Open Season on the AfD at the Bundestag

The immigration-critical party AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) is polling too well, and the German establishment is cranking up its efforts to squash the party.

That’s the sense I get from these two videos from the floor of the Bundestag. The first shows Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat leader and former President of the European Parliament. He’s a quintessential EU apparatchik, and he comes down hard on the AfD. It’s the NAZI-NAZI-NAZI scattergun, the preferred method of shutting down any political dissent in Germany.

The second video shows even nastier diatribes from other people. The vitriol is so relentless that the AfD members walk out of the chamber partway through. And notice how much applause the AfD-haters get from their fellow members of parliament.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Martin Schulz:

Other attacks:

Video transcript #1:

00:03   Martin Schulz, SPD
00:07   The reduction of complex political issues to a single topic, being in general raised
00:14   by the minority in a country, is a traditional tool of fascism.
00:24   And today, once again, that is what we have presented here. The migrants
00:30   are to blame for everything. A similar diction has been heard on these premises at
00:35   one time. And I think it is time that the democrats in this land stand up against this
00:39   kind of rhetorical rearmament which leads to a disinhibition, resulting in violence
00:46   in the streets. It is time that democracy fight these kinds of people, Mr. President.
01:27   Mr. President, the interposed question that I wanted to ask is related to remarks
01:31   made by Mr. Gauland, that showing the Hitler salute is distasteful.
01:35   Saluting Hitler is a criminal offense, which must be prosecuted.
01:47   The kind… the kind of speech that we’ve heard here today. Once again, this
01:52   one dimensionality of complex structures in the 21st century. Everything being
01:58   reduced to a single topic. This is a stylistic device that is well known.
02:02   It is combined, Mr. President I’m finishing now, combined with phrases like
02:08   ”The thousand year reign was a drop of bird poop in history,” Mr. Gauland,
02:14   a whole lot of bird poop is a pile of manure and you belong on top of it.
02:18   in Germany’s history. —Yes, yes, super!
02:24   Mr. Gauland, you are permitted to respond to the interposed question.

Video transcript #2:

00:05   Mr. President… The radicals on the right in this parliament are unsavory and if you
00:09   observe them, besides stupid comments they have no substance, no solutions,
00:18   It is embarrassing, nor is it civil. If you peer in this direction, you see the them
00:23   looking sad. Then you know, from them you can expect no solutions. No, just division,
00:27   provocation — all that’s associated with them. Hate makes you ugly! Look in the mirror!
00:36   Now that I delivered my message clearly
00:40   Does the gentleman allow an interposed question? —From whom?
00:46   I don’t need questions from the radicals on the right. Thank you. Which means…
00:50   When you look at the end result. How does it feel to be on the receiving end?
00:56   It’s noticeable. The radicals on the right cause division, you hate, you appeal to
01:02   hate, and when you are addressed in like manner you react this way because you
01:11   know it’s true. Look in the mirror, then you will see what drove this republic into misery
01:15   during the 20s and 30s.
01:19   We have established that there is no substance.
01:25   So then, when we occasionally recognize content coming from the AfD,
01:30   it is about them fighting for the rich, them fighting against pensions, they fight against
01:35   everything that holds this country together. At the same time, the AfD is the party that
01:40   stands here, which is easily observable, they want to spend 40 million more for
01:48   defense, but nothing for our pensioners.
01:53   …expect solutions and even if you leave now, one can only object to you
01:59   coming back in. —Please take your places.
02:05   However, among the things that belong to a viable government, in addition to pensions,
02:10   affordable rental rates that everyone can pay and a good day care law and many
02:15   other things. It is important that the state stands against the radical right
02:19   as well as the radical left and all those in between that show up at the AfD
02:23   demonstration saluting Hitler. To protect against such things, we invest in a
02:27   socialized state on the one side, as well as investing in more police, more for the
02:31   Federal Criminal Police and we believe in this state, for the future, for our people.
02:41   We want to strengthen it. Those aren’t patriots! These are the kind of people who
02:45   want to divide our social, strong, safe republic instead of bringing us forward,
02:49   they want to split us. Thank you.
02:57   Mr. Kahrs would you allow a comment? I do not think it expedient if we have such
03:02   aggressiveness in this distinguished place. I would advise you that this is not
03:08   beneficial and in the future to temper yourself. It is not acceptable.
03:21   Mr. President, I would like to express that I consider it bewildering when Mr. Kahrs
03:26   is told that he brings aggressiveness to these chambers, while the fellow members
03:30   of the AfD. No, I prefer to call them representatives of the AfD, they have never
03:39   received such a reprimand from you.

