Kavanaugh and Confluence

Seneca III sends his take on the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, as seen from an British point of view.

Kavanaugh and Confluence

by Seneca III

I’ve been watching the Brett Kavanaugh debacle very closely from this side of the pond, because in a general sense we are so afflicted as well. Reading reports, opinions and comments far and wide I’ve concluded that it is a symptom of an apolitical schism opening up, a schism that is nothing to do with Kavanaugh and is not specifically reported as such anywhere, only obliquely alluded to without any in-depth comprehension.

Now that schism has become a chasm that is rapidly widening, and that chasm is the accelerating destruction of the essential, mutually beneficial relationship between heterosexual men and women. It is fast developing on a far larger scale than I have ever seen in my lifetime or in recent history. And there are more contributing factors than just the mindless twitterings coming from the political bearpit; beyond there it is being promoted by malignant academics of both sexes, by the demented hordes of the alphabet soup brigade and by the globalist underground and their hostage media — a confluence of the morally and intellectually regressed.

When it comes to all these ‘toxic masculinity’-peddling, pussy hat- and giant vagina-parading feminazis and the ‘@MeToo’ brigade (even when the latter do have a valid point), the one thing that appears to escape them is that the hard-won privileges and freedoms they have been given through the determined efforts of their gender ancestors will inevitably be lost, because the current crop are incapable of comprehending how such achievements can and should be deployed for the benefit of the whole of our culture not just for themselves and the cisgendered beta males and opportunistic political classes trailing along in their wake.

Essentially it means that if the foundations of the heterosexual family structure are undermined and destroyed then the culture that is built upon those foundations will collapse along with it, having been destroyed from within. The stink of the rot and corruption falling from the mouths of the wormtongues who are trying to destroy America are a symptom not a cause.

Search as I might, I find it impossible to determine how deep and far this rot has spread because the hysterical cacophony of those promoting it drowns out any rational discourse that may be taking place around it. Or it may be that those who enjoy and cherish such long-established relationship norms find it impossible to conceive that such a thing could be happening.

This in part could be resultant from the fact that the collective IQ, at least of the UK and Europe (I don’t have a good grip on what’s happening in the USA but there are signs), is dropping rapidly… as the Globalists intended. Mongrelisation does not always bring hybrid vigour, and when 14 centuries of Muslim inbreeding is also a contributing factor, the slippery slope into an intellectual and cultural black hole becomes even steeper.

A few years ago Matt Bracken wrote a short book entitled Enemies Foreign and Domestic . That was about America, of course, but I’ve long been of a mind that the same applies over here in the UK and Europe, and that the second and fourth words of the title should have been reversed. There can be little doubt left that those who currently have a death grip on the levers of power know what will happen to them when enough people wake up, because they are the ones who have created this situation and have done so to ensure their place at the high table of a future Globalist Dictatoriat. It has not come about because they want to serve our interests, only theirs.

Thus, In the final analysis and with every day that passes, I become increasingly convinced that the fight we face is not about rebuilding the past, nor about romanticizing or denigrating it. The fight is about who will build the future after the present epoch has inevitably and irrevocably collapsed into the dust of socio-political entropy brought about through a confluence of deviant intentions and perverted aspirations. That time is very close.

— Seneca III, in the rising dust of Middle England this 28th day of September 2018.

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42 thoughts on “Kavanaugh and Confluence

  1. Though I will probably be moderated for what I am about to say, I agree with you Seneca, wholeheartedly and what portends as you have described in your last paragraph is Daniel’s 70th week. I know that very few churches teach prophecy as they prefer their congregation to grope around in the ‘weeds’ with them. However, the view from 10,000 feet (the big picture), or even 5,000 feet (the medium-sized picture) shows how all of these trends are coalescing into Orwellian fascism that will be global in scale, yet quickly collapse under the weight of its own hubris leaving complete chaos in its wake.
    As for me and my household, we serve the Living God. You can serve whomever you want, but in the end the choices will be one or the other and mutually exclusive. God grant you His comfort and thank you for a wonderfully written essay that sums up very nicely what is taking place.

    • Please, acuara, stop it. Just stop.

      The “as for me and my household” coda, which you have put in your comments here more than once, is cringe-worthy. Of course, we can serve whomever we want; we don’t need your permission or your implied censure if we disagree with you and/or your household.

      Theologically speaking, you don’t have the right to speak for anyone but yourself. For your “household” the best you can do is pray and hope about the others because if any of them ever stray from your belief system, you’re gonna be mighty embarrassed. Pride goeth before a fall, acuara, and you’re setting yourself up.

      As for Gates of Vienna, cease and desist. Now.

