in a name… Warner warns the world for the devil in disguise, of which most (blind) people believe it’s the religion of peace.

  3. I wish Mr Warner could somehow get back on the Alex Jones show. He was on twice in the past, and at neither time was he able to get into the meat and potatoes of his own arguments or his own unique research very much – I know because I was trying to help him figure out some of the questions for ‘show #3’ which never happened (unless he’d been on more recently) since I was very familiar with Alex’s show at the time, and I knew that none of the other critics of Islam which Alex had ever had on could punch with the weight of Bill.

    He is one of the best understanding yet least propagated ‘critics of Islam’, unlike those who may have millions or tens of millions of views whose criticisms aren’t nearly so ironclad and watertight. It does little good to widely propagate lukewarm populist resistance if the logic of positions lack deep merit because people that think themselves high minded simply dismiss the complaints as racism or ignorance or whatever. You need unbeatable positions to win the most important minds. (example: complaining about ‘immigration’ in general when America is made of immigrants is hard to defend, but refining to something specific such as complaining about the democrats gerrymandering elections by giving illegals the ability to vote, while bribed with promises of endless freebies until the country is destroyed and resulting in the watering down of everything that made America great – totally different argument!)

    I have to wonder if there’s any way to start some kind of “get Bill back on” commenting spree going on Alex Jones’s article comment sections or something. (and the same thing I wish for Stephen Coughlin whose never been on at all) I don’t know of any bigger dogs in the alternative media fight right now with a global reach and influence.

    • I’ve read Coughlin’s “Catastrophic Failure” several times and agree with you on the depth of the information there, on jihad, terror tactics, infiltration tactics (much more dangerous as Warner points out) and the Islamic textual and doctrinaire basis for the imperative for jihad (struggle to extend Islam by any means necessary, bar absolutely none).

      But, there’s a point of diminishing returns. The hard leftists, which seems to include all of the Democratic party leadership, the non-Fox news-entertainment network, and the leadership of the major religions including Catholicism and reform Judaism, will simply not respond to logical, fact-based arguments. They will yell and shame you. The debates are watched by conservatives, but very seldom by leftists.

      So, most or all of the listeners of Alex Jones and the rest of the non-mainstream, faintly nationalistic alternative news sources are likely to already oppose Muslim immigration and possibly all immigration. By the way, eliminating all immigration works for me, including white, intelligent, productive Swedes who voted in the Social Democrats to ruin Sweden.

      The exception, though, if a hopefully-small core of reflexive anti-Semites who are convinced the Israelis practice systematic, ongoing atrocities against the Palestinians, who are a legitimate resistance movement. And I do not equate critics of Israel with rabid anti-Semites. They are completely, 100% different, although some of their positions may overlap. It’s the logical proposition: A = B; A = C; does B = C? NO. That is, not necessarily.

      Anyway, Warner provides great material for the committed, and I’m sure he would be utterly convincing if he were listened to by a person who thinks logically, but has not made up his mind concerning the wisdom of importing Muslims and simply filtering out the ones who might commit violent acts.

      • I would gently and respectfully disagree. Alex reaches millions of people that are not “just already conservatives” which makes him different and nobody has a bigger reach that I can think of. I have friends who are leftist, LGBT, people of color, centrist and similar who all listen to Alex – with varying degrees of argument at times, but they all know when he references something as being a real article it is. They might disagree with strategies or interpretations of the knowledge, but they agree at least he talks about real things.

        Even those already on the right who listen to him are not ‘fully informed’ on Islam – for instance i’ve heard Paul Joseph Watson give entire diatribes about how Islam needs to reform itself. If he knew history he’d be talking about the Mutazila and why reform is impossible. I’d heard Alex say exactly the same even two years ago/when Bill Warner was first on his show, and the things Bill was saying was NEW to Alex. This is vital! When Alex gets convinced of something, he propagates it, whether the guest is on or not. He fact checks his guests, looks into their references, and becomes a bigger mouthpiece for these ideas.

