Long-Time African Immigrant in Italy: Above All Else, Close the Borders

The following lucid and articulate analysis of the current migration crisis in Italy is given by a African immigrant who has lived in the country for many years, and views with dismay the current mass influx of Africans into Italy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And I say that whoever — whoever
00:03   dares to challenge these colonial clauses
00:08   is killed. The whole world knows this.
00:12   Everyone knew this, but everyone was silent.
00:16   Why? Because everyone has interests in Africa.
00:19   After assassinating Ghaddafi, Libya, which became a no-man’s land,
00:23   where there is a puppet government,
00:26   where the various tribes have retaken control over each of their areas.
00:32   It has become a gap where the guys pass through
00:36   but also this is part of a plan. Part of a plan, because the global oligarchy
00:42   wants to empty Africa of its human resources, bring young men in here,
00:45   knowing the economic difficulties that Europe is dealing with now,
00:50   bring them into Europe knowing that they will not have a future.
00:56   We, who have been here 20-30 years, foreigners who live here
01:01   today are almost all unemployed. Each one gets by, because after 10-20 years in a land.
01:07   they succeed a little in understanding how things work,
01:10   but all of these youths they are bringing in by the hundreds of thousands,
01:14   one thing is clear: None of them will have the international protections
01:19   nor political asylum.
01:22   Therefore, those youths will be thrown onto the street
01:26   without any assistance, without any means. Speaking poor Italian,
01:32   not knowing Western culture, what will happen?
01:37   A war among the poor, that is
01:40   the (lower class) Italians who are in difficulty will find themselves confronted with thousands.
01:45   hundreds of thousands of hungry Africans.
01:51   Where will we end? A civilizational clash.
01:55   Therefore I say, and I repeat, Italy needs to keep the Italian borders closed.
02:00   There are so many documents written on this phenomenon.
02:05   We have been talking about it for ten years. I, before the thing became
02:10   so intensified, I was speaking about it already on the internet.
02:13   The people thought I was crazy. When I said that it was not true
02:17   that they were paying 10,000 euros to come here, they responded it wasn’t true.
02:22   In Africa, someone who has 10,000 euros, what will he come here to do?
02:27   It doesn’t make sense because with this [amount], one could build a life [in Africa].
02:32   They create propaganda in Western Africa saying to you that there is the possibility of crossing
02:38   the desert when you are in Libya,
02:41   the stretch of the sea is so, I don’t know how many kilometers to Italy, you understand
02:50   and these young men, hoping, if they arrive in Europe because they still have this, the myth
02:56   that they have the possibility of making a future for themselves.
02:59   This is today a utopia, this is today all utopia.
03:05   It is impossible to explain to them that the situation in the West is no longer like this.
03:10   In Italy, 250,000 young people leave every year
03:14   to go and look for work in other countries,
03:18   just from Italy. If the Italians are leaving to other countries to look for work,
03:26   who that comes here will find work?
03:29   It’s not possible. The serious thing is if at least
03:34   at least these young men were redistributed…
03:38   [if] the Dublin Accords permitted these young men to ask for political
03:41   asylum in the country they wanted,
03:44   Italy would not have had all
03:48   this burden. But the Dublin Accords say that a person is forced
03:53   to ask for asylum protection at the first port of disembarkation.
03:59   Last year more than 630,000 young men entered here in Italy.
04:03   Therefore, all of this will be at the expense of the Italian government.
04:07   That means the Italian government will have to run this flow of
04:10   people, because when they arrive in Germany,
04:13   they take them back to Italy; they arrive in France and they take them back to Italy.
04:20   Every day young Africans call me, write to me to tell me
04:25   racism is increasing at an exponential level,
04:28   and it’s normal. And it’s normal.
04:31   Because if I were Italian,
04:34   and I were to see behind my house thousands of young Africans,
04:38   I don’t know where they come from, what they’re doing there — I would be worried.
04:42   Our scope is to avoid having a war break out between Italians and Africans.
04:49   The only way to avoid this above all is to close the borders.
04:55   Don’t let anybody enter — not one.
04:59   Two: Stop talking about concentration camps.
05:02   This is a mockery. The only way to stop immigration is to liberate Africa.

17 thoughts on “Long-Time African Immigrant in Italy: Above All Else, Close the Borders

  1. This guy makes a lot of sense.

    Funny how he doesn’t consider himself Italian (I gather this indirectly from some of what he says). He’s much more Italian than the *previous* Italian “government”…

  2. He is extremely sharp on these matters. Globalists, of whatever stripe, have NO concern for living real human beings at all.

    They only want chaos here and there to gain some sort of financial gain and/or political power or influence.

    Global elitists (and that includes so many mega-corporations and transnational industries it would be difficult to list) are the enemies of ordinary human beings everywhere and their indigenous cultures and their integrity as true nations.

  3. He clearly gets it, but then the closing statement again doesn’t make sense. Liberate Africa from what? Africans?

    • K. from Germany.

      Corruption and bad government, presumably. That is their real problem. That they themselves, and the people they allow to govern them, don’t love their own countries enough to take responsibility for building order and prosperity into them. Africa is a staggeringly rich continent. They just don’t use their own resources properly, spending their governmental budgets on weapons and luxury for the rulers.
      If they loved their home countries with all their heart, they would make them prosperous and peaceful within a generation or two. Like the Jews have with their little strip of desert. Everyone else on the continent could do the same. It’s just a matter of making the decision and sticking to it.