      • Pardon my simplicity, but may you succinctly formulate your dissent (or rather the basis thereof) in lay English?

      • I don’t see anything in his response that merits yours. He wasn’t addressing you personally, or me for that matter. The “for me” declaration was merely pointing out the foundation for his being in agreement with the author’s conclusion.

        • That is a phrase acuara has used more than once — i.e., “as for me and my household,” etc. I find it formulaic and off-putting, as though the rest of us are from Sodom. Or Gomorrah. And we will soon feel our feet in the fire.

          This is what it calls to mind:


          Given acuara’s response to my request, it would appear we are both reactive.

          • We all have bad days … and our quirks. We do all need to hang togetherthough, and I hope we will.

      • I will reply to what you have said, point by point, and then cease and desist from any further commentary on this site.
        1. I know for fact that most all of my extended family, including mother and father-in-law, are born-again Christians. I also know that they view what is occurring with trepidation for what might portend on the horizon as life’s circumstances are becoming more questionable by the day.
        2. I addressed the comment to Seneca III and recommended that he view current events from a “higher altitude” (business management speak) so that he could discern how the current events fit into an agenda that is global, and globalist in scale.
        3. I believe what has been forgotten is the significance of Vienna to the Muslim Turks and why we should be alarmed at the pulling down of Christian protocols, institutions, and mores. Vienna was, and still is, the gateway to the “Orient” as Istanbul was the next major city to the east (that once was Byzantium). The existence of anything and anyone Christian is anathema to the Muslim as we are polytheists in their sight who have corrupted the Holy Book. The Turks knew that if they could conquer Vienna that the rest of Europe would be theirs for the Christians to slaughter. Vienna had appealed to France for help, but Catholic France decided to allow these Protestant Austrians have their due. Vienna then appealed to Poland who were for the most part brothers in the Christian faith. At great expense and personal risk the Polish cavalry came riding to Vienna’s rescue and Poland knew that as went Vienna so went Poland (not much has changed, just look at the EU today). So 435 years it was the Christian defending the Christian against attack as brothers in the Lord. The 418th anniversary of 9/11 was a shameful disavowal of that fine tradition of Christians standing together, each regarding the other more important than themselves. Nowadays it is every person for themselves as the love of many has grown cold as dry ice as iniquity abounds.
        I had thought that Gates of Vienna would be about Christians standing firm against Satan’s counterfeit religion whose marching orders were to eradicate all Christians and Jews from the face of this planet so that Satan could once again assume control as ‘god of this world’. I was incorrect as the focus of this site is decidedly secular with only a bit of Christian perspective allowed or wanted.
        I shall ‘cease ‘ all comments and ‘desist’ from being the irritant that I have been accused of being. Good day to you all, especially Seneca III and MC.

        • Accura I shall miss your thoughtful insightful and scholarly posts.

          I find nothing either formulaic or irritating in your writing.

          Indeed I do find your posts most comfortingly lucid.

          I am a fairly critical reader.There are authors aplenty who rub me up the wrong way within two lines.And then I simply put the book down and turn to another.

          Life is too short to waste time reading a badly written book.

          But if you my friend wrote a book ,believe me I would read it with pleasure.

          I wish you and your family every possible joy ,every success and indeed all that you wish yourselves.

          God Bless and keep you and your family.

          All you have said about globalization Dr Steve Turely echoes .

          You are in very good company.

        • A small point before you go, acuara: “born-again” Christian is, I believe, a tautology.

        • Okay. And you’re telling me this anonymously, which undercuts your argument.

          Communication is the act of the recipient, always, so it becomes a stalemate.

        • I agree Anonymous and I’m a different Anonymous .I am Shelagh.

          I think Dymphna was having a bad day and just lashed out and attacked the completely blameless Acura for this reason..

          And yes Accura can talk of his household as can I speak of mine.

          No doubt when his family or household sits down for dinner they discuss the news events of the day and also their opinion of where the world is headed.

          A lot of families,living in the same house ,under the same roof and thus forming a little family unit or household, do that .

          Mine certainly does.

          In fact I clearly remember (when I was a university student) discussing with my friend Bronwyn how we were going to vote in the next election.

          Bronwyn informed me that she , her parents and her auntie (who formed the same household )would be voting for the same party.”In our house we are all members of the party “she informed me.

          And around the dining room table my father, brothers ,mother and I had also discussed for whom we would vote and why.And I passed the information on to Bronwyn. And our entire household was voting for the same party -just not the one for which Bronwyn and her household were voting .