11 thoughts on “Open Season on the AfD at the Bundestag

  1. What is happening in Germany seems to be happening all over the world these days, in Europe and the US.

    Sadly, those of us who stand for the rule of law, for love of country, for our Constitution and who support our President Trump, are under constant attack from the Mainstream Media and even in many cases, from our own neighbors if you happen to live in a liberal/Commie/ Dem enclave like New York’s Hudson Valley.

    I give the AfD people a lot of credit for their courage and perseverance. It’s not easy to do the right thing under these horrible circumstances. Every day I read this blog and Vlad’s and see the horrible things that are happening in Germany, UK, France, etc. it often seems so hopeless.

    Luckily, there are still good solid people out there who will never give up the fight and that includes the Baron, Dymphna and whoever else takes time out of their lives to do this work that must be done. I salute you for your dedication and tenacity.

  2. Wow 🙂

    More and more I see that ‘projection’ is such a real thing. Maybe they really believe that AfD are the real Nazis, and so they act accordingly, but in doing so they become what they openly hate: Yes, there is Fascism rising. But was fascism defined by ‘anti immigration stance’ rather than emotional collective demagogic populist actions ‘blaming someone else’ kind of politics?

  3. If they start arresting politicians in the AfD, then there will be civil war.

    We are witnessing the consolidation of a new USSR Soviet. These politicians with their constant reference to Nazis are still the same tiresome Reds from yesteryear. Listen to them and the constant hysteria. Same language as it was forty years ago! The Left are resurgent and this will not end well. I predict the gulag and concentration camps will return.

    Socialism whether Communist, “Social Democrat”, or Nazi must be banned as a direct threat to humanity and freedom. These people are unfit for office and partaking of civilised political contention. Violence is in their very nature and just below the surface.

    • Since you mentioned concentration camps, my friend visited Mauthausen the other day and claimed they don’t show the atrocities very well. They rebuild it to look much more comfortable: the showers are painted white (it used to be a very dark and grimm room), the dormitory has just maybe a dozen beds and a nice window, instead of 50 beds cramped there, the infamous staircase has been rebuild so all the stairs are the same height and now they are considering putting an elevator next to them. Frankly, it makes the whole thing look like a nice vacation spot instead of a terrible place of agony and I if students visit and go home with that idea in mind, then national socialism suddenly doesn’t sound like such a bad idea anymore, does it? That’s how you raise future generations to be mindless sheep and not understand who the actual fascists are.

      • I went to Auschwitz on a cold, snowy day in the late 1970’s and was one of the only people in the entire camp. At that time it wasn’t covered with modernistic memorials and eternal flames etc. In Auschwitz Birkenau there were still human ashes on the ground around the pond behind the blown up crematoria. A prisoner’s spoon lay on the the ground where it was dropped.

  4. Churchill: ” The anti-Fascists of today will be the Fascists of tomorrow.” (Not an exact quote, but the gist is correct.)

    Schultz accuses the AfD of ‘blaming the migrants for everything’ – but of course the AfD blames Schultz et al for the migrants.

    Meanwhile the liberal/left shout “Wolf!” at every opportunity – and so further undermine their own position. It’s good to watch.

  5. The more the cultural marxist clowns talk it up in an insulting manner the more it is obvious to the ordinary German who is on whose side. Chrome-domed Schulz ( is he the son of the bloke from “Hogan’s Heroes”?) is just lining himself and his cohorts for the political dustbin.

    Their arrogance is thick enough to cut with a knife. And if they are not careful that might well be the response the German people decide to ultimately make.

  6. Disgusting. We have politians like that too and the worst thing is, many youths swallow the bait without doing any kind of research and if you or anyone points it out, they use the same rhetorics.

  7. That’s one way of looking at all this. Another is that the AfD is really, really getting under their skin. In other words, AfD’s making progress and persuasive arguments. Like Victor Orban.

  8. There are far better vids out there. You should include what the AfD actually said, which triggered the “Commentary by the SPD”, was a reflection on the DDR press. DDR was communist German. Oh by the way, the SPD split because they were not communist enough. These are the same people who said they hate Germans.

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