        If Bill Warner or Stephen Coughlin can “reach” Alex and help him fully understand the ins and outs about certain arguments – he then becomes the mouthpiece from then on, thus convincing right wingers (with the wrong ideas in their head, I can’t count how many times i’ve heard “but I know a nice Muslim I met at the interfaith conference who says it’s nothing like that” and other nonsense… I know a Muslim too and his name is Mohammed, and what he says is the only thing that matters by literal swearing oaths to God backed by death)

        I believe it is VITALLY important to deepen and purify the real reasons why people have to say no to Islam and the Shariah and everything – otherwise you will find for instance moderate Muslims who will swear “no more violence” but still outbreed you, live off your countries welfare, and vote you out once they get a beachhead in places like Dearborn or Minneapolis.

        Knowing the WHY along with all the facts of the WHAT gives you the emotional and moral strength to say no even when all they do is assault you with images of crying widows and orphans that say some Palestinian terrorist tried to use as human shields to hide behind and snapped pictures right after he brought the consequences of his own choices down upon his families heads.

        Personally I would be for the right kind of immigration – that which strengthens America for instance back to it’s original roots. The Boers being murdered and stolen from in South Africa right now? We are fools for not bringing such productive and God fearing people here (and i’m pretty much an atheist yet I respect what religion does to improve many people who follow it) who have learned first hand what kowtowing to communism leads to. Not only would they vote right they would be on their feet within 1-2 years i’d bet employing others and defend to the death the country that rescued them.

        There are others i’d be for immigrating here or Europe or elsewhere too – those who love and support western values and aren’t just here for a free ride. Immigrants of the legal kind have been among the best people i’ve ever known – lower crime than natives, appreciate what they struggled through to become legalized here, far higher rates of self employment and employing others. Left leaning friends I have thus actually give what I say serious consideration because they know i’m not simply talking from a perspective of “only whites for white countries” or somesuch which is too easy to dismiss as racism.

        • For Random Commentater:

          You sound like you have a point as far as Alex Jones influence on all kinds of people, and also on the very wide ignorance of the real roots of Islamic aggression: canonical Islamic doctrine and Islamic law. I’ll take your word for the influence of Alex Jones. Truthfully, after seeing his antics with Rubio today, I would hesitate to watch him.

          As far as immigration, here is my hesitancy on taking in Boer farmers. The Boers had control of the government in South Africa, and gave it up voluntarily.

          Simon Roche, currently a spokesman and organizer of Sudlanders, an organization to save white South Africans from the gathering genocide, stated explicitly that in spite of world pressure, the South African government would have been able to hold to power, but chose to give it up to “one man, one vote” because of their “Christian” ethics.

          So, if we import them into the US, would they act differently from the way they voted in South Africa, and reject the appeal of identity politics as being more “moral”? I would like some evidence that they would not bring that same attitude with them, along with their education, intelligence, and work-ethic.

          And by the way, I do not necessarily support the immigration of even “deserving” immigrants. Suppose a million Chinese want to immigrate to the US and they are mostly high-IQ, low-crime, high cooperation. They probably won’t raise the crime rate, might very well raise the per capita income, and might provide more highly productive tech workers. But, in the end, the country would have a Chinese identity rather than European identity.

          I think immigration should be based on the benefits of present citizens, not the worthwhile qualities of potential immigrants. I’m actually not in favor of no immigration whatsoever, but if it’s a choice between no immigration and immigration based on a judgement of the immigrants, rather than based on the needs of present citizens, I’ll take no immigration at all.

          Anyway, I definitely appreciate a fact-filled, cordial debate, even one that shows me incorrect. To paraphrase a Chinese saying, better to be corrected and be a fool for ten minutes, rather than not be corrected and be a fool forever.

          • A bit of a late response, hopefully you either check or get alerted for a response.

            My guess with the Boers would be they wouldn’t repeat the same mistake twice. All cultures have to learn some things the hard way, those that near extinction as a result of their mistakes can become some of the most hardline in having an inverted/opposite response of whatever mistakes were made before. Or lets say for comparison if you had a bunch of antigun left wing females, once raped, are they likely to maintain the view that they should continue to be completely defenseless? Or are they likely to change their mind?

            Illusions can die hard. Right now most of Europe is stuck in denial over whats been happening. It probably has to get quite a bit worse for them to learn their lesson and it may or may not be too late. I would think that most of the Boers by comparison are nearing a point where if they get out of their situation alive they will say “never again” just like Israel does.