          But it was just an interesting point of difference in our backgrounds ,not grounds to quarrel.We shared details of our lives on every level, as a sort of journey of exploration ,the endless fascination of discovering the quirks and idiosyncracies of a valued friend..

          We were true friends and it didn’t matter for whom we and our families voted, our friendship was undiminished.

          How times have changed when one can be attacked for the crime of using a perfectly legitimate and inoffensive word such as “household’

          Bronwyn would have thought me mad had I gone off in a rant over an innocuous word, such as that and lectured her on daring to mention the clearly stated opinions of the members of her own family ,living under the same roof..

          Be a bigger person Dymphna .Admit you are in the wrong ,ask Accura to come back and then move on.

          • Let me weigh in on the question.

            The Baron and Dympthna are both battling infirmities largely associated with age and heredity. In between times of taking care of themselves, they devote themselves pretty much full time to creating a high-quality website. What can you get on this website that is unique: you get a detailed and longitudinal view of what is happening in Europe, the nascent-fascist West European countries and the bastions of individual freedom in the Visegrad 4 countries. And you get to see the detailed differences in the governments and peoples, persuasively, but not conclusively, accounting for some of the differences.

            So, can you name a website that provides anything like this? There are plenty of other websites tracking Islam, Islamic influence and infiltration, immigration issues, and possible underlying reasons for deleterious developments in all these areas. But, none with the detailed examination of Europe we see here.

            And the comments are monitored and approved. This not only keeps out the garbage, but makes everything more responsible, since a filtered comment thread carries more liability than a completely open one.

            In light of that, are there deletions or criticisms of comments I would not have made? Most certainly. I myself didn’t see much or anything offensive in Accura’s comments. On the other hand, I have not devoted most of my productive life to nurturing and developing this website.

            I guess I’ve gone to the view that people can take care of themselves. I think it completely appropriate for Acurra to write in and ask what is specifically objectionable about his post. He’s a good writer and knowledgeable person. Why does he need me to jump in and defend him when he can do it himself.

            So, for myself, I don’t question when I or someone else get a bit of a slap…for the reason, I recognize the work and dedication put into the website. So, I’m not about to drain off part of the energy into smaller disputes. Sometimes it’s better to just allow small bumps in the road to remain, rather than trying to make sure it’s uniformly flat, level, and well-graded.

  2. It is surprising how little we cherish and value the best system for due process and justice the world has known–English Common Law– arising from the bottom up by stare decisis, beginning all the way back from Henry II, King of England, in the 12th century with his circuit courts and courts of appeal….thence to Magna Carta.

    Our education should remind us of these superb legal principles and our present social miracle and cause revulsion in our hasty return to banal tribalism in these present deliberations. Its just what Jonah Goldberg concludes we are doing in his book, “Suicide of the West”.

    We should all feel we have something precious to save and, instead, we negligently throw 900 years of legal and judicial evolution away–in one day.

  3. I think it’s worse than any of us can imagine at this point.

    Technology is about to give men an alternative to women in the form of AI sex robots. Given the regnant man-hating milieu created by 50 years of relentless feminist propaganda, a large majority of men would love to find some viable alternative to assuming the enormous and unquantifiable risks of getting involved with a woman. Any thot now can ruin the reputation of a good family man and the career of a brilliant jurist based on some unprovable 36-year-old charge of sexual horseplay that allegedly took place when all concerned were minors.

    Men can no longer afford the risk of associating with women. With the me-too movement in addition to the financial and emotional ruin of no-fault divorce (overwhelmingly initiated by women) men now must deal with the constant threat of some psycho [trollop] like Blakey-Ford destroying their careers and reputations with scurrilous lies of past misconduct. Men are getting desperate for a real alternative to women and some astute entrepreneurs have already seen an opportunity to supply a couple billion men with a practicable solution – the AI sex robot. Some feminists – particularly in the UK – have correctly seen the threat and have raised the alarm.

    Remember that the solution doesn’t have to be perfect – it need only be good enough. We don’t need the stellar technological achievement; imagine in the Stepford Wives. No, in order to fulfill our need for sex and feminine attention we only need the technology to be “good enough”. Pareto’s Law states that whenever one can gain from, say, a new technology not less than 80% of the benefit for not more than 20% of the cost, then that technology will very probably be a major disruptor and will sweep the field of the older solutions. The question then is whether a man can gain, given the current state of the AI sex robot technology, 80% of the upside for 20% of the downside?

    My survey of the existing technology indicates that the answer is maybe not quite yet, but that it’s an awfully close thing. We’re clearly on the verge of a breakthrough. And we have really smart guys working on the problem. Once we get AI sex robots that are “good enough” we men will do the cost/benefit analysis and will choose to check out and just let the [vulgar Anglo-Saxon intensifier] thing burn to the ground.

