Ten-Year-Boy Raped by a Ten-Year-Old Culture-Enricher

This is one of those stories that could only come out of the Fellini-like nightmare that is Modern Multicultural Germany: a ten-year-old boy was raped by his classmates after a school outing to Kröchlendorff Castle. The alleged rapist was reportedly also ten years old, while the boys who held the victim down were allegedly eleven.

As far as I can tell from reading various alternative media reports and talking to Germans, no one believes that the migrants who attacked the victim are really ten and eleven years old. Like most of the other “children” who have migrated to Germany over the past few years, they are undoubtedly substantially older than they claim to be. Remember the murderer of Maria L., who remained 17 years old for at least five years? Or the other murderous fellow (I forget his name), who claimed to be 15, but must have been at least 25 years old, based on various physical characteristics. Claiming minor status is a strategic move on the part of the migrants — they know they’ll get more lavish benefits, plus the punishments for juvenile crimes are absurdly light. As for the ten-year-old rapist — except for being suspended from school and forced to attend counseling sessions, I doubt he’ll be punished at all.

The “boys” responsible for the rape of their classmate were probably not quite as old as the “child” refugees shown in the photo at the top of this post. But, still — I’ll bet those wee urchins were showing quite a bit of five-o’clock shadow by the time they returned to Berlin after their day trip to the Schloss.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from the Austrian daily Österreich:

10-Year-Old Boy Raped by his Classmates During a School Trip

Before the summer holidays started, a class from a Berlin elementary school made a trip to Kröchlendorff Castle with 38 children. The goal was to learn team spirit, but it all turned out very differently.

During their journey to the castle, the ten-year-old victim was threatened by his classmates, who allegedly said “We f*** you today” to him repeatedly. Out of fear the victim remained silent and did not confide his situation to his teachers. On the evening of the same day, his classmates finally turned their brutal threat into a reality.

Two eleven-year-olds held the boy down as another ten-year-old classmate raped him. Two other students watched the abuse, but did not intervene, reports Bild Online.

Three teachers and one assistant were unaware of what had happened. A week and a half later it was revealed by a friend of the victim, who told a social worker at the school about the terrible events. After the incident became known, parents and police were immediately notified. The offenders were then suspended from school.

School suspension for the perpetrators

The main perpetrator, a delinquent aged ten, was already know for his propensity for violence. He is an Afghan, who is said to have lived in Iran, and repeatedly hit his classmates. Following psychological assessment, the chances are slim that the perpetrator will be able return to a normal school setting in the future.

The two eleven-year-old accomplices were also suspended from school. Both of them, an Afghan and a Iraqi, have been transferred to another school. “I am appalled by this shocking incident. Everything must be done to support the injured child and his family,” said Education Senator Sandra Scheeres in Bild. The young victim will also attend another school, because he does not want to return to his previous class.

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  1. It is extremely depressing to think of all the sacrifices made by Western servicemen and women and their families, all the broken bodies and lives and limbs lost, and children who will grow up without their father or mother, or the spouse who has been made a widow so that such savages may freely infect the West with their savagery and dysfunction. And this so that central bankers, politicians, and assorted warmongers can become even more obscenely wealthy while the young and ideologically naive bleed and die in faraway lands doing their bidding…

    One day there will be a reckoning. I am sure of it…

  2. This will be America’s future if Republicans don’t get out and vote in midterms.

    If the Dems get in in the midterms Donald Trump will be impeached and the borders will be wide open to fake asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East who hate America and Americans.

    • Trump may be impeached, but impeachment is equivalent to being charged by a grand jury. The conviction must be done by 2/3 of the Senate, which is very, very unlikely.

      If Trump keeps Sessions as attorney general, at least the present laws on immigration will be strictly enforced. The Mueller investigation is so plagued with scandal and bias right now, I doubt they could do any real harm to Trump. His best strategy would be to wait until the elections are over and, at some point, pardon everyone convicted by the Mueller probe. Everyone.

      If Trump fires Sessions, all bets are off. Trump has a history of appointing equal parts never-Trumpers and establishment Republicans. If he appoints someone like that for attorney general, and that’s what Lindsey Graham is angling for, with the siren song of an easy confirmation by the Senate, then immigration enforcement will slacken off or stop altogether.