    • Probably liberate it from african rule. Even few african leaders said it would be better for the continent to have white rule.

      • I’ve read articles stating that to have a prosperous, free country, the population has to have a certain IQ. A higher IQ implies the ability to think abstractly, to plan for the future, and to forsake immediate gratification in favor of investment in the future.

        Low-IQ individuals lack these traits.

        Therefore, the prospect for African countries is dim under democracy. As Patrick Moynahan said in a book, the problem with democracy is that people discover they can vote themselves money from the public purse.

        It doesn’t make sense to me that the European elites will be importing low-IQ Africans to bring the price of labor down. They are largely unemployable. Therefore, the elites are either consciously trying to destroy European culture, or they are now riding on the back of the tiger and are afraid to get off.

        • As Patrick Moynahan said in a book, the problem with democracy is that people discover they can vote themselves money from the public purse.

          That was de Tocqueville’s concern about America’s eventual outcome – Moynihan was simply quoting him in his (ultimately futile) quest to stop LBJ’s grandiose plans for a “War on Poverty”.

    • Same here, no one is holding down Africa besides Africans. While Europeans wring their hands about what to do as the invasion continues, China is carrying out the only model that seems feasible, soft colonialism. Since European political correctness recoils at the thought, the outcome will probably be the continued building of pressure until it explodes in anti-invader violence/repatriation.

    • My guess is he blames Europeans for the condition Africa is in. Otherwise it would make no sense to want Europeans (i.e. the people he is talking to) to liberate Africa.
      He doesn’t make too much sense to me – he seems to think, or that’s what is being said in Italy, that if Africans are allowed to go to other European countries this would be a solution for both them and Italy, which is naive at best. The prediction was 1,5 million a year, till 2050. Ten years ago.
      There is talk about hundreds of millions now. http://www.lefigaro.fr/international/2018/04/16/01003-20180416ARTFIG00263-immigration-les-theses-a-rebours-de-stephen-smith-l-africaniste-cite-par-macron.php

      • He is blaming EUcracy for the propaganda spread in Africa that drain their own human resources, coming into EU where he says there is no future. (Merkel 2015 opened the gate and started the refugee propaganda)

        “They create propaganda in Western Africa saying to you that there is the possibility of crossing the desert when you are in Libya”

        He is also blaming the EU policies (Dublin) and humanitarian rights mechanism, that grants all the migrants these paper document, asylum, protection, refuge, and so on and on.

        “[if] the Dublin Accords permitted these young men to ask for political asylum in the country they wanted,”

        And he said 2 times:
        “Italy needs to keep the Italian borders closed”
        “Italy needs to keep the Italian borders closed”

  4. He does speak a lot of common sense. For someone who arrived years earlier be knows better than anyone else the dream is a myth. Interestingly he talks of African young men, not families of migrants. This particularly fact is avoided and glossed over by the media, as it confirms that migration is not so much because of war or famine, but economic utopia dreams.

  5. Africa cannot be liberated . It is beyond redemption . The only way is to cut out all supplies of medicine and vaccinations as well as food supplies and NGOs . It is cruel to let them die but so is nature . Better some die regularly than all at once.
    With 1,3 billion population the lands cannot sustain most of them. The demographics tell you that when the population doubles every 22 years , as is in most African countries , there will be , as already is , wars for resources like water , farmland , timber for fuel etc .
    Egypt and Ethiopia have each over 100 million population and Nigeria 275 million. These are just 3 examples and there are many more . Now tell me how will these populations sustain themselves within their borders when they double in 22 years time ……Egypt and Ethiopia both 200 million and Nigeria 550 million . Egypt is fully Nile dependent and the Nile has no more water because the countries upstream now need all they can take.There will be nothing left of the enviroment . Who can give enough aid for those 3 alone . No one can , even collectively worldwide because the other 3rd world countries would have doubled too.
    We have made a genocidal mistake by helping them because they have demographically reached the critical point beyond which nature cannot sustain them and we cannot assist them . We should have let them alone and let nature take its course with the ebb and flow of events . Our help and aid has escalated the problem over the last decades and now the mass deaths are starting and there is little you can do about it while at the same time the west is starting to be flooded with them.
    They must be rounded up and deported and sort out their own problems , their way by themselves .
    We dont owe them anything . Their leaders do .

    • I agree. We cannot save even EU from self destruction. Saving africa is pure utopia, useless and needless. The african people is the best for themselves. I like the person speaking in the video and what he says makes a lot of sense, but I do not see why we should mix their problems with ours. Colonization of africa done by some eu countries in the past was one of the biggesr mistake done because it did not achieve anything worth not to be forgotten. At this point I think that all these aid NGOs are a real failure at the best, if no worse when they are there for other purpose in respect to what they say.

  6. He is damn right about ONE thing. Race war is inevitable. All it takes is economic downturn and poor Germans, poor Italians, poor French will be fighting in the street with Africans and Muslims.

  7. He has a lot of good points, but the thing is, those young men don’t come over to work in the first place, so it doesn’t matter whether there’s work in Europe or not, they only want welfare and our women.

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