    Then, as you say, we can talk about rebuilding. But even then, it’s hard to imagine that after all this, men would want to rebuild the civilization for their women again given that they smashed the entire thing like a two-year-old breaking a toy in a nasty tantrum.

    Whatever emerges after the collapse (and there will be a collapse soon) it must include women only as providers of ova, wombs for our children (hopefully, we can cut them out of even that with advancements in artificial womb technology), and (I think) postmenopausal matrons to care for our sons.

    • “…the regnant man-hating milieu created by 50 years of relentless feminist propaganda” encouraged and facilitated by men.

    • Look on the bright side.

      The availability of robots who act feminine and pleasing to men provides competition to women. What’s the response to competition? Improve your product. Women will be able to compete by becoming more feminine, by taking care of themselves, but focusing on domestic relationships rather than careers, by preparing themselves for real motherhood, not just a womb, and to be really supportive of a career husband.

      I guess this implies doing away with no-fault divorce and reinstate alimony, even if no children are involved. I can’t believe I’m talking like this. Anyway, the theory for alimony in the case of a housewife is that her husband is increasing his value in the marketplace, with her support. In the case of a divorce, he benefits from the labor of both, so it’s only fair she shares in the fruits of his career advancement.

      • Real women are much more interesting, especially if they’re intelligent; not least because their perspective is often different. And who are we to deny them the opportunity to fulfil their potential in areas other than their traditional roles? (not always so traditional, either; prior to the industrial revolution, many women worked in the fields alongside their men).

        More practically, economies would collapse, or at least shrink considerably, if women left the workplace; men would be working a twenty-four hour day to put bread (and everything else) on the table.

        • I don’t believe economies would collapse if women left the workplace. Workers would be more scarce, and that would have the effect of making labor more valuable and worth more to those who remained. Tarriffs to keep out the products of slave labor from the far east would be neccessary to prevent companies from moving their operations offshore.

          I would be more concerned about the effect robots would have on the workplace than the effect it would have on relationships. A robot intelligient enough to take the place of a woman in the bedroom, and indeed, in doing household chores and tasks, would certainly be employed doing menial jobs that currently employ unskilled laborers.

          I believe that the understanding that women had to compete with agreeable, compliant female simulacrum that were of flawless physical beauty, never aged or whined or not in the mood, never looked at their owner as an ATM, wouldn’t try to trap a man through pregnancy, or take him to court for alimony or try to take his house and possessions through divorce, would change male and female relationships as profoundly as the Industrial Revolution changed manufacturing and the nature of the workplace. Of course, it would be the same for male simulacra that many women would undoubtedly prefer to the imperfect and flawed genuine article. The poor and indigent would still continue to breed like rats, and a small percentage of the populace who desired large families would still continue to do so. Those who wanted a real relationship with a real person would be compelled to take better care of themselves and develop themselves to be more attractive and appealing than their robotic competition. Those who would not or could not do so, would not get into harmful and destructive relationships and (hopefully) not subject the children they would not have had to the fallout from their lack of maturity to be in a real relationship with all it’s warts and flaws.

  4. OT, Seneca III, but it occurs to me that with the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there has been a sea change in politics. You can tell how important it is by watching the extent to which the entrenched are fighting back against him.

    Imagine a person famous for being famous now put in charge of the country. Why, that’s unheard of! Crazy immature Americans.

    OTOH, letting a man hang on for decades, waiting to assume the throne would creep out the average American. Bonnie Prince Whatsis and his tawdry phone calls to his inamorata beats anything Trump was ever hot-mic’d saying about women.

    And we’ve never done anything as rude and indecorous as flying huge balloon caricatures of world leaders when they come to visit our fair land. We always directed that kind of behavior towards countries with which we were at war.

    Seriously, do you think such public displays of hatred are due to despair or envy?

    I don’t understand the Brits anymore. I still like many of them but the culture gap is growing with each passing year. Dr. Turley claims that Christianity is on the rise in Britain – or England, at least – and documents this with the rise in church attendance.


    He’s one of those deeply optimistic people who is observing the building and proving of structures in the West to account for the future as post-globalist, post-secular, and local-culture phenomena.

    I recommend his YouTube channel for a daily dose of good cheer. He has many European commenters who tip him to their good news.

    • If Christianity is rising in Britain, which I doubt, it is because the numbers of Africans living in Britain is rising. The English have turned away from the CofE, and the CofE today no longer deserves any better. It is headed by naive leftwing pearl-clutchers and it is more interested in promoting “social justice” than the word of God. I am not religious, but it is sad to see the old churches emptying and being converted into tea shops, community halls and in a few cases mosques.
      Same story all over northwestern Europe, though.

