“Lord of the Flies” in Wisconsin

This teacher throws in the towel after ten years. How did she ever manage to last so long?

I have known some “at-risk” kids, but for the most part, they were quiet and passive. However, after six years of public “education” they were no less resistant to change than the thugs she describes.

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  1. This is extremely sad, but I have no reason to doubt it for a moment. This is what our “society” has come to accept. We demand “diversity” and we get disgusting, vile, low-lifes. What possible benefit is there in that?

    I was a teacher for 17 years, but I’m very thankful that I am now long retired. It is time to terminate public education; the public at large does not want education enough to bring the self-discipline that it requires. Education should be limited to those willing to pay for it (with no student loans and similar frauds!).

    She will be a loss to the system, but she will see her own life and safety improve greatly.

    • If we apply what you want, ideologies like Islam and communism get what they need. First public schools were created by church. I think the church was right. Give first 4 years of school for free and only the best will continue. Or, we can risk to go back to feudalism.
      It can be also a solution your idea on long run. Less people, less consumption, less pollution.

  2. One of the comments following the copy of this video on YouTube at

    (by a Shawn Knitt) reads, “[T]he power of teachers to gain control of their classrooms has been stripped slam off of them. It’s a pity really. The days of teachers demanding and getting, by just about any means, are gone. Therefore these types of situations will unfortunately continue.”

    I have never seen the word “slam” used in this way. Should this “slam” be interpreted together with the upright stroke of the immediately preceding “d”, as a cryptic message?

  3. Since the left is tribalizing society, it is very fair to ask the ethnic makeup of the students is and what the immigrant (and from where) population of the students is.

    • p.s. Excuse the typos in the above. Does anyone know the ethnic makeup and immigration status of this school’s students?

      • Perhaps Refugee Resettlement Watch has the statistics. That video is from 2017 but I doubt the situation has changed much.

        I just now attempted to access RRW on Duck Duck Go and it is even more hung up than Google. I finally had to type in the whole URL and even then it was tricky…lots of lefty hate sites came up first and Duck wanted to change my search terms. Finally, I got to Ann’s site via the whole URL and did a search on Green Bay Wisconsin. Ann has an excellent search function; here’s what I found:


        There’s not a lot but nonetheless sufficient for the question.

        • In addition to Duck Duck Go, I use Startpage. They use google to conduct the search but google gets their IP address. So google can’t get your info and the search is not recorded or linked to you. Sometimes you have to use both of them but it still keeps me from giving google or yahoo something to sell.

  4. This schools sounds a bit like a concentration camp. I believe camp commandants who allowed this sort of abuse of PoWs in their care were jailed or hanged after WW2. Shocking to think children are subjected to these crimes against humanity. Much of this soumds like actual torture…

    • Many of the “at-risk” kids are okay. It’s the gangs of behavior-disordered bullies who are the problem. And Obama’s “zero-tolerance school rules have made them far worse.

      • If they are not allowed to expel violent and criminal students, how can the school function? All the decent children and teachers are sacrificed (literally) to the violent juvenile delinquents. The delinquents need to be removed from regular schools and put in institutions that deal with their behavioural problems. However, racial issues make this very difficult.

        • Agreed. But they are prohibited from doing so for (a) financial reasons. Placing such a child in such an institution costs upwards of $60,000.00 a year – at least in a good placement, not a warehouse. So if they have, say, ten disturbed children – they have many more – that’s $600,000.00 a year and climbing. What school district can afford such a price tag? (b)These are middle-school kids so you’re talking at least five years or more. (c) There are also political-legal reasons. See the Obama-generated “Dear Colleague” letter.

        • It could also be open to abuse. Some UK schools have been excluding “low achievers” to improve their exam results.

  5. What she’s describing is the result, most directly, of Obama’s “dear colleague” letter. Look it up if you’re not familiar with it. I’m still waiting to see if Trump’s Department of Education does away with it, as it should

  6. What a damning indictment of a “toxic” school. The board members should have resigned on the spot. But they won’t admit any fault on their parts of course.

  7. If children were subject to this sort of danger in their own homes, they would be removed to foster homes and the parents probably prosecuted – but its okay for the authorities to preside over this? I should think conditions in youth offenders institutes would be safer.

  8. It’s simply the civilized versus the uncivilized. One culture, desperately poor, can function in broader society while at the same time seeking betterment. Another culture, also desperately poor, views their suffering as license to commit biblical-style sins against innocents, even those trying to help them. Which side will prevail?

  9. My daughter used to teach at a high risk middle school in Del Valley. TX a suburb of Austin, Texas. The kids in her classes have no interest in learning math, or any other subject. She quit just as this teacher quit. The administration, staff and other teachers stay on for salary and retirement purposes. It seems that public education is not serving the educational and social needs of students and probably needs to be abolished. All it is creating is public enemies who will be filling our prisons very soon.

    • Some of the kids want to learn and they do so despite the violence and disruptions by what are essentially immigrant minority students with links to the drug gangs – or wannabe links.

      But the solution is not to close the schools. It is to close the borders, or rather that’s a start. Yes, we have to take the schools back from the feral kids, but first, we have to take them back from the federal government. The regulations are killing local education; only private schools escape many of those burdensome diktat sent from Washington by the boxcar-load.

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