Life after Google

Here’s the George Gilder book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, discussed in Dr Turley’s video.

Here is George Gilder’s Amazon page.

I am a fan of Gilder, especially his ideas about how wrong and damaging current feminism is – particularly for women. We talk frequently about what will happen when some beleaguered Europeans begin to come to life. Fems ought to worry about their fate when Western men awaken.

Men without women are “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” and those ignorant Fems are clueless. They have no idea.

14 thoughts on “Life after Google

  1. I love what he is saying about the future blockchain but it will not come soon enough to prevent tech-left censorship from intruding on the November election.

    How curious that in our improved economy especially for our less well off, lack of new wars anywhere, our far lefties and oligarchs appear to be in an utter panic.

    • If they will not be able to control you electronically, they will control you physically. I bet you don’t want that.

  2. Google and Facebook will fall when governments will agree they must fall. As I know, Google and Facebook help many governments in the world in providing important “services”. Google and Facebook (and Tweeter+few other) moved to a position from where they created governmental dependence. They are no longer companies as we think.

    About block-chain economy…hmm…world of internet is not so simple. Internet as global network is controlled by only few. And block-chain algorithm can be attacked, manipulated or stopped. Maybe in the future of CPU architecture will exist security methods to fulfill the needs of secured block-chain transactions.
    Bitcoin is a speculation and is allowed to exist…still

    Beside the hardware architecture, there also are 3 major details:

    1 de-facto control of the world wide internet (as hardware, software, security) gives access to many possibilities. Including fraud. And there are only few persons controlling this.
    2 if economy will move to block-chain technology… production of computer viruses will become industrial activity
    3 all this chain is dependent of many, many, many machines… connected to the internet and this is why, we must read again point 1 and 2. (including “security”)
    But of course, this is what I think. Maybe I am wrong.

    • I agree; it will result in evolution of criminals. A brutal Darwinian selection; the smart ones will evolve to find ways to crack these systems, and the dumb ones will revert to good old-fashioned physical crime.

    • Perhaps reading Gilder’s book or searching on Duck Duck Go for the mechanisms of blockchain theory would help elucidate Gilder’s ideas. He is an optimistic person by nature.

      • I know and understand his optimism, but it is like the optimistic Germans or Swedes and the welcome refugees’ optimism in 2015. Many of them are sorry today. Finances and economies are controlled. This is not going to change. Not so simple. Not so fast.

        • Read the book and then let me know how “controlled” economies are. There is more chaos to economic changes than meets the eye or we’d not have had the 2008 mess nor the mysterious and continued financial optimism of today.

          • Resources are in the hand of a very limited number of persons. Plus few “new capitalists” from China+Russia. So…everything is under control. China is extending resources control over Africa.
            Finances are also in the hand of few families.
            Armament production the same.
            Health products production, same.
            Propaganda and mass control the same.
            I am also optimistic…when I know there is a reason to be.
            Most of the western people are also optimistic and happy…remember the anti-depressives consumption.
            I will give a shot to this optimistic guy and read his book.

          • The only moments when people can change moments in history is when they attack governments. Revolts, revolutions.

          • Don’t get me wrong.. I just take in consideration the fact that today exist monopoly on different technologies. You can create a new encrypting program, but as long you still use one of 4-5 major operating systems…you still depend on OS monopoly.
            What I say is, in order to successfully implement new functions, you must start with recreating the whole system. And this will meet refusal from all those having monopoly on different sectors.

  3. My understated aim there was to incidentally point out that peace and prosperity appear to be contributing to panic among the tech left and fiscal oligarchs…as in: they do not actually care about peace or prosperity.

    I may add, their endless outrage at the Russians may have everything to do with the fact that the Eastern and Central Europeans rejected and discarded their own leftist rulers. With a bit of concealment of collusion by the left itself of course.

    Imagine a war with Russia and put aside the gory details for a minute. The sons and daughters of America’s deplorables would be sent, and the elites would blame the republicans for it.

    The left and their fiscal oligarchs want their idea of a perfect world back.

  4. May I indulge myself with a gripe about Google? As a keen photographer, around 2012 I switched from having my 35mm films printed and sticking them in albums, to putting them on CDs and uploading to Picasa3, a brilliant free service with lots of features, including sophisticated editing, and collecting them into albums with captions.

    Shortly after, Picasa was taken over by Google, who initially promised to maintain the same service, but have chipped away at it since; as of this year, I can’t even share pics by email, or upload any fresh ones, and there appears not even to be any other subscription service with the same facilities. GooglePhoto is no substitute; it insists on sorting my pics by its own criteria, which are not mine! Maybe ok for the selfie generation who regard the photos they share as disposable…

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