  5. The left has always relied on division,corruption and threat of violence, to maintain political standing. It is actually a good thing, that they are now forced to attempt to divide the normal male from the normal female. Good luck with that strategy.

    Many men will mgtow, many females will remain alone, and become state dependent for survival.

    The normals will just go about the business of nature, oblivious, like they were created to be… They will recognize the threats and dangers, avoid some, and be taken by others… and simply exist as intended. There will be survivors, there always are.

  6. Heterosexual relationships are under attack and dying out here. My son has been looking for a girlfriend for relationship and marriage. Very few young people here are Christian or if they are they are social justice warriors wanting mass migration to destroy the country. He’s tried all the dating websites. The only ones interested in marriage are also after money. The rest are just there to get lot’s of “likes” just like facebook. He says they want a “male” girlfriend or email penpal etc.I asked about his friends from school. He went out with them and they are now bisexual and the girlfriends accept taking turns after their boyfriend’s boyfriend. It’s all cool and OK in these rainbow times. He couldn’t stand it.
    The better ones in the online dating who are working (nurses, teachers) want some one who has a higher qualification and income than they have but as women have taken many of the higher paid jobs with quotas and discrimination they are finding it hard. Women have taken/been given the high paid jobs and men have missed out and now they can’t find an acceptable male partner.
    My son has given up on online and asked a girl at the gym if she wanted to go for a drink. She went and told the gym supervisor it was “creepy” for someone to ask her for a drink.
    Having children is off the list for many as they expect to be working out and keeping their figure and staying young. The forever young generation.This is much easier if you don’t have children. You see them online waking up in their 30’s realising the clock is running out. They have been sold a lie as pregnancy is sometimes impossible for women in their 30’s . We are a carbon life form and we can’t have it all as our cells age.

    • I can’t speak from personal experience, but I’ve been developing a theory that many women, even fighting feminists, are actually attracted to openly masculine men. I’m not in the dating market, but I understand many women put on their ads “Trump supporters need not contact me.” I’d love to put an ad on saying “Proud Trump supporter, non-beta, non-soyboy male”. My bet is, I’d get hundreds of hits, particularly by the “no Trump supporter” women.

      Of course, as a non-beta male, you’d have to take the initiative in making the contacts. But, you’d respect the wishes of women excluding Trump supporters, so they’d know they’d have to contact you.

      Anyway, in working out, I see lots of people chatting with each other. It’s probably a good idea to speak a few words to someone you’ve seen several times, and after a few light conversations, say “are you interested in exchanging phone numbers?”

      I would also recommend attending Toastmasters to pick up the art of speaking and conversationally extending yourself to someone else.

  7. I already subscribe to Dr. Turley, Dymphna, and the vid you referenced applies fully to me. As for Trump I happen to agree with what he is doing and how he is doing it and wish we had him in charge over here (he resonates with me and my way of thinking to a high degree**), a sentiment that is frequently shared by others in the comment sections of some of the Brit online media, predominantly Breitbart London.

    **”“Some say I usurped the crown. I did not, I found it lying in the gutter and picked it up with my sword.” (Attr. to Napoleon Bonaparte, probably incorrectly.)

    Furthermore, I stand with many Americans when I give thanks that HR-C did not make it into the White House for that would not only have finished the destruction of America begun by Obama but also through a knock on effect the UK and much of Europe, something already attempted by Obama when he came to the UK and tried to influence the course of our Referendum. Because of his position this act was a far more serious attack than a bunch of leftard multiculti morons flying a grotesque balloon in the non-British Sodom and Gomorrah that is Khan’s Londonistan, the stabby, Ramavan and acid throwing capital of our enrichment. It totally nullifies the drivellings of those infantile deconstructionists.

    You ask if I think such public displays of hatred are due to despair or envy? Neither; it is interests.
    ”There are only two forces that unite men — fear and interest. All great revolutions originate in fear, for the play of interests does not lead to accomplishment.” (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    I am far from alone in these respects, Dymphna, but I do acknowledge I am one of a (growing) minority group for two reasons – our media and a general lack of comprehension of the world beyond the immediate environs of the average man in the street, something, I might add, that I have observed whilst on my travels during my annual visits to friends and extended family in America. In the former case the roots of the problem lie over your side of the pond; UK MSM on the whole contributes little more to the dialogue than regurgitating the outpourings of the US MSM; mind you, here the taxpayer funded BBC and its print arm the Guardian are in a class of their own – something like the CNN on steroids but with far more erudition and subtlety. If you want an example of non-stop anti-American vitriol you have but to look at the latter.