            I used to totally buy into the ‘palestinian’ nonsense once upon a time, thinking of Israel’s actions as excessive and inexcusable. (aka the point many people are now) After seeing some cultural enrichment really close to home I started doubting, and then after seeing the explanations of Bill Warner and Stephen Coughlin everything clicked and I completely changed my views on the matter. I think I understand what the Israelis have been dealing with now for decades (or you might say what the Jews have been dealing with for centuries) in terms of reaching a point where you will no longer accept being at the mercy of other people’s indifference to your suffering or shortsighted judgements.

            The Boers are good hearted people – their principles is what they gave up ‘for democracy’ hoping it would work well if they made the first gesture, for it to be reciprocated. Yet they are intelligent enough to learn even if it’s taken to this point to really hammer the point in. I just want to play President Trump and his parable of the snake in response.

            In terms of importing people who don’t have the right mentality or culture, I dont propose that any country needs to have absolutely no filters or standards or cultural tests. I just think that the majority of the Boers would be learning very hard lessons by now, and the trick to see is whether they can keep those lessons without having to get genocided first. My bet would be that they’ve gotten close enough.

            For what it’s worth I am absolutely against “one man one vote”, when the average voter is so hopelessly wrong about everything that they don’t even have the intelligence to decide where to get the oil changed on their car let alone pick a leader for a country. The same way that the Boers are allowing themselves to be voted into getting massacred is how people in the US are being walked over by those from foreign and antagonistically opposed cultures who simply come here and outbreed them. Primarily cultures which are r-selected instead of K-selected. (look into K and r-selection theory) We are perpetually self weakening as a result. There are possible solutions – but that starts with having the right culture of people to begin with, the K selected people with that mentality are already being outbred by the r-selected people already here.

            To the example of Chinese immigrants, I would have no problem with a million Chinese immigrants (were already probably getting that from illegal anchor baby ones) provided that they were culturally selected for the mentality of people that want to live in the west, in America, with it’s freedoms and individuality and all that, as opposed to those who were exclusively interested in economic opportunity but could care less about our culture, wouldn’t want to fight in a war to protect things, had no political involvement to maintain things, etc.

            America doesn’t exist just for others to economically feed off it – it’s financial benefits should be reserved for those of the right culture, the American culture, even if that person happened to be born in another country. I have known a number of people in other countries who love everything America and would fight and die for this country if they could just be a part of it, but they can’t get in under the exclusively economic focused H1 visa crap which doesn’t care about culture or loyalty, but only big corporate interests for cheaper engineers.

            America should reserve it’s gifts for those who truly love freedom and will join the fight to maintain it, not just those seeking to profit and run off, or to loot the country, or take advantage of it, or exclusively pursue selfish interests at the expense of the country.

            At this point the reason we need immigrants is because the breeding rate of K-selected people is something like 1.3 and the r-selected people already here is a demographic bomb that will politically dominate for sure in just another generation, and completely rule the country until it implodes a generation after that. There’s no other way to swing the pendulum back the other way. The only people likely to appreciate what America has and is, are those people in the middle of losing everything under every other poopy system like communism or socialism. Were you to bring a million Chinese here hand selected for documented love of individuality and American culture, in the end the country would have a more American identity than we have by sitting back and doing nothing except letting the r-type people breed and take over like we do now.

            Finally remember that it’s not necessary that everyone coming here either be instantly nor irrevocably granted citizenship. You can have legal residence without voting for instance while being assessed. I for a long time think that someone coming here, if say a decade later they are demanding Shariah or showing up at La Raza rallies and other anti-white racial supremacy crap, should be deported wholesale with their families if necessary. That people who came saying they wanted to become American, who then have kids, and those kids are raised to hate America – should have their parents citizenship revoked for fraud, and their children either taken away or if they cant be ‘fixed’ deported with them.

            (I apologize for the sheer length of this diatribe but was trying to answer rather definitively multiple aspects of the topic.)

  4. Bill Warner right to the point all Jihad is made of one cloth be it a stabbing people in the street in the name of Allah or changing our laws where we cannot have a draw a Mohammad picture contest. Or killing any open debate on why Islam is a religion based on violence and dualism .

  5. Gates of Vienna used to have in the sidebar a list of Jihadist training camps that are in the US; I have been trying to locate that list since that — obviously protected — training camp in New Mexico was raided; sadly, I cannot find it. The list of camps would be very useful to counter the poor reporting of other training camps.

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