Katie Hopkins to the OSCE: Countries That Accept “Rescued” Migrants Are Complicit With the People-Traffickers

2018 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Working Session 14: Humanitarian issues and other commitments, including combating trafficking in human beings

Intervention read by Katie Hopkins, representing Hopkins World

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One thought on “Katie Hopkins to the OSCE: Countries That Accept “Rescued” Migrants Are Complicit With the People-Traffickers

  1. Katie Hopkins is a particularly brave and passionate person. She almost died form a brain tumor, but came back fighting.

    I’m going against my own rules for myself, but I can’t help wondering if her closely-reasoned, passionate argument that refugee operations are simply human trafficking, and part of human sex trafficking has any effect or influence on the drones at OSCE.

    The rescue operations by national navies, and the willingness to allow the refugees to land and live in European countries, even apart from the natural cupidity of the mainstream politicians, are driven by “international law”. Should a country or naval commander made the decision to drop the refugees off on the coast of Libya, Morocco, or wherever they might have come from, or allow the life rafts to flounder, there is no doubt the people involved would find international warrants on them. Israeli officials and even line soldiers would have international charges and warrants brought on them in a second, except for the protection of the US. But, there is always the danger that such a person might be incarcerated under the authority of an enterprising, left-wing magistrate, as happened with Pinochet in Spain. In effect, any really independent national official of a non-powerhouse country had to be willing to restrict his travel to his own country.

    In this way, globalist organizations and mega-governments enforce the pressure against common-sense measures by national officials who are genuinely interested in their own countries.

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