    The Monarchy. My oath of allegiance was given to HM Queen Elizabeth II and I hold to it in respect for the service she has given to us down all her days. Even though the oath contains the words “…and to our heirs and successors…” that part will not hold when the Clown Prince takes the throne and I suspect that his accession will be the end of the British Monarchy other than as an interesting anachronism. I don’t hold out much hope for the following Royal generation either, because they have been far too subliminally influenced by the weird and treacherous utterings of Caliph Charles… “I intend to be Defender of all the Faiths.”…Philip Arthur George Windsor.

    My final response, Dymphna, is to refer to the closing paragraph of the article. These are the End Times, and we are ill advised to be picking at minor points of cultural difference and perspective whilst standing on the deck of a small boat as the perfect storm bears down on us. That frightens me more than anything else.

  8. Rates of illegitimacy, a term the Left hates, tell the tale. Half the kids don’t have their actual fathers in the household in a sea change of illegitimacy that began in the early 1960’s with massive welfare support systems. Sen. D.P. Moynihan, a PhD in sociology, warned the West decades ago about the imminent destruction of the black family, but the gals have extended it to almost all nations in the West. Trillions in tax dollars and Euros have been used in local social service agencies to enhance illegitimacy and lionize the “single mom”. As we can see, she raises a pretty crummy product. Her sons are feral and her daughters both overbearing and child-bearing matriarchs. All of it is supported by massive public debt that can’t be sustained.

    With Christianity feminized beyond usefulness and Marxism a failed economic model with nasty tyrannical tendencies, men (and women) may seek comfort in a modified Islam where illegitimacy is stigmatized, a “natural law” concept somewhat intact without tens of millions of abortions, and where there is a place for the male to be a part of a coherent family again. It’ll never be Norman Rockwell but then again, that never was. Of course, if migrating tribes overrun the West, there can only be makeshift tribes within chaos until someone goose-steps in to take control.

  9. A plausible scenario, I would add the following considerations. This chasm is not as broad as it appears as it is generally an urban phenomenon. There are large segments of the American population, male and female, that do not buy in to it. Mega urban cities/residents are totally dependent on logistics to maintain their world view. If the trucks and trains don’t deliver untold tons around the clock things will get dicey real soon. If Harvard has to mount some sort of field trip to introduce the best and brightest to a reality that contravenes the student’s cherished ideology it gives you an idea of how vulnerable this populace is to disruption. This does not portend well for the sustainability of the latest new normal. Will many suffer until the dust settles? Undoubtedly; many already have. Yogi Berra said something to the effect that predictions are hard especially about the future. Smart man

    • How to reduce illegitimacy’s quadrupling over the last 55 years, that is the question? Erasing 60 million unborn babies hasn’t seemed to help and has, counter-intuitively, likely increased the illegitimacy rate.

      Give government funding to married couples with children?

      Have a holiday that salutes intact families as well as widows and orphans?

      Group legitimate children together in schools?

      • Those were all tried when the birthrate plummeted in the Roman Empire, without success. The Romans essentially depopulated themselves, resulting in vast empty territories just waiting for the barbarian tribes to overrun.

        Law of Civilization and Decay

  10. If it isn’t censored, most thinking persons know that broken families lead to broken neighborhoods and to broken nations. It’s the elephant in the room and the pig with lipstick combined.

  11. Seneca III.

    I agree with your assessment that the left wants to destroy the traditional male-female relationship. However, the wish for destruction derives from the cultural Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, which holds that all Western culture, civilization, and institutions are evil and need to be destroyed. This is manifested not only in the destruction of traditional male-female relationships, but the demolishing of safe places for children (allowing anyone to use any bathroom) and the wiping out of history through smashing statues and monuments.

    I hate to say it, but the general lowering of IQ would be occurring even without immigration. Without going into too much detail here, it’s a result of the elimination of any selection pressures for healthy genes.


    The advent of the welfare state has probably done as much or more to deteriorate our gene pool as immigration.

    By the way, differences in races that occurred through nature are being used as a tool of cultural destruction. Just in terms of IQ, there are clear differences between races, with blacks being pretty much the lowest average IQ. On this basis, if positions and incomes were awarded purely on merit, blacks would be underrepresented in many fields. Similarly, females have a smaller proportion of really intelligent (or really stupid) people with respect to males.

    So, going by highly correlated measures, it is a natural fallout that blacks and females are underrepresented in many high-paying or high-prestige areas. Cultural Marxism holds that any difference in jobs or income indicates systematic prejudice and racism. Thus, there is a built-in conflict. You either have a never-ending source of envy and resentment by minorities, or you systematically over-promote (black) minorities and females, thus not only causing resentment by white males and upper-IQ minorities, but a dangerous deterioration in the functioning of society.