      • The US should not have invaded either Afghanistan or Iraq. Afghanistan has proved its ability to resist any attempts to conquer and modernise it. Great Britain tried it several times, but failed miserably. The USSR tried it once and failed as miserably. The US, in its hubris, decided that it would succeed, but fared no better than its predecessors. The only result of the successive Soviet and American interventions was to make Afghanistan a much worse place. Where, under their good old King, Afghans sowed wheat, they now sow opium poppy. Drug addiction has become more widespread than ever inside Afghanistan and the country began to poison the whole world with it. And the decades of endless war has made Afghans even more brutal and barbarous than they were and sent millions of them abroad. If only the USSR and the US had left the country alone!

        As for Iraq, its big bad dictator Saddam Hussein ruled the country with an iron hand, persecuted Islamist extremists and allowed Christians, Yazidis, Mandaens and other religious minorities to survive and even enjoy a degree of safety and security. The standard of living, propped up by oil exports, was not too bad and relatively few Iraqis emigrated. The US invaded Iraq presumably to turn it into a prosperous democracy. The result has been bloody anarchy, in which Christians and other minorities have been largely exterminated, Sunnis and Shias are having a great time killing each other, the public services have collapsed, the oil revenues are appropriated by a small kleptocratic elite and Islamic extremists and millions of people, brutalised and traumatised by the experienced, have left the country.

        Now the US is busy destroying Syria.

        If only the US had left all these countries alone, there would not have been a genocide of Christians, a massive pauperisation there and no refugee crisis.

        Europe is now paying for the mad and murderous policy of the US (and for the support it has given it).

        • I have qualified agreement for what you said.

          I agree with you completely on Iraq and Syria. There was no US national interest that dictated the invasion of Iraq, and the support for Syrian jihadi rebels has no basis whatsoever for US security. They ginned up the excuse of weapons of mass destruction, which indiscriminately groups World War I mustard gas and sophisticated nuclear, chemical and biological agents.

          And yes, our useless interventions in Iraq and Syria has cost millions of civilian lives which, although we would not want them in the US, have a right to live as they see fit.

          I don’t agree that we shouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan. The Afghan rulers at the time, the Taliban, hosted a physical attack on the US. We had every right to invade them. It’s what we did afterwards that proved disastrous.

          Originally, the invasion consisted of special forces troops assisting the Northern Alliance, a natural enemy of the Taliban. Using their specialized tactics to great advantage, the special forces wiped out most of the Taliban, and penned Osama bin Laden up in the Tora Bora mountains, with no escape route.

          Then, instead of finishing off our victory and leaving, we began nation-building. To build up the credibility of the National Alliance fighters, we left the honor of actually capturing bin Laden to them. They muffed it, naturally, either intentionally (likely) or through incompetence (never underestimate the incompetence of Muslims fighting on our side) letting bin Laden slip out from a watertight encirclement around him.

          What we should have done was gone in, wiped out as much of the Taliban as we could find, not as nation-building but as retribution pure and simple, killed bin Laden ourselves, and then say “Adios” to the Northern Alliance. We wish you the best and hope you can keep the Taliban suppressed, but if you can’t, well, tough.

          If the Taliban got back into power, they would be a different Taliban that now knows it will be destroyed again if it attacks the US in any way. Other than that, it’s a matter of supreme indifference to US security whether the Taliban or the Norther Alliance rules Afghanistan, or parts of it.

  3. You have to feel sorry for the ten-year old, a victim of the German politicians and bureaucracy following their own interests. At some point, though, you have to stop empathizing with people who continually and persistently act against their own interests. Is there an educator, a teacher or principal, who would resign publicly on the grounds that being forced to integrate 21-year olds with 10-year olds in a class is insane and very dangerous.

    I do not believe that at some point the Germans will have had enough and will suddenly rise up and throw the invaders out physically. The worse the situation, the more submissive the Germans have acted. Why would I think they would change?

    • They will be submissive, the stupids from west germany.However east germany was under the communism for 40 years; those guys are more like Vishegrad 4 in mind.They remember and hey have some guts.If something will start will be for there

  4. Could this be one of those cases, where a 20 year old asylum seeker has lied his age to be 15, and is then placed in class with ten year olds because that is supposedly the right level of education for him?