    The disaster in Bhopal in 1984 is attributed to the fact that the Indian government required the employment of Indian citizens, thus putting underqualified people in dangerous positions.

    • RonaldB – After you raised the mouse utopia experiment previously I looked into the claims Bruce Charlton made about it here:


      He suggests that the trajectory of the mouse population experiment is being paralleled by that of the human population of England from c1850 to the present (while noting that humans are not mice!).

      Calhoun distinguished five phases of the mouse colony’s history from start to finish:

      Phase A – 104 days – Establishment.
      Phase B – up to day 315 – Exponential population growth.
      Phase C – from day 315-560 – Population growth abruptly slows.
      Phase D – days 560-920 – Population stagnant with births just matching deaths and the emergence of many pathological behaviours.
      Phase E – day 920 – Last conception, leading to eventual extinction [projected to day 1780].

      Charlton suggests that for the population of England:

      Phase C began in about 1920
      Phase D began in about 1970
      Phase E will arrive (for the native English, not immigrants) 30 or 40 years from now.

      Taking the data provided by Prof Charlton:


      Firstly, the population increase in England did indeed drop from double figures to 5% in the 1921 census but the previous decade included the great slaughter of 1914-1918 immediately followed by the Spanish Flu epidemic. I would put my money on them accounting for the drop rather than the outworking of hypothesised maladaptive mutations.

      Secondly, there is no drop to anywhere near 0% increase around 1970. The figures for the censuses of 1961, 1971 and 1981 were respectively 6.4%, 5.6% and 5.8%. Presumably the post-war baby boom showed up first in the 1961 figures and continued for 20 years at least.

      Thirdly, since then, the native population (and I think most immigrant groups) have reproduced at levels below or not far above replacement levels. Is that more likely to be the result of these elusive maladaptive mutations or the ready availability of effective contraception and on-request abortion? (Only one group is breeding at markedly higher levels, the one which has engaged in first cousin marriages for 1400 years. While they produce more birth defects their actual fertility doesn’t seem to be affected. I suggest that the difference in fertility rates are largely down to Western women’s control over their own bodies and Muslim women’s lack of it in patriarchal families.)

      Nevertheless Prof Charlton concludes that ”….it looks very much as if England specifically, and all other developed nations to a greater or lesser extent, are recapitulating the Phases of Mouse Utopia – leading towards extinction, or something close to it.”

      I conclude that his thesis is no more than a speculation, and a very wild one, not remotely supported by the figures. Am I wrong?

      As an aside, regarding the link you provide about left-handedness, you may be unaware of the marked increase of left-handed cricketers since the war. Then a left-hander was a rarity whereas in the recent series between England and India we often fielded 5 or 6 left-handed batsmen (out of 11). My concern, of course, was that left-handers are more susceptible to left-arm slow bowling at which the Indians excel (no need to worry though, we scraped through). But perhaps you would see a deeper significance. Perhaps there is an underlying difference, for instance left-handed batsmen are often thought to be more elegant shot-makers, something I would tend to agree with.

      I have noticed, on the rare occasion that I have seen a baseball batter(?), usually on the news to do with drug-taking, that the player involved was left-handed – a very small data sample, I know. Is the same shift happening in baseball?

      • “I conclude that his thesis is no more than a speculation, and a very wild one, not remotely supported by the figures. Am I wrong?”

        You’re right on the money in pointing out that the exact, or even approximate, correspondences between the mouse utopia experiments and actual society is speculation, until we get scientific data. Whether it’s a wild speculation is a matter of judgment, but I totally agree with you that the correspondence is not yet backed up by scientific research.

        The real indicator of deterioration of births is the birthrate and not the total population figures. As you pointed out, the birth rate of Western societies has gone below replacement levels. I understand Iran, a Muslim country, is also concerned with dropping birth rates.

        Lance Welton, the journalist who wrote the article on left-handedness, seems to specialize in the area of genetic correlates of behavior and human population characteristics. The point of the left-handedness focus was that left-handedness in the path was a marker for a higher incidence of social pathology. Welton also reports that left-handedness is a marker for mutant load, or the proportion of mutant, dysfunctional genes in a person. Welton suggests that the proportion of left-handedness has increased in the past century or so, corroborating the speculation that the proportion of mutant, dysfunctional genes in humans is increasing.

        The general lesson Charlton and Welton take from the Mouse Utopia experiment is that unless there is a selection against dysfunctional gene mutations, they increase in frequency, affecting both the characteristics of the population and specifically, its drive to bear and raise youngsters. The interpretation of the Mouse Utopia experiment was that when selection pressures are eliminated, the proportion of mutant, dysfunctional genes increase. The instinct to bear and nurture young is a complex behavior, so it would be one of those traits affected by a high load of mutant genes.

        The extrapolation to humans is, as you point out, speculative in the absence of studies and evidence. But you now have the advent of modern civilization and its technology, including food and shelter freely available, medical technology, with its ability to allow individuals with genetic defects to not only survive, but to have young, and the welfare state which removes any link at all between the ability to function productively and the ability to have children who survive into adulthood.


        Charlton and Dutton, authors of the Genius Famine, do present data on the lowering of IQ, and the decrease in the number of really path-setting, genius innovators. This is consistent with a general deterioration of population quality.

        My own speculation is that the drive for survival also deteriorates with a higher load of mutant genes, explaining the very puzzling acceptance of various electorates of their elected leaders inviting in third-world, dysfunctional migrants.

          • The “Genius Famine” is also a kindle book selling for $3, which I have.
            Paperback, you can get a used book for about $10.

            For printing out, it’s 232 pages, minus about a 5th of the length for notes and footnotes, so it’s about 185 pages, or 93 pages printed on both sides.

            The 10 inch Kindle Fire HD goes for about $160, which I have, is about as good a deal for a tablet as you can get. It’s large and clear, if you can bear reading a book on a bright, high-resolution tablet rather than a printed page.

          • Thanks for the info on the Kindle book version. Three dollars is my limit unless it’s using Amazon points.

            I can’t use the touch Kindles – the B was given one, back when he was going to OSCE meetings, I think. But I stick with the old versions, non-touch. I can get them for 20.00 or so on ebay and just register them; they last several years. At any rate, 160.00 is a bit steep for me. Eventually, I’ll have to resort to reading books on my laptop.

        • Also, when you say,

          My own speculation is that the drive for survival also deteriorates with a higher load of mutant genes, explaining the very puzzling acceptance of various electorates of their elected leaders inviting in third-world, dysfunctional migrants.

          this seems to be a reasonable explanation for the huge drain on European DNA with the large losses during both World Wars. But especially did the First World War reduce the quality of the gene pool when ‘the best and the brightest’ perished in such large numbers. Not to mention the annihilation of the Ashkenazi Jews during Hitler’s reign.

          It’s probably more than coincidence that Germany’s Chancellor for these last years was a Stasi member. Listen – you can hear Konrad Adenauer’s lament echoing down the years…

          • Hi Dymphna,

            My speculation was a speculation so speculative, one might call it off-the-wall brainstorming.

            Could the First World War be a selection pressure in favor of mutant genes, given that only the fit young men were selected for the military, leaving the less fit men behind to impregnate the women and killing a high proportion of the fit men in the military?

            And could this result in the abominable decision-making leading to allowing in hoards of hostile, low-ability Muslims and Africans?

            The counter-example to that speculation is the fact that the pre-World War I populations enthusiastically backed the war at the beginning, which was about as bad a decision as they could make.

            If you look at broad surveys of the rise and fall of civilizations such as
            Law of Civilization and Decay
            or Spengler’s monumental Decline of the West: Volumes 1 and 2 you get the idea that through recorded history, civilizations typically rose and decayed from within. Apropos to the decay of Western cultures due to a gene drain of World War I, Spengler makes the point in his preface that he wrote his book on the decay of Western civilization prior to World War I, although the actual publication was delayed until after the war finished. In other words, whatever causes the internal decay of civilizations, including the Europe reaching its heyday in the 19th century, it was more than World War I.

            My own thesis, for what it’s worth, is that civilizations universally relaxed the selection pressures for their citizens. They didn’t have our modern medicine or technology but they did provide roads, dependable commerce, and public support of hordes of landless citizens massed together in the cities.

            I actually found the analysis in “Law of Civilization and Decay” to be far more helpful than Spengler’s work. One example is, I found out that the birthrate in imperial Rome of the native Italians/Romans went down precipitously. The Roman government tried inducements to encourage people to have families, without success. Eventually, the barbarians just walked onto land that had been left vacant.

          • I looked at the book link and discovered I already had it. Didn’t realize it was sitting in my book collection because ( I *think*) I’d purchased just before one of my used dinosaur Kindles died and it went immediately to the Archives. So I looked it up and retrieved it. Nice book to look forward to.

  12. Just thought I’d drop this here as it appears to apply. A commenter over at WeaselZippers coined a term which may prove as useful “cultural enrichers”…

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