    And then this happened.

  5. The “authorities” will do nothing – in England the politicians, courts, and media constantly create a “smoke-screen” of largely bogus cases and investigations in order to make it look as though they’re serious about the problem.
    In order to “get even” with their political/class “enemies”, Left-wing police chiefs and others have dragged the reputation of this country through the dirt by launching sexual abuse investigations into deceased former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, Lord Bramall – the ex-chief of the Defence Staff, Leon Brittan a Conservative Minister etc etc. After spending millions, there is never anything other than laughable claims that could be disproved in 5 minutes -(eg – a Conservative MP tried to cut my wedding-tackle off with a pen-knife) – to show for it. BUt from the Left’s pont of view, these “show trials” succeed brilliantly – they hide the actual rape epidemic from the public, the lawyers help themselves to millions of pounds of other peoples’ money, and they’ve had months of free publicity to propagate smear stories about their rivals.
    Rape victims are ignored while the police and the press instead go after a Conservative minister over ludicrous, totally unprovable allegations that he put his hand on BBC journalist’s knee 12 years earlier!
    In Derbyshire, a migrant claiming to be 15 was allowed to walk free from court on charges of forcing a nine-year boy to perform oral sex on him. That is how sick our societies have become.

  6. Irony on: GoV unfortunately became victim of photoshop scam artists.A closer look at the photograph clearly proves they are first or second graders.
    Receding hair and beard stubble is a piece of cake for an accomplished user of Adobe products.

    • Lol. That’s good use of irony.

      So, the Photoshop also made the first and second graders with a middle-life pouch, and a height making them tower over the actual adults in the room.

  7. Two words: death penalty.

    Foreigners that commit such a crime should always get the death penalty (and I’m perfectly comfortable stating that, I’m a legal immigrant myself).

    • Which countries in the EU still have a death penalty in place? The eradication of capital punishment for capital crimes has hollowed out the countries which follow it. Nothing shows more clearly the feminization of welfare societies than the elimination of guns and of capital punishment.

      • Leaving guns aside (I’m aware most gun crimes are committed with illegal ones), the US, even with capital punishment in some states, and longer prison terms than other western nations, was still more violent than EU countries, at least till recently. I’m no sociologist,but I suspect there are other, possibly historical factors involved.

        • Yes, we were more violent because we had a culture which supported a lot of immigration, in addition to large minority populations. We are also willing to tolerate more open speech. In exchange we expected assimilation. That was before the neo-Marxists became ascendant.

          However, the latter is a whole ‘nother story.

          Now, the virtue-signaling EU has pushed massive immigration while not allowing any push-back by its citizens. The US still retains a valve on our pressure cooker (for the moment you could call that valve by any old nickname – how about “Trump”?) But the countries stuck in the EU don’t have that outlet.

        • BTW, Mark, we have a whole folk history of “outlaws” from Jesse James to the Mafia. Now they work inside our administrative permanent bureaucracy, which is increasingly weaponized. Cf. the guns delivered to the tax collection agency, the IRS, under Obama’s watch. Not to mention his Justice head’s “Fast and Furious” arming of the Mexican drug cartels.

          Who was the last outlaw in England? Was it Robin Hood? I’m serious, not being snarky. The govt is trying so hard to make Tommy Robinson an outlaw. They may yet succeed. Maybe we should crowdfund an archery set for TR.

          • You’ll get no argument from me on that. Without meaning to be at all patronising or “superior”, the US is still a relatively young nation finding its way. Maybe some (especially western) Europeans have lost theirs?

          • Hungary,et al, have proved you can be an old nation and still have a vivid culture.

            Sadly, Britain is slowly asphyxiating itself with the strictures concerning free speech and the levels to which the administrative class will go to avoid being seen as “racist”. This p.c. folly, the one where people accuse themselves of tolerance, is killing Britain’s culture.

            So, relatively young and uncouth America is at a clear advantage.

  8. In 2015, a documented story was published about the British troops experience with the largest Pashtun tribe in Afghanistan. These Muslim[s] [redacted] have a l-o-n-g history of boy play! The supposedly “10 year old boy rapist” is probably a teenager!

    Deutschland citizens – demand the use of dental records for all three Muslim perpetrators! Don’t be like the Swedish government and punish the dentist truth-tellers! Absolutely disgusting that our globalist politicians sold out their countries for newcomer votes and a one world government! They know damn well about Islam’s treatment of women, children and its rape culture! This article was published three years ago BEFORE Mad Merkel opened the European floodgates to third world savages!

    American military (like myself) heard stories about our medics and doctors stitching up young male rectums while being stationed in Afghanistan a decade ago! Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Obama and his crooked administration demanded that military commanders turn a blind eye to Afghani sodomy because of “cultural sensitivities”. [redacted]

    The left owns this outrageous practice, indifference, and their passive acceptance. Absolutely sickening, heartbreaking and disgusting!


    • The culture in many majority Muslim countries permits the sexual abuse of infants and children – both boys and girls. This practice is largely responsible for what the adults in these places eventually become, either reactively violent men or those beaten down by life before they ever get started. It also accounts for the passive women.

      In the West, we’d diagnose them as suffering from developmental PTSD since sexual abuse begins so young. See Nicolai Sennel’s ground-breaking work, “Holy Wrath: Among Criminal Muslims”


      Or this, from the American pediatric psychiatrist, Bessel van der Kolk, who’s been studying the subject of child sexual abuse since the 1980s:


      It is crucial to understand the real motivation of those who want to destroy us.

  9. Oops I meant the article was published in January 2015 at least 3-6 months before Mad Merkel opened the economic migrant floodgates!

    Dymphna… thanks for your astute research and follow-up comments! Sorry I used bad words (redacted by GoV). It makes me so outraged that Europeans are now just waking up in one (mid size) German, eastern city! Demand dental records for migrant *minors* who commit crimes! The majority are practicing deceit (taqiyya) to gain additional benefits and unvetted access to children! Sick, sick, perverts!

    Here is a YouTube link, eye witness testimony of a former DJ (peace loving liberal) whose nightclub had to close its doors in Chemnitz because of Arab gang violence:


    • I wonder how many businesses have had to close due to the floods of immigrants into Germany. Do you think there is any data on this or would such information be shoved under the desk blotter?

      Surely this isn’t just “Arab” gang violence? There are lots of countries represented in those migrants, many of whom don’t get along. Arabs always consider themselves superior to the rest.

  10. Dymphna below is a link to Frank Stoner’s YouTube video with English subtitles since many of us don’t speak German.


    See how politically careful Frank is with his spoken words? Germans can be arrested for hate speech against Muslims. “Arab” is used several times to describe the perpetrators. Here is another video made by American Brittany Pettibone during the white rose, silent march in Chemnitz! Of course the lying Press (lugenpresse) only shows agitation and paints the 10,000 protestors as far right, racist Nazis. No doubt many businesses are suffering in German cities where migrants intimidate the locals, harass European women and take items from stores without paying for them. Increased criminal activities are happening since Merkel let the migrants flood Europe in 2015.

    Hopefully, all indigenous Europeans will unite in marching for peace & protection against Muslim violence! Hats 🎩 off to Brittany Pettibone for reporting the truth in Chemnitz:


    • BP made a good video here. But she needs to look up the symbolism of the White Rose in Germany. I first discovered it in its use by those who were fighting against Hitler, e.g., Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Then last year (or maybe the year before) I found a brief news report on the antependium Queen Margrethe created and then embroidered to hang in the Wittenburg chapel, where Luther began his long march through Teutonic Catholicism.

      Don’t you wonder how long it took her from start to finish?


      [Note: good pictures – the DM excels – but the turning of the noun, “gift”, into a verb is a jornolistic abomination. So is the word, “tasked”. Ugh.]

  11. One Rule of Law for everyone!!!

    Wake up Europeans…use technology to weed out the liars, cheaters and criminals who are invading your countries!!!

    DNA tests, X-rays, medical exams
    can reveal biological age & familial & ethnic backgrounds. Polygamy is outlawed in Western nations along with underage marriages. No exceptions should be allowed by politicians and judges!!!

    Swedish Dentist Reveals 80% of Migrant ‘Children’ Are Actually Adults – Is Fired and Now May Lose